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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Note: this is an article about a butthurt sociopath dumbass who is devoted to taking this article down and finding out where we live despite his repetitive foolish threats.
LOLCOWEPIC.jpg Brian Martin is an Epic Lol-cow
Cat eyes.JPG THIS PAGE IS BEING WATCHED BY Brian "Dennis the Menace" Martin.
Did You Know: that his brother WeatherManKevin is in jail for soliciting a prostitute and resisting arrest?

Life in a Tent...Life in a Tent, Life in a NURSERY, is what I SHOULD be calling you.


Undertakerfreak1127 on LifeinaTent.

LifeInATent, an example of attention whoring for cocks at its finest.
The literal meaning of his whoring.

LifeInATent (Powerword: Brian Dennis Martin) (and as several other sock accounts) on YouTube, was born and parentally abused since August 29, 1984, went to Jurupa Valley High School and Norco High School to be picked on, and is now a 30-something year old cyber bullying racist manchild who suffers from multiple personality disorder and unwarranted self importance. He is most known for being one of the reasons Eric Douglace successfully trolled the internet. Since garnering 20,000 new fanbois and proudly claiming to have owned a 14 year old over the internets, LIAT firmly believes he is alpha as fuck and is the final boss of YouTube. Outside of YouTube he works two full time jobs, traveled the world last year and is a proud member of the cyber police. Prior to becoming an internet celebrity, Brian owned and promoted several scam fast money websites, confirming that he is a jewish money whore.

He has a twin brother named Kevin Martin who goes by the name of WeatherManKevin, was also a YouTube partner (thanks to some dick sucking on Brian's part). Kevin claims to be the best weatherman in the world and he takes his meteorology very SRSLY, despite the fact nobody knows who the fuck he is besides LIAT's fanboys. He also claims to have a disease that will cause him to die in roughly 10 years. And he also has a hypocritical wife Chrissie L. Barmore who goes by the name of MeganSpeaks aka MeganLeeHeart aka TimeWithMegan. Also a YouTube partner by leeching YouTube with 30 second reply video spams with thumbnails of an arrow pointing at her disgusting mole tits that's breaking the rules for misleading spam. She's also a evil psychopathic human being just like LifeInATent.

Now currently he's using his latest YouTube channel YouTube Favicon.png FuturisticHub to scam even more of YouTube's jew gold and threaten anyone accusing him for his scams and pointless death threats.

Before JewTube

Dominica Laspinas Niala Martin the mail order bride ex-bride of LIAT.

Brian Martin and his twin were born to paraplegic coke dealers in a low class street alley sometime in 1984. Unsurprisingly enough, both were born with Assburger's syndrome. Of course growing up as two scrawny twin retards that rode the short bus to school, the normal kids just called them faggots and beat the shit out of them. Allegedly the pair are well known in the area they live in for being loud mouthed tough guys who act the way they do due to poor self esteem as children. When they turned just about the average age of their subscribers, they decided to abuse steroids and set out to become alpha as fuck.

1. These two "boys" are known throughout their local neighborhoods as nothing but big mouthed, blowhards, who just talk trash and make various idiotic threats and have been known to cause trouble for years.

2. Their multitude of claims of fame, wealth, and notoriety are all talk. None of these two own anything at all, other than a couple of beat up cars. The areas that they live are in rundown very lower class and income areas.

3. Both are known by the local Police departments in which they reside and both have had several run-ins with the law enforcement officials. The single of claim of interaction with the police made by Brian Martin is blatantly false and was from only one department.

4. The local TV and Media stations are well aware of their bizarre claims and actions. Despite repeated attempts to self ignite their fame by trying to appear on various media, they are turned down. Their phone calls and emails are constantly ignored. The only things found were their self-submitted articles in "internet papers" and a couple of AM radio talk show 5 minute gigs. None of the media contacted had the slightest interest to have any interaction with them as they have all had the same negative information given to them on these two and realize that they just blow their own horn with nothing to support their claims. Although Martin uses modified NWS data, the NWS 100% realizes these two are all talk of their self importance and find any talk about them to be total entertainment.

5. Both are well considered and recognized by many as most probably having severe emotional and / or mental issues.

6. These two were the scrawny little kids growing up and constantly belittled and abused by others. It was after numerous years they started the Steroid abuse and workouts in another attempt to gain some positive recognition. This is why they constantly post their own pictures and most are seen to be taken of themselves while they stand before cameras and mirrors. This is just another of their ways of trying to prove their self-worth to themselves although no one else is giving this to them.

Growing Up



—LIAT as LifeInACamp shouting about his life story.

Before he became the internet bad guy, the psychopathic liar and cyber bully LifeInATent, Brian Martin was raised by his sexually abusive father. In school, kids would pick on him for having mental anger issues and obsession of death to people he doesn't like. While having a crappy time growing up he had a chance to seek for help to turn his life around. But instead he didn't want any help and decided to be who he is today.


Brian Martin started out YouTube as MartekTheSuperHero. Originally, his idea was to be called MolestoTheSuperHero, but later changed it to "Martek" so people don't suspect him as a sex offender. This later gave clues of his suspected pedophilia by hitting on underage girls.

The channel was filled with videos were terribly made "Flying Camper" trailers for a video game or movie with the main character being Martek the Super Hero shaped after the Willy Wonka fag himself (none of the videos survived as far as we know).

His Small Penis


Back in May 2007 when Brian Martin was Martek, he went to a bodybuilding steroids forum to talk about his tiny dickie and needed advice on getting a bigger penis. Martek also admit he was born with freak genetics, a left testicle on wheels, and his small 100lbs waifu.

Click here to browse the rest of his embarrassing discussions...

Serious inquiry folks, I need a larger dickie. No joke. does anyone know what will work and also will it affect my cycle any? He's been tugging at my shirt for so long asking why he has to be left out and I never have an answer for him. Please help him appreciate some life. I appreciate all your help and my dickie appreciates it as well.


—Admitted he has a tiny penis.

I was born with freak genetics on everything but that part. Sadly I think in my spirit form before I got my brain as a human form God asked if I prefered muscles or a big dick... Maybe right now I should re-consider? "God!... You bastard!! Why have you foresaken me!!! Free me!!! The Matrix has me!!!!!!"


—Also admit that he's a freak.

My left testicle moves in and about my lower waist on a track and then when I press on it hard enough it pops down and shows up next to the right one. Although I have already ungone surgery for an undecended testicle it sure is pretty sick knowing I have a testicle on wheels.


—It's called side effects.

WOW! I watched the movie this looks great.. yeah im only like 18 cm I need more. Damn this looks cool. You saved my life dude lol.


—His 18cm penis gotten smaller after wanting more drugs.

I have a smaller future wife.. My fiance is 5 ft tall, 100lbs and her feet are size 4.5. shes SMALL lol. She tells me if I get any bigger and longer i'll kill her one day and shes happy with me. but yeah, I guess I just hope shes telling the truth lol


—Small as in underage small.

I've been shaved there for 2 years now.. its true, it did grow an inch but damnit 18cm is just not cuttin it lol. And NO im NOT slamming it in the door holy shit im hurtin just thinking of that lol.


—Shaved since 2005.

I knew I should have wore a mask...


—And that's how he wore his gay looking glasses.

I love my small girl Hehe shes so lovely. At 5ft, 100lbs who couldn't resist??!?! Not to mention Blonde Hair, Blue eyes.


—This really explains MeganLeeHeart when she was a 13-year-old girl name Chrissie Barmore who fell in love with Brian the pedophilia steroid freak and they both became what they are today.

The Petition to YouTube

As of the 20th of October 2011, LifeInATent's account's status was apparently changed from Terminated to Suspended. According to Brain, if there is 1000 videos petitioning LifeInATent to be reinstated youtube would have no choice but to comply. Oh no! When he comes back, the butthurt and stupidity levels on YouTube will raise well over 9000 and the apocalypse will happen! Let's just hope LifeInATent is NOT brought back onto Youtube because the last thing we need is him insipidly flaunting himself for everyone to have the misery of seeing again.

Thankfully he hasn't been petitioned back onto Youtube although we can still FREQUENTLY still see his ugly mug and vileness on his girlfriend's videos of the MeganLeeHeart channel. Therefore, LifeInATent is still enjoying Youtube $$$ from having his GF make videos for him while he arduously struggles with low-paying illegal immigrant jobs! Now the scammer at least has to partially earn a honest living rather than just leech off easy Youtube money!


It looks like Kevin Martin is carrying on his brother's legacy of Derping his way into drama, but this time with us... the video was bahleeted, thankfully it was Re-uploaded for Great Justice

A nice message to KMartinTV/LifeInATent
A nice reply from KMartinTV/LifeInATent. Notice the threat.
The whore behind the whore.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: MeganSpeaks.

What they do on their spare time from internet whoring.

MeganLeeHeart (Powerword: Chrissie L. Barmore), also known as MeganSpeaks, and TimeWithMegan, is LifeInATent's precious reply girl, accomplice and girlfriend wife who studied his tactics for further YouTube money stealing and whoring: making death threats to other reply girls (and other people against the two partners in crime) and spamming thumbnails of an arrow pointing at her oversized tits with moles and disgusting acne while babbling on about shit that nobody cares about.

Did You Know: ...that LifeInATent has been behind the MeganSpeaks scam all this entire time, just so that he can steal YouTube's jewgold and doesn't get instantly banned from YouTube again for talking shit about innocent people dying from disasters, as well as his ridiculous everlasting death threats?

YouTube's Bonnie & Clyde (Partners In Crime: Behind The Botting)

It was recently confirmed that the accomplice unholy couple MeganLeeHeart AND LifeInATent have been behind the botting the entire fucking time thanks to news from The Daily Dot. An anonymous tipster has shown The Daily Dot some evidence to prove that they're botting to frame not only YouTube Favicon.png DireBoris, but YouTube Favicon.png Yogscast and YouTube Favicon.png HappyCabbie as well. Found in chat logs, LifeInATent discusses paying a stolen amount of $920.50 to frame them with 540K views through botting solely for criticizing his stupid reply girl of a wife Megan as MeganSpeaks. They can deny the truth all they want but the truth will still gangbang them in whatever holes they can find to fuck in.

Failbook War

On April of 2011, several facebook users opened a fan page by the name of LifeENDSinATent (a name inspired by BlackBusterCritic who also made LifeInATent butthurt). Originally, the fan page was only for people against LifeInATent by posting screen-caps, links to "Exposing LifeInATent" videos, reopenings of LifeInATent channels, and many, many, many more.

LifeInATent was lured in to the page by accident, discovering all the true information regarding himself could ruin his reputation. At the time, his name on facebook was Jihab Duhal. He slandered the moderators and the fans of the page, but always ended up butthurt after each fail attempt. One of the most notable fails was on June 16, where he got butthurt to the point he was commenting random and disturbing words.

The fun didn't last for long. On June 22 2011, LifeENDSinATent was terminated along with the accounts of the moderators by a false report made by LifeInATent himself after failing to influence the page.

On March 17th 2012, he announced on Facebook his final farewells to the internets and babbled how he was trolling and won everything. What he really knew is he was in deep shit and has his KMartinTV account got terminated. Which only leaves MeganSpeaks to terminate next, and the reign of his attention whoring will be finally over.

Somewhat Return

After a long vacation from Jewtube on the 24th of April 2012 LIAT showed his face once more with this video.

Being the marketing genius that he is, Sirliat (as he would be known for a couple of days) created a new Facebook and Twitter page for all his fans to visit.

Currently LIAT is using sock accounts YouTube Favicon.png TooHighOnDatLife2, YouTube Favicon.png WayTooHighOnDatLife and Ailsa Stewart to attack people as always. And sometimes YouTube Favicon.png MeganSpeaks to whore YouTube with Megan and attack people with Megan.

More Recently

Brian still continues to try and derp his way back onto Youtube, and even though he claims it has nothing to do with the money and everything to do with teh lulz/trying to prove a point, someone who makes $10,000 a month in monopoly money really should consider investing in a life outside of the world of YouTube. As of today his home interwebz has been shutdown, so he is forced to use dial-up speed library interwebz with all the other higher-class bums with their craptops.

Already contacted them as well as my attorney to have that site down thanks.


—LIAT's reaction to this article

Spamming Spree

After LifeInATent's failure to stop everybody from exposing the truth and facts, he tries to hide all the comments by using a spam-bot to keep spamming the comment section with random information like cyber-bullying, the word of God, religions, and the word "Idiot". MeganLeeHeart also joins the fray. He didn't bother to suppress the truth on other videos about him and Megan is because they do not have hundreds of thousands views from certain videos about them and the reply girls like PsychicPebbles and VICE. Currently they're targeting Vice because this video from Vice is about reply girls, LIAT & Megan, and attacking reply girl TheReplyGirl with death threats on YouTube. Unfortunately, the video been flagged down on June 13, 2013 for what LIAT and Megan consider in their definition as invasion of privacy and false representation. Luckily, the facts and truth still remain out there. The chickens come home to roost.

This is where he spam Vice's reply girls video. Unavailable due to LIAT and Megan's illegal multiple botting accounts.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

LIAT & Megan's Wedding of Unholy Matrimoney

LIAT & Megan Wedding Announcement About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

It is official that LifeInATent and MeganLeeHeart are getting married on April 19th, 2013. After he suck the dry out of everything his other wife Dominica Laspinas Niala Martin and her family owns to keep in their own greedy pockets, Brian 'LifeInATent' Martin dumped her to marry Chrissie 'The Megan' Barmore as Chrissie Martin. The wedding is going to be small and private like all white trash weddings are. These two money-leeching criminal couple will be greedily bound in unholy matrimoney instead of a normal holy matrimony.

After his announcement is made public for great lulz, he called the wedding off and make up lies to his fans that he's moving to Brazil to fulfill his dreams when we all know both LIAT and Megan are liars and they'll get married anyway. It was originally going to move to October 21st, 2013. The next day he deleted his wedding announcement comments and replace it with a question about the weather in Brazil. Then the next day he went on a raging spree to talk shit and make up lies that it was just made up to taddle to the FBI on everybody and anybody discussing the truth about those two.


It's safe to say their marriage is a bit rocky.

At November 26th, 2013, an anonymous female YouTube user admitted she was having internet sex with LifeInATent when his wife Megan was busy in the other room hypnotizing people with her lies and tits on her MeganSpeaks channel. She was told by LIAT that he was dying of all kinds of cancer and had a month to live. He also told her he's rich for his scams, frauds, and whoring, but truth be admitted LIAT & Megan are living with Betty Marie Barmore, Megan's mommy. More revealing dirty secrets from LIAT to the anonymous female, his wife Megan is blowing up to a supersize and sends her photos of Megan's fat cottage cheese thighs while talking shit behind her wife's back. You can safely say LIAT's marriage with Megan is a bit rocky that's about to go downhill.

Targeting People & Websites

In their wasted time, LifeInATent and MeganLeeHeart have been targeting websites and try to take down any written article, image, and video about their crimes. Most of the time they failed to do so.

FuturisticHub, aka LifeInATent 2: Electric Boogaloo

File:FH Logo.jpg
Behold the glory of his latest YouTube channel.
File:FH Chrissy.jpg
His OC Chrissie (or Chrissy).

On October 25, 2012, LIAT ban evading YouTube as always, created YouTube channel FuturisticHub to blend in with the current generation crowd and make horrible Minecraft porn videos with his new partner-in-crime Marko Princip. And as always, The Grandfather of Cringeworthy Minecraft Porn himself uses bots to increase his subscribers and views to cheat his way to his beloved YouTube jew gold. He still threatens anyone accusing him until Marko gets involved and pretends to be civil with users to get away with trouble by lying his ass off. He and Marko also weaselly stolen the YouTube channel videogames from Brandon Keating and David "Ty" Moss, and has a huge grudge against DJ Keemstar by making Minecraft revenge porn and stealing his #DramaAlert idea as #DramaHub.

It was a good start to scam their way to fame. Until the time passes...

$20 Million Lawsuit Lost & The Missing LIAT Stories

Good morning lovelies. I am FuturisticHub and I am going to sue you for making fun of me.
No exceptions.

In April 4th, 2016, miracles do happen. MrRepzion video blogged about the full story and latest failure that happen to Dennis The Menace himself. As usual LifeInATent goes into his daily shitstorm against Repzion with butthurt faggotry death threats. What people didn't know that LIAT is a sick fuck, posting and jacking to a photo of Repzion's 1-year-old nephew and demand strangers to break into his nephew's home and rape him up the ass. Repzion was a pussy to not explain what's happening between him and LIAT due to LIAT's blackmail.

But now Repzion is free to explain what really happen between the two because Repzion is proud to report justice. LIAT and Marko Princip both lost a lawsuit of $20 MILLION DOLLARS against Brandon Keating and David "Ty" Moss for fraud and damages over YouTube channel videogames. If LIAT doesn't pay his court fines of $20 MILLION DOLLARS he could lose some of his licenses, lose his ability to sell goods and services, have his car immobilized, his property seized, serve community service, and better yet, ending up in life prison as his new name LifeInACell. Unless if he can come up with $20 MILLION DOLLARS, he's got to sell his loot to a garage sale, cheat on Megan for someone richer, give up all his YouTube jew money he and Megan stolen, sell his body to science, chop off his organs to the black market, and prostituting in a high crime rate city for a living. But this is $20 MILLION DOLLARS we're talking about! LIAT claims that he doesn't have to pay shit, which is your typical LIAT lies of self defense.

If LIAT doesn't face a reality check through his thick psychopathic skull, he will face prison as LifeInACell with his asshole nice and loose for his new prison daddies. If he brings out the lawsuit to his haters who "defame" him, he will need to present himself to court and anyone who caught true facts of his years ago illegal criminal activity will get him enough years to never get his cell out from escaping the big nigger menace behind after his scrawny ass. Fucking idiot did not think this through at all!

MrRepzion explains it all.
DramaAlert of his longtime lolcow.

FuturisticHub Versus Wikias

LIAT tries to sue Wikia because the articles about his FuturisticHub channel weren't called "Hub".
He stayed up all night to vandal-edit wikia pages about him. It lasted several hours until morning.

LIAT found a new place to not only throw his temper tantrum at users making Wikia pages about him and his FuturisticHub channel, but to vandalize the pages by DELETING EVERY FUCKING CONTROVERSY ABOUT HIMSELF. When he doesn't get things his way he'll threaten the Wikia users he calls haters to "GROW UP!", "I'LL KILL YOU!", and his favorite "YOU WILL BE SUED!". Ended up globally banned a few days later. But that doesn't stop him from creating sock accounts and pretend he's a close friend or gay lover. Recently, Wikia shut down most of the 'terrible (THING)" wikis, thus making the FuturisticHub pages on them no longer accessible. It's unknown if FuturisticHub was involved with the shutdowns of the wikis, but its possible he had something to do with them.




—Typical common FuturisticHub threats before the lawsuit threats.


Why dont you leave me the f*ck alone and stop taking this shit so serious moron




Number 1. Its NOT VANDALIZING. You are nothing but a harassing little bitch ass troll. MANY people on YouTube have debunked this lifetent bullshit it is NOT ME SO SHUT UP ALREADY. I am clearly putting facts out there and I will continue to edit pages about me to fit those facts you understand me? Waste your time elsewhere. Nothing you do is going to stop me or my channels. Period. I will still have great success no matter what. So knock it off.


—FuturisticHub hypocrisy


Just so you know if you continue to speak about personal people and or stalking behavior, it will be used against you in court. We are telling you now to stop, you will stop. This is not appropriate AT ALL. STOP YOUR STALKING AND ABUSE


—FuturisticHub wants to start a lolsuit


It is very simple. The edits made are actually FACTUAL edits. You can't vandalize this page. Furthermore, the edits made are unbiased. Several things were left in and others were taken out as it doesn't support evidence. We either do this the easy way or hard way but you are vandalizing the edits. What you are undoing is literally a hate page and full of untue things.

We will continue to undo this into the night and day until an admin locks you out. Stop with the BS already and conduct yourself accordingly! READ the edits we made. THEY ARE FACTS Also we are in talks with BERT of this website he is aware of all of this. You will be in trouble if this continues. Do the right thing and STOP VANDALIZING the page and wait for legal to deal with this!


—He doesn't know how Wikia works.


Bert, I would appreciate a timely mannered resolution about the hate and abuse toward the Futuristichub branding. We have a zero tolerance policy on lies and defamation to the brand. Please have ALL things Futuristichub removed from this website on all Wiki. We have emailed you a few. Please comply with this request.


—Bert finds out that in the email he claimed to have no connection to this account when he mentioned the bad language FuturisticHub used to scare users on a Message Wall thread.


Your edits are being undone. If you continue this you will have a lawsuit on your hands. The Futuristichub brand is currently in contact with this website and their legal team. If you wish to be involved and possibly get yourself sued, then continue and see what happens. I suggest you be smart and walk away.


—FuturisticHub vandalizing


Quit calling me or this brand "LIAT" and or the name "LifeInATent". The legal team has already dealt with that with someone on YouTube who was forced to remove their video as evidence was brought forward proving those claims are false. Furthermore we do not care about ED that website is false and misleading and admins of this website have already told people and they will tell you the same to never reference ED in this website wiki.

That is the end of this. We dont know who you are, but if you wish to be a part of legal filings then continue doing what you're doing and you will have a file against you as well. We have no issues sending legal notices. We have done so with Keemstar and other people and succeeded. You would be another one. Cease immediately and do something productive. Thank you.


—LIAT using FuturisticHub on Wikia


It is not fake legal threats. What you are doing is a crime, and legal is already in talks via email to this website. It is not your concern unless you want that to be then we will be sure to file against you as well. Its very simple. Stick to facts, stick to unbiased material, and be respectful and you won't be in trouble.


—Fact is that FuturisticHub is LifeInAtent the liar and bully.


Popping in here to undo back to the right information. Nobody knows hub more than me. Other page was horrible. Sorry.


—A FuturisticHub sock

FuturisticHub Facts

The Definition of LifeInATent

Insanity (in-san-i-tee)

1.) the condition of being insane; a derangement of the mind. Synonyms: dementia, lunacy, madness, craziness, mania, aberration.

2.) such unsoundness of mind as frees one from legal responsibility, as for committing a crime, or as signals one's lack of legal capacity, as for entering into a contractual agreement.

3.) prime description of LifeInATent.

Racism (rey-siz-uhm)

1.) a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

2.) a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

3.) hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

4.) true identity of LifeInATent and his racial views against African Americans. Please play audio recordings below.

Examples of LifeInATent's Death Threats, General Butthurtness and Hypocrisy

The cycle of LifeInATent as MrInternetable. Butthurt, threat, butthurt, block, and more butthurt. Word bubble is exploitable so go nuts.
"This goes to everyone who wants to fuck with me. Be prepared, this is me BITCHES!" states LIAT while brandishing MAD GUNZ and the dangerous weapon of a glass of chocolate milk.
A thousand truths fucks LIAT's ass with solid evidence.
His meaningless and empty death threats in a nutshell.
Getting pwn by a troll who just joined to tell LIAT what he does best.
The final boss stage is located in a nutshell.
Not so tough after all.

The legal team has sent you a cease and desist notice from my offices. REMOVE this article now as it is defamation of character and libel.


—Quote the butthurt bully Kevin Martin AKA LifeInATent 2: Electric Boogaloo

The real truth behind LifeInATent.
This been re-uploaded by Fantard for Great Justice
LoL @ Such Death Pathetic Threats!!

That is why people use video screen captures of his frivolous threats so that he can't falsely claim that those threats were photoshopped! Of course, he still tries to deny those threats were made by him, but at that point most people just tell him to stop bullshitting. The reason people are exposing LIAT of his wrong-doings is because they want the truth about LIAT to be heard!


—from anyone who isn't a brainwashed fan of his and can therefore see the truth.

Photographic Evidence About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Even more samples and photographic evidence of LifeInATent AND MeganLeeHeart's death threats, general butthurtness and hypocrisy...

LIAT As LifeInACamp Wants To Kill Brett Keane

[11:40:37 AM] LifeInACamp: You're finished Brett
[11:40:42 AM] LifeInACamp: I'm going to fucking ruin you
[11:40:44 AM] LifeInACamp: You're done
[11:56:28 AM] *** Brett Keane sent life2.png ***
[11:56:32 AM] *** Brett Keane sent lcamp.png ***
[11:57:23 AM] *** Brett Keane added DotcomVids Of YouTube ***
[11:57:29 AM] LifeInACamp: File isn't available
[11:57:38 AM] LifeInACamp: But im serious
[11:57:48 AM] Brett Keane: just screen shots of your email and comments
[11:57:52 AM] LifeInACamp: If you're going to cut ties then leave me alone period
[11:57:55 AM] LifeInACamp: Do you understand me
[11:58:09 AM] Brett Keane: You made threats. I never did anything to you
[11:58:15 AM] LifeInACamp: Threats???
[11:58:18 AM] LifeInACamp: I asked you a favor
[11:58:23 AM] LifeInACamp: And you claim to be my friend
[11:58:31 AM] LifeInACamp: And then you go ahead and give me this crap
[11:58:35 AM] LifeInACamp: Thats not a friend dude
[11:58:37 AM] Brett Keane: I do like you but you made the choice not me
[11:58:48 AM] LifeInACamp: Friends dont treat friends like that
[11:58:57 AM] LifeInACamp: This was a one time favor
[11:59:06 AM] LifeInACamp: I don't ask much of you and you did what you did
[11:59:08 AM] Brett Keane: Who made the racial comments...not me bro
[11:59:11 AM] LifeInACamp: So what
[11:59:14 AM] LifeInACamp: I gave a reason
[11:59:22 AM] LifeInACamp: And you supposed to be a friend should understand that
[11:59:39 AM] LifeInACamp: I am not comfortable with that
[11:59:55 AM] LifeInACamp: And friends are supposed to make sure their friends are comfortable
[11:59:56 AM] Brett Keane: I told you to stop in hangout because it could cause you trouble....but you said YOU DON"T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS
[12:00:11 PM] LifeInACamp: Intoxication makes you do shit
[12:00:22 PM] LifeInACamp: Agian you're talking to me like I was in control
[12:00:43 PM] Brett Keane: So make a video telling people you apologize for what you said and that you were drunk or I can :)
[12:00:50 PM] LifeInACamp: The fact is I wasn't and I don't want you taking advantage of that for ratings or views or what not.
[12:01:00 PM] LifeInACamp: Nah, its not important
[12:01:01 PM] LifeInACamp: You know why?
[12:01:09 PM] LifeInACamp: No one is going to see any of these videos and care
[12:01:24 PM] LifeInACamp: But personally I care because it was a personal thing
[12:01:49 PM] Brett Keane: I've been flagged a million times. So be it. If that is what you need to do then sorry
[12:02:02 PM] LifeInACamp: I mean what kind of example are you trying to set? I look at youtube differently ok
[12:02:16 PM] LifeInACamp: I look at it for actual entertainment and fun and exciting videos
[12:02:22 PM] LifeInACamp: Not this type of drama
[12:02:44 PM] Brett Keane: Me 2...everyone was having fun in came in said your piece bro
[12:02:45 PM] LifeInACamp: The fact you aren't respecting the feelings of a person you claimed is your friend is pretty petty
[12:02:53 PM] LifeInACamp: And when in the hangouts you warn everyone to stay on my good side
[12:02:56 PM] LifeInACamp: And look what you're doing
[12:03:17 PM] LifeInACamp: So you really want to go against me
[12:03:23 PM] Brett Keane: You disrespect all of us by getting drunk and spouting racism in a live hangout
[12:03:32 PM] LifeInACamp: Because i'm being serious what you're doing isn't friend like
[12:03:41 PM] LifeInACamp: Thats what the kick out button is for
[12:04:11 PM] Brett Keane: let me inv to can arm hurts from surgery
[12:04:19 PM] Brett Keane: I will talk
[12:04:37 PM] LifeInACamp: Well we'll just talk later I really have to go Im late for a meeting
[12:06:25 PM] XardicPenguin: hmm

Final Moments

[7/26/2013 3:08:58 PM] GnarlyRants (Chuck): he takes the internet and criticism too seriously
[7/26/2013 3:09:14 PM] LifeInACamp: Internet?
[7/26/2013 3:09:16 PM] LifeInACamp: This is reality
[7/26/2013 3:09:19 PM] LifeInACamp: Not internet
[7/26/2013 3:09:32 PM] LifeInACamp: I want to be LEFT alone if I ask them to
[7/26/2013 3:09:38 PM] LifeInACamp: Its not hard to leave someone alone dude
[7/26/2013 3:09:40 PM] GnarlyRants (Chuck): I think its internet business LIAC
[7/26/2013 3:09:45 PM] LifeInACamp: EVEN I leave people alone
[7/26/2013 3:09:46 PM] GnarlyRants (Chuck): I understand
[7/26/2013 3:10:17 PM] LifeInACamp: I'm going to trust his peace one more time.
[7/26/2013 3:10:21 PM] White 14Man:  lol
[7/26/2013 3:10:25 PM] Brett Keane: We all still love you Tent :)
[7/26/2013 3:10:34 PM] LifeInACamp: Camp
[7/26/2013 3:10:46 PM] LifeInACamp: Funny how you always called me Camp and now its something else
[7/26/2013 3:10:58 PM] *** Call ended, duration 1:35:06 ***
[7/26/2013 3:10:59 PM] LifeInACamp: Look I really hope you don't get psychotic on me
[7/26/2013 3:11:07 PM] LifeInACamp: Cause I do not deal with those
[7/26/2013 3:11:08 PM] LifeInACamp: ok
[7/26/2013 3:11:19 PM] LifeInACamp: I asked you peacefully to stop bugging me on youtube
[7/26/2013 3:11:28 PM] LifeInACamp: And skype chats are personal
[7/26/2013 3:11:32 PM] LifeInACamp: So just sto
[7/26/2013 3:11:33 PM] LifeInACamp: stop
[7/26/2013 3:12:12 PM] Brett Keane: I'm taking down both videos
[7/26/2013 3:12:17 PM] Brett Keane: right now
[7/26/2013 3:14:05 PM] Brett Keane: the vids are down
[7/26/2013 3:14:17 PM] LifeInACamp: I'm not sure what to say to that - Thanks I guess. But it's not about whether they stay or go its about you not understanding what I am requesting. Look if someone tells me to leave them alone i'll back off. If someone doesn't like drama on my end and wants out, I have to back off. I can't force myself in there. Also I don't make videos about you, never have and the drama I never will unless it was something that was good drama but this is all too personal so I snapped...
[7/26/2013 3:14:50 PM] LifeInACamp: Thanks... and im not asking to cut ties as people, I just don't want the youtube ordeal anymore
[7/26/2013 3:14:59 PM] LifeInACamp: I'm Brian,
[7/26/2013 3:15:02 PM] LifeInACamp: You're Brett.
[7/26/2013 3:15:17 PM] LifeInACamp: Thats how I see it. I can't class you as YouTube
[7/26/2013 3:15:30 PM] Brett Keane: Listen...I will not make the vids public ever again but as a friend I must suggest you get some help. I feel the pain you've dealt with has drove you over the edge. Your health is everything. Seek help my friend
[7/26/2013 3:16:19 PM] LifeInACamp: Brett I won't be here in 2 years
[7/26/2013 3:16:21 PM] LifeInACamp: 2-3 years
[7/26/2013 3:16:27 PM] LifeInACamp: You're right, my health is bad
[7/26/2013 3:16:51 PM] LifeInACamp: I can end my life now and not care because I already am dying
[7/26/2013 3:16:55 PM] Brett Keane: We care about you. Just talk to someone.
[7/26/2013 3:17:48 PM] LifeInACamp: Meh, I don't deserve anyone to care about me. But really if you want my attention on YouTube the best way to do it is to disassociate yourself with some old drama channels and drama and who knows. Thats why Im not with it on YouTube etc...
[7/26/2013 3:17:55 PM] LifeInACamp: I'm solo on my channel for a reason
[7/26/2013 3:18:09 PM] LifeInACamp: But I have no problem collabing with nice dramas
[7/26/2013 3:18:40 PM] Brett Keane: I'm not looking for drama...I was concerned because of what you were saying
[7/26/2013 3:19:13 PM] LifeInACamp: Well you can always talk to me or something about it. I'm not sure why YouTube would help though?
[7/26/2013 3:19:45 PM] LifeInACamp: I get pissed easily when the past comes back
[7/26/2013 3:19:50 PM] LifeInACamp: And things remind me of it
[7/26/2013 3:19:58 PM] Brett Keane: I'm not talking about youtube help. I meant like a counselor
[7/26/2013 3:20:07 PM] LifeInACamp: I've seen them.
[7/26/2013 3:21:38 PM] LifeInACamp: alright well, no hard feelings. I hope we can respect each other the way adults/men should respect each other. I have a lot of friends even on skype and one thing I never do is bring skype to YouTube... Hope rthat makes sense. Sorry for going off that harsh and I do appreciate you helping to clear some things up.
[7/26/2013 3:22:06 PM] Brett Keane: I hope you feel better and have much success
[7/26/2013 3:22:11 PM] Brett Keane: :)
[7/26/2013 3:22:37 PM] LifeInACamp: Well thank you. You too :) maybe one day we'll find a good topic to collaborate on.
[7/26/2013 3:23:05 PM] Brett Keane: Have a nice Friday bro. I have to go shower...I stink
[7/26/2013 3:23:46 PM] LifeInACamp: thanks you too.. lol, k
[7/26/2013 9:09:01 PM] LifeInACamp: Brett what the fuck
[7/26/2013 9:09:05 PM] LifeInACamp: Are you mental or something
[7/26/2013 9:09:17 PM] LifeInACamp: Seriously I am getting fed up with this shit
[7/26/2013 9:09:24 PM] LifeInACamp: If you're mental im ending it
[7/26/2013 9:09:35 PM] LifeInACamp: Ending it and making sure you don't hurt anyone else
[7/26/2013 9:09:48 PM] Brett Keane: fuck you camp I recorded your threats....police time
[7/26/2013 9:09:57 PM] LifeInACamp: HA
[7/26/2013 9:10:01 PM] LifeInACamp: You don't know shit


Haters are stupid, literally painfully retarded. They have a one track mind and are the ignorance of this planet. But yes, you're right. Haters hate because they really want to see you become better than them. Very good.


LIAT as LIAC taking offence to people criticizing him for using misleading title.

In short, no I don't hate anyone on ED because one I heard has serious mental issues which are being looked at right now at the request of several people.


—LifeInATent as LifeInACamp, Quote of the Now 08/02/13

Eating an amazing Steak right now. This rich bitch has GOT TO EAT GOOD!! Mmmmm beach tomorrow!!


—LIAT on shit nobody cares about.

You should know that I do not have any respect for "laws" as it is not needed nor do they govern my life. A life I live on my terms. I am a full anarchist. The law does not exist in my eyes and many people should realize that and defend their own.


—LIAT as YouTube Favicon.png sh2222222222i admitting he is a criminal and a law breaker.

You got banned, good. You’re welcome. Next time don’t be a prick to Megan and of course myself, dip. Now that you’re banned, you can have a real life. Punk.


—LIAT as BrianRocksYouDont to a certain Gabe Newell he's harassing at Know Your Meme for posting stuff about him and his pet dog Megan.

I'm working on taking Zaiger, owner of ED to prison. I found US laws that will be happy to prosecute him.


Personal private message from LifeInATent as YouTube Favicon.png MrInternetable, still trying and failing to take down ED now that Megan's criminal mom Betty Marie Barmore is posted on her article.

Do people actually believe in Encyclopedia-Dumatica? (spelled wrong on purpose) I think the articles are full of shit with lies. RT


—LIAT using MrInternetable Twitter about ED.

Also, please understand that I used to exploit tragedies before I realized it was morally wrong. After that I completely changed. This video is meant to prove that MrRepzion has the same flaws and can change if he is decent enough to do so.


— Well, look who's talking! For someone who just admitted he is willing to cash in on the next earthquake after being butthurt on the Next Quote.

Dont worry pal, next earthquake i'm going to go hardcore on the trolling and make a shit ton of money. You'll see and there is nothing your punk ass will do about it either. The sooner you realize you waste time doing shit that doesn't matter to society the better. Now kindly F yourself with a broom stick and grieve over your dead parents you freakin liar.


LIATReborn showing his true color and being butthurt once more.

Truly the dumbest video i've seen. I am glad to be the one to waste your invaluable time. God it feels so good knowing how much time I waste out of your my pathetic lives.


LIATReborn talking about himself. Please take note of the "I" word in his comment.



LIATReborn final threat after seemly losing his mind.

You best tell me where the fuck you live so I could fucking kill your fucking bitch ass self slowly with a knife across your fucking throat


— SpeakUpBro's puppet resorting to his number one disturbing threat in his rage.

I know people. No miracle. How get a life right the fuck now


— SpeakUpBro's puppet basically telling other to get a life because he got butthurt.

Talking to me like a fuckin adult. so go for it. Lets see if you take my advice and maybe just maybe I will try and see yours but the more you keep using those usernames the more I am for sure bound to continue ripping into you.


— Said the childish and insensitive man with an nonexistent credibility.

You arr the fucking psychopath using that username you fucking idiot. Until you stop harassing people to that extent you will NEVER get any sort of credibility you fucking moron. I mean it's not rocket science and you are trying to give me advice? This is my internet more than it is yours dude. I have been on here way longer than you and first used Youtube the MONTH it came out back in 2005 so I wouldn't even start with me. If you want my good side, you can start by losing the usernames and cont


— Speakupbro's puppet trying to act tough by using the facts about himself to slander other and lying about being on Youtube since it first come out in 2005 when he there only for four years.

Oh BTW no strikes on those accounts lmfao!!!!! its called opening new accounts and staying perm.


— SpeakUpBro's puppet frivolous explanation why he decide to abandon SpeakUpBro and open LIATReborn.

Keep your shit up, fool. You're about to lose that account of yours today.


— SpeakUpBro AKA LifeInATent common vacuous threats to bigger Youtubers in his single minded attempts to suppress the truth from leaking out about his hypocrisy.

This one is gonna be gone this week too.


— SpeakUpBro AKA LifeInATent threatening to takedown another innocent Youtuber, YouTube Favicon.png IMirroredThisBro, for exposing the facts and truth about him. Butthurt much?

The description to the ED article is the reason this will be flagged. Change it or this video is gone. Final warning. Getting flagged, loser


— SpeakUpBro AKA LifeInATent blackmailing a innocent Youtuber, YouTube Favicon.png 21cbb, to remove the truth about MeganSpeaks or else he would flag him down out of being butthurt.

If they keep harassing me and my person or persons then yes I will threaten to kill them and I'm not even kidding. I'm fucking sick of these god damn keyboard warriors. I DARE them to tell me where they live.


—LifeInATent playing victim and resorting to violence after being butthurt.

Typical messages from Brian Martin start with "Fuck you!" and often involve death threats like this one here.

Sample of Fake Pleading With Lulz

I'm going to ask you really nicely to stop, dude. This is cyber stalking and cyber bullying and it's not funny anymore. Action was taken against Benos already and things are moving forward to remove the pages. We are in contact with Ukrainian Governments this month. You need to respect the privacy of others. I'm only going to ask you this once and I am going to expect you to honor this. If you have any questions you are free to talk to me here but this needs to be stopped at all causes. Trolling is one thing but now you are causing a major personal issue with my friends and it's not okay. You need to also get your facts straight on marital status' vs. friendships. It is not okay to do what you're doing so you have the floor to start a civil discussion with me right here right now. Thank you


—LifeInATent as LifeInACamp with the Ukrainian government on his side.

The Ukrainian Government.jpg

Yes, sir, we are all over it, we will use all our forces to apprehend the suspect for trolling on the internets

Ukrainian police.jpg
You heard him guys! Lets go get Dr. Eggman.

Kevin Martin (The Return of the Goggled Man)

  • Name: WeatherManKevin, TwinJohnnyDepp or KMartinTV
  • Assumed Name: LifeInATent or LIAT
  • Real Name: Kevin Martin
  • Hometown: Tunnel Hill, GA
  • Current Address: 472 Ivy Glen Drive. Mira Loma, CA 91752
  • Telephone: 951-496-4125

House Info:

  • 3 beds
  • 2 baths
  • Mobile/Manufactured
  • Size: 1,260 sqft
  • Built in 1999

Kyle Lomax (The #1 Fanboy & #1 All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Raider)

  • Name: K-lo, Kloboyswag, ViralnessParodys, Fanboy, Lard Butt, Kyle the Hutt, or Fatass
  • Real Name: Kyle Lomax
  • Hometown: Palmdale, CA
  • Current Address: 2769 White Ave #F. Chico, CA 95973 OR 16 Robbye Ln Searcy, AR 72143
  • Telephone: +1.1-530-828-9684

A List Of People Living Here

  • Ramir Niala & Lerrie Niala - Owners of the house and parents of Dominica Laspinas Niala Martin.
  • Dominica Laspinas Niala Martin - The mail-order bride of Brian Martin.
  • Brian Martin - The goggled internet tough guy and YouTube cash/attention whore LifeInATent.
  • Chrissie Barmore - The hypocritical reply girl and huge attention whore MeganLeeHeart.
  • Betty Marie Barmore - Mother of the hypocritical attention whore Chrissie "The Megan" Barmore. LIAT & Megan are currently living there.




[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

YouTube, Sock, and Misc. Accounts

Active Accounts

  • YouTube Favicon.png FuturisticHub - LIAT's shitty video gamews account. He apparently (and currently) uses it to steal copyrighted content, supports both his and his accomplice wife Megan's MsHeartAttack gaming channel with bots, and barks at his haters while his bosses are not around using this channel. Currently, He uploads minecraft foot fetish animations to the channel.

Terminated Accounts

  • YouTube Favicon.png Ailsa Stewart - Same LIAT, same sock account, same shit, with a twist of a girl's name.
  • YouTube Favicon.png TooHighOnDatLife2 - The sequel of LifeInATent's terminated TooHighOnLife channel. This time he pretends to be a LIAT fanatic white knighting when nobody's that stupid to believe his multiple personality disorder in his old book of tricks.
  • YouTube Favicon.png WayTooHighOnDatLife - Another sequel of LifeInATent's terminated account TooHighOnDatLife. Hitting up steroids again to stirring up trouble again by stalking, white knighting, raging, and attacking innocent YouTube users talking about what he doesn't like. Sometimes he'll spam bullshit comments just to demand to remove the video like he did with Vice's Reply Girls video.
  • YouTube Favicon.png TooHighOnLife - Another brand freakin' new LIAT channel after LifeInACamp is terminated. He goes around his haters to flap his mouth in the wind that he's better than everyone and he'll someday kill everybody he hates. He won't shut up about ED is for faggots and 4chan is for winners. Channel was closed and is no longer available. It only lasted less than 2 days.
  • YouTube Favicon.png LifeInACamp - The dumbass is back, now trying to get popular again by first rambling about Onision's drama (video been made private) and being an all around retarded white knight and douchebag. If that doesn't work, he went as far as to leeching off views from whatever trending viral videos that up on YouTube front page. But seriously, no one gives a fuck. We all know that his whole life is based defending his moronic prostitute, his vapid ego on the Internet, and that he out to constantly harass certain YouTubers, especially YouTube Favicon.png MrRepzion. He hated his TellMeInternet name because apparently it sucked and that he doesn't want to be associated with all the things he's known for as LIAT. This account lasted exactly two months and one week. BALEETED on August 30, 2013 because of the whole DMCA drama, forcing him to resort back to his sock puppets to continue where he left off. On his channel page, it said that he's terminated due to repeated or severe violations of YouTube Community Guidelines.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Sirliat - Terminated due to repeated or severe violations of YouTube Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.
  • YouTube Favicon.png KMartinTV - Terminated due to repeated or severe violations of YouTube Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.
  • YouTube Favicon.png MartekTheSuperhero - Blanked
  • YouTube Favicon.png CallOfDutyComedy - Terminated due to repeated or severe violations of YouTube Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.
  • YouTube Favicon.png LifeInATent - Suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations.
  • YouTube Favicon.png sh2222222222i - His recent account which he is avidly using to white knight his stupid fiance Megan as per usual [1]. He is also threatening YouTube Favicon.png MrRepzion that he will kill him at vidcon this year. This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement. Who knew?
  • YouTube Favicon.png TellMeInternet - New LIAT channel where Brian is trying too hard to turn over a new leaf in his pathetic life of delusional grandeur. This channel is probably going be terminated in a couple of weeks (or less), or he will close his account from butthurt. Maybe he'll stay longer this time without raging like the loser that he is. Closed captions prove him wrong at 13:20 in his hypocritical apology video. Closed on June 24, 2013, due to butthurt from a video that Zaiger commented on.
  • Even more...

Active Socks

Misc. Accounts

Terminated Misc. Accounts

ED Accounts

WeatherManKevin's ED Accounts

Kiwi Farms Thread

White Knight

See Also

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