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When used by the more mature citizens of the interbutt, "liek" is a (sometimes intentional) misspelling of "like" when used as a vocal stop.

However, some intentional users of this horribly mutated cousin of "like" are typically members of the species Flabbitus Weeaboo, which are found infesting sites such as MySpace, LiveJournal, and Gaia. The Weeaboo use "liek" as a part of a hoarse, phlegm-choked mating call, a practice called "trying to be cute".

Because of the harmful effects of this practice, it has become common practice to viciously murder those who make use of this word, unless it is combined with the word "mudkips", since everyone lieks them.

Alternate, (un)acceptable spelling: lyke, laik, or lyk.

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