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The face of homoflexibility

Libertarian Fox (powerword: Ryan Carr) is a 17-year-old, care-hard furry blogger from the American shit-hole that is Florida who spends his days single-handedly championing what is remaining of the Occupy Wall Street movement. After dropping out of high school as a result of being the community's favorite target for bullying (and subsequently enrolling in online courses as a means of receiving a mediocre, standard education without having to face the cool kids that made much of his youth a living hell), Carr opened the facebook page Fb-favicon.png LibertarianFox where he posts "clever" memes dealing with social issues ranging from gun control to gay marriage and basically everything else everyone with any kind of access to media communications already knows about.

Because he dropped out of high school, Ryan was forced to educate himself via alternative means so that he could sound like he knew what he was talking about when he started arguments with his parents at the dinner table. He was also forbidden by his mommy and daddy from drowning his sorrows in the vidya, further encouraging him to pursue euphoria in knowledge. Ryan would go on to become a strong student at the University of 4chan, where he learned to reiterate Ayn Rand bullshit. Ryan would eventually discover the wonderful land of Encyclopedia Dramatica, where he was speedily banned for unloading his wagon of care within his first few hours on the site, as well as quite unironically embracing Fursecution Fox as his fursona of choice. Additionally, Ryan, misinterpreting the concept as "irony", made sure to parade his furry fetish by uploading and proudly putting on display some choice selections from his yiff folder in a misguided attempt to come off as "kooky".

Following his ban, Ryan sent a plethora of desperately pleading unban requests, as well as a slew of vague email threats, all of which exposed the heavy emotional toll being banned on a website had on his delicate, confused gayboy psyche. Finally, he decided the existence of this article is a promotion.

Fun facts about Ryan Carr

  • Ryan was institutionalized after a suicide attempt. At some point during his mandatory 72 hour hold, Ryan had either signed himself over to the hospital staff, or they had deemed him unfit to reenter society, resulting in him being forced by the doctors to come out to his parents on the grounds that he would be able to leave once he did.
  • Ryan does not identify as gay, but rather "homoflexible", which confirms his status as a dedicated tumblr user.
  • Ryan knows how to use big words like "patriarcy [sic]".
  • Ryan misspells roughly 30% of everything he types.
  • Ryan idolizes Nietzsche.
  • Ryan's parents are utterly ashamed of their failure son's homosexuality.

The following image accurately summarizes Ryan Carr:


Taking Down ED

Upon discovering ED, Mr. Carr completely misinterpreted the aim of the site and deemed that it would be a perfect platform for his pseudo-intellectual bullshit. In reality, ED's only purpose is to serve the lulz, a concept Ryan has absolutely no understanding of. Nevertheless, Ryan was extremely vocal in letting numerous users know his plans to host a coup d'etat and make a big name for himself online by managing his newly acquired website. In a shocking turn of events, Ryan's plans were foiled when he got laughed at for his grandiose dreams of playing in the e-big leagues. Rather than abandoning Encyclopedia Dramatica altogether, Ryan would rage up another scheme to delete ED from the internet, effectively rendering him the latest entry in an ongoing saga of nerds dedicating significant portions of their life towards waging war against a satirical wiki.

Though his struggle is currently ongoing, experts hypothesize that Ryan will in fact lose and walk off with his tail between his legs, murmuring to himself about how everyone on ED is a foolish cretin who is clearly not worthy of associating with a genius of his caliber.

Ryan discusses his ban with an ED admin

Note: In the following log, Ryan is using the moniker "ZombieTitties".

(18:04)  ZombieTitties: yes, hello
(18:05)  Meepsheep: who are you nerd
(18:05)  ZombieTitties: I'm ZombieTitties
(18:05)  Meepsheep: that's nice
(18:05)  ZombieTitties: obviously
(18:05)  Meepsheep: according to my irc records
(18:05)  Meepsheep: you joined here recently
(18:05)  Meepsheep: as
(18:05)  Meepsheep: "foxfag"
(18:05)  ZombieTitties: so, ill be straight-forward with you
(18:05)  ZombieTitties: guess what
(18:06)  Meepsheep: uhh
(18:06)  Meepsheep: what
(18:06)  ZombieTitties: why the hell did you ban 'foxfag'?
(18:06)  ZombieTitties: seriously
(18:06)  ZombieTitties: what the hell
(18:06)  Meepsheep: because you're a nerd loser gayboy
(18:07)  ZombieTitties: and...
(18:07)  ZombieTitties: I'm sure you are as well
(18:07)  ZombieTitties: and the account was serving a purpose
(18:07)  ZombieTitties: it was over-the-top for a reason
(18:07)  ZombieTitties: and I was actually making decent article changes
(18:07)  Meepsheep: "jokes on you I was just pretending to be retarded"
(18:07)  ZombieTitties: unlike most of the others who are illiterate
(18:08)  ZombieTitties: and just shitpost
(18:08)  ZombieTitties: well why did you do
(18:08)  ZombieTitties: if you want to fuck with someone that's fine
(18:08)  Meepsheep: your care levels seem to be off the charts
(18:08)  ZombieTitties: but don't do it so someone who is actually try to make a difference
(18:08)  ZombieTitties: because i DO care
(18:08)  Meepsheep: (18:08)  ZombieTitties: but don't do it so someone who is actually try to make  a difference
(18:08)  Meepsheep: (18:08)  ZombieTitties: because i DO care
(18:08)  Meepsheep: lolololololololololololololol
(18:09)  Meepsheep: im going to need to make new charts
(18:09)  Meepsheep: to better map your care levels
(18:09)  ZombieTitties: fine with me
(18:09)  ZombieTitties: at least I'm not a fuck-up who spends their time warrant less screwing with other people's stuff because they 
                        get bored
(18:10)  ZombieTitties: did you even look at anything I wrote or edited?
(18:10)  ZombieTitties: before you and your crew came along and fucked up my shit
(18:10)  Meepsheep: ya you're a fuck up that makes this
(18:10)  ZombieTitties: hm?
(18:10)  ZombieTitties: yup
(18:10)  ZombieTitties: because I have no life
(18:10)  Meepsheep: and because you're a raging nerdlord
(18:10)  ZombieTitties: and opposed to what you are?
(18:10)  ZombieTitties: a mindless cock-sucking twat?
(18:11)  Meepsheep: im a swag master
(18:11)  ZombieTitties: lel
(18:11)  ZombieTitties: keep dreaming
(18:11)  Meepsheep: fyi: the kids who sit behind you in your remedial math class break out in random laughter because they're 
                    laughing at you
(18:11)  ZombieTitties: remedial math?
(18:11)  ZombieTitties: lel
(18:12)  ZombieTitties: child you have no idea what I hvae been through
(18:12)  Meepsheep: llllllllllllllllllllllllllll
(18:12)  Meepsheep: YOU HAVE NO IDEA
(18:12)  ZombieTitties: I dropped out of high school a long time ago
(18:12)  Meepsheep: YOU HAVE NO IDEA
(18:12)  Meepsheep: YOU HAVE NO IDEA
(18:12)  Meepsheep: YOU HAVE NO IDEA
(18:12)  Meepsheep: YOU HAVE NO IDEA
(18:12)  Meepsheep: YOU HAVE NO IDEA
(18:12)  Meepsheep: lololololololololol
(18:12)  Meepsheep: you couldnt even finish high school
(18:12)  ZombieTitties: huehuehue
(18:12)  Meepsheep: looooooooossseererrr
(18:12)  ZombieTitties: nope, instead I am going to college for my senior year
(18:12)  Meepsheep: hows that BEING LESS THAN MEDIOCRE treating you
(18:12)  Meepsheep: oh nice, you had to leave because of bullying so now you're taking online classes at the local community college
(18:12)  ZombieTitties: better than being fucking pitiful like yourself
(18:13)  ZombieTitties: lel
(18:13)  ZombieTitties: I was never bullied like you were
(18:13)  ZombieTitties: still trying to make yourself feel better
(18:13)  Meepsheep: hold on wait
(18:13)  Meepsheep: i found you
(18:13)  Meepsheep:
(18:14)  ZombieTitties: i fucking hate linkin park
(18:14)  ZombieTitties: at least I have a better music taste than you do 4-chan fgt
(18:14)  Meepsheep: im sure you do
(18:14)  ZombieTitties: much better than you do Derek
(18:15)  ZombieTitties: here
(18:15)  ZombieTitties:
(18:15)  ZombieTitties: lel I hate both those bands
(18:15)  ZombieTitties: DOWNVOTE
(18:16)  Meepsheep: i bet you have unironically posted to reddit multiple times
(18:16)  ZombieTitties: reddit?
(18:16)  ZombieTitties: i never venture on that flith
(18:16)  Meepsheep: (18:16)  ZombieTitties: i never venture on that flith
(18:16)  Meepsheep: ok yeah
(18:16)  Meepsheep: you have obviously
(18:16)  Meepsheep: posted to reddit
(18:16)  Meepsheep: judging by that line alone
(18:17)  ZombieTitties: I am well aware of what it is, full of hate of the marvelous patriarcy
(18:17)  ZombieTitties: even worse than tumblr
(18:17)  ZombieTitties: i deleted my twitter a while ago
(18:17)  ZombieTitties: can't stand it
(18:17)  ZombieTitties: but you seem to love it
(18:18)  Meepsheep: twitter is the best ok
(18:18)  Meepsheep: too cool for you
(18:18)  ZombieTitties: haha right.
(18:19)  Meepsheep: sorry, im sure you are super cool irl and definitely dont sit around playing skyrim all day
(18:19)  ZombieTitties: what's skyrim?
(18:19)  Meepsheep: dont play dumb faggot
(18:19)  ZombieTitties: no, i never play any videogames
(18:19)  ZombieTitties: waste of time an dmoney
(18:20)  Meepsheep: cool bro
(18:20)  Meepsheep: im sure you are above so much
(18:21)  ZombieTitties: I am lol. A lot more than you.
(18:21)  ZombieTitties: filthy little dicksucker
(18:21)  Meepsheep: (18:21)  ZombieTitties: I am lol. A lot more than you.
(18:21)  Meepsheep: (18:21)  ZombieTitties: I am lol. A lot more than you.
(18:21)  Meepsheep: (18:21)  ZombieTitties: I am lol. A lot more than you.
(18:21)  Meepsheep: (18:21)  ZombieTitties: I am lol. A lot more than you.
(18:21)  Meepsheep: I AM ABOVE YOU
(18:21)  Meepsheep: AND EVERYONE ELSE
(18:21)  Meepsheep: I AM THE SUPREME HUMAN BEING
(18:21)  Meepsheep: THE ULTRA HUMAN
(18:22)  Meepsheep: your iq must be like 215 bro
(18:22)  Meepsheep: im sure you didnt finish high school just because it was so below you
(18:22)  ZombieTitties: *le ultimate gentlleman
(18:22)  ZombieTitties: UBERMENSCHEN
(18:22)  Meepsheep: llllllllll
(18:22)  Meepsheep: further evidence
(18:22)  Meepsheep: of nerd diagnosis
(18:23)  ZombieTitties: Nah, I just went through my big Nietzsche phase in seventh grade
(18:23)  Meepsheep: is that also when you began cutting yourself in your bathroom every day when you got home from school
(18:23)  ZombieTitties: nah, i never cutt. I just took pills
(18:24)  ZombieTitties: lel
(18:25)  ZombieTitties: tbh
(18:25)  ZombieTitties: i always thought I was a bit odd
(18:25)  ZombieTitties: but i didn't try to kill myself until they put me on the anti-depressants
(18:25)  Meepsheep: im sure you are an enigma
(18:25)  ZombieTitties: most defintely
(18:25)  ZombieTitties: unlike yourself
(18:25)  ZombieTitties: a sad pathetic troll
(18:26)  Meepsheep: is the "YOU ARE PATHETIC, IM SO HAPPIER THAN YOU" card the only argument you have?
(18:26)  ZombieTitties: nope. unlike you, I can actually function
(18:28)  Meepsheep: yes im sure you are very functional at replying to craigslist ads titled LOCAL BUSINESS LOOKING FOR WEBSITE 
(18:28)  ZombieTitties: *gay orgy
(18:28)  ZombieTitties: and tbh this is my first venture into the internet
(18:28)  ZombieTitties: i have no idea how to program
(18:28)  Meepsheep: and spending the resulting money at the taco bell/pizza hut combo
(18:28)  ZombieTitties: but i should learn
(18:28)  ZombieTitties: ewww
(18:28)  ZombieTitties: i hate taco bell
(18:28)  ZombieTitties: don't describe your life to me
(18:29)  Meepsheep: well then
(18:29)  Meepsheep: tell me about yourself
(18:29)  Meepsheep: atm all i know is
(18:29)  Meepsheep: YOU'RE A BIG FAGGOT
(18:29)  ZombieTitties: well let's see
(18:29)  Meepsheep: enlighten me
(18:29)  Meepsheep: about the joys of your life
(18:30)  ZombieTitties: I normally don't get so pissed off, but i just don't see why you decided to fuck with me on my page. I had 
                        even taken down all of my furry porn and whatnot.
(18:30)  ZombieTitties: But first off
(18:30)  ZombieTitties: I am not gay
(18:30)  ZombieTitties: I am homoflexibly
(18:30)  Meepsheep: ok so you're tumblrsexua
(18:30)  ZombieTitties: *homoflexible
(18:30)  Meepsheep: *sexua;
(18:30)  Meepsheep: sexual
(18:30)  ZombieTitties: which sounds rather pretentious, doesn't it?
(18:30)  ZombieTitties: lol
(18:30)  ZombieTitties: but it is just basically
(18:30)  ZombieTitties: 'mostly gay'
(18:30)  ZombieTitties: bisexual for all intensive purposes
(18:31)  ZombieTitties: wbu?
(18:31)  Meepsheep: i enjoy kawaii girls
(18:31)  ZombieTitties: yes, i could tell, seeing as it's the only pair of tits you can see. just internet porn blogs
(18:32)  Meepsheep: yeah im sure your gf has a nice rack hinding behind her slipknot concert hoodie
(18:32)  Meepsheep: black, of course
(18:33)  ZombieTitties: no, I hate slipknot. Once again you show how poor your own music taste is. Second off, my boyfriend is gay.
(18:34)  Meepsheep: that's cool
(18:34)  ZombieTitties: yup. like the cool days in denver
(18:35)  ZombieTitties: were you best friends with James Eagan Holmes?
(18:35)  ZombieTitties: I'm sure you were
(18:35)  Meepsheep: your googling skills are out of this world bro
(18:35)  ZombieTitties: thnx bb
(18:35)  Meepsheep: i do go to the same college as him tho
(18:35)  Meepsheep: if that helps
(18:36)  ZombieTitties: idc
(18:36)  ZombieTitties: but, i do want to say that you are kinda cute
(18:36)  ZombieTitties: and that this will all end if you tell me why you started fucking with my stuff
(18:37)  Meepsheep: bc you're a big try hard fag
(18:37)  ZombieTitties: big try? nah, I'm not like you.
(18:37)  Meepsheep: which this convo has already affirmed
(18:38)  ZombieTitties: lel. Well tell me why you started to mess with my stuff and I will leave you alone
(18:38)  Meepsheep: because i saw that you were a big try hard nerd
(18:38)  Meepsheep: i took one look and knew it
(18:38)  Meepsheep: i have a sixth sense for nerds
(18:39)  ZombieTitties: how can you prove it?
(18:40)  Meepsheep: this convo proves that you are a nerd
(18:40)  ZombieTitties: says the one with hacking tutorials
(18:40)  ZombieTitties: lel
(18:40)  ZombieTitties: So I'm smarter than you?
(18:40)  ZombieTitties: is that what hurts your feelings?
(18:41)  Meepsheep: uhhhhhh
(18:41)  Meepsheep: idk how you got that out of what i said
(18:41)  Meepsheep: but ok sure
(18:42)  ZombieTitties: alright well go ahead and un-ban FoxFag and we can forget this ever happened. I tried being nice, I tried 
                        being polite, but now I will give you one more chance. PLease choose wisely.
(18:44)  Meepsheep: uhhhh
(18:44)  Meepsheep: no
(18:44)  Meepsheep: sorry
(18:44)  Meepsheep: kill yoursef
(18:44)  Meepsheep: faggot
(18:44)  ZombieTitties: haha
(18:44)  ZombieTitties: make me
(18:44)  ZombieTitties: well bye-bye then
(18:45)  ZombieTitties: you'll regrest your decision
(18:45)  ZombieTitties: *regret
(18:45)  ZombieTitties: *laughs maniacally*

Ryan later discusses his ban with what he thinks is a sympathetic ED admin

Ryan: I'm fucking with meepsheep
Ryan: :3
VX: what
Ryan: yes
Ryan: he will be the first to go
Ryan: do you have nay idea what you have created?
VX: i know it won't work, whatever you intend
VX: there's a phrase for this
VX: it's called Taking Down ED
Ryan: i know
Ryan: lel
Ryan: i'm not taking it down
Ryan: i am getting rid of the fuckbags
Ryan: and restoring it to a hgh level of honor
VX: how might that occur
Ryan: many mnay ways
Ryan: have you ever had any problems with meepsheep?
VX: not really
Ryan: hm
Ryan: why is he such a dick
VX: never really experienced it myself
Ryan: well i you're okay
Ryan: can you unban FoxFag?
VX: wiki? let me check the blocklog
Ryan: yes
Ryan: i am still banned by meepsheep and his fucking crew
VX: i'll see if if can get any other sysops behind it. otherwise it's an instant re-ban
VX: not everyone is with meep
Ryan: he is fucking going down
Ryan: FoxFag I'll be damned if he soils my name. Ryan Carr, 17 "The Liberty Fox" on Facebook Florida, not Georgia, idc 
what IP says Need any assistance, I'm right here. Fuck him. VX • NSDAP alt.png 02:56, 18 June 2014 (EDT) 
From Gainesville (more like Gaysville in his case). Sickpuppy Wolfpawprintalpha.png 03:09, 18 June 2014 (EDT
Ryan: what is this
VX: :)

Ryan's master plan to liberate ED

time zone: GMT +2:00

[01:06:19] <OtterWhiskers> Where did VX go?
[01:06:26] <ZombieTitties> idk
[01:06:35] <ZombieTitties> When did he give up on me?
[01:06:43] <ZombieTitties> I thought I was doing good editing articles
[01:06:45] <OtterWhiskers> Don't ask me.
[01:07:01] <ZombieTitties> until goddamn meepsheep and his crew started fucking with me
[01:07:54] <OtterWhiskers> can you past the log?
[01:10:37] <ZombieTitties> hm?
[01:11:02] <OtterWhiskers> I can't see what they wrote because I signed it after that.
[01:11:49] <ZombieTitties> oh
[01:11:51] <ZombieTitties> nothing
[01:12:01] <ZombieTitties> but they did just make a thing about me on ED
[01:12:08] <ZombieTitties> I am getting special
[01:12:15] <OtterWhiskers> link
[01:12:49] <ZombieTitties>
[01:14:59] <ZombieTitties> I am moving up in the world!
[01:22:33] <OtterWhiskers> Oh really
[01:24:16] <ZombieTitties> yes
[01:24:17] <ZombieTitties> :3
[01:25:10] <OtterWhiskers> VX's contributed as well
[01:26:13] <ZombieTitties> i know
[01:26:14] <ZombieTitties> :/
[01:26:18] <ZombieTitties> sad face
[01:26:33] <ZombieTitties> that's why i asked when he gave up on me
[01:26:44] <ZombieTitties> check out meepsheep's usertalk
[01:27:20] <ZombieTitties>
[01:27:28] <ZombieTitties> I think he might be the tiniest bit afraid
[01:27:40] <ZombieTitties> "I'm not going to let him soil my name."
[01:28:29] <OtterWhiskers> Afraid of what?
[01:29:04] <ZombieTitties> me actually doing something to him
[01:29:21] <OtterWhiskers> What could you do?
[01:29:52] <ZombieTitties> slowly but surely take over ED
[01:29:53] <ZombieTitties> :3
[01:29:57] <ZombieTitties> and then
[01:29:59] <ZombieTitties> kick him out
[01:30:09] <OtterWhiskers> Are you serious?
[01:30:14] <ZombieTitties> yes
[01:30:22] <ZombieTitties> one of my many life goals now
[01:30:30] <OtterWhiskers> And how do you suppose that'll happen?
[01:31:04] <ZombieTitties> over time
[01:31:07] <ZombieTitties> fake accounts
[01:31:09] <ZombieTitties> fake identities
[01:31:40] <ZombieTitties> you seem nice
[01:31:42] <ZombieTitties> i'll keep you
[01:31:53] <OtterWhiskers> You're doomed to fail.
[01:32:03] <ZombieTitties> get rid of the dick twad admins
[01:32:10] <ZombieTitties> restore ED to its former glory
[01:32:29] <ZombieTitties> well aren't you  a mister grumpy
[01:33:05] <OtterWhiskers> I've lost my hopes in you when you went to talk with meepsheep.
[01:33:12] <ZombieTitties> y
[01:33:30] <OtterWhiskers> You've just given him material to work with.
[01:33:32] <ZombieTitties> :/
[01:33:35] <ZombieTitties> yes
[01:33:40] <ZombieTitties> it was part of my plan silly
[01:33:48] <ZombieTitties> get my name out there
[01:33:59] <ZombieTitties> more people exposed to this stuff
[01:34:08] <ZombieTitties> And I think it is an honor
[01:34:25] <ZombieTitties>  I have been bequeathed a gift
[01:34:36] <ZombieTitties> not everyone can get a page for themselves
[01:34:36] <ZombieTitties> :3
[01:34:42] <ZombieTitties> This makes me so happy lol
[01:35:58] <OtterWhiskers> Do you intend to tell them this?
[01:36:27] <ZombieTitties> of course not lol
[01:36:32] <ZombieTitties> then they would take it down
[01:36:50] <OtterWhiskers> I doubt they'll ever do that
[01:36:54] <OtterWhiskers> VX just posted more logs.
[01:37:00] <ZombieTitties> o rly
[01:37:00] <ZombieTitties> lemme
[01:37:01] <ZombieTitties> see
[01:46:07] <ZombieTitties> This is so amazing


If I wanted to fucking kill myself, I would fucking kill myself.







FoxFag, Done with ED


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