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I don't get it. I read the article, but is it supposed to be sarcastic or not?


—Don't worry, nobody else got it either.

Over the course of the last five years, many members of Encyclopedia Dramatica have taken it into their pea-sized brains to think that ED itself is a liberal institution. This USI, endemic to the internet in general, is a disease that shows itself in symptoms such as rage at individual articles, vicious attacks on talk pages, questions thrown in accusing manner at the sysop staff, and general butthurt when a user of the site reads something that bruises their delicate, flowery, liberal sensibilities. As foolish as this line of thinking is, these fools should still be pitied. They do not realize that there is nothing safe from ED’s ravenous hunger. No whim, idea, person, or ideology is beyond becoming a target.

It is because of this line of thinking, Encyclopedia Dramatica’s crack scientific team has isolated a common internet malady now known as Liberal Butthurt Syndrome, or “The Wailing and Gnashing Disease,” all of which are not to be confused with Literal Butthurt Syndrome.


That is probably why your article isn't on the front page, you stupid faggot.


—Helldvr attempting to tell somebody that its a joke.

Sure, it’s fun to laugh at somebody who likes to fuck dogs or partakes of German shit-sex. Everybody can agree with this…but what about the people who like to fuck dogs or the people who get off on having a steaming pile of turds laid out on their chest like a string of dominoes just as they are in the final throes of a mind boggling blow job? You don't see them wailing or gnashing because they realize they have a problem...unlike liberals who suffer from Liberal Butthurt Syndrome, who actually think they are right and are important. Prime example you are told you cannot ever judge anyone for anything no matter what or you will be known as the biggest douche of your state. Then you back sass that faggot in return it is in the rights of your first amendment to verbally tear down anything wrong in this fucked up world of ours. Thug rights matter over our lives.

Nobody thinks twice at making fun of the latest meme tossed out on 4chan or milking a lolcow on deviantART, but when a user’s own ideologies are challenged, even in a wry or sarcastic manner, sufferers of The Wailing and Gnashing Disease will not only explode with rage and begin typing shit nobody cares about, they will probably also explode in IRL fits of apoplexy, destroying their basement and their Pokemon cards in the process.

This process is called Liberal Rage. Liberal Rage is the first stage of Liberal Butthurt Syndrome and occurs whenever they read or see something that offends them. These symptoms are usually exacerbated by such normal brain patterns like common sense, honor, personal responsibility, and truthfulness. Whenever you confront a sufferer of this malady and appear to have any shred of the above mentioned decencies, you will be mocked as either a Christian, a red neck, a NASCAR fan, or all of the above, coupled with a sprinkling of the word "stupid" as well.

Spotting Liberal Butthurt Syndrome Sufferers

The funny is that æ's own admins are trolling the site.


—What? You think you're safe or something?

Nobody questions the evidence that such practices as furryism and shit-sex are massive lolcows just waiting to happen. The average 12-year old can understand that they are abnormalities that do not require any further understanding other than the fact that they are “gross” and “acts perpetrated by faulty people.” So why is it so hard to understand that a liberal can be lumped into the same prime category of “lolcow?” Why is it that liberals do not understand that their malady is just as disgusting and loathsome as the above mentioned deviations?

Actually, it isn’t hard to understand at all. Liberals actually think that they are right. They are blind to facts, truths, and personal responsibility. These shortsighted drones are the reason by sticking completely with to these virtues they allow the gaggangrapebangers plentiful time for getting away unnoticed from the poorly operated searches that require proof to continue going than be willing to find more leads like actual proper professional investigators should act. Ironically those who see through the deception in protest against these flaws are the smarts one while these debaucherizing lunatic politicians of the left continue tolerating the acid trippy value of Liberalism is magic with death and abuse a minor inconvenience to where the jew gold comes in to spoil it's lower class and degenerative asspies. Everybody knows that liberals and leftists are usually the loudest retards in the bunch. It takes almost no time at all for the average person to pick out the tree hugging, anti-gun, pro-communist idiots on almost any website or gathering in real life just by the very fact that they can’t keep their mouths shut about their politics for even one second. These boneheaded cretins just can’t wait to rage at some new topic as if they themselves can change the world. Which is quite a laugh in itself when you realize that this minority is just tossing out meaningless aspersions from the protection of an anonymous, cum-crusted keyboard many hundreds of miles away. But yes, they sure told you!

Arguments with Liberals

The fact that Codex and others feel the need to incessantly whine about this article is proof positive that the editors of the Jim Bunning page did something right.


—Thanks for trying, but remember, you are arguing with a liberal.

There is no way to intellectually checkmate a liberal on the internet. First off, they don’t have an intellect to actually checkmate and second off, the second you raise a point with one, they resort to straw man arguments, ad hominem attacks, and they try to deny the correlative…meaning they attempt to change the subject when there are no new subjects to change to. These tactics are the kind of thing you could expect a 2nd year journalism student to pull if you were stupid enough to ever chat with one…oh wait, any 2nd year journalism student is a fucking liberal anyways.

If, for some reason, you actually manage to get a liberal to fumble his slow thought process through your common sense, and then you manage to weather the screaming insults and the normal rigmarole of fallacies, you then have to contend with the massive amounts of other liberals that will “spring to the rescue” of their idiotic ideas like a roving pack of mindless zombies. When you take on one liberal, you take them all on, regardless of the topic being discussed. These Kool-aid drinkers will march lockstep to almost anything; usually chanting some invective like “Bush Lied People Died!” or “Go Green!” It is a well-known fact that these types of people are the first to die when confronted with real danger or a threatening obstacle, so you must remember this when you attempt to talk with such people.

They display no public shame and have no sense of guilt.

And no sense of reality either, it seems.

The don't understand the words coming out of their own mouths

Even when they are caught being befuddled, they tend to lie.

Math isn't their strong point.

Common Symptoms


Sufferers of The Wailing and Gnashing Disease will latch on to whatever the latest political fad is and attempt to destroy anyone who thinks with an open mind about that subject. If it is an open discussion concerning Health Care reform, their voice will raise itself a few octaves and a few decibels as they attempt to crush their opposition with insults and mindless screaming of faulty information that they have labeled as FACT.

Other symptoms may include:

  • An extremely unwarranted sense of superiority. This symptom will manifest itself in loud bragging concerning carbon footprints, hybrid cars, and lots of bumper stickers on that same car.
  • Wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt.
  • Living in California, Portland, Seattle, Houston, Austin or Minnesota.
  • Going to college on the 6-year plan while living with your hard working parents.
  • Having the words fascist, racist, misogynist, Islamophobe & xenophobe make up of 90% of their vocabulary, despite having no idea what they actually mean
  • Posting on social media about how they learned more about science from free market television shows ( ex. The Magic School Bus or Bill Nye the Science Guy) then support the Department of Education.
  • Being unable to comprehend outside of race, gender, and sexuality
  • Blaming W for eight years of failed Obama policies and then calling anyone who points it out racists.
  • Wanting free college and health care but never joining the military to get them.
  • Calling everything they don't like fascism, and everything they do, socialism while not knowing what either one is.
  • Calling Trump Hitler 24/7
  • Bragging about how the Confederacy & Nazis are losers. But still following the ideology that got their ass raped back in 1989.
  • Bragging about how intelligent you are because you believed every word limousine liberal George Carlin said a long time ago.
  • Still believing that Nazism is a threat, while saying all the casualties of communism was misguided.


I'm a junior member, that doesn't mean I'm five...


—While it may not mean you are five, it does mean that nobody gives a fuck about your opinion.

You would think that any disease that harbored abortion as a solution to pregnancy would eventually work itself out of the human species and become extinct. Recent studies have found that this disease is a cultural phenomena, not a genetic affliction.

There are many specialists who conjecture that there is no known cure for this dread disability. However, recent breakthroughs in both neuroscience and in neocortex (the portion of your brain that is responsible for logic) scanning have isolated Liberal Butthurt Syndrome to a single dirty little thought neuron that is responsible for almost all incursions of this disease. While initial lobotomies showed some small decrease in symptoms, it was later noted that these people were just moderates acting like they had any sense of responsibility. Later tests, using .44 caliber bullets were shown to erase all manifestations of the disease and would even erase future episodic attacks of the symptoms.

Quotes of RAGE

This is the internet, nobody gives a shit about politics.

Not when there's porn to be watched.


—True fact.

Are we conservapedia now?


—from User:Igottatakeadump12

I agree. How the fuck did this get featured? Nom for deletion, anyone?



That's the major problem with the article. It's not funny. You know what will make it funny? Jokes. You know what will make it not suck? The person who edited to actually stop sucking Jim Bunning's dick. Who gives a fuck what you think on Bunning? I don't. I assumed ED was an all around objective offender and instead we are hosting some serious Republican dick sucking at the moment. This article blows ass.


—User: unsigned because he or she is a pussy.

What's wrong with the sysop Kazantzakis? In fact how can anyone this un-lulzy become a sysop in this place?



Are you saying the post for this is to drum up drama because it's neither funny nor entertaining? Because this whole thing seems like it's written by a guy who wants to suck Jim Bunning's limp piss soaked cock. Hell I don't give a shit about either side, because it's oblivious that this Jim Bunning guy doesn't either. But this article has one big flaw, it's not funny. No it's not the fact that the guy is making fun of liberals in the article, or republicans.. it's just not funny. It reads like a campaign ad. And if this has a lock for editting on it, why does it? Are they afraid the article will be ass raped? I have no doubt it would be, it'd have more rape holes in it then a moist corpse in a necrophiliacs basement.


—another unsigned pussy.

Actually it's kinda like ED was hacked and some gayboi put this shit in here to troll. Why else would the damn thing be locked? Only a troll.


—still another unsigned pussy.

No. I have this magical thing called an "education," which makes it relatively easy to find employment, unlike low-skilled service/manufacturing workers. Specialization and continually developing one's abilities are the keys to job security. Networking also helps.


—LYNX resorts to an over-wordy version of "you're stupid"

It reads like some fanboi faggot wrote that crap - or a cross between something a Wikipedo and a gluesniffer would write. What the fuck is wrong with æ letting this stay unmolested (yes molested) this long .. and that on the *frontpage*??!


—Cuz like thats YOUR opinion, man

lol, don't care if jesus fucking christ wrote the article and spooged all over it to make it holy. It's not funny, it reads like boring shit. I've read history books more lulzy than this. I guess the reactions to the article are lulzy, but it's fail.


—, that's an original username. What next? SaveTheWhales?

Maybe you don't find it as the humor is too sophisticated for your prole mind. Sorry there is no dick jokes.


—Dr. Rice proving that Liberal Butthurt Syndrome is also displayed by right wing thinkers.

If anything these defensive replies just prove my point: this Bunning page is about as lulz as a Wikipedo article - and like the lame ass Wikipedos you swarm together to defend your pathetic circle-jerk.


—Quick! Resort to name-calling!

Cool to have a signature ten times the size of the input of your post.


—What does this have to do with the original article? Oh, right, you're a liberal.

Yeah, æ is all about trolling it's own members now. You think anyone else cares one iota about what it says about Jim Bunning on æ? Really? That's the very definition of unwarranted self-importance. You're taking ED too seriously


—Whoops, you have it the other way around, Codex.

No, most of them join ED to edit articles, which is something you haven't done much of. Instead of waving your e-cock at the first article you find that happens to displease you, how about proving to the guys upstairs that you can actually edit constructively?


—Again, thanks for trying. However, there are some people you just cannot reach.

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