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Parody of Liart66's Myspace picture featuring a picture taken outside her place of employment.
"Glitter Bitch" image deploying the techniques of crotch shots and high contrast.

liart66 (aka Sarah Lester) is a Whore TARTlet of minuscule proportions, but at the same time an epic lolcow due to the fact that she doesn't ignore people who call her out as the insecure Whiney lil bitch that she really is. Instead she will post TL;DR rants about how she doesn't care about their opinions and how she's above feeling angered by their comments (but if she saw them on the street she'd TOTALLY punch their face in,- or so she would claim *eye roll*). These rants are incredibly self-serving and at times eerie in how self important she is for no apparent reason. The people giving her praise and agreeing with her encourage her mental instability and are enablers in the most literal sense of the word. Maybe their misjudgment stems from how unstable and in need of praise they seem to be themselves. liart66 is also a founding member and current Treasurer of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Hello Sarah Lester, I know you're watching.

Things that she claims to be: a model, vampire, psychic, a witch, Satan, Jesus, the daughter of wealthy plantation owners (although she also claimed to have grown up "in the ghetto" on the Tyra Show) and an involved member of "the Leavitt Law family" in Las Vegas. Making such grandiose claims may simply be an indication of her feelings of low self worth. (But she's just really nothing but another whore who spreads her legs and her STDs around.) She may feel she has to say she is all of these fantastical things so people will notice her, or maybe because she feels that they make her somehow more powerful and will keep her from getting hurt. Or because she doesn't want people to know how big a whore she really is and that fact she has an alphabet of hepatitis. What ever the case, scientists and theologists aren't tripping over themselves to have a crack at testing her "otherworldly powers" so it's unlikely she's a figure of supernatural strength or even relevance. She may come from a rich family, but it's not a reflection of her accomplishments or current status as she claims they have disowned her. (Heh I'd disown her crazy ass too if I was her mother, in fact I just do her a favor and put the trifling cunt out of her misery and hide the body in my attic until the police came and it would be all over the news, but at least I'd be a hero.

In reality, Sarah should probably invest in a "Really really really good shrink, and that's if she can find one who is willing to put up with the stench from her fetid cooch" who would help her overcome her insecurities and help her make healthier lifestyle choices; or maybe the shrink will just end up sleeping with her, prob have a threesome with don and sarah and the shrink" other than putting her son in the care of a deluded cunt that identifies as a vampire and saying she wants to kill people on YouTube [1].

Kendra from Esoteric Radio addresses why exactly this article is here. Sorry Sarah, your post wasn't good enough to screen cap. But Kendra's reply on the other hand was pure gold. It's tl;dr, but the general gist of it is: "shut up and lay in the bed you've made for yourself ps-how the hell are you exempt from karma yourself when you wished horrible death on Tyra Banks' family?"

Here is a page dedicated solely to Sarah Lester.


Who is Moose-sama? A gender neutral young faggot on DA that has been trolling Don Henrie and Sarah very successfully. VERY, very successfully.

Sarah Translated

1000px-Sarah lester translated.jpg

Her ED Obsession

She is just another Vampire BPD whore who claims that if you are overweight or fat then you are not a vampire, Heh -From a curvy vampire. As for being a vampire, even the so-called leaders of the vampire-community, the VVC, were clueless as to who Sarah was when she showed up on TV with Don Henrie in a behemoth spectacle of fucktardery on Tyra Banks.

She has said that who ever wrote this article should become an hero, proving how much she doesn't care about Encyclopedia Dramatica.

She will also reference this article for her next course of action. For instance, it was mentioned here that she needed a ModelMayhem profile, so she dusted off her account and got cracking posting pictures.

She pretends that she doesn't care about this article, but she will quote lines and phrases in her journals or posts so we "know she's watching", like this is some big secret conspiracy that Anonymous doesn't want her to know about. She also likes to go around changing blog entries and then laugh about how the circumstances presented here are "false" and "poorly researched". Sarah ignores the fact that going to her deviantArt profile isn't research, nor is reading her blog. Also simply having her on one's watch list isn't "stalking".

As of now she has decided to lay low. This is amazing, considering how she and her minions are always bragging about what a strong, unapologetic and in-your-face person she is.


Sarah does have a small fanbase on dA, but it's made up of mostly retards and 16 year old girls that believe her when she tells them that she's a famous model and a black person-esque event coordinator. She doesn't have anyone in her "posse" that is an actual artist, let alone a talented one. Whenever any fool with a scrap of talent feels sorry for her and creates anything for her, she'll either use it without permission, claim it as her own or (more often than not) dub it "fan art". This happens even when the piece is commissioned.

Don Henrie

Don's meth bod.

She is fellow TARTlet Don Henrie's manager and girlfriend. Meaning, she sucks his dick sometimes and helps him make replies on dA when he's done so much meth he can't remember how to use his fingers.

Unlike a real manager, she doesn't do things like find him modeling/acting work, promote him in places where people will take him seriously or benefit him in any other way than getting free blow jobs from an anorexic whore.

Considering her radical pseudo-spiritual beliefs hit an all time high when she partnered up with Don Henrie, it is safe to assume that he is encouraging her bat shit insane behavior. It wouldn't be the first time the self-proclaimed "Lestat incarnate" took advantage of someone with a vulnerable mind. He's done the same thing with his past goth scene whore girlfriends. It should also be noted that she never claimed vampirism until she shacked up with Don. This follows a pattern of Don "turning" women into vampires.

She was hopelessly obsessed with him for a long time. Recently her interest with him has either waned or they realized how wrong and crazy it looks when she gushes over him like a 16 year old girl over My Chemical Romance.


Sarah got the brilliant idea that she and Don should host their own convention where Don would be the star, and where they'd invite a bunch of hacks to stand around to make Don look better in comparison. Disregard that, Paracon was originally under the control/the brain child of Carolyn Griffiths and Janice Oberding, alias Boo La La Productions. Don and Sarah had been acting like it was their convention from the start, when in reality they originally had nothing to do with it. Carolyn and Janice dropped out and handed over control so all that remained was Don and Sarah. Again, EVERYONE walked out on them. This is likely because Sarah was a righteous cunt that was desperate to get her muddy little paws on what ever fame she could bilk out of this event. She insulted organizers, potential convention goers (of Carolyn's Christian demographic) and participants and was a discriminating whore. After Don and Sarah were in total control, Sarah tried to blame a registration fuck up on Carolyn, but that bitch totally pwned her.

Sarah was fond of claiming that the event would appear on HBO, A&E and Sci-Fi in the form of a documentary. While there is no doubt that each of these networks would show something of sub par quality, it is highly doubtful that these two drug addicts could actually put something together in a sensible manner that would be anything but poorly thought out self-promotion of themselves.

Without informing any of the speakers, vendors or ticket holders of the cancellation of the convention Douchebag Don and Slimeball Slut Sarah "took the money and run", much like they did for Don's web site. Repeated attempts for explanations have gone unanswered. Don and Sarah will delete comments made on their profiles made referencing the event or asking for refunds and continue to pretend like Paracon never existed.

The Tyra Banks Show

Sarah's family has slapped their foreheads in embarrassment.

Sarah was so proud when she first announced she was headed to the Tyra Banks show with Don to be interviewed for their Halloween special. She made a big deal about how this showed how famous she was, and thought it was generally a very cool thing. After being filmed she went on a deleting spree, due to the fact that Tyra and her producers made an ass out of the vampiric duo. Then she posted one scathing blog about Tyra Banks.

Liart tyra.jpg

Take that Tyra! Crazy Sarah thinks you're fat! Tyra Banks' weight has nothing to do with the fact that she is a soulless douchebag. If that's the only insult Sarah can come up with, then she really hasn't been paying that much attention.

For a couple of days all the information to be found was in Google Cache. When this was pointed out here, Sarah started talking about the experience again but in a positive manner, acting very much the tough guy who came out on top.

Upon being laughed at and being called over emotional by friends and acquaintances, she has taken to insisting that she knew exactly what she was getting herself and Don into by agreeing to go on the show and that her reaction was just a trigger response. She insists as well that herself and Don were "manipulating the situations" the show set up and if they appear stupid or crazy, it is due to editing.

On the show she makes claims that she is a "pure soul", "surrounded by light" (she claims priests have told her this, so it must be true) and "protected by karma" so if you flame her something bad will happen to you. She claims that some guy's sister committed suicide because of this. She also makes claims of being ghetto and refers to some bitch as "honey child".

A lulzy thread over at Vampire Rave gives an accurate portrayal of the vampire communities reaction to the show.

Sex worker

Q: Man or woman? A: liart66
This actually is kind of classy... if you're into crack whores.

Sarah flip-flops on just how deep she is in the flesh trade. Sometimes she denies it totally, other times she says she only works in the peep shows. Truth of the matter is, she is just a remedial stripper. She may work in the peep shows sometimes, but it is by no means because she's "agoraphobic" as some nights she's bringing home the bacon with a good old fashioned lap dance or five.

She has a job at one of the most notoriously shitty titty bars in Vegas, Glitter Gulch. She probably only started working there because she likes the name. Her stage name is supposedly "Glitter Bitch" - a rather boring and uninspired pairing of her self-proclaimed Queen Bitch title and her strip club's name.

She likes to insinuate that she works at Talk of The Town, but that club is all about the barely legal loli and wouldn't touch Sarah's pancake boobs with a ten inch pole.

Her stripping has lead her to a contact, Greg Friedler, who does art books focusing on the nude forms of normal everyday people. She is set to appear in his book Naked Las Vegas and the subsequent documentary aptly titled Stripped. She likes to make a big deal of how she is featured in both, but the reality is that both book and movie don't focus on one individual.

It's unlikely she even has any grasp on the concept of the movie, because it's not as glamorous as she likes to project. The focus is to expose the Las Vegas underbelly and the uneducated mass of urchins therein. It's supposed to make you feel sorry for the people, not sprout boners. Unless of course you're a /b/tard, and then you'll be drooling over the unwashed yet shaved homeless wang.

I think sex is yucky!

On the Tyra Show, the ever-so pure, enlightened, moralistic, godly hypocritical Sarah claimed that she does not have sex because she feels sex to be "disgusting", and that it makes her think of monkeys having sex. She also claimed that while she feels sex is beautiful between loving couples, it disgusts her how much sex has become a part of society, most notably the media--to which the titless-wonder herself contributes to with her naked, anorexic, crack-whore image quite often. In her defense, her photos are not sexy anyway and are instead kinda' gross, they are more like text book images of anorexia and anti-meth ads.


Not only does she think she is Satan himself, she also believes that she is an angel, demon, succubus and vampire. Even though she is vegan, drinking blood is somehow ok. She probably convinces herself that drinking human blood is somehow more spiritual and moral than not getting AIDS.

She prides herself as being above "normal humans" in not only intelligence, but the food chain. She has convinced herself that if she has sex with a random person it is not because she is a slut, but because she is "feeding" off of their sexual energy and juices, which leads one to assume that she doesn't use condoms. This surely means automatic and simultaneous bareback fucking and instant STDs.

She chooses to associate with people that she believes are otherkin or somehow "otherworldly". She will associate with those she deems "normal", but only if she thinks she can get something out of it like money or drugs.


Does Jesus count as a type of otherkin?


Sarah has a son. Not much is known of him, as she shipped him off to Japan for schooling. There is no proof as to whether or not he actually is in Japan. Considering how coked up she is most of the time she probably thought she sent him to Japan when in fact one of her pimp's shipped him off to Cambodia to be a whore for visiting rich white folk. Either way, he's probably having a safer life than being with his mom.

She actually made her son his own DA account and in the past "he" (probably just Sarah speaking as if she were an 8 year old) had proclaimed that he is not only the youngest DA member, but vampire lifestyler. Someone call child protection services, prease.

Sarah also has a daughter, whom on the Tyra Banks Show she claimed was taken from her because her baby daddy's family thought she was "too dark" (not because at the time she was a stripper, drug addict and insane). She claims that the law had no hand in taking the child from her, and that Summer was kidnapped.


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