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Five minutes after Leslie finds the Internet for the first time.

It is no secret (to anybody who has an internet connection and knows how to read), that last summer was plagued with the outcomes of a stupid on-line fight about one of the most unneeded movies ever made: the Sony's 2016 version of Ghostbusters. A cinematographic failure so boring, utterly pathetic and full of social justice lecturing, that it was clear since its conception that it would flop at the box office and it would be shilled by hacks masquerading themselves as "journalists" and/or movie "critics" who lean towards identity politics and white guilt.

Apart from its stupid premise, its stupid script, and its stupid Director and Producers, one of the contentious points of the movie was its casting choices. Apart from an insipid Jennifer Aniston clone, an ugly fatass and a dyke who dishonored the legacy of Harold Ramis, it was the racial token, actress Leslie Jones, the one who despite making a somehow decent job in this unfortunate parody of a movie, in real life resulted to be the most curmudgeon, immature, and racist person of all the comedy scene.

On July 18, the Monday after the CisBusters weekend release, some heroes from /pol/ with fake twitter accounts thought it would be fun to rub some salt on her wounds after the movie flopped in the box office. Instead of reacting to this like a mature adult by just ignoring their attempts to make her upset. Leslie added more fuel to the fire, which resulted in one of the most beautiful spectacles of lulz since the The Great Habbo Raid of July 2006. A perfect storm of fail, Butthurt, drama, and cognitive dissonance.

The first freakout: Black science woman

The English is pretty good for an ape

Before the legendary chimpout, there was this.

Since Patty is the only black AND non-scientist Ghostbuster, tons of people weren't happy with that decision. Of course in this battle, it's between White Feminists versus Non-White Feminists. And kinda like with Alien vs. Predator, there is no clear desirable winner. Anyways, let's just take a look at the issue from both sides, shall we?

On one hand, actress Leslie Jones calls out all the people who bitch about her non-scientist role in the movie, basically saying "it's just a movie; you should really just relax":

Leslie Jones tweets About missing Pics
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On the other hand, you have videos like this one, covering how really terrible it is for the movie to treat a non-white character as the living stereotype while all the white characters get to be the smart ones:

Not pictured: the black Ghostbuster

In any case, trying to choose a side here is a real tall order. On one hand, both are SJWs who are going to be unhappy with anything you do or say. On the other hand, both hate the other's shitty behavior to much that it's hard to disagree with them on the fact that the other side is full of terrible people.

The most ironic thing about Patty's character being a walking stereotype is actually with the way both the character of Winston Zeddemore and actor Ernie Hudson were treated in the original 1984 Ghostbusters. In the first draft of the script, there was a huge backstory written for Winston; he was with the Ghostbusters from the beginning, and was supposed to be the most competent member of the group. This was the role that actor Ernie Hudson auditioned for. However, later rewrites marginalized the character of Winston, changing him from an integral member of the group to just some 9-to-5 guy who wasn't interested in anything more than a paycheck. It got to the point where Ernie Hudson was given shittier pay and less attention from the studio, and where Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis fought hard to make sure he was treated equally with them (the "named actors"). In a sense, even though this was 1984, Ernie Hudson was still being treated worse than the other white actors, as if it was still the 1950's.

So now it's 2015, and here come a new, more progressive Ghostbusters. If you don't like our Female leads, then you can go fuck yourself; we're all about being on the right side of history here! This is finally a chance to right the wrongs from the original Ghostbusters... all the sexism, all the other problematic ideas, and especially the blatant racism that both Winston Zeddemore and Ernie Hudson faced... they're going OUT the window! We're going to use this movie to show how much Hollywood has grown since even the 80's in its treatment of marginalized people.

lol nope

If you can't stand how progressive we're being with this movie, then you can take your opinion and shove it up your ass. We have no room for your kind here!

Later, Leslie would bravely take on the evils of cyberbullying. Not realizing she looked even more like a fucking ape than the average dindu, she was extremely confused when hordes of anime avatars made jokes about her looking like Harambe. Needless to say, she reacted the only way she knew how. After endless butthurt reports including one towards Milo, the end result was exactly what you would expect, dindus, defenders, and haters all flooding each and every tweet she made with replies. She eventually rage quit only to come back mere minutes later.

Gallery of Insanity

[email protected] You play victim much better than you do a Ghostbuster.



During more the twelve plus hours. Leslie, rather than realizing she had the upper hand to stop feeding the trolls. She reduced herself to their level. Then they, with a combination of overused memes, racist jokes, and great ape's pictures were able to tear her down.

Below there are a selection (in the form of screencaps) of the most egregious tweets sent to Leslie. We on Encyclopedia Dramatica as documenters of internet drama do not have all of them, because,
A- There are too many,
B- There is a chance some of them are doctored and
C- We were lazy and half the accounts got banned.

Police.gif Unfunny forced memes, drama whoring and crocodile tears, proceed with caution

SHE HAS NO STYLE About missing Pics
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Unfortunately the fun came to an end, when the owner of Twitter, Jack Dorsey himself came to the rescue, in the same fashion a crying little girl goes to the principal when their kindergarten friends tell her mean things.

Jack whiteknighting Leslie.jpg

And below is every single one of Leslie's tweets in the 12 hours alongside tweets about white people, like the racist she is.

Aftermath (Milo B& from Twitter)

Milo Out, by known Neo-nazi activist Ben "Pull the Trigger on Every Nigger" Garrison.

To Jack Dorsey this was the opportunity he was waiting for to finally rid the internet of racist trolls. He is apparently ArchiveToday-favicon.pngdeeply involved with Black Lives Matter and wants to rid his social network of the most vocal racist of all of them:The opportunist, gigantic flamboyant faggot that is Milo Yiannopoulos.

Yiannopoulos criticized the movie and even took the time to write some tweets to Leslie. She accused him of being the one leading the trolls, even though Milo actually got there a while after it started, but that was enough evidence for Dorsey to finally give Milo a permaban from Twatter:

The Tweet Gets Milo Banned.png
Stating the obvious
Leslie right to be offended.jpg
A comedian with no sense of Humor
The Tweet Gets Milo Banned 02.png
How Yiannopoulos get his fate sealed
Mister Metokur very Valid Point.png
The shitposter formerly known as the Internet Aristocrat again Stating the obvious.
Milo Out Muh Minorities.png
It is always the fault of "da evul crackaz n sheit"

Several of Milo's enemies celebrated, finally the man who was exposing them as a frauds, child molesters, crooks, dishonest ideologists, deviants, and morally questionable people was finally out of their precious Safe Space. On the other side, the closeted faggots of the Alt-right started to bitch and cry that his idol was expelled and launched a ludicrous hashtag to express their discontent. With Twitter-favicon.png #FreeMilo they expected to reverse what they consider an attack on freedom of speech. Not realizing that social networks are infested with brainwashed Millennials who are concerned with being trendy, virtue signalling, and privilege checking. Backed by shady businessmen with control of them and their activism.

Zoe Quinn Happy Milo Expulsion.png
Zoe Quinn is happy the man investigating her for being a fraud and promoting her game with her vagina is out from Twitter
BriannaWu Happy Milo Expulsion.png
Brianna Wu is happy the man investigating "her" for faking being harassed and mishandling "her" donations is out from Twitter
Sarah Butts Happy Milo Expulsion.jpg
Sarah Butts is happy the man investigating "her" for preying on "her" little cousin is out from Twitter
Milo Kangaroo Courts Work.png
Because a lousy accusation from a distressed comedian is enough
Twitter BLM Hypocrisy.jpg
A faggot trolling a comedian? HATE SPEECH AND RACISM!
Black people advocating openly for the murder of cops Social protest against White Privilege!
HoffSummers Buttmad ofMilo Expulsion.png
Based mom sad as his partner of banter has been expelled from twitter
TheAlt-right on Milo.jpg
The Alt-right lamenting Yiannopoulos Expulsion

Many expect this debacle is just the beginning of a Large Scale Conservative Purge on Twitter, as finally the SJW can now expel, get fired or send into oblivion to anybody who disagree with them by just issuing bogus claims of harassment or racism. Also that Twitter and in general Social Networks are caving to the tantrums of college millennials, The new version of Ghostbusters will be never a classic and it will be forgotten, and finally that Christopher Hitchens was right all along: Women Aren't Funny.

In Summary

...But wait there is MORE!

Just when everybody thought this "controversy" ended with Fembusters flopping in the box office, the misogynist hacker in steroids, leader of the terrorist and racist group Gamergate and known as 4chan ArchiveToday-favicon.pngattacked again.

This time he decided to gross out the general audiences by ArchiveToday-favicon.pngposting her nudes in her website. An atrocious act so vile that no amount of bleach applied to the eyes can save the unfortunate soul who stumbled into watching the pictures. A collection of pictures so disgusting, that rendered Pain Series and Offended as SFW pages suitable for all audiences.

Collection of terrorized souls because of Leslie's n00dz About missing Pics
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This of course will end with even more internet censorship in the name of fighting harassment and more pity money sent to Black Lives Matter. This saga of lulz, embarrassment and political profit is just beginning.

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But of course you don't, Leslie. Of course you don't

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