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The videos containing both halves of Lesleyblood's face have been mirrored many times.
Bitch tits.

Lesleyblood is a mask wearing dyslexic dramaqueer attention whore from Australia with strong Paraphilia tendencies, and a shit faced lying drug addict. Not surprisingly Lesley is also a shut-in. Locked away in his disgusting fucking halfway home he scours the the tubes for attention. Lesleyblood is primarily a YouTube user. With over three hundred videos to date on a number of different channels Lesleyblood spews forth from the jungle of video trite and presents a view of events in a quirky way. Full of deep inuendo and fail humour, Mr.Blood to his friends remains a bastion of ridiculousness. Love him or hate him, the man is interesting and boring at the same time."

Coattail Riding


Lesleyblood first made a name for himself as a coat tail rider by going along with everything the 6699 did. From there it's just been one thing after another as he jumped aboard the Anti-Davidsfarm movement, Anti-Valleyfever movement, and anything else that had any following of people. Despite being ridiculed many times for being a coat tail rider and told over and over again to fuck off Lesleyblood continues to ride all the YouTube coat tails he can. Lesleyblood likes to come along when something is at its peak then start making numerous videos claiming he was heavily involved all along.

Date or Die

your IP has been snagged now take dow n the pic of the pm before i take action.


—Lesleyblood, about to fake hack a child

Lesley was caught harassing a underage girl on YouTube. He said he wanted to drive out to meet the girl so he could introduce his son to her. When the girl made a screencap of his pm her channel background Lesley sent her a pm threatening to hack her information and contact her parents.

Lesley got your child

Lesley got your child.

Lesley has made it clear that if you are one of his haters and have a child, then he will go after it. He did this by exposing one of his own friend's secret real an family orientated video accounts. Why did Lesley do this you may ask? Because hes fuckin Lesleyblood, aka "LesleySnake." DUH. Some heated words were exchanged between the two feuding friends and in the end Lesleyblood was the only one left standing, standing and holding someone's child over their head...had the feud not ended then Lesleyblood would have unleashed online furry upon the child. FURRY, in the form of shooping and cloning. This marked the closest thing to a online victory Lesley would ever have.

Masking face not IP

Lesleyblood was sent a bullshit pm to his YouTube account claiming to have a pic of his face. He was told if he wanted to see the pic he would have to go to a link.

Lesleyblood then found his IP being thrown in his face which seemed to have the exact same effect as DDOSing it, because he was offline for a while.

Unmasked via Paint

Lesleyblood made a video trying to get another masked user to show their face. In the video Lesleyblood showed the top of his own face as an example of how this other user should make his video. What lesleyblood had forgotten was that a year before he had showed the bottom half of his face in another video. The other masked user quickly downloaded lesleyblood's videos and used them to edit together a series of pictures of lesleyblood's real face.


Lesleyblood got so butthurt over being trolled that he made threats to call the FBI.

you got 24 hours to leave youtube and if you don't I'm gonna start reporting you to people like the FBI, OK.


—lesleyblood full blown asshurt

Lesleyblood's FBI threat video.

The video was laughed at and Lesleybitch was trolled even harder. Apparently the FBI was unable to help him with his problems.

Wiki Fail

Lesleybitch tried his hand at ED when he created his account Lesleyblood this was short lived however, as he took a beatin, had a good cry, and then went home.


Fat Ass

Not only is Lesleyblood old but hes fat too! Hes a big fat jelly roll having hermit!

Lesley infront of his halfway house.

LesleyBitchtits uploaded a video of himself smashing an acoustic guitar against a tree...presumptively after being granted permission by the staff or whoever the hell it is who has to take care of Lesley-invelet. Notice the shopping cart in front of this dandy establishment. His holly shirt and generic bum pants really reflects his "incommunicado hemit" existence, but habitual lying Lesley would give you some bullshit reason for his attire like: "I'm an ex-rocker from the grunge era."
This version of the video has been modified so that Lesleyblood gets raped in the ass by black cock. The original video contains an ending where fatass slinks out of shot with his head down.


Lesleyblood has proven himself to be one seriously depraved sick fuck queer. Hes done this by spamming his YouTube friend's list with a great number of fetish video, more often than not the videos are on the gay side. Lesley has also been seen commenting, favoring, making and uploading fetish videos.

Male Genitals

Lesleyblood was caught red handed watching male penile exam videos when he favorited one to his channel by mistake before logging off one night after fapping.

Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation

Lesleyblood doesn't just favorite auto erotic asphyxiation videos, he makes them too.

Rubber Bands

Put rubber bands on head then film own face while jacking off? Yea, Lesleyblood does that.


Male Strippers

Lesley with a friendly video to let all his subscribers know about a male stripper he found.


Its rumored that Lesley created the "AnyoneWannaFuck" account hes referring to in the video, meaning he downloads and re-uploads videos of male strippers on sock accounts so he can make videos telling you about them.


Typical Lesleyblood fapping material.
"Lesley" is a girl's name too.

Lesleyblood favorites amputee videos. <video type="youtube" id="oPFKAJsuUTg" width="350" height="240" desc="Lesley has featured amputee videos at his channels including this one." frame="true" position="center"/> While riding the now dead 6699's coat tail Lesley claimed to have a prosthetic leg. For over 2 years Lesley claimed to have a prosthetic leg then one day after being called a cripple he made a video filming his legs, thus proving he doesn't have a fake leg after all. This probably happened for one or both of the following reasons:

  1. Lesley wishes he had a fake leg IRL.
  2. Lesley is just a fuckin crazy liar.

Cross Dressing

Lesleyblood favorites transvestite videos.

Lesley favorited and featured this actual video before.

A true friend

Lesleyblood has shot so far down hill for friends its not even funny. Basically Lesleyblood has become so butthurt over his haters that he will team up with anyone who shares those same haters, including blatant pedophiles. Lesleyblood had his first YouTube channel "lesleyblood" suspended by MorganAnson so he targeted her children for months while she called him a pedophile source, later they became friends. MorganAnson having no standards at all and Lesley never being a winner went together almost as if some mutual hater had forced them to.


Lesleyblood is a member in a 3 man gang of online pedophiles called the "6767". The 6767 was created to mock and harass the 6699 because the 6699 targeted pedophiles and the 6767 are pedophiles.

The 6767 members are:

Lesleyblood and his 6767 pedo faggot friends like to approach children on YouTube and engage in convo with them. They do this because they get off to showing the children the videos they favorite and feature at their accounts which contain footage of adult male genitals. All 3 of the 6767 members engage in this activity.


Lesleyblood is called a snake because hes fucked over or tried to fuck over every online friend hes had. When hes not recording his Skype convos hes handing out pms. Nobody trusts Lesley.

Good Parenting

Lesleyblood has admitted and denied having a son on numerous occasions. He once uploaded a video of himself walking down a clutter filled hallway into a semi-dark room where a unconscious boy lay face down in his underwear atop a bed. Lesleyblood filmed up and down each of the boy's legs as he giggled like a excited queer. Lesleyblood said the boy was his son at the time but now denies he ever uploaded the creepy video. Lesleyblood has admitted to buying his son cocaine and weed to some YouTube users.

Wife of Lesley

Lesleyblood has admitted to some YouTube users that his wife is in a video he uploaded. Hes then gone on to say it was just some woman standing there, standing there posing, in the middle of his picture.





Typical butthurt behavior. Like ED readers haven't seen this shit before...the puff queer even goes as far as to tell people to go visit his article so you know that motherfucker is crying buckets out his fuckin asshole right now. Lesleyblood removed his video after only a few hours, so it had to be mirrored.

The old "I'm happy about my article" bit.

Moar Reacto

After just one day he set his 2nd reaction video to private, probably had something to do with this article. So again his video had to be mirrored.

  1. He says his user name spelled with a capital "L" is wrong, he then admits he is Lesleyblood spelled with a capital "L" when he admits the "How Lesleyblood described himself:" paragraph is something he did put together.
  2. Knowing what a dumbass he looks like for being easily tricked into getting his IP with time stamp snagged off one's personal ftp server he goes on to deny it ever happened and spew forth bullshit about the ISP's location. Apparently Lesleyblood thinks one's ISP's location is one's actual location, which would explain why he freaked out so bad when his IP was posted.

Even Moar Reacto

LesleyCrybaby made a 3rd video expressing his butthurt over this ED article. Below is a parody made from the original video.

Reacto 4

Lesley has gotten extremely butthurt over his ED article and is now making "private" butthurt videos trying to explain his ED article to people on YouTube. Classic case of a liar trying to avoid the scrutiny that comes with posting on a public forum.

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