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This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
You can help by posting their nude pix or spamming their talk page.
Hail, thine lolcows, that ye come to know the example of Shaner. Let thy lesson be etched permanently upon thine hearts, that ye tremble and quake in fear of retribution. For thou cow, so arrogant and steeped in pretentiousness, callously mocked thine will of Kiwi. So short-sighted was his view, and so narrow was his vision, did he not predict thine glorious smiting. And thus it was documented, thine lies, thine heresies, thine falsehoods, thine pants-shitting in pantyhose while fucking a pillow. And did the great nation of Kiwi did gather and proclaim Len's stupidity, and document it forevermore. For thine Kiwi is eternal, and the sea of the Internet unwavering and unfaltering. Yet Len, in his heresy, dare defied the will of Kiwi, and unholy doxxing was sent upon. Such a disgrace to our Lord God Bear, that he rose from his throne in divine and righteous anger. And so Len was convicted and thrown in prison and got shanked and we all laughed at him. HAPPY END! His ween friend was forgotten about and footnotes document him as a tryhard with a 1 centimeter dick.


—Holy words of True written inside the Kiwi Bible Leniticus 34.3

No I'm still at home. but so are 55millon other Men and Women still living at home. My Mother is 84 and needs assisted care, So I help her when she needs it. After all she's 84. My Dad past away in 2006 at age 77. I miss him a lot. He was a good Dad, he taught me how to shoot the guns, I'm a pretty good aim too. It helps in away to not be able to see out my Left eye. let distraction. I had a accident when I was a kid and hit my head on a rock, I lost sight in my eye a few weeks later. I only have 10% vision. My nerved is damaged. That's why the eye is a bit lazy. that you people play on so much.


— Leonard F. Shaner Jr. telling the Kiwis about his life at home

He was terrible at his job but he had a friend in upper management who let him get away with bloody murder. Len could read and write okay, but remembering any chain of more than 5 or 6 non-consecutive numbers for SKU lookups or product replenishment, would bring him to tears. One of his jobs was to check in product on daily shipments, odds and ends, customer orders or orders direct from the warehouse. He did fine with a Telxon just scanning boxes in as they arrived but as soon as he needed to review and sign off on the manifest, he suddenly had to go the bathroom and call back an employee off the floor to do it, which was a huge no-no, mostly because it was interrupting a sale. When a manager told him to stop calling back employees to sign the manifest, Len shit his pants to prove a point and was sent home again. When his manager friend got fired, Len was next. The night he got shitcanned, he tried to steal tools from my department on the way out because of the one time I told him that even my wife didn't look that pregnant when she was with twins.


—An empolyee named Rick telling people about how Shaner did his job at Sears

He was watching an old 80's big tit porno, standing in the living room, heaving and thrusting into cotton pillow that had been ripped opened to create a makeshift “vagina.” The stench was overwhelming. He sensed me almost immediately and screamed, “YOU'RE NOT WORKING TODAY!” before slipping and falling forward into a stack of VHS tapes and boxes. I was so repulsed and frightened, I turned and bolted back out the door. I drove for about twenty minutes aimlessly until I pulled into a park and cried. I just cried. I don't even know why. It was like a horrible nightmare. I couldn't go back. I called work that day and spoke to my route manager and begged to take a different client.


—A comment about Leonard by Senior Care manager, Jennifer

One day when Lenny was at Steamtown in Scranton PA he got up at lunch time to go to the bathroom and a volunteer had wiped his finger on his ass and then inside of the sandwich that Lenny left sitting, there was a small amount of poop smeared inside the sandwich, when Lenny came back from the bathroom he finished eating the sandwich and then the next day he told someone he was not feeling so good. Also Lenny stated to someone recently that he has not been sleeping well because of his upcoming court date.


—A story from someone at the Colebrookdale railroad who talked to Rasta Bee.

From Clara, Paintingatree Real Name: Ian Brandon Anderson. Creator of the Sonichu Comic Books. He is a high-functioning autistic who pretends not be one while making fun of other autistic people. He secretly cross dresses and pretends to be a lesbian woman.


—Shaner failing to dox the users at Kiwi Farms

Len is the fabled singularity of autism. He is that which all autism eventually leads to. We are looking at the literal heat death of the universe, and it's fucking a pillow and shitting its pants. I can't imagine a more undignified way for the world to end.


—A Kiwi telling their opinion on Shaner

Don't try to tell them that they are unsafe, they will do everything in their power to have you discredited. Even breaking the law to do so. We reveal the truths about the secret of the Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust "The Secret Valley Line." The TRUTHS they don't want you to know!


—Shaner describing his work on his facebook page, Colebrookdale Railroad, America's Most Dangerous Tourist Line?

The Trainfucker himself
Ridin on the train
Shaner vs Kiwi Farms in a nutshell

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. or Len for short is a huge rail fan who was banned in every railroad in Pennsylvania. He's got a huge ego, he's a habitual liar, a manchild, he creeps on women (underage girls mostly), has a fetish for shitting into diapers, is on SSDI, is fat, still lives in his elderly mom's house, is a virgin, creates multiple Facebook accounts and screen names to harass people, and he's not aware that it's ok to have more then one hobby. Actually, he has two hobbies. Trains and taking pictures and videos of trains. When he is not doing his railroad related hobbies, he is fucking pillows, shitting himself (preferably into diapers), and stalking on little girls. He's been banned from nearly every railroad in PA due to him lying, stealing, impersonating people, and being super creepy. He looks like he is in his early 50's due to his incredibly bad health, but is actually 46. He has made numerous socks on Kiwi Farms as well as creating a website along with Facebook pages to libel the website and dox them. He is one of the many people the Kiwis try to push into becoming the next Chris-Chan. Shaner was first discovered on the obscure laughing socks thread but was eventually given his own thread due to having too much content on there. Before he was a lolcow he was a local sex-offender who lied, cheated, impersonated, committed various crimes involving railroads and pedophilia. Despite his love for trains and railroads, he is reckless and has destroyed and smashed trains due to being ignorant and having little knowledge about them.

Len's Outrageous Autism

A large motion picture movie poster about an autistic railfan

Len is known for having poor quality posts. One could easily think a child wrote it, due to the state of his mental health. His posts often have typos as well as spelling and punctuation errors. He often tries to bring Christianity to the subject and quote Bible verses like the good Christian he is, because that will totally help his case in any given flame war. He often tries to make a sock in an attempt to defend himself on Kiwi Farms. He erroneously claims that the Kiwis have doxed him, when in reality most of said information came from the lolcow himself. He once tried to get help from Anonymous, whom obviously wouldn't try to help him in any way. Unsurprisingly, they didn't give a fuck and didn't care about the situation, as they were too busy organizing protests in support of brown people and DDOSing government websites.

Len is the physical manifestation of the Dunning-Kruger effect. He constantly uses sockpuppets and false community pages to harass people he doesn't like, from the Colebrookdale Railroad to the Kiwi Farms, but they are all easily identified by Len's absolutely TERRIBLE use of the English language. That being said, he will very rarely acknowledge when he is called out and will continue with his lies with a straight face even when everyone is literally just laughing at him for being delusional enough to think that anyone falls for it. He will causally say that he has links to the FBI, the government, privet instigators (his spelling of private investigators), and the mafia, and that he has informants in the railroad and on the Kiwi Farms. One of his last messages to the Farms was that he has informants in their moderator and administrator group that are feeding him information and preparing to take down the site.

Len is a pure, vindictive bitch. One of the Kiwis, whose username is Pocket_Sand and his real name is Curt, is actually someone Len knows irl. Curt, one of the many people Len shit talks on a normal basis, who originally joined as an anonymous source but outed himself rather dramatically when Len's counter-harassment of the Farms led him to berate and tease his family, to the point where he posted pictures of Curt's wife and called her a "fat whore." However, Len was scared shitless only temporarily from Curt's reveal, instead turning into a fucking spiteful bastard and harassing Curt repeatedly. Len has repeatedly put down the dox of Curt and his wife and several of his extended family, in an attempt to scare Curt by saying that Len's "sources" will get him. The harassment, in fact, became so damned obnoxious and eerily thorough that it actually led to Curt's brother-in-law getting a call at his workplace from Len, which basically led to both Curt and the topic creator (and one of the main Len trolls), Zim, to both bow out of the topic in the hopes that it would shut Len up. However, it hasn't really had any effect, and Len, to this day, keeps posting the dox of Curt in order to scare him.

Piggybacking off of the above, Len has no sense of privacy nor any sense of self-respect. His primary strategy of combating the Kiwis once he was exposed and kneecapped by Null was to basically dox everyone. But, of course, he doesn't have their dox, because Len is incompetent and can't do anything right, so he did the next best thing and basically started to dox everyone that he knows. Literally all of the repeat posters in the Len topic are now part of Len's life in a way that he can say that they're all part of a conspiracy. Zim's gone through about four names now. Len believes that if he "exposes" their names, they will be intimidated and shamed into silence, but because he doesn't know their names, he's basically doxxing random people whose only crime is knowing and being associated with Len at some point in their lives. If you scroll through the topic, you can literally see the remnants of Len's doxxing, all censored by site ops Hellblazer and HSMOF.

Len tired to harass another user on the Farms by thinking that he is "Brain Mike Standford." Len botched his name up hard but he's referring to the other disabled stocker he worked with in the storeroom. The fact that Len would accuse another disabled person of harassment is ironic as it is sad. Brian retired a few years ago to Arizona and according to Rick and Ted, still writes letters by hand to see how people are doing. Brian was/is married with four kids which means that he had sex at least four times more than Shaner ever will.

Len is hilariously incompetent and easy to tease. Kirby/Curr Bee, started the first Doxxing Saga with Len by posing as a double agent and feeding Len dox back when Len was posing as a privet instigator to see how bafflingly idiotic Len was. Paraphrasing Kirby, he was clever and subtle at first, but got gradually more outrageous to see how much shit he could get away with before Kirby either got bored of doing it or Shaner started to catch on. (Kirby ended up getting bored of it)

How everyone sees Shaner

Gallery of Autism

Proof of Shaner's faggotry About missing Pics
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The Leonard Shaner Quarry Fiasco

Shaner's autism is going to blow

Back in the 90's a huge quarry in Pennsylvania flooded within Dyer Quarry Inc. It flooded really fast supposedly only taking a day or two and the Company couldn't get their equipment out including a steam train they were using supposedly.

An accurate representation on Dryer's Quarry

The train worlds resident shit disturber Leonard F. Shaner Jr. starts telling everyone about this because he's an attention whore who, wants to be important and respected. Everyone get's excited about this because supposedly this train is quite rare and there's valuable history involved.

Shaner, being himself, starts pretending he knows government officials and then in his infinite stupidity starts making alt accounts of these officials so that he can hold conversations with them. Of course all of these officials are complete fabrications and don't exist. However, everyone's super excited and don't even think to question that Len might be making all of this up.

Things start getting way out of hand. Large amounts of money start to come in as word of the possibility of recovering this train from the bottom of a quarry pond reaches a head. Len, using his fake Park and Recreation Official's accounts, convinces some train group to invest a crap load of money into specialized diving equipment so some diver who was also into trains could go down and see if it was there and if they could get this thing out. Of course diving in this quarry lake would be unreal dangerous because the reason it flooded so fast was because an underwater aquifer (where you drinking water comes from) had broken through. Basically, if the diver got sucked into that you're never getting him out.

So things are gearing up, people are getting excited for trains, and Shaner's feeling like the big man on campus because his lies are actually working. Then they stop working because all this attention get's around to the Federal Government. Real National Park officials start showing up and start asking who OK'd this project. Everyone refers them to Leonard Shaner's park official profiles and it's easily discovered by the real officials that all these guys don't exist and are actually Len.

The entire project comes to a screeching halt because of this, obviously, because no one actually had permission to check out this quarry and diving isn't allowed because of how stupidly dangerous it would be. People get real mad at Len, Len nearly gets federal charges, and Len gets banned from numerous rail related things.

The tragedy is that this is actually how any successful American businessman does things. His project was nearly a success -- he could have had a reality TV show ass he looks for the steam locomotive, with archival footage, hairsbreadth escapes, the occasional wounded actor in the hospital, new theories when it isn't where he said it was. Not finding it means --- SEASON TWO! It would have been beautiful. But the man was born a peasant and he will die a peasant never knowing that the appearance of a real government official means that the appearance of a big brown paper bag full of $50,000 in cash is also expected. Rich people know that -- that's why they make the big bucks!

Leonard F. Shaner Jr. - Trespassing and Sexual Harassment Charges

Delusional Shaner
Shaner forcing his smelly dirty railroad sperg hat onto the poor victim, practically raping her

Like the complete sperging foaming retard that he is, Leonard F. Shaner was arrested on June 8th for dangerously trespassing onto train tracks in order to get another candid picture of a train to add to his porn collection; but no one really gives a shit about that. More importantly and interestingly, Shaner was also charged with two separate counts of sexual harassment. Shaner's archnemesis Kirby posed as a 24 year old Asian news reporter and gathered information directly from Len about why he was charged for sexual harassment. Through these conversations Shaner admitted that he was accused by one of the girls of stalking her in public and was accused by the other girl of being a fucking creep and grabbing her ass.

What most normal people would consider "a friendly greeting," Len would consider as proof that a female less than half his age is sexually and physically attracted to him. Shaner managed to delude himself into believing that one of the girls he was stalking was actually his on and off girlfriend. The reality was that this girl was simply being friendly to the retard, and tolerated and put up with Shaner's creepiness and social awkwardness and did her best to make him feel "accepted." Of course Len took this as a sign that this girl wanted to have sex with and bare his children and as a result started to stalk her in public and then eventually started to loiter in her family's pizza restaurant, stalking her even in the safety of her own property. It was at this point that Shaner was banned from this pizza place and sexual harassment charge number 1 was filed against him.

For sexual harassment charge number 2, the second female's story is not as well known or documented; however, what is known is that the women that pressed charges against him for sexual harassment was the girlfriend of the Chairman of the railroad that he was banned from. Shaner claimed that he was charged for grabbing her ass, all while seeing absolutely nothing wrong with the fact that he did. Of course there is likely more to this story as Shaner himself is usually not the best source of information concerning his own retarded antics.

Life at home

Len's 90 year old mother, Gloria, is basically an invalid, relegated to care at home and at times has an elder care associate visit her to take care of her needs. It was intimated that Shaner is rarely home during the day as he is gone from mostly the crack of dawn to late at night doing his so called "work". Basically doing everything except caring for his ailing mother. He is rude, dismissive and does the bare minimum to care for his mother.

There is also evidence that shows that Shaner strongly fears incurring the wrath of his mother Gloria. Shaner was observed by witnesses at the railroad he was banned from whimpering in fear of his mother Gloria when she started giving him a verbal beatdown; yelling at him and calling him a retard. Furthermore, whenever a victim of Shaner's sperging threatens to call his mother, Shaner suddenly starts behaving and laying low for a few hours until he can confirm that his mother never found out. Like many autistic manchildren Shaner fears his mother more than anything else including angry railroad workers and law enforcement.

He looks just like Chris-Chan

If Len is home he is doing one of these four things.

1. Fucking a pillow he cut a hole into as he shits into a diaper.

2. Using his fake sockpuppet accounts on the internet in order to pretend to be his own white knights to defend himself with against the trolls.

3. Using his fake sockpuppet accounts on the internet in order to pretend to be a horny lesbian girl looking for bisexual or lesbian girls to attract, have cyber sex with and send him nudes.

4. Sleeping in preparation for his daily routine of waking up early to trespass onto private property to take pictures of trains and unaware women and children.

Leonard and Breaking Trains

An accurate representation of Shaner destroying the children's toy

Len went to a model railroad club to test one of his "New" locomotives. It was a piece of shit from the 1970s and could hardly move under its own power. Some of the younger kids (13-16) were playing with their newer locomotives when Len "Accidentally" threw a switch that caused one of the kid's locomotives to become split on two DC loops with current flowing in opposite directions. It fried the electronic gear instantly, And basically robbed one of the kids of his $300 locomotive he had mowed lawns all summer to buy. The kid started to cry, and his mother came over and asked Len how he planned to pay for it. Len said it was an accident and an argument followed. Len then did one of the worst things I've ever heard of him doing; he went over and picked up the broken engine, said something, then SLAMMED IT ONTO THE CONCRETE FLOOR. Any chance of the engine being sent in for repairs under a warranty were gone. Len then left after making the kid cry again.

Antics at Sears

Len confirms he did work at the Phoenixville Sears according to a post at disqus. In a different post, he smugly proclaims "I never worked at the mall." This is due to the fact that he's also banned from the Exton store in the mall. According to a current employee, he tried to get an employee discount after he'd been fired. (The screen will lock up and force a manager override if a canceled employee number is used.) When they called Phoenixville to verify, he bolted (or rolled) out the door and was warned not to comeback via a strongly worded letter to him AND his mother, so take that as you will. He sucked at sales and would fuck up other people's sales, so they moved him to the backroom. This was great for Len since he hated wearing the required uniform of polo and khakis and sauntered around in soiled, tucked in t-shirts and jorts. Being relegated to the backroom did not stop him from going back out to the sales floor to bother people.

Len shits his pants. Like, seriously. One of our most prominent on the farms Lentorians, Gook Choy, has shared experiences of Len back when he was an employee at Sears, and one of them was how Len would literally shit his pants to get out of work. This actually came to an extremely terrifying head in a later Gook story, where a public worker that checks up on Len's mother, Gloria (who is ill and basically in need of constant aid), walked in on Len, who had shit his pants, was naked aside from pantyhose, and was fucking a pillow. Len looked up to this poor woman and said "YOU'RE NOT WORKING TODAY!" which scared her off.

Len has no sense of property or respect of other people's property. While working at Sears, Len found a cake in the fridge. The cake was for the baby shower for one of the workers, and was custom-made, with "baby shower" prominently marked. The Sears staff proceeded to walk in on Len halfway through eating the cake. His excuse was that it was his birthday.

Colebrookdale Railroad Autism/Lenspiracy

Shaner getting owned off the railroad by the Green Lantern and his pink friend, Kiwi Kirby

Len used to be a volunteer at the "Colebrookdale Railroad," most likely to appeal to his love of trains. However, due to incompetence, ineptitude, and his mannerisms, he was legally banned from the establishment. To this day, he believes that the Colebrookdale Railroad is running a huge conspiracy to harass him, and actually believes that people on the Kiwi Farms or anyone else who is after him are Colebrookdale Railroad Employees and that the entire forum is a front for the railroad to harass and bully him. He thinks that the members on the railroad have 20 socks or more. In his recent facebook posts he believes that Kiwi Farms are performing dangerous science experiments on lolcows on the secret forum known as the Cranberry Farms. He also has a lawyer named Hy Mayerson who supports his crazy conspiracy theory which is clearly not true and has zero legit evidence to back it up.

The Pufferton Crime Ring

No, not the BEES!
No, not the BEES!

Kirby is one of Shaner's most infamous trolls. Kirby trolls Shaner under the names Curr Bee, Rasta Bee and Arr Bee; all of whom Shaner believes are a part of a cyberbullying group known as the "Puffertons." Kirby's multiple accounts and identities are designed to fool Shaner into giving up compromising information about himself, as well as giving out fake dox which single out various members and lolcows associated with the Kiwi Farms as being parts of the "Lenspiracy;", the official name of the delusional conspiracy that exists only in Shaner's mind in which he believes that there are a bunch of 40-60 year old central Pennsylvania railroad workers and random people across the internet proactively working together and creating plans and conspiracies to keep Len banned from railroads. Shaner has tried multiple times to find out Kirby's real identity, outing him once as Brianna Wu, once as Kenneth Erwin Engleheardt and twice as Rog Rogerson.

The dox that Kirby sends to Len are always purposely made to either be blatant references to lolcows, fictional characters, blatantly fake names, or are made in order to instigate feuds with other lolcows. Kirby's first contact with Len came during the July 2015 doxing saga when Kirby under the secret alias "Curr Bee" got in contact with Len as a double agent to feed Shaner dox to scare the Kiwi Farms users into deleting the thread making fun of him. The end result resulted in many lulz as Shaner ended up doxxing people as Christian Weston Chandler, Sonic the Hedgehog, Batman, Buzz Lightyear, the evil clone of Leonard F. Shaner Jr as well as many others.

Much like Clyde Cash, none of the "Puffertons" are real people, yet Shaner's stupidity, autism, and incompetence makes him believe that they are. Len has even going so far as to believe that Rasta Bee in particular was a Rastafarian who lives in Jamaica and works in a company called [http://rastabee.com/ Rasta Bee Honey], threatening Rasta Bee multiple times that Len would have him fired from his job at Rasta Bee Honey and sent back to Jamaica for harassing a trainsperg, smoking illegal drugs, and being an illegal immigrant.

Kirby also strategically "leaked" information to Shaner under the Arr Bee name to convince Len that a nonexistent secret bullying site called the Cranberry Farms run by Neo Null, real name: Cockhat Moon, was secretly creating plans to conspire and troll him. Shaner also believes that the Cranberry Farms is also a terrorist site funded by ISIS, and that Neo Null is Null's brother. Shaner, however, refuses to release the information about it being run by ISIS as he fears that calling out a terrorist group would put his life in danger.

Lucian Hodoboc makes a desperate troll shielding attempt.

Sara/Clara the Mastermind Shaner Troll/Self Admitted Ween

Leonard had a troll who posed as a girl named Sara which Shaner refers to as Clara, a name taken from the Kiwi Farms Owner Null's sexually deviant, vore loving ex-girlfriend Clara/Stocking. When Len got banned from posting on Facebook in late July for 30 days, Sara/Clara created a Facebook page called "Taking Down Kiwi Farms" which she then gave Shaner administrator rights to. Most of the posts on both of these pages are either made by James Kaufmann Jr or John W Simon (Shaner Sockpuppets) or were given to Sara by Lenny himself to paste verbatim. Shaner used the page to continue his mission of accusing random people either nonexistent or unaware of Shaner's existence of being criminals, terrorists, homosexuals, atheists, Muslims or cyberbullies; the five greatest evils in Shaner's mind.

Through communicating with Sara, Shaner grew to trust Sara partially due to the renegade troll's willingness to become an object to fulfill Shaner's sexual cyber-delusions. By responding positively to Shaner's questions about whether she likes to suck cocks and if she spits or swallows, Sara/Clara inadvertently became someone that Shaner started to believe that he could trust, as any woman willing to compliment his penis and want to be fucked it in Shaner's mind must be a true and honest human being of good character.

Sara described him as either a sociopath who doesn't mind lying through his teeth or a delusional manchild who and genuinely believes there's a conspiracy out to ruin his good name. This ties in to how he submitted Kiwi Farms screen-caps at his hearing. Len believes if he can just prove that there's a conspiracy working against them then he'll be acquitted of all his charges. Sara lives in Australia and he constantly receives messages from Lenny in the mid afternoon, so he can confirm that he does seem to stay up until the small hours of the morning fuming about "the Kiwi" and trying to find ways to bring the site down.

Because of Shaner's extreme fucking creepiness and his lack of a concept that women can be anything other than sex objects, added with Clara's willingness to be that sex object for the sake of trolling, Len tried to romantically hit on the troll's fake FB account, ask her what she liked to wear to bed, ask for her bust measurements, beg for pictures of her boobs and at one point he asked for an email address so he could "talk in privet." When he gave Len a fake email, Len took two initials from it, ran them through some kind of search engine and then became convinced that Clara was a random girl from Arizona. It was then that he began to talk about meeting Clara in person and how he couldn't wait to introduce her to his mother. At this point, Clara decided it was time to abort as troll's remorse began to kick in due to the fact that Shaner started to call the phone number of this random girl in Arizona and constantly harass her. At this point, Clara faked her own death by messaging Shaner as Clara's father saying that she died in a car crash. Len has had no reaction to his love interests supposed death up to this point and continues to post retarded doxxes and callouts on the Facebook page.


Artist's Rendering of the Scene
Mission Accomplished

One of the most unknown and barely talked about facts concerning Shaner are his sexual fetishes for shitting into diapers and wearing pantyhose. A reputable source in Kiwi Farms user "Gook Choy" who knew Shaner in real life published a story about how Len was caught in one of the most autistic, retarded and traumatizing acts ever recorded in the entire history of the known universe.

One of the social workers who takes cares of Shaner's elderly mother once entered the Shaner household and upon smelling a strong scent of feces believed that Shaner's 90 year old mother may have had an accident and went towards the smell to assist her. However, what she found to her horror was instead a completely naked Leonard F. Shaner moaning to himself watching an 80s porno; wearing nothing but a pair of pantyhose on his legs and a shit soiled adult diaper that he cut an opening into for his penis to exit out of as he fucked a makeshift "vagina" made by cutting a hole into a pillow. After Len realized that the traumatized girl saw what he was doing, he immediately screamed "You're Not Working Today!" just before trying to get up and run away only to end up tripping over a stack of books and falling down butt first onto his shit filled diaper. The social worker claimed that after witnessing the unholy sight that she had just gazed upon, she immediately ran away out of the house and drove aimlessly without direction in her car for over 20 minutes before finally stopping at a parking lot and crying to herself. She was apparently never heard from again.

While the story by itself seems to be nothing more than an unverifiable legend, Kirby, one of Shaner's trolls decided to start Operation Pampers with the goal of getting in contact with Len and to get him to admit that he does indeed like to shit in diapers. While Shaner was extremely hesitant to admit it, after countless interrogation and seduction techniques, Kirby finally managed to get Shaner to admit his love for diaper shitting.

August 10th Hearing

It happened at the court house in Pottstown, PA around 8:00 A.M., and the Onion reporter named Secret Pinkington Pufferton II walked in. The hearing took place within an old train station that's been re-purposed as a legal building with a pretty spartan themed inside and was a light color blue. He found the 3 witnesses and Curt already there and introduced himself. Shaner was sitting away from everyone with his elderly mother. The witnesses were led into a conference room and we had some general small talk and talked about how it looked like Shaner was representing himself. A few minutes later the witnesses came back out and Len was overheard talking to an official about how he had Hy as his legal counsel and that he was doing the case for free. The official said something to the effect of "I'm not sure this is going to work." and they gave each other a bunch of confused looks and speculated how maybe he was just saying this and might still be defending himself. This was about 8:10.

Len prepared to creep out everyone during his trial

Then Hy Mayerson, a shorter gentleman with grey hair and very old lawyer, shows up and everyone in the courtroom is all collectively blown away. Hy and Shaner went into the conference room and the train guys and himself gossiped about how crazy this might get. Curt started getting calls from people and had to leave to move freight cars at the rail yard. A few minutes later they came out and it was announced that the hearing was about to begin and anyone who wanted to observe should enter the courtroom. The courtroom is also blue and was very typical a seat for a judge, witness, defendant, and prosecutor along with two rows of seats for interested parties which in this case was Pinkington Pufferton and Shaner's mom. They sat in the first row with her at one end and myself at the other. Shaner and Hy entered as did the judge, the prosecuting officer, and stenographer. Proceedings then began. Hy noticed the reporter sitting in the court room by myself and came up to see why he was there. He asked with who and he said "The Onion" and that he was a friend of Curt since he had already seen him sitting and talking with him.

Preston was the first witness and he easily got the worst of it. For the first 15 minutes or so it was a very normal proceeding with Hy asking questions about property lines, right of way, and where Preston was when he was allegedly filming Shaner trespassing. After it was proven that Len was in fact on rail road property Hy changed his tune a lot. He pulled out a stack of screen caps from the Kiwi Farms, walked up to Preston, and asked if he knew about this forum. Preston said he did and Hy then asked if he posted as Cumrobbery. Yes. He said "cum robbery" in a court room. Preston said he was aware of the Kiwi Farms but had only gone to read when he discovered Len had posted his dox here. Hy then retrieved a copy of Shaner's termination letter from the Coalbrookdale. He went back up to Preston and asked how this letter ended up on the Kiwi Farms. Preston said that Shaner had put it up publicly on Facebook and then deleted it later so someone must have copied it. Hy said "What do you mean deleted it from Facebook?" to which Preston replied "He deleted it later like he does a lot of stuff he posts." Hy then said "Well, I see it was only emailed to -names of train guys redacted- but not to Frank Rizzo." This was met with confused stares and then the judge stopped that line of questioning. At this point Hy then went back and questioned about the video Preston made of Shaner trespassing. However, this was limited to asking stupid stuff such as what kind of phone he owned, who his provider was, and when the FBI got involved would he be comfortable turning all his devices over to them to prove he wasn't on the Farms. At this point the Judge got involved and said how this had nothing to do with the case where as Hy began quoting legal stuff about how Preston could be charged as a domestic terrorist. The judge starts yelling at Hy a little bit because Hy's being really dumb and submitting evidence that has no bearing on the case. At this point Hy pointed right at the reporter and said "Mr. Mayerson, do you know this man? He said he's a reporter for The Onion and is a friend of Curt's". The judge looked over at me and the reporter sort of did a half ass wave. Preston confirmed he didn't know him. After that Hy presented a few more screen shots of this thread and the judge started getting mad to the point where I thought Hy might get ejected from the room. But he didn't and after 3 standard questions from the prosecutor Preston left the stand and took a seat 5 or 6 over from me. Preston took over an hour. I was scared at this point with 2 more witnesses to go that I was going to be there for 3 hours or more. I got other shit I had to do today.

George was up next and Hy switched tactics. For about 20 minutes Hy exclusively tried to get George mad by saying how there was no way he could have seen Shaner from where he was located on the train by using Shaner's own photos that were clearly taken within 10 feet of the track. George got a little ruffled and when he did Hy said "Oh, it looks like you might have something to hide with you huffing and puffing up there." The judge heard this and stopped that shit pretty fast. Hy then insinuated that Palladino (the judge) didn't know how to do his job. This didn't sit well with the judge and again Hy almost got ejected. After that the prosecution asked about 3 questions that actually had something to do with Shaner's trespassing and endangerment charges. Then George stepped down and took a seat next to Preston.

Finally, the dashing rogue, Bob, commander of the tracks took the stand. Hy switched gears yet again, this time focusing on Bob's credibility as an engineer. However, he first started off by accusing Bob of being Anominous on the Kiwi Farms. Bob said he reads the farms regularly but never posts and found it when Shaner posted his dox here. Hy asked him again if he was Anominous, Bob said no, and according to Bob Hy leaned in and said quietly, "We'll see. We'll see." Hy then threatened Bob with having all his electronic devices being confiscated by the FBI like with Preston. The judge shot this down again. Next Hy started asking about Bob's training and if he was actually qualified as an engineer which has no bearing on this case BTW. Then Hy got even stranger and asked where his training was, if he had certified himself because his license was based out of a rail road he owns (Bob got certified at another line he didn't own), to prove he was an engineer. Mayerson even asked about what hotel Bob stayed at during training which resulted in Bob and the judge confronting Hy about badgering and bearing on the case. Hy didn't prepare at all because he didn't know anything about railroading when he came into this. He didn't know what the FRA was, what the CFR was, or how engineers and conductors are certified. As a side note Bob was staring directly into Hy's eyes this entire time and Hy was kinda backing down from it.

The judge had been interrupting Hy on a regular basis in this hearing and by this point was quite sick of all of this. So Hy finished his line of weird questioning and the prosecution told how they had proven that there was enough evidence to take this to trial.

The prosecution got about half way through this final argument when Hy suddenly jumped up and said "There's one more person I'd like to question today! I'd like to call Curt to the stand!" He then went out into the waiting room and called out Curt's name repeatedly. Of course, Curt had been gone for an hour at least because he had work. The reporter turned to Hy and said "I don't think he's here anymore. I think he went to work." Hy then looked at me, smiled, and winked and went back to Shaner's table. (As far as I know you can't pull a Perry Mason and call surprise witnesses like that anyway. Not being a lawyer I'd need confirmation though.) Everyone could tell that Hy and Shaner were fuming over this. Shaner had actually brought 2 entire envelopes of screen shots from the Kiwi Farms into court. They expected to use Curt as their ace in the hole to prove the Lenspiracy.

So finally the final arguments were concluded with all charges proven as valid and going to PA common pleas as you all know by now. As they were leaving the court room Hy got in an argument with the judge about Shaner not having to fill out bail forms. The judge got mad and told him either Shaner can fill it out himself or he would just ask Shaner the info. After that they all left. 90% of what Hy was presenting was batshit insane. This brings the reporter to 2 possible conclusions about Hy Mayerson. Hy has bought into the Lenspiracy hook line and sinker or Hy hates Leonard Shaner and is doing this pro bono so that he can get Shaner the maximum sentence possible by purposely being a fucking nut job. He didn't help Shaner's case at all and actually made it worse by pissing off the judge.

Kengle Vs. Shaner

One of Shaner's trolls known as Rasta Bee goaded Shaner to wage an internet war against Kengle, a white knight of Chris-Chan that Shaner thinks is a cyber bully who is part of Kiwi Farms. Kengle backed off from the fight quickly after realizing the futility of battling a diaper-shitting numbskull. Regardless of whatever or not Kengle fights, Shaner continues to send hate messages on his facebook page.

The Kengle War About missing Pics
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Internet Bullies Page

A Long Analysis of Shaner's Autistic Page


Facebook Posts About missing Pics
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See Also

  • Chris-Chan, both are autistic, lazy, christian, and are extremely gullible to trolling
  • Nick Bate, they both live in the same state and are both attracted to little girls
  • Matthew Davis, like Shaner he is lazy and christian and gets trolled easily, and faps to cartoons thinking they're real
  • TempleOS, another old, lolcow christian similar to Shaner; but only two differences are that he isn't an aspie but does get a hate boner against CIA niggers.
  • Kenneth Englehardt, person that Shaner went to war with
  • Marjan Siklic, what Shaner believes is Impostor Bee
  • Ichverbot, owner of Kiwi Farms
  • Kiwi Farms, the website Shaner wants to see get shut down
  • Thomas the Tank Engine, what Shaner faps to
  • Trains, what Shaner also faps to
  • Diapers, Shaner's disgusting fetish
  • Weens, these unfunny people troll Shaner's facebook account and in order to get a quick laugh
  • A-Logging
  • Cyber Bullying, what Shaner believes he is a victim of


Kiwi Posts Providing Information about Shaner

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