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Silent Rob
A four-eyed, ginger, anorexic. Rob must get all the pussy!
Mothers, Lock up your Sons.
Rob Loves Da Coke!!!.

LeisureSuitGaming (Born 1984) AKA SilentRob and Rob Lowe (srsly), is a white trash, bottom-feeding video game reviewer who fell from grace, which wasn't so graceful in the first place.

Robert is an anorexic, unemployed, buck-toothed, e-begging internets tough guy who is more known nowadays for his whiny emo diatribes than for his video game reviews (if you can actually call them reviews since he spends more time cursing like the special ed dude from the Tourette's Guy show than actually talking about the games he's reviewing). If it weren't obvious from his username, Robert lives life as though he were an IRL Kevin Smith character.

He got his big break on YouTube by taking it up the ass from his idol, Armake21 (before knifing him in the back in a bout of dyslexia-based comment confusion), and constantly reviewing Action 52 in his mothers attic over and over for several years. When he's not half-assing his shit videos with the worlds worst camera and microphone, he habitually blackmails and stalks a female video game reviewer or attacks more popular "YouTubers" (mostly partners) in tard rage bouts of jealousy.

Later on in his youtube career, he eventually stopped making video game reviews. Being the butthurt faggot that he is, began only making video responses to trolls instead. He also made a few awful "Retsupurae baiting 45 degree angled webcam" Let's Plays also, {as if there wasn't enough of those to go around).


Early "Reviews"

In the early days, Rob was another run-of-the-mill reviewer on YouTube, making angry videos where he spends the best part of seven minutes swearing at a ROM of a NES game with the occasional cameo from his fat, pot-head boyfriend "Roach". The usual video consisted of him baring his teeth at a blurry webcam, maxing out the mic to total static with his autistic bouts of shouting at his mother, intertwined with sexist comments towards women.

Rob has baleeted most of his videos. We need mirrors.

GameStop Rants

For one glimmering moment in SilentRob's YouTube career there was a possibility of making something entertaining, but again just turned into a BAWWWWfest over his shitty minimum-wage job. Apparently it took Rob two full years to figure this out before he quit after being cock-blocked by the female manager, and in a rage, eventually created a 100 part rant about how working full-time at a GameStop is a shitty idea. What a revelation!

GameStop Rant: Part One
GameStop Rant: Part Two
GameStop Rant: Part Three
GameStop Rant: Part Four
GameStop Rant: Part Five
GameStop Rant: Part Six
(Nigger Punch Special)
GameStop Rant: Part Seven

SilentRob Attacks a Customer

You gotta give Rob some credit.
He tries to come across all Gangsta in this photo after taking on a black person, but ends up looking like the Son of Skeletor.

When customers weren't prank calling Rob at GameStop for copies of Battletoads, they were dealing with the attitude of a skinny ginger douchebag who went around selling their deposit-paid pre-ordered games. A heated debate followed the sale of an already-purchased copy of Madden that a customer had pre-ordered weeks before. Instead of apologizing, Rob threw the man's deposit money in his face after said customer expressed disappointment towards Robert's lackluster retail expertise.

Rob's Adventures in YouTube Partnership

The first kink in Rob's reputation was when he first got the notion into his tiny brain that his top quality entertainment was worth money, and promptly wrote a letter to Youtube's Partnership program proclaiming himself to be the next Angry Video Game Nerd (who didn't even become a YT Partner until about 3 years later).

But maybe due to a glitch in the system, or the internets being broken, Rob received a letter back from the Gods of the YouTubes saying no thanks, that his work was low quality shit and wasn't worth fuck all. He promptly created another video to let his fanbase how those evil bastards at YouTube had crucified their video gaming messiah.

And thus we begin our epic saga of Robert's adventures of butthurt jealousy and eBegging...

SilentRob Versus The World

Busting down the floodgates about his rejection, Rob went Bruce Wayne on the whole Video Game Reviewing community, targeting those whom he valued unworthy of their partnerships. This went totally un-lulzworthy for a while until the Lord Voldemort of internet reviewers, The Irate Gamer appeared on his horizon...

SilentRob v. Roach

Roach was some IRL friend of Rob's who ended up moving to California for a better job than was ever available in the crackwhore town they were from. Did Rob understand and wish his friend the best? Of course not! This is Silent Rob we're talking about. Rob got butthurt and decided to make videos claiming Roach was never good - which is true but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

This was the first in a long line of enemies Rob made during his youtube career.

SilentRob v. The Irate Gamer

<video type="youtube" id="pglxu_TmriU" width="230" height="180" desc="Irate Gamer Music Video" position="right"/>

The Irate Gamer

The Irate Gamer was the punching bag of the video game community on Youtube anyway, so Rob saw an easy target to help him gain e-sympathy on the internets. Thus ensued a ten minute bitch-fest about the man, in which his arguments, for every small truth they may have had, were cockblocked by at least fifteen references to IG "loving the cock". His fanbase, being as intelligent as lemmings, followed his orders and started hating on the reviewer, spawning a great, yet pathetic, amount of proxy lulz that still lingers to this day.

Unfortunately, the video was promptly flagged to oblivion by Irate Gamer followers due to the fact Rob being the retard that he is hadn't accounted that the Irate Gamer has a much MUCH larger fanbase than his own. But in his own small world of arrogance and unwarranted self importance, decided that the Irate Gamer himself took it down in outrage, when in truth Mr. Bores probably has never heard of it, let alone seen it.

Robert still harbors a grudge towards the Irate Gamer even to this day, as Mr. Bores got richer and more popular on Youtube, Rob fucked off back to obscurity and the poor house. Funniest part is that the Irate Gamer also lives in Ohio just like Robbie! Must suck living so close to greatness Rob!

SilentRob v. AkewsticRockR

<video type="youtube" id="i8VzpTFPLgM" width="230" height="180" frame="true" position="right"/>

AkewsticRockR, Proud, noble Youtuber.

Seeing as his e-war against the Irate Gamer ended in a mass one sided victory of Falklands War proportions, Mr. Lowe decided this time to maybe go for a softer, less popular video game reviewing partner, this time in the form of AkewsticRockR.

Rob's first prong of attack was to point out how gay AkewsticRockR was, as that's always a funny and witty thing to do on the internets. His second was to flank him with comments about how less financially viable Kyle is than Rob, by pointing out that ROB HAS A SWIMMING POOL! The intense level of irony/hypocrisy hasn't dawned on our pal Rob, who hasn't earned any of the above possessions and still leeches off of his parents.

SilentRob v. Armake

Rob's wet dream with Armake, Last Thursday.
The comment in question.

Rob sank to a new Lowe and attacked his very own idol. After being completely crushed by Bookittty, The Archfiend, AkewstickRockR, The Irate Gamer and even his own fans. Rob saught solace in his only inspiration on Youtube, Armake21. But what's this? His idol has not only ripped-off his magnum-opus, but also made a reference to Rob in the video, which he would later delete, ;_;.

Unfortunately, being aurally dyslexic, he misheard Marcus' light-hearted quote as a full-blown attack upon his reviewing skills and attempted to destroy the man on his YouTube comments page in a barrage of blasting comments, which rather than make him look like an internet tough guy, made him look like a fucking idiot instead.

Armake sayin shit about me...? ill go ahead and say shit back about that washed up reviewer, unlike armake, im not gonna be a little bitch and weasel a computer out of a close friend and then close my account like a baby saying someone else did it, armake *USED* to be good...key words are USED TO BE.... he sucks dick now and has sucked dick ever since he changed his style....and reviewing action 52...? a little late to the party arent we armake? plus your review sucks compared to mine, I didn't even laugh once....if you wanna see a good action 52 review...watch mine ;-)


—SilentRob, Confusing a friendly joke for a personal attack, then whoring himself out.

SilentRob v. Bookitty

There are many basement dwellers trying for a internet slice of e-fame after seeing how much money the likes of the AVGN and The Nostalgia Critic, but the majority of them tend to be pathetic 13 year old virgin males. Bookittty, on the otherhand is exactly the same, bar the fact she's a G-G-G-GIRL!!!

Rachael Moule (or Pisano if you believe her facebook lies, also goes by Rachael Parkin), lives on Crafton Boulevard in Pittsburgh and loves cock, masturbating, and...that's about it. She works as a security guard at PPG Place in Pittsburgh which seems like an odd job for such a famous (sarcasm) female game reviewer. She probably thinks the uniform makes her look less like a butterface.

Fortunately, with his e-penis of rape throbbing, this was the first thing Rob noticed about her, and continued to harass her demanding that she come over to his parents mansion, leave her husband and help him lose his virginity. After Boo came to her senses and realised that Rob wasn't the true winrar that he made himself out to be, she promptly dumped his Skeletor ass.

During April of 2010, Robert, in a somewhat self-aware move, made a YouTube Poop video of his YouTube g/f bookittty182. Bookittty182, unable to comprehend "YouTube Poop", and being the sheer, absolute batshit crazy bitch that she is, retaliated by releasing intimate Valentine's Day videos she received from a naive, lovestruck Robert.

It has all been taken down because bookittty182 and Rob made an arrangement: Rob had to take down his shitty "pookittty YouTube-poop" and bookittty had to take down the Silent Rob strip videos. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT. We have mirrors.

This is a preview of what you get if you paid for my site.


—SilentRob, ominously, after doing a headstand in his shower so he could beat off on his own face.

<video type="slutload" id="3CVztRTxoUr" width="450" height="337" desc="Silent Rob: Tribute to Buffalo Bill" position="center"/>
<video type="slutload" id="3NMRwfChVcb" width="450" height="337" desc="Silent Rob: Through the Fire and the Faps" position="center"/>
<video type="viddler" id="a3193148" width="450" height="337" desc="Silent Rob, bookittty182 and Husband Tim have a conversation (Part 1)" position="center"/>
<video type="viddler" id="5811b3cf" width="450" height="337" desc="Silent Rob, bookittty182 and Husband Tim have a conversation (Part 2)" position="center"/>
<video type="viddler" id="6723f602" width="450" height="337" desc="Silent Rob, bookittty182 and Husband Tim have a conversation (Part 3)" position="center"/>

Rob wouldn't have any of this and threatened her with butthurt rants, abusive phone calls and blackmailing her with DOX. So around this time of Rob's insanity, The Archfiend stepped in...

<video type="slutload" id="hdgst364j5e" width="450" height="337" desc="Rachael Moule's Idea Of A Valentines Day Gift" position="center"/>

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

SilentRob v. Angry Niglet

I'm a 15-year-old boy and one of your biggest fans.


Angry Niglet's YouTube Account

Apparently Robert receives hundreds of prank calls a day to his cell phone, but the straw that broke the camel's back was when a black person discovered his number and wanted to ring up his ginger idol. He threatened to call the cops unless said nigger made a video apologizing and also a call to Bookitty. This is one of Silent Robs many nigger drones.

SilentRob v. Guru Larry

On a stream that Guru Larry was nice enough to join Rob in on and listen to him repeatedly exclaim "I'm fucking drunk!" after drinking a single malt beverage, Rob 3 hours in invited his butt buddy Razorfist in and completely ignored Larry for the remainder until Larry had enough and fucking left the two faggots alone to verbally fellate each otherRazorfist.

SilentRob v. AlphaOmegaSin

As of May 5th 2016, SilentRob went haywire on a live stream playing the game Diablo III calling out the YouTube sensation AlphaOmegaSin, and remove him from "Go To These Channels!" on his page. Leisurerob.PNG

And in the video he bitches about how Alpha was this and that. We all know this is bullshit, it's clickbait.

SilentRob v. Hellsing920

Rob has recently gone after He11sing920 which is as easy as going after a barrel of fish, and probably weighs and smells the same too.

SilentRob v. Encylopedia Dramatica

Uh oh, looks like Rob doesn't like his page here on ED, and has gone Spax3 on all our asses by threatening ED with a lolsuit!

Accounts Rob has Attempted to Vandalize this Page With

Spam these accounts with abuse for great justice:

Keep 'em coming Bobby!

Rob Lowe and The Super Sekrit MEMBERS ONLY $5 Website!!!

Hell, I even read a fucking comment where somebody said a penny is too much to charge for a gaming website, okay?

If...If.. you don't think my shit is worth a penny, Then FUCK OFF!!!

Okay, I'm not fucking dealing with this shit!



—SilentRob, Accepting constructive criticism from his loyal following.

After being rejected by Youtube for the umpteenth time to become a partner and suddenly coming to the conclusion that making multiple videos bitching about the fact had absolutely fuck-all effect on convincing the YT admins. So, longing to receive substantial income for the first time in his life, Rob came up with a brainwave! Why not leech off of his millions of Internet fans and create a website for his "premium content" videos instead? All of his premium content consisted of him filming the top of his head with his bed in the background, as he talked about games. Watch out SpoonyOne!!!

But this story has a twist: He charges people $5 just to visit it. He has rightfully suffered backlash from his loyal followers, finally seeing how shitty his work actually is. The ensuing lulz that has resulted from Silent Rob's butthurt and subsequent bawwwing about the website can be best described as the funniest thing that man has ever done:

Bobby's Angreh!!!
Q & A About My FIVE DOLLA Site

So You've Decided to pay Five Bucks to see Rob's premium content?

I'm not forcing you to pay five dollars.


—SilentRob, But I'll emotionally blackmail you with BAWWWWWING videos instead.

This Isn't a money thing.


—SilentRob, the hyprocrite.

<video type="slutload" id="3CVztRTxoUr" width="450" height="337" desc="Silent Rob's Idea Of A Nice Valentine's Day Gift" position="center"/>

So you've decided to pay five bucks to join his awesome website and wondered what sort of high quality entertainment you can expect? Well, you can get a preview of his fantastic website here:

Examples of His Website

Premium $5 Content
Premium Content & Updated Regularly!!!
Premium Content & Updated Regularly 2!!!
In Depth Reviews

I was "Robbed".


—IrratatedGamer, Disgruntled customer.

"Premium Content"

Please Note: The majority of his "premium" content is exactly the same as his free Youtube content, except he bitches about people who weren't gullible enough to pay for it.

Criticism of His Website

For some strange reason, his thousands of Youtube subscribers were not prepared to pay $5 for a site that contained the same low quality unfunny shit as his regular videos, so the disciples of Rob abandoned their messiah like rats from the ship, the S.S. whinging Ginger Pussy, after it hit an iceberg of a stupid fucking idea.

He11sing920 Rant: E-Begging
Silent Rob is a Whore

So What are the Flaws to his Ingenious Super Awesome $5 Website?

This is the last angle we could take a photo of Rob from before he completely vanished due to his thin, gangly frame.

It's pretty obvious to a normal, sane human being, but we at ED like to explain concepts to our less intelligent readers (I.E. Robert Lowe).

  • Noone, will ever EVER pay $5 to join a gaming website, unless you're immensely popular. Which you are not Bobby. Comparing yourself and your site to Something Awful is just sheer arrogance, you fucking idiot.
  • If you're pissed about Youtube not you making a partner, then why not fuck off to a video site that does pays for videos? Like Blip or Revver Actually, don't bother with Revver, they're fucking scam merchants, who never pay you what you're owed. People don't mind adverts on videos or as banners on websites and they can then see your site for Free!
  • The quality of your videos doesn't warrant a purchase price, It may be worth something if you wrote out a massive script, hired multiple people to help film and act in the video and used expensive lighting and a $3,000 HD camera. But You Robert are a buck-toothed Basement Attic Dwelling ginger fucktard who despite claiming how fucking rich you are, use a seven year old PS2 EyeToy camera that you hacked to work on your PC and a shitty $10 table mic from Target, plus only use your crack-head house nigger boyfriend, Roach as an assistant.
  • Finally, Your videos do not stand out from the millions of other shitty video game reviewers on Youtube or any other video website, most of whom do it as a hobby and are more than happy to put up the videos for free, why do you feel yours are better than the others to warrant the purchase of a subscription? Again, it's all that massive ego you've got lodged behind those huge fucking Austin Powers teeth you've got in your head.

To this day, Rob has still not gotten over the butthurt of not becoming a YouTube Partner. Seeing the likes of the AVGN, That Guy With The Glasses, and Yahtzee making money hands over fists, he has since gotten into internet panhandling by creating his own website devoted to his poorly-made, unfunny abortions that he calls videos.

Archfiend Comes To The Rescue

Bemused by Rob's hypocrisy of making multiple sexist videos about beating women and general hatred of the sex, but standing up against his fans about posting racist comments about his GameStop assault against an innocent African-American. Pretentious douchebag and Goronchev rip off, TheArchfiend, decided to call out our dear Robbie in a series of slamming statements:

Part One
SilentRob: Humanitarian of The Year
Part Two
BREAKING NEWS: Silent Rob Is Still Not A YouTube Partner
Part Three
Silent Rob Is A Hypocrite. STONE COLD PROOF!
Part Four
Silent Rob and His Fans Need to Leave Me and My Sister Alone
Part Five
More Pissed...

Rob PWNING Response!

Of course Robbie wasn't going to take that lying down, and thus responded with his own Intellectually checkmating response:


...About the Archfiend
I Mock Archfiend with mah Diploma!!!
Arch Arch Baby!!!
I Can do Pull-ups Motherfucka!!!
This sums up the whole story

So by Rob's account, he is superior to Bookittty and TheArchfiend because:

  • He has more subscribers than them. (Ha! Is that why you're trying to get 10,000 subscirbers)
  • He is funnier and more entertaining. (Right, Ray Charles wasn't a blind person).
  • He fucked TheArchfiend's "sister" (even though he doesn't have one).
  • He seys teh longer wordzzz.
  • He has shocking evidence to shame and blackmail Bookittty with.
  • ????

Rob tries to reason with Archie

Protip: Rob = GutsyLive, Archfiend = BarackRocks

[[Click me to Collapse.][SilentRob Vs. Archfiend Chat: Click to expand conversation...]]

GutsyLive: im sure your haters would love to know your AIM eh arch?

BarackRocks: lol, they already do

BarackRocks: oh noes

BarackRocks: not teh balckmail

BarackRocks: anyway, are you gonig to drop dead anytime soon?

BarackRocks: going*

BarackRocks: wow, Im typing like you tonight

GutsyLive: All I ask is that you back off. Its not much to ask, and if were a man it would not be a problem.

BarackRocks: shut the hell up

GutsyLive: *you

BarackRocks: you don't know the meaning of backing off

BarackRocks: i will treat you no better than you treat others

BarackRocks: you are a piece of shit and will be treated like a piece of shit till the day you die

GutsyLive: I made a fuckin mistake.

BarackRocks: kiss my ass

GutsyLive: That is all.

GutsyLive: You cant say shit!

BarackRocks: lol

BarackRocks: i can say whatever the hell i want

GutsyLive: All you do is spend everyday leeching views out of peple with a lot more subscribers than you.

BarackRocks: aww...

BarackRocks: cry me a river

GutsyLive: its all you have ever done, and it really pisses me off

BarackRocks: good

BarackRocks: then I will keep doing it

BarackRocks: now I am more motivated to keep doing what I've been doing

BarackRocks: thanks

GutsyLive: I thought id try to reason with you, and your too much of an asshole for that too

GutsyLive: I havent done shit to you

BarackRocks: you think I dont know about you?

BarackRocks: think I have an ounce of compassion for you?

BarackRocks: dont give me that I made a mistake shit

GutsyLive: No, you dont know about me.

GutsyLive: You dont know shit

BarackRocks: i know enough to know a piece of shit when i see one

GutsyLive: You only know, what people fuckin tell you

BarackRocks: so save the sob "I made a mistake" shit for someone who cares

GutsyLive: Well fuck you. i dont give a shit what you think.

BarackRocks: yes you do bitch

BarackRocks: you wouldnt be coming to me if you didnt

GutsyLive: If you have a problem, say it to me and not to youtube in future.

BarackRocks: oh ok

BarackRocks: I'll be sure to head for the hills when your near me slim

GutsyLive: Karma will get ya eventually

BarackRocks: you would know about that

GutsyLive: Im better than I have ever been

BarackRocks: i dont give a shit

BarackRocks: why the hell would you even mention that?

BarackRocks: thats why i said shit like that to you

BarackRocks: because I knew you were a shallow little bitch that thrives to be "better"

BarackRocks: you are worthless

BarackRocks: i almost threw up at the levels I had to sink to to make a point to you

GutsyLive: Worthless? Tell that to my subscribers.

BarackRocks: lol

BarackRocks: you shallow bitch

BarackRocks: and what does that get you in the real world?

BarackRocks: I'll stick with the shit that matters. you keep your subscribers

GutsyLive: And what does being a bitch on youtube get you?

GutsyLive: At least I have a normal life

BarackRocks: Cash money for one thing. Something that you have envied and wanted in a partnership for years

BarackRocks: lol, normal

BarackRocks: and you know me?

GutsyLive: I dont care about fuckin youtube.

GutsyLive: or partnership

BarackRocks: yes you do

BarackRocks: than you wouldnt come back

BarackRocks: idiot

GutsyLive: Im doing it for my fans, and to clear shit up.

GutsyLive: Thats why

GutsyLive: Like Im trying to do here

BarackRocks: and you wouldnt have made ten hours of crying videos about not being a partner and then pulling them the next day

BarackRocks: oh gag me dude

GutsyLive: People change

GutsyLive: You are a lost fuckin cause.

BarackRocks: if you gave a shit about your fans you wouldnt have dedicated 90% of you last years videos to bashing me

BarackRocks: lost cause to what?

GutsyLive: Yeah, no shit

GutsyLive: I regret that

BarackRocks: what am I fighting to win?

BarackRocks: i got all i want

BarackRocks: and more

BarackRocks: not bad for a lost cause

GutsyLive: A diploma? That probably aint fuckin real

BarackRocks: lol

BarackRocks: aww....

BarackRocks: here comes the envy again

GutsyLive: You make out that you have this good life, when in reality there aint no fuckin way you do

BarackRocks: i know, it sucks

BarackRocks: lol

GutsyLive: You tryin to tell me you lead this high profile job, college diploma, and all that shit

BarackRocks: it kills you to know i have it so good. i love that

GutsyLive: yet your sat on youtube all the fuckin time

GutsyLive: it dont make sense

BarackRocks: lol, totally

BarackRocks: sounds like you follow my every step

BarackRocks: what does that make you?

GutsyLive: I bet that aint even your fuckin house

BarackRocks: can you possibly be any more envious?

BarackRocks: seriously, can you?

BarackRocks: you want this story to crash and burn for me but it never will

GutsyLive: How the fuck could i be envious of a douchebag like you?

BarackRocks: why do you even care to try?

GutsyLive: I have a house, a car and a decent job

BarackRocks: because I have all you want

GutsyLive: thats all i need

BarackRocks: and you know it

GutsyLive: what? tell me what you have, that i want

GutsyLive: youtube partnership? i dont give a shit about that

BarackRocks: lol

BarackRocks: yeah, that is it

BarackRocks: jsut the partnership

BarackRocks: thats all i got and all i need

GutsyLive: how the fuck you even got a partnership in the first place, is just bullshit

BarackRocks: well, good for you rob

BarackRocks: do you want the cookie fedEx'd to you or can i jsut send it regular mail?

BarackRocks: deal with it

BarackRocks: hows the website doing these days?

GutsyLive: I dont want shit to do with you anymore.

GutsyLive: Leave me the fuck alone

BarackRocks: k

BarackRocks: i've heard that before

BarackRocks: and here you are

GutsyLive: Make all the videos you want about me, i hope it brings you views and money

BarackRocks: just out of curiousity, can you do more than one commando pullup yet?

GutsyLive: i can do 73293719

BarackRocks: wow, nice

BarackRocks: thats awesome

BarackRocks: k, can I go now?

GutsyLive: Let me ask you one more thing.

BarackRocks: oh god

GutsyLive: You had a moderator in your chat called Mayu. Do you know who that really was?

BarackRocks: lol

BarackRocks: the whole time smile

GutsyLive: Sure ;)

BarackRocks: whats the matter?

BarackRocks: upset i figured it out too soon?

GutsyLive: And no, im not behind the archdouche thing, tell rachael that too because she wont leave me the fuck alone

GutsyLive: you havent figured out shit

BarackRocks: lol, oh ok

BarackRocks: and Im not implying it was you dipshit (as Mayu, not ArchDouche)

GutsyLive: Ive said all i needed to say

GutsyLive: good luck making money out of innocent youtubers

GutsyLive: see where that gets ya in the long run

BarackRocks: have fun with all that envy

BarackRocks: bye buttercup

GutsyLive: bye asshole

BarackRocks: $5

Prank Called

<video type="youtube" id="uNYx1BeKz4s" width="200" height="200" frame="true" position="right"/> This dumb cunt actually talked to a Rosie O'Donnell soundboard for over 4 minutes. That's right ladies and germs, Rob was tricked into having a conversation with the same 10 soundboard clips 5 times. Why isnt this guy a success again?

This is the wrong number I've told you five times that this is the wrong number.


—SilentRob, Oblivious to the existence of sound boards.

The SilentRobMobile

Last Thursday, Rob shocked the Internets, by revealing to the world that he's the American Jeremy Clarkson with his expansive knowledge of 1980's shit-box cars.

It's nice to show off to friends when you get a new car. But sometimes, when all your friends you think you have are on the internet ( and are also actually Trolls), plus the Car (sorry, CARS) you bought are a pile of shit. Is it really worth it?

In Rob's case no, no matter how petty the possession, it's still ego grooming for the man. He even goes as far as calling it something as faggy like "The SilentRobMobile".

Rob's Lovely New Bruum Bruum!!!!
Look at my new Car (in the dark) Guys!!!!

Look at my new car guyz!!!

Needing munnies to continue funding whatever the fuck he does all day long, Rob sadly had to sell his Cutlass Supreme, but being the excellent businessman that he is, swapped it for a 1985 Caddy instead, Somehow he'd have been better off swapping it for some magic beans.


<video type="youtube" id="-EfWhAcmnzM" width="200" height="200" frame="true" position="right"/> Of course, after many of his bitch-fests and falling from grace, his drama could be smelt by trolls from miles away, so for a while he became the whipping boy of the video game reviewer community.

yea no date gamers is pretty bad...it's one thing to talk shit and make parody videos, but at least make them funny...


—Rob, in response to the hate

To acquaint with Rob's sense of humor, all parody videos contained constant swearing and childish mom jokes from that point forward.

Silent Rob: The Animated Series (NoDateGamers)

Click here for the videos.

Fan Videos and Tributes

The Demise of LesiureSuitGaming


On the 30th of August, after all the trolling and generally making a fool of himself in public for the past few months, Rob did the unthinkable and closed his account and Super Sekrit $5 website, much to the annoyance of the fans who actually stumped up the cash. Although, it was pretty obvious this would happen to the rest of the community when Rob didn't get the amount of subscribers he so arrogantly assumed he could accumulate. No BAWWING video saying I'm leaving, or anything. This is possibly due to his dramatics, preferring a shock departure rather than a whiny goodbye.

So what now? Considering that he's such an attention whore, chances are that Rob will come back sometime in the future, blaming the closure of his account either on Bookittty, or claiming that one of her many "cohorts" (I.E. friends of hers that he doesn't approve of Boo speaking to) hacked his account in true Armake style.

Rest assured, we've not seen the last of Mr. Lowe, the mere sight of this very own ED page will send the man into a Tard rage of multiple butthurt videos.

So if you're reading this Robbie, ED says Hi!

The end of Silent Rob?

On April 16th 2010 Silent Rob announced that he would stop making videos. For ever. The reason for this is obviously the "Premium Content", which was unveiled by bookittty182.

<video type="viddler" id="8f402b1d" width="300" height="200" desc="Silent Rob's Last Video (Yeah Right!)" position="center"/>


Nov. 3rd 2010: Rob is back for more action! More e-drama on the way!

Rob plays The Clown Prince Rises

Current Events

As of 2013, Silent Rob has metamorphosed from a whiny, egotistical and blatantly talentless video game reviewer to a bitter, deteriorated and ultimately irrelevant (not that SilentRob was relevant in the first place) has been Youtube user who now relies on his 10,000 moronic subscribers and tiny network of butt-buddies to stay alive. Now instead of creating unintelligent reviews and rants, he creates unintelligent videos about a variety of topics, from bronies and Sonic the Hedgehog to the AVGN movie. At one point, he even had the balls to criticize AVGN for screwing over his fans into donating money to his movie. That's right. The same guy that bitched about how people weren't willing to spend $5 on his crappy website is now accusing AVGN for being greedy.

Finally after years of bitching, moaning, nagging, whining and throwing himself on the floor crying, SilentRob has at long last found a partnership program for his useless Youtube channel. The only problem is...it's Machinima, a network not known for their flexible service. So when SilentRob becomes the latest member to get screwed over by Machinima, it won't be long before he makes a video bitching about what a rotten company Machinima is. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

He also recently is making videos about Bronies more than any other rant he's done. Althought he said Brony Tears was his last Brony video, he kept making more Brony videos. He's made more Brony rants than Irate Gamer rants.

Silent Rob can afford thousands of dollars in PS1 games, but he'll be damned if he spends $5 on a pop filter so his buck-tooth ginger saliva doesn't hit his $2 microphone from 2007.

2014 has proven that Silent Rob has been at his lowest, most extraneous point in his pointless YouTube life. Silent Rob has uploaded only a few videos that were surprisingly even shittier than his older videos. Silent Rob is hopefully most likely dead along with his complete and utter failure of a YouTube channel.

2018 saw the release of a new medium bearing the Silent Rob title, that of which was published November 10th in both ebook and print formats by wannabe independent illustrator/publisher Sebastian Schug. But given the fact that Rob's fanbase would rather spend their McDonald's paycheck on each new iteration of outdated tech, it's unlikely that the short story will ever take off in the near future.

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