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On 28th August, the SJWs said gamers are dead. Now they realize Gamasutra is dead.

Leigh Alexander is a fat, racist, alcoholic megaphone who worked as a game journalist and as editor-in-chief for Gamasutra until she got lol fired, to promote the clients of her indie game PR firm and spends the rest of her time taking whore pics of herself holding a controller in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other, and telling people about how much she actually hates video gamers and video games (which she doesn't even play). She also threatens people for disagreeing with her that she will end their career and looking down her nose at people who criticize her by telling them they are poor, while she herself is a 30 year old who currently living in a slum and possibly still with her dad.

It is all of this and more that makes her hated, not only by her readers, but by other gaming journalists as well. That and the fact she keeps eating all their pie.

Who is Leigh Alexander?

Leigh is a multifaceted personality with various layers of obnoxiousness, bitchiness, racism and fat.

She's Such a Cunt That Even Her Friends Hate Her

Before we get into anything Leigh has said or done, let's hear testimony from some of her friends as to what she's like:

She generally came off as a very insecure, desperate-to-fit-in person hiding behind a facade of disdain and superiority. She was not a terribly good writer. She found a handful of phrases and descriptive elements, and endlessly reworked them into everything she posted…I felt her public fixation on sexual issues was off-putting.


what I’ve read of hers has shown a lack of fact-checking or research. She has a very blatant agenda with anything she writes, and will be loose with the facts to support that.


attention-starved phony.


She’s a fraud through and through. That hasn’t changed.


a bigot that doesn’t deserve her job, and your lack of integrity and inclusiveness is evidence of that.


Girl, time to leave the games writing business.


I mostly remember her for being kind of an elitist girl. She would lash out if things didn’t go her way.


Leigh was, for lack of a better term, insufferable. She was hard to swallow even when we were all very practiced in dealing with overpowering personalities. She was loud, demanding, unfair, and worst of all a fairly talented writer. Nowadays she plays the victim just as well as she ever did. She sings and dances around criticism and directs it deftly into herself as a personal attack that she can just shrug off and discredit because when it’s about her, it’s not about her opinions, her words, her attitude, or her personality. She wears the mummer’s motley well, but I think that’s actually just who she is, so who am I to call her a phony? She’s self-serving, manipulative, and abusive. She was when we were kids.

She might be the most true to herself person I know.


I think it’s a coping mechanism, you have to buy-in to what you’re doing –otherwise you have a massive breakdown. Your entire life is a lie, and everything you do is meaningless, years of your life has been wasted etc, etc.


Did I ever think Leigh Alexander would become a critical games journalist? Is she now? I played video games professionally for years, and I had never heard of her except in passing.


I know that she called me fat and ugly. Better than illiterate, I suppose.


There were several parties where PR people would mutter that she was causing drama during public engagements and sometimes, would be told a party was ending or urged to another one simply to get her out of the doors.


at the time, was in a small group of women who were considered to be ‘feminism grenades’ because you could not speak about anything without it becoming a gender debate. Even when drunk, she would edge almost anyone out of a conversation simply by pointing out that she was fighting for women. In the same breath, she would do shots and then gossip about other females that she felt were not progressive enough for her wildly trendy standpoints.


she made it look like being brash, inebriated and furious was going to make anyone any friends for the causes she supposedly had. If you disagreed with her, you were suddenly seen as an outcast. If you agreed with her, you were seen as one of her pets. Not just by others, but by herself as well.


An example of everything that is wrong with video game journalism


You mention in one of your latest posts that you want a different job. That is exactly what I would recommend.


Less than a year ago, I publicly spoke out against Leigh in a way that made her immediately defensive. I had been staying away from the feminism debate in video games because I never felt keen to it in the first place. Instead of noting that I was someone she very obviously knew of, she cried to her followers how she ‘wished’ that ‘young female writers’ wouldn’t try to ‘make a name for themselves’ by publicly calling her out. She cried over this until white knights poured out of the woodwork and she sent them my way before quickly blocking me and repeatedly telling people she didn’t know who I was.


There has never been a publication who has had to deal with her quitting so much as she was gently removed and asked to step down due to PR complications.


people would leave the second they knew she was coming just to avoid drunken backlash.


Her recent request for people to buy her online works to pay off her debt has been noted by some as a means to hold parties and gatherings and literally pay for better coverage of her name within the industry.


The only people that will hire her now are people who literally have nothing to lose.


What do I have to say to her today? I would tell her to remember who she is, but honestly. I think that’s the problem.


I feel like she’s way past the point of no return.


Maybe it’s time to leave games journalism.


Yes, Leigh is such a cunt that a while after GamerGate started a number of her old friends came out to do an interview and tell everyone what they really think of her. These are only some of the quotes. The rest can be found in the links and are well worth reading.

Alexander Hates Gamers


One thing that can be seen throughout her "career" is that Leigh Alexander absolutely DESPISES gamers. She is often seen calling them fat, nerd, virgins and losers, as well as what SJW's consider an insult but most sane people consider a compliment: Straight, white, males.

All of this makes her choice to be a game journalist baffling. One theory is that, according to her tweets, because the boys never let her play video games with them she now hates all men and all gaming and wants to destroy them both (as she had herself stated). That is why, when GamerGate broke out, she saw it as a perfect opportunity to eliminate the gamer public (her war with black people would have to wait) and quickly began writing articles about how the term "Gamer" is dead and how everyone who uses it is a rapist. One of the people who works with her even found a file on her computer called "A guide to destroying gamers".

Leigh Fucking Hates you Nerds About missing Pics
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How Alexander Interacts With Her Critics

Leigh hates video games and gamers and spends most of her time telling everyone how they are all fat losers and how the indie industry of homeless hipsters making flash games is far more important than the multi-million productions of the AAA industry because she knows no one in any real video game company gives a fuck what she thinks, says or does. That is why she has to roll away into the depths of the indie crowd where she can pretend to have some semblance of influence and try to control people by claiming they are misogynists.

But, even more than the actual gamers, she hates criticism from them. That is why she shut down her comment section and whenever any of them try to contact her she responds by posting their email address and asking her white knights on twitter to save their damsel and troll them for her.

Leigh Doxing People About missing Pics
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As you can see, she also encourages other gaming journalists to follow her example. But, there aren't always any dox for her to give to her following of fat beta males that she hates but who jerk off to her tweets every night before going to bed. When this happens she resorts to calling them poor.

Does she live at home with daddy?
Leigh Hates the Poor About missing Pics
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This is ironic because she herself, despite being a "successful" business woman, is in her 30's and lives either at home with her dad, in a slum or both.

How Alexander Interacts With Game Devs and Other Journalists

But not all people who tell her she's shit are nameless nobodies; other journos and game developers hate her too! For example, David Jaffe expressed how much he hates her once, which is probably a sentiment shared by most people in the industry, to which she responded by posting a drunken blog post (a recurring theme with her) and possibly trying to get him fired.

Trying to get people fired is a common practice with Leigh, as she is quick to tell people that she will end their career if they ever criticize or even so much as disagree with her.

Leigh Threatens People About missing Pics
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However, these are all idle threats. There is no evidence that she has ever been able to do anything to anyone and just hopes that people will take her at her word that she has some kind of real power and back off.

Ironically, after yet another drunken debacle, she had to create a hashtag called Twitter-favicon.png #saveleighalexander to beg her followers to defend her from losing her job.

Alexander The Alcoholic

Colt45.jpg This person is a fierce alcoholic

You can help by sending them pamphlets and donating your liver.

You'd be hard pressed to find a picture of Leigh where she isn't drinking or currently drunk. Almost all her interactions online and off are done under the influence of alcohol including: drunk tweeting, drunk blogging and attending panels and conventions drunk. At one drunken freakout during a panel at a convention she started screaming that it cost E3 $775,000,000 a day to rent the space that they were holding the event at and spazzed out until her tit popped out. The picture was too pixilated to make anything out, but it is safe to say that, despite the magic of photoshop and push-up bras in her other pictures, her udders are probably pretty saggy.

BRING ON THE BOOZE!!! About missing Pics
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Alexander the Giant Racist

Finally safe from those damn "Hood Men".

Another wonderful aspect of Alexander's character is her raging racism. Her twitter is full of hateful tweets about blacks, the Irish and god knows who else. Up until recently she had kept them in full view, believing she can't be touched, but after GamerGate flooded her employer's inbox with emails about it she began to hide these tweets. However, not only was it already far too late, she has over 91,000 tweets, so there are probably a lot more of these gems laying around.

The story of her life
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Leigh Assaults an ex Employee

Drunk Leigh sexually harassing someone

There is a rumor (and, as you know from reading this site, all rumors are always true) that Leigh once physically assaulted one of her former employees.

The story is that she was drunk (SHOCKING!) and probably at GDC, when someone who used to work with her said something about feminism she didn't like. Leigh went apeshit and started trying to beat him up and people had to rodeo her fat ass off of him. Later, people convinced them to make nice and that was the end of that. Until some website put up an article mentioning it. Obviously Leigh had it taken down and few people knew where to find it anymore, but people who saw it or saw what actually happen and remember it say Leigh is a fucking drunken psycho.



After spamming Leigh's boss' email and complaint department for six months and reducing UBM's stock value by millions, people finally got Leigh canned.
It was tactfully announced as her "Moving on", but it was obvious to everyone what actually happened. And so, the woman who became affectionately known as "The drunk megaphone" will now have to change her assertions that she is games journalism into the past tense.

Right after leaving, Leigh moved to an offshoot of BoingBoing called "OffWorld" that she (as it would appear from her comments on the matter) intends to turn into a clone of Shanley Kane's "Model View Culture" by copying her business model (i.e: tricking retards with various shades of brown skin to write for her without pay, convincing them they are doing it in the name of social justice) and was formally run by Brandon Boyar. "Who is Boyar" you ask? He's the guy who runs ran IndieCade and the IGF (both also owned by UBM) as well as judges in other gaming contests and gives out all the awards to people he slept with (like Maya Kramer, Zoe Quinn's PR agent), people he is friends with (like Steph Thirion about who's game he wrote ten articles and gave 4 awards), and people he is helping run a racketeering scam (like Phil Fish). So you can accurately say the site's management already has a reputation that's right up Leigh's alley. After Boyer was kicked out of BoingBoing and IGF, Leigh was called in to replace him and hired child molester Sarah Butts to help.

Leigh immediately began running the site by breaking the law and informing men that they will not be getting paid for their work while women will (feel free to report her to the department of labor this time).


At time of writing Leigh is begging people for money and the site seems to be offline. The true irony of it all is that when GamerGate started, she told TheRalphRetort that writing about her was the only thing to ever bring him traffic. Now, even when her site is online, it gets less traffic than TheRalphRetort.

Her PR Company and Fraudulent Practices


Besides writing positive reviews for her friends like the creators of Gone Home, Alexander is also the head of a gaming PR company called "Agency for Games". This does not stop her from retaining her position as editor-at-large at Gamasutra and probably using her connections with various groups, her personal twitter and contests like the IGF to promote her clients and their shitty games in a blatant conflict of interests.

Not only that, but also:

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Promoting friends

Leigh's Shitty Consulting Burns Veteran Games Company to The Ground

The best part of it all it that she's absolutely shit at her job, which brought down a 12 year old company and forced it to shut down thanks to her piss poor PR work. As the story goes, "Tale of Tales" hired Leigh to promote their game "Sunset". After getting all her jurno friends from sjw sites to give them free press (she bribed at least one of them via Patreon), having them buy up ads on RockPaperShotgun and getting them heavily featured in "Rise of the Indies" (an indie sjw propaganda documentary), the game flopped. Advertising to sjws and allegedly even bribing Anita Sarkeesian herself to promote them (and getting nothing in return, including their money) was pointless because they critique games but don't buy them, and everyone else who was tricked by these sites into buying Gone Home last time knew better than to fall for it again and buy what was literally a house cleaning simulator.

The company ended up having to be shut down because of major losses incurred by Leigh's failure and their own financial mismanagement leading to the game selling only 4,000 copies (including sales and people who already bought it by donating to the KickStarter) and the creator went on an insane rant all over the internet about how much he hates capitalism and gamers for refusing to buy his propaganda.

Other Projects


Leigh book.jpg

In another futile scheme to make money, Leigh published a "book". I put the word "book" in quotation marks because a better word would be "pamphlet". The mind-numbingly dull, 65 page long rush job that is this book was titled "The Breathing Machine" and details her life story despite the fact she has yet to do a single worthwhile thing. Luckily, you don't have to pay to read this turd of a book (although I can't for the life of me think of a reason you would want to do that in the first place) because she "leaked" it to the internet because she was mad at the publishing house that somehow agreed to publish her turd because she didn't like their political views. So she decided to punish them by denying herself of money.

This recently ended up backfiring because, since she lost her job, no one wants to work with her anymore. She is forced to beg people to buy her book and offer to bribe them to help her get good publicity.

Failed Acting Career:

Apparently, Leigh studied acting. There is no mention of this anywhere, so it was probably just another failed pipe-dream. She now uses her training to make hilarious, overblown facial expressions on news shows.

Crazy Tweets

Her boss at the Guardian is angry. Keep mailing him.
Depression Quest Steam Review4
Calling Adam Baldwin a crackhead
Depression Quest Causes Depression
Alexander admits to being corrupt but doesn't understand it's a problem
Depression Quest Steam Review
Making excuses for why she can't get a man
Depression Quest Steam Review2
The signs of a healthy mind
Depression Quest Steam Review3
Talking shit about Penny Arcade
Depression Quest Steam Review5
More of the same
Depression Quest Steam Review6
"It's not okay to call me a cunt, even if I am one"
Depression Quest Steam Review9
Leigh is daring you to call her boss... are you chicken?
Depression Quest Steam Greenlight Comment
Professional to the max
Depression Quest Causes Depression
And again

Leigh Whoring

Except the white girl is actually fuckable

Leigh is the epitome of the stereotype of "whore with a controller", a self defined "Gamer girl" who admittedly doesn't even play the games she reviews and can be seen here literally slutting around half naked with a controller that isn't actually plugged into anything.

Put your clothes back on, chubby About missing Pics
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Leigh fat0.png

Hilariously, she took these pictures despite once going apeshit and getting Matt Clark banned from GameJournoPros after she was featured in an article called "The 40 Hottest Women in Tech" and he said it was not a big deal. She bitched and whined about how the article was sexist, but that may be because, despite the fact that there are virtually no hot women in tech, Leigh was still able to place at No. 46 at the bottom of the list. Far behind uglier women and women twice her age because at least, unlike Leigh, they weren't difficult fat fucks.

And, again, none of this stopped her from taking these whore pics of herself and posting them online because her posing in a towel with a camera just short of being pointed directly at her vagina is somehow less objectifying to her.

What is Leigh Alexander?

What are you? About missing Pics
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Other Pics

Funny pics, Logs and Infographics About missing Pics
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See Also

Gamasutra loses another sponsor because of Leigh

External Links

Responding to the articles (probably drunk)


Leigh confirms her employer is pissed. Time to send more emails

Have you been threatened or insulted by Leigh Alexander? Think she shouldn't be working at Gamasutra anymore? These people would love to hear about it:

lol she got fired.

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