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Are you a misanthrope? Are you a poseur? Are you scared of rednecks and/or guns (Even though they're too wasted on malt liquor and meth to be a decent shot)? Do you drink non-homogenized milk? Is your favorite band 4 non blondes? Are you incapable of tying your shoes without extensive government intervention? Congratulations! You might just be a Leftard.

Typical leftards. Notice they are all fugly dykes. Bush took pity on them and sent them to Africa, because Bush knew that fire hydrant sized black dicks could cure them. They are now all gainfully employed in porn.
Uncle Sam is a manly man!

They can be identified by their constant usage of phrases such as:

...and their extreme hatred for non vegan food, which offends them as it is associated with Western culture, a popular target of leftard hatred. They commonly eat shit like mung beans and like to tell everyone their shit doesn't smell, but the truth is they're a malnourished, pasty and sick people.

A common argument leftards use is the "But people are dying in Iraq" in light of a tragedy. If you had your entire family gunned down by some crazy azn leftards would yell at you for shedding a tear or saying anything to their memory because "OMG SHUT UP!!! YOU CANT BE SAD AT ALL!! PEOPLE ARE DYING IN IRAQ!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CRY!! STUPID NEOCON!".

Perhaps the greatest degeneracy of Leftards is their passion for empty symbolism and mock-heroic acts. Chaining yourself to a traffic light, chanting jingo, and waving a 50 foot high paper-mâché puppet of Dick Cheney stroking his dick just make national health insurance and world peace look ridiculous.

Origination of leftards

Alex Jones on his unpopular radio show

Many leftards originated from a website known as infowars where rapists and conspiracy theorists gather to talk about their leftarded ideas. Alex Jones created this website in hopes to promote his radio show despite the fact that everyone knows that he is a conservatard. The 9/11 conspiracy theory is the main topic of discussion on Infowars along with raping children and killing babies.

Later another left-wing group know ADL pwnt Alex Jones because of his epic faggoty which caused an epic battle between the two that lasted over 9000 years.


The central focus of the Leftard belief system, in any situation, is advocacy for whichever option would be the least advantageous for Western nations/culture/people. This is the only constant, fixed position of Leftards. To the modern day, Western Leftard, everything else (principles, allies, racism, anti-semitism, etc.) is flexible.

Ideologically, Leftards are not strictly 'leftists', and differ distinctly from original Communist/Marxist thought and beliefs. Leftards are a modern, Western phenomena that has arisen in the West since the Cold War defeat of the (original) Marxist/Communist ideology (in the form of the USSR and her satellite states).

While Marxism/Communism arose from the (19th century) observed exploitation of many of the working poor in the wake of the industrial revolution, and had a political platform that involved actual (well-meaning) goals and ideological principles to which Communists generally at least claimed to stick, Leftards do not have any fixed principles or grand plan. They are furious, angry nihilists, who 20 years ago saw their dreams for a Communist utopia go up in smoke thanks to the CIA.

All that remains is hate. And faggotry---ironic, because most of them originally joined up with the vague idea that it would get them laid. Many go on to form self-righteous blogs such as "Propagandalalaland."

Sell outs

Leftards will do things today that Marxists would never, ever, consider doing. For example, Leftards will literally fight each other for the honor of deep-throating Muslim dick, because they sense an affinity with them, in a shared hatred of the West.

Quite a departure from original Marxism, which despises all forms of religion as "reactionary and superstitious". Young Leftards do not even know this. All they know is that one minute they were signing a petition against Bush/Obama, and then the next minute, swallowing a stomach load of spicy Muslim cum suddenly made perfect sense.

Someone has to stand up for the traditional Muslim right to rape and pillage, so why not the young, wide-eyed leftard, with millionaire parents and a pet pony? Besides, they got a free, ghey, colourful "awareness" wristband for their troubles...


Leftards are known for the deep, Unabomber-style hatred of all things technological. They don't want chemicals in their food, or water, or air supply. They think stuff like trans fats and corn syrup are sub-standard just because they're made by chemical reactions and shorten your retirement. (more entitlement thinking that they think they deserve a retirement, just handed to them) They think stock derivatives are a bad idea just because the banks need a taxpayer bailout every time they lose money. They can't understand modern institutions like health insurance, where you pay in all your excess money for twenty years so that you can't afford medical care when you need it and get dropped, just because they have a profit motive. They are a backward, tribal people uneducated by the philosophers of our age, people like Glenn Beck who can understand where things are all going and coming from.


Granny hates everyone.jpg

Really these people are narcissists, they imagine an ideal state of being and since that is not the objective-subjective reality of people they end up hating everything: themselves, people they don't know, God, freedom, and art. Art? Much contemporary art reflects a collectivist morality that is viewed by many as ugly, one example: Literature and Revolution → Chapter 8: "Revolutionary and Socialist Art"

The video below is an example of the typical fucktarded Liberal ideas that thrive in high-resource environments, for these people make up only a small percentage in low-resource environments.


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