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Lee Stranahan is a former liberal who completely copped out and became a conservative, because fuck ethics.

The Liberal Years

During his time as a leftist he worked as a fine art photographer focusing on wholesome family scenes. Sadly, Lee's original works disappeared due to a small problem detected in early September of 2012.

Becoming Conservative After Everything Else He Tried In Life Including Porn Failed Miserably

Lee hid his Hitler footie pajamas and promptly jumped ship from the "Liberal" Party (which while living in his car he never espoused anyway) and became a Conservative when he learned he could get paid for pretending to "know" something about politics. After nobody at all vetted his qualifications he simply swallowed several loads of Andrew Breitbart's man candy and his ill-fated round of TV appearances, podcasts, and blog posts began in earnest.

But there were a few small things holding him back. 32 small things to be exact; Lee was in need of a little dental repair work due to a problem he picked up during his liberal years buying Mini-Thins in bulk from truck stops between moments spent primping out various whores for spare Marlboros.

Lee attached himself to the now deceased faux-Conservative muckraker Andrew Breitbart, a Jew with absolutely no sense of humor but a fabulous ability to channel closeted homosexual newspaper owner William Randolph Heart's primary invention, Yellow Journalism. Lee, upon realizing that Yellow Journalism completely released him from fact-checking or telling the truth in any way, knew his "career" as a Jew hating, woman baiting rape apologist was born in full. After writing several articles for Iranian newspapers denying The Holocaust, Lee decided instead to focus instead on his true love, writing about the debasement and objectification of women as bukkake dumpsters and ashtrays. This brought much amusement to his cohorts at Breitbart who had long believed this to be fact but never had the balls to write it as they are afraid of having their personal jew gold stolen by angry, feminazi lawyers.

Lee's jump to faux-Conservatism was brought on by his inability to add to his collection of jewgold by using his never-quite-right "Pay Me to Learn to Blog" scams. In these various various fantasy swindles, people were encouraged to send the gold and silver dental work of their deceased Jew relatives to Lee's PayPal account. In return, Lee would teach them how to Yellow Journalism "correctly", which is to say he would give lessons in libel, slander and fail in the use of simple spell-check programs. The problem for these simple-minded retards was that Lee never bothered to actually deliver any of these "courses" that he took money for, proving to all these people that not only is he a nigger but also most likely spent all their money on Meth and hookers.

Lee is also a professional victim. He manufactures drama regularly, frequently attempting to use Anonymous as his personal fund-raising team by claiming that some scary furries in Gay Fucks masks are allegedly threatening to abscond with his jewgold or rape his camwhore wife, whose naked pictures Lee has happily pimped out for spare change in the past to any slope with a roll of quarters.

Brandon Darby, LOL DEAD! Andrew Breitbart & Why Some Things Should Just Run Down a Woman's Leg

Brandon Darby (left) and Lee Stranahan (bottom)

Lee needed a front man (read: one with teeth) for his expanding media operation, but just long enough for him to replace those choppers. He needed a total faggot that he could dispose of, a snitch with fatal baggage, and who better for that role than the famous American hero Brandon Darby? Lee met Brandon Darby, his soul mate and the (by turkey baster) surrogate father of several of Lee's hell-spawn, after they traded some furry porn at a Breitbart fundraiser and decided that Darby should sleep with Lee's whore wife to attempt to improve the Stranahan families Asberger's and dwarfism-plagued gene pool.

Darby disposability came from a series of harmless pranks that began in the summer of 2011. Listen carefully kids - have you been swatted by this man?

Lee Stranahan - Unmasked

Not only a proponent of bondage, Lee also came out in favor of the appropriate handling of girls who are asking for it receiving their just deserts. Those humorless fucks at Bullyville took issue with Lee's vigorous defense of the fine young men of the Steubenville high school football team.

I’ll have to admit, I’m a little annoyed that I have to take any time out of my day to respond to your half-truths and conspiracy theories; propagated by some nobody who is clearly beneath me, nevertheless here we are.  Quite honestly, it disgusts me that you refer to yourself as a reporter/blogger/journalist because you’re neither.  It’s self-loathing bottom feeders like yourself who give excellent and noble reporters/bloggers/journalists a bad name.  You have failed at everything else in life, so now you’re making a run at being a “journalist” without the prerequisite skills required. It seems you’ve forgotten that a journalist’s place is to report the story, not to invent the story out of thin air and lies. I know that you so desperately seek attention and want people to view you as a credible news source, but that ship sailed years ago. My guess would be that occurred around the time you were dabbling in fetish porn with apparent underage “models”. -James McGibney

Bullyville's rhetoric was so persuasive that Lee promptly surrendered.


protip for the as yet unindicted young men of Stuebenville - this only works if you don't take video


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