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This guy hasn't left his car in years.

Something usually said after someone bluffs, and someone else calls them on it. It translates to "I'm full of shit".


Prima: I am an elite skateboarder. It is too bad I forgot my skateboard because I really want to shred up this skate park.
Secunda: Here you go bro, since I anticipated you being full of shit, I brought an extra skatboard just so that I could get the satisfaction of catching you in a lie.
Prima: Oh man bro I totally would but I'm way too lazy.
Secunda: *Trollface*


People Who Have Used It

The Birth of Too-laziness

Slacktivism - Gay Equality.jpg

There are several theories as to when "too lazy" was born. Some people say that "Too lazy" was born when Longcat created the world, but the most widely accepted theory is that it happened around last Friday when Schmucky was asked to make more, but denied because he was "too lazy".

Another popular theory is that "too lazy" is a variant of "too tired". "Too tired" was indisputably created by Adam when his first wife, Lilith, asked if she could be on top. He promptly told her that he was "too tired" and went to sleep. After three nights of Adam being "too tired", Lilith caught on and divorced him.

Where is Too Lazy Now?

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