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SENATVS POPVLVSQVE ROMANVS. Latin in use back in the day.
Latin is a contemporary giant of education and remains as relevant to modern relationships as it ever was.

Latin is the name of the language used by the guys who ran the Roman Empire. Its distinct lack of native speakers makes it a so-called 'dead language'; dead language being the technical term for, 'all the people who talked like this are dead'. What this, essentially, means is that Latin is only used by know-it-all virgins that can't get it up; the sad people who spend their fucking lives with Latin (or any other dead, basically useless language) are called 'philologists'. Famous philologists you may have heard of include J.R.R Tolkien, and our batshit friend, Fred Nietzsche

Latin has also been in use for centuries as an instrument of torture in schools; for example, Latin is taught in English fee paying schools (confusingly called Public Schools), and also sometimes single gender schools. This is so that, should you meet or dig up a dead Roman in England, you can at least flame him in his own language.

In general, it survived mainly as nerd-speak between academics and as so-called 'kitchen Latin', among groups such as Catholics, mages, satanists, goths, philosophers, etc.

On the internets, it is encountered in a few distinct flavours (see below).

"I know Latin, I has studied it" is one of the most used phrases regarding the subject, and is commonly used by learned gentlemen in order to garner respect on the tubes from easily impressionable faggots.

Contemporary Latin Use

The Roman Emperor "Ivstinivs Timberlacvs", bringing sexy back.

Today Latin is used primarily by three groups, two of which hate each other:

  • Law students use a limited amount of Latin when they are not getting arrested for DWI (Latin exams usually consist of crossword-puzzles and/or multiple-choice-tests for retards).
  • The Catholic Church, in contrast, generally uses a mangled form of Latin to tell regular folk how evil they are, and for secret communiques to its priests regarding taking it in the ass. Until the 1960's, most Catholic masses were given completely in Latin, mostly as a means to make sure the layman had no idea what the fuck was going on. Some Argue that this may have been done on purpose in order to further subjugate any given congregation to it's priest. The Vatican's manual, written in Latin and fittingly called the 'Vulgata', is considered the quintessential coffee-table book.

True to its roots, everybody that regularly employs Latin in normal speech is a voracious pedophile.

Latin devolved into the "Romance Languages" such as French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, and Romansh, 80% of English, (some) German, et cetera. Ergo one could say it never really died, unlike Punic, which is indisputably dead and gone.

Latin America

Latin America is generally everything south of the United States and also Québec according to some. Latin Americans don't actually speak Latin, despite what you may assume. "Latin America" is a term that refers to the Latin heritage of the dirty Spics and Portuguese who colonized the place, since the Romans had conquered them years ago, forcing them to speak their language. The people of these places speak bastardized versions of the European languages of the people who colonized them. Hence, they are speaking a bastardization of a bastardization, like Creole. This, in combination with the intermingled blood of the African slaves, and natives, is why the entire area is dirty, smelly, poor, communist and a giant fail in general.

When Latin Teachers Go Bad

Typical Latin teachers


Common Latin Phrases

Stercus Accidit - "Shit happens"
Verbane "horreum nigrorum mortuorum" extra scripta sunt? - "Is there a sign that says 'dead nigger storage' outside?"
Vir niger planum meum clepsit - "Nigga stole my plane"
Caveat emptor - "The George Foreman Grill."
A priori - "This is bullshit that comes with the game."
A Posteriori - "This is bullshit that comes as DLC afterwards."
Et tu, Brute - "Oh, Brutus"
Ad fundum - "In the ass"
In absentia - "In the ass"
Deus ex machina - "Did you see what God just did to us?!"
Ad hominem - "Stop picking on me or I'll cry"
Veni, vidi, vici - "I came I saw I conquered."
Alea jacta est - "Time to pwn some n00bs."
Finis coronat opus - "I Did it For The Lulz."
Manus manum lavat - "I think we can work something out."
Etcetera - "That's all I've got"
Praeterea sanctum nihil est neque ab inguine tutum, non matrona laris, non filia virgo, neque ipse sponsus levis adhuc, non filius ante pudicus; horum si nihil est, aviam resupinat amici. - "I'd hit that."
Mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundat!- My hovercraft is full of eels!
Et nihil pretii perivit. - "And nothing of value was lost."
Feles longa est longa. - "Long cat is long."
Ex nihilo nihil fit. - "You can't Divide By Zero."
Irrumare - infinitive verb, translates roughly as "to facefuck."
lol quid - "lolwut"
Vagina - "Sheath" (not kidding)
Penis - "Tail" (Go get some dude)
Globos meos lambe - "Lick my balls."

Latin is widely considered to be completely irrelevant to normal life, but this is probably because most people are retarded, and hence, noone cares about where over 9000 commonly used words in their language come from.

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