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Last Measure™ was a hilarious browser hijack prank that swept the world circa September 2005. Even though Last Measure received thousands of hits each day during the peak of its popularity, the site was later removed from the internets, in a cruel blow against anyone who did not yet see it. It was created using a combination of Lulz and Magic.

History of Last Measure

Last Measure was created some time ago by a pair of brothers who did not give their names, but went by the codenames of "timecop" and "Jesuitx". They hosted Last Measure on a freewebs server for about a day before a bored nerd found it, then Slashdotted it. Traffic quadruplified, and the brothers were more than happy to upgrade to a real server to allow this many people to see their hilarious video.

G4 and MSNBC got hold of Last Measure, and both networks plugged the website at prime time. Again, more people than ever were flocking to see the hilarity of Last Measure.

Demise of Last Measure

On September 30, 2005, United States Senator Rick Santorum, who is unfunny and has no sense of humor, said that Last Measure was "a foul degradation of America's morals"; he then went on to say how serious the internet is supposed to be. Encyclopedia Dramatica hence concludes that Senator Santorum is an offensive lulzkiller.

After Santorum's verbal ejaculation, Microsoft sued Last Measure, saying they infringed copyright and were using illegal bandwidth. The charges were blatantly false, but the brothers could not afford a lawyer who could defeat Bill Gates's team of robot prosecutors. They had to concede and take down the site.

In 2007 at some point, Last Measure got put into virus scanners. Now instead of people seeing the uplifting and family-friendly site, their virus scanner comes up and blocks it saying it detects a virus.


Before the site was officially shut down, millions of bloggers copied the cartoon and hosted it on mirrored servers. Even Bill Gates, with his legions of hackers, couldn't take down all of them. timecop and JesuitX could rest in peace knowing their creation was still alive.

Last Measure Unified X

A version of Last Measure was created by Jmax in an attempt to merge lastmeasure version 3 and 4 and coffeemeasure. Along with the merging came new shit, such as LMX Live stats which tracks the amount of redirects a person gets resulting in a race for e-penis. Notable additions are the inclusion of more "Hey Everybody!" voice clips from various GNAA members and the addition of PDF ruin.

You can find all of the audio clips here.

Ruby Measure

The latest version of Last Measure, written in Ruby on Rails, expected to debut in May of 2013 but got fucked by Major Browsers.


GNAA is currently developing a standalone Last Measure server program. Development for a Last Measure for mobile clients has also been discussed.


People Who Approve of Last Measure

People Who Don't Approve of Last Measure

  • moot -Posting a link to on 4chan gets you BANNED.
  • Anyone talking sense on anontalk
  • That fucking jackass cracker senator
  • Bill Gaytes

The death of Last Measure???

Most major browsers have blocked the largest Last Measure mirrors as of 2013. However, there are still many mirrors that bypass most browser detection. Further measures are being taken to avoid browser spam-lists, such as the coming removal of * from all Last Measure clients.

Using still works and hasn't been blocked, you can add a subdomain or a subpage.

External Links

Most browsers filter any Last Measure mirror that links to, so they are pretty much for educational purposes only.

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