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Pay attention to me and my ironic photo and my favorite bands and my cool haircut and my interesting username! Are you a girl? Wanna go out?
A perfect example of making a good wiki for your favorite band
Typical Oli Sykes worshiper on
Typical Last.FM try-hard troll.
A place for btards
getting music recommendations from is like being pointed to the porno section for a Disney movie
Leonard Rockstein was gonna go to DeVry, become an IT tech, gettin' his shit together... is a disease. Forum spam is the cure.
A typical, enlightening day on the forums
Example of how Top Listeners use Lastfm. 1) Find band with several million plays 2) Leave Winamp on repeat and mute for a week 3) ??? 4) Profit
On Lastfm you can upload and vote for your favourite pictures!
You can even help describe your favorite bands (Until the mods lock the thread)!

Last.FM (formerly Audioscrobbler) is a program that allows users to eat all of their CPU and RAM power just to see what songs and pr0n groove they've listened to. An open source plugin is installed to one's player of choice, and MP3 metadata, along with your IP and any recently entered credit card numbers, are then transmitted to the Audioscrobbler servers where it is then cataloged among the user's recent tracks, and tabulated for determining top songs and artists both server-wide and for individual end users. They also enjoy tracking your Jenkem. No, believe me. They do.

UPDATE!!!:Last.FM is no longer a nonfag paradise thanks to money-hungry and shittier versions of MOG(moar like FAG, amirite?) and HypeMachine.

UPDATE!!!: HairMetalAddict is no longer a moderator! Now a subscriber!

UPDATE!!!: used to be prime trolling territory with HairMetalAddict out of the picture, but as of now Thaelvyn, has ascended and taken HMA's throne, if you post a single negative thing about a band he routinely checks you get insta-banned or muted meaning you can't post in shoutboxes temporarily. PROTIP: Just fucking troll where Thaelvyn doesn't regularly check at. LOL b&!

Troll warnings and bans in progress. All trolls should expect every single shout of theirs to be deleted, not just trolling as we don't waste time picking and choosing. Zero Tolerance for trolls is in effect. - Moderator


—comment left on various shoutboxes by HairMetalAddict, the faggiest mod and the most anti-lulz generator of them all.

HairMetalAddict is now insta-banning for posting of "Illegal Content"

Your posting of links to illegal download material, even "spacing" the URL to override the spam blocks in place to prevent this, in direct violation of rules which you are required to follow per the Terms of Service you agreed to on joining, has been noted and deleted. Any further "spacing" of spam-blocked things to override the spamblock, or posting of ANY links to any illegal download material, can result in loss of your account without further warning.

HMA Moderator


—Internal mail message now being sent by HairMetalAddict. Lol he is so full of himself.


Fuck you Radiohead you pretentious fuckwitted twatbags! I hope that god damn double-asshat Thom Yorke dies in a fire. As for the music, throwing McDonalds sugar packets on the floor and recording the resulting noise creates something infinitely more listenable than even the best of Radiodick or whatever you shit-for-brains windowlickers call yourselves.


—comment left on Radiohead's Shoutbox has been the source of internets drama, as it is used primarily by all walks of holier-than-thou scenesters such as badlydrawnjeff to flaunt their devotion to (a) particular band(s) or genre(s), usually to prove one's self more hardcore than someone else.

A common pastime for the elitist prick on is to go to the artist page of a popular band, and say that this band "sucks" and anyone who listens to "real music" will agree. Another common activity is to make an "Anti-(Insert name of popular band)" group, in which the members can have a circle jerk talking to each other about how much (popular band) sucks. To appear truly jaded and hardcore, do BOTH of these at the same time.

Other users have gone even one step further than this, creating "anti-entire genre" groups, and 9 times out of 10 they are completely ignorant of said genre and they're usually metalheads. In response to this, some concerned citizens have set up the ANTI-METAL group (Despite most of them liking metal), solely to piss off elitist 13-year old boy metalhead pricks. They seek out anti-genre groups and troll the fuck out of them and their shoutboxes, creating much lulz.


Rap is for thug, it's bring hatred and intolerance in young peoples mind's, we must stop this plague !!


The Audioscrobbler forums consist principally of groupies promoting their friends' local bands, hipsters bickering about musical talent, or other mind numbing space wasting threads that only belong on either trollspring, failbook, shitter, MySpastic, or some self obsessed whiney neurotic fucks blog.


  • Musical Compatibility with the user above you MMM ME SEE WHO I SHALL MAKE MY GIRLFRIEND NEXT.
  • What was the highlight of your day? MINE WAS SO FUCKING BORING SITTING AT A COMPUTER ARGUING ABOUT <Insert Random Artist Here> AND HOW MUCH MORE HXC THEY ARE THAN <Insert Random Artist Here>

As you can see, just browsing the topic titles already would make a sane person want to stick their hand into blender, if only to get them away from that IQ lowering festival of pointlessness. To prove just how bad (or good. i dont even fucking know anymore...) this place can get, here is a genuine excerpt from a typical topic:

Scenester 1: The drummer from Remembering Wednesday is sooo dreamy! *swoon*
Scenester 2: Those sell outs have the shittiest chord progression I've ever heard. They suck.
Scenester 3: Omgwtfbbq, you like On The Edge Of Forever, and they sound exactly alike.
Scenester 1: Poseur!

Deviation from creating a topic that doesnt require only half of a rotting hemisphere of brain mass will result in being branded a troll, because as we all know, FORUMS R SRS FKN BSNS. This includes topics where the user might actually have fun and enjoy themselves as opposed to just posting crap that doesnt even matter.


Last.FM allows users to tag songs they listen to by genre, or by any other criteria they can think of. Other users can then listen the bands people have given specific tags using the player. Since tags can be easily added and are not moderated, any song will likely have a full spectrum of tags from folk to j-rap. The tag for brutal death metal has been hijacked in this way after a concerted effort, which is why Barney, Sesame Street, and Paris Hilton are not considered artists of that genre.


However, due to retardation or possibly hipster irony, you will never EVER hear a band from the chosen genre.


ED has a group who's charts are full of AIDS and fail, join it for teh faggotry and 13 year old boys! oh and mods may be "watching the group". AIDS finally finished it off. History

The Great Flame Wars of March 08

this faggot > you becaus e he's into REAL HARDCORE

The flaming began when g0sm0k3ashotgun swore at cutslikedrugsx and called him a fag, claiming that cutslikedrugsx had started shit with him. Cuts then responded with shear absurdity, admitting to being a furfag and typing random links and comments into Shotgun's shoutbox. Cuts then escalated the conflict with changing his user pic to Shotgun's. After a stern warning from the mods, Cuts changed his user pic to a much more emo one, impersonating a scenester with the intention of further provoking Shotgun's quest to purify the internet of all lesser emos. This duel spilled over into millions and gajillions of other users' shoutboxes and forums and artist pages annoying everyone. Soon bajilliagooglilians of other users were in on the flaming. The intensity peaked when buttsocket, a DEFENDER OF REASON attempted to arbitrate the hostilities. He wrote an objective and well written open letter calling for maturity and criticizing both Cuts and Shotgun for their failure to act like reasonable people. Cuts responded with a copypasta from a complaint letter generator and Shotgun replied by claiming his actions were only in defense. Cuts is now an hero. TEH END LOL.

(Jan 2009 - May 2009) /B/ring Me The Horizon and the Stampede of Anti-Troll Moderation.

It all started in the Bring Me The Horizon shoutbox and it all ended in a vicious acts of Modfags bmxgamer and HairMetalAddict giving out bans and being the anti-lulz as usual. TL;DR version.

It all started when some losers and amateur trolls thought it would be cool to start spreading hate around in deathcore band shoutboxs because nothing is better than making scenefags butthurt about their shitty music taste. Nobody knows how it came to be, maybe it was fate. On the Bring Me the Horizon shoutbox, Oli Sykes's hair was dissed, and on the Job for a Cowboy shoutbox random bree jokes ensued. On the Bring Me the Horizon shoutbox it eventually got so bad that every single post was some stupid shit, and lulz that it made every Bring Me The Horizon fan butthurt and some of them even eventually became an hero. Nothing had happened like this on this site before.

The trolls consisted of a 13 year old female asian vegan atheist, a Romanian loli fanatic , a nerdy college kid with no life, a dude in his mothers basement posing as a scene chick, a wapanese anime guy that was banned , an actual asian, and some 16 year old dude known by his cookie monster avatar. The cookie monster guy thought it would be cool to create a group. He called it "The Fellowship of the Trolls." This group was made for fucking around, targeting specific members to spam the shit out of them, and also performing massive amounts of orgy on each other. In the few weeks it was around, it amassed 1.3k shouts and 700 posts, probably becoming the most active per time group by threefold. This group was responsible for creating like 50 different memes, all involving oli sykes or deathcore in some way.

Well, some fags and scenefags got butthurt too much that they eventually learned that they can actually report in, and thus led an odd turn of events that the group disappeared around May 20th with no notice or reason. After a few attempts to create the group and continued disappearance we were notified that it was being deleted and any more attempts to recreate the group would result in a ban.

To this day, the mods have made it a policy of deleting shouts of anyone who says anything offensive about anything or says something bad about any band. They shut us down completely. The Bring Me the Horizon shoutbox went from 13k to 7k shouts after the mods mass deleted all of our posts. Modfags still continue to patrol the shitty shoutbox now in an attempt to actually think they can do something.

However, it soon became apparent that mods didn't have the energy required for lulzkilling on such a massive scale, and trolls reign supreme on shoutboxes such as this.

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