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Larry Sanger is the inventor and one of the founders of TOW. Dead baggage to Jimbo, Sanger is the sort of guy that Wales dreads to even mention, this most likely stems from Jimbo wanting to keep all the credit to himself. Hell, keep it.

Larry Sanger has only one weakness: He has down syndrome.
Hey Jimmy, I've got an idea!

Co-founder of Wikipedia (AND its sole inventor!!!111oneoneone)

No, this is not an indecent proposal. It's an idea to add a little feature to Nupedia. Jimmy Wales thinks that many people might find the idea objectionable, but I think not.


Larry Sanger on "Lets Make A Wiki"[1]

King Jimbo XII of Wikipedia dreads this subject like the plague.. But we're a truth book here at ED, so here we go.

Larry Sanger assisted in the creation of Wikipedia. There are many, many sources that state that. Consequently, according to wikipedo policy, they have to use those sources. Sounds cool?

Unfortunately, Jimbo was a wee bit butt-hurt over Larry claiming - and rightfully so, as if it is on TOW, it has to be true - that he co-founded Wikipedia with Jimbo. So as a result, Jimbo forced his hivemind to violate policy, set in stone and all that shit, so Jimbo's e-pen0r could grow a wee bit at Jimbo Wales/Chat logs.

However, that whole story was actually a cover up of the actual truth, which is that Ben Kovitz is the actual founder of Wikipedia. While focusing on the Larry Sanger/Jimbo Wales duel, we all forgot about the real founder. David Gerard is primarily responsible for the usurping of the true God-king.

David Gerard's 27 June 2004 "tweak" changed the whole fucking history, and sent Ben to Davey Jones's locker. A year after David Gerard's change, Ben Kovitz was no longer notable enough for an article on Wikipedia even.

Proposed ban

In response to a brief block, during a May9/09 noticeboard discussion, Sanger supported banning himself.

Wikipedia Review

According to WR's admin blissyu2/Arian, an invite was sent prior to March 2006. Response: "I can tell you one thing for damn sure. I certainly will never post to your forum as long as you allow Lir to be posting to it." + "Fred Bauder is a crank"


Disgruntled over Wales' petulant, conservative nature, Sanger had to take matters into his own hands. Sanger, as a rebuttal to TOW, created a superior, factual version of the Wiki, with a closed system of editing as opposed to the cesspool of non-qualified false sense of equality with which Wikipedia is so infested. The next generation of Wikipedia, or Wikipedia 2.0 was to be called Citizendium. Naturally, as Citizendium will be edited solely by experts, and not pretentious wikipedo fucks, it has been estimated that Citizendium will supersede Wikipedia in usefulness pretty fucking quickly. Jimbo's response was one of panic and deep, rising hatred. He decided to erase Larry from Wikipedia as co-founder all together, and has hired a number of suits to make sure it stays that way. Internet - Srs Biz.

Larry Peeking.gif


Larry Sanger has had an interest in pedophilia for nearly a decade. After he unintentionally caused 9/11 to occur with an edit, it was wiped from records.

Recently, in an attempt to get attentionz for his Citizendium, Sanger attempted to get Jimbo thoroughly V& for distributing CP by reporting him to the FBI . Since he apparently forgot his old account's password, he posted by IP to MetaWikimedia. This posting of text immediately caused a slew of drama as people started using it as a talk page and modifying it, until eventually the entire message (and resulting conversation which we luckily recovered) was deleted and Millosh recreated the page from scratch on April 14th as a link to the prior URL. This page was referenced in slashdot prior to the creation date and the talk page was created prior to it, combined with the Jan-Bart history this wipeout is obvious.

Mere days after sending the warning, the Register broke the story, which spread across Slashdot, and Sanger twittered like made linking his followers to the various news reports.

The content in question was the "Category:Pedophilia" and related subsection "Category:Lolicon". Later, Sanger and the news articles relented that it was not showing real people but that it might qualify as 'obscene' or as a 'depiction' of abuse even if it wasn't depicting any real events or crimes. The art in question ranged from drawings of lolis in negligee from the creator of Wikipe-tan to a variety of artwork from the early 1900s.


The Initial Discovery, April 7, 2:05PM "Wikimedia Commons hosts illegal pedophilia. For shame." "Check out the Pedophilia category!"

Larry: "IT'S STILL THERE!!!" "the FBI thinks the contents of Wikimedia Commons' "Pedophilia" category is "artistic." I don't think so"
"I don't need some random anonymous person to tell me how to report a tip to the FBI!"
"You weren't helping and I didn't thank you. Bye now."


WikiBrag @ 3:56PM


Larry: "You don't think it violates the statute? You think the statute is wrong?" 8:58AM
"Didn't answer my question, DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE?" 1:02PM
  • 1:25PM: "the statute doesn't apply, art and history are undoubtedly ashaming, but undeniable knowledge"


Twittering example
Larry: "Slashdot is up in arms, pedophile sympathizers are out in force
  • WannabeGeek & Linux plug the SlashDot entry but attributes it to some kind of Taco Cowboys instead of Jimmy]
Larry: "Don't have kids, do you?"
Larry at 2:44PM: "Why so hostile?"


Further developments

Sanger on Shirky: "Clay thinks that attacking depictions of chlid rape is not classy" 9:35PM

Larry: "THIS NEEDS TO BE A PUBLIC ISSUE" 9:43PM 1 min later... "do you have kids?" 1 min later... "Idly musing: what percentage of you have children?"

Larry: "WM took down my FBI msg :(" (April 14)

Larry: 9:53AM: "public because public pressure be brought to bear"
"there's something wrong with... my motives,"I should stop all criticism of Wikimedia"
"People who don't take me seriously seek for another explanation. This reflects badly on THEM." "Wikipedians refuse to add pedophiles in their midst to their page."




Recently YouTube was used as a platform to promote once again his belief that he started Wikipedia. Immediately after uploading his speeches, he gave his own videos a thumbs up to get the ball rolling. Then, the following four hours were taken up watching videos of 3 year old boys. Out of the 4 channels he has subscribed, 3 were removed by Google for unknown reasons.

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  • SuperMemo, whose inventor had a run-in with Sanger

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