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Instructions on how to rape prisoners of war, accompanied by language.
Care about language!
Language is always fast-changing on the Internets.
Teaching gingers non-existent words like KITPINO for the lulz on an Engrish Lanugage course at the University of Sheffield[1].
Sometimes cultural differences affect translations.

Language is a spoken or written method of communicating lulz, invented at least 100 years ago, possibly by Al Gore or Devdan. According to Catholic private revelations, the only true language is Proto-Indo-European which was spoken by your mom.

'Ꮂ?' - An example of a language, North American Indian, Cherokee. But white people think we Injuns can't talk, read or write.


Before language existed, lulz were sent to Earth by Raptor Jesus through inscriptions on stone tablets. Several scientists believe that stone tablets are the forerunners of IRC, and God often idled there, before he fled to his summer home. Later on in the years some Caveman started running around yelling "SHIT", and everyone laugh at his hairy ass so hard they all shitted. Another was when some woman was waving her ass around and some dude put his dick towards it. After that he yelled "ERECTION" and a bunch of other sexual words. This is just one of the few words they made up and used agian and agian, many of the other words was porn because some dude shoved an orange up a girl's ass.


Worthy Languages

Worthless Languages

Teaching English in Japan

Many losers and pedophiles aspire to one day teach English in Japan. They go to sample the delicious loli that is the Japanese Schoolgirl.

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