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My name is Julie, and I'm not a tranny



I'm a very important person on the Internet HURRRR
This pic summarizes 95% of Lambi's videos
Julie indulging in her guilty pleasure

YouTube Favicon.png LambiSinClair, (Powerword: Julie Dubois), is just one in a long line of attention whores on YouTube. While her masculine features and ginger hair are nothing to write home about, her unwarranted self-importance makes her believe that she's a serious business fetish performer. Although her average looks aren't enough to evoke even a semi from the typical pen0r, she does have a small following of fanboys who fap to her tl;dw videos on a regular basis. Here's an example of a typical LambiSinClair upload:

Despite her pronounced plainness, drama and fights seem to break out wherever she goes. Lucky for her though, there's always some eager fanboy ready and waiting to whiteknight for her, and throw himself under the bus for her honor.

Tomken8dy to the rescue.JPG

Julie's Thoughts on the DMCA


Trolling is as trolling does, and some trolls like to DMCA for the lulz. Julie has received several DMCAs and lost several videos because of them. She could counter them, or not. Either way they're just videos. But in typical grandiosity, Julie has turned losing a few videos into a fight for her life.

DMCA is a stupid law. Somebody copyrighted my face.



This is going to get somebody killed someday.



Did somebody say something about false DMCAs?

SWF Seeks YouTube White Knight

I'll save you Julie!!!
Thank you, Tommy!!
Oh shit, bitch! You can host all your shit on my channel!!!
I'm so grateful I'll eat my own snatch juice!!!
Xzibit is creeped the fuck out at your faggotry

Lambi is always getting herself into flame wars, since she believes that having red hair is some kind of excuse for having an unchecked temper. As she quickly found out, there's always some willing nerd ready and waiting to defend the honor of random wimminz on the interbutts.

* When she runs up at you crying.. the first thing you say is..who's ass am i beating today baby?*



—LambiSinClair, in her YouTube channel description

In reward for Internet heroisms, Julie makes private videos for guys that are stupid enough to stick up for her. As such, she's acquired a small following of neckbeards, like YouTube Favicon.png lulz4b and YouTube Favicon.png ThomaSKAptijn. Perhaps the most notable member among her minions is crippled YouTube partner YouTube Favicon.png tomken8dy. Tom has gone above and beyond the duty of her typical fanboys, even going so far as to host her videos on his channel when they get DMCAd by "the haters". As his reward, he got a very special private video.

Thank you Tommy!! II LOOOOOOOVE YOUUUU!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥



Julie? Look I'm using your dildo you sent me



NOTE: tomken8dy, Mr. Anti-DMCA, has been DMCAing these vids on So here are the rapidshare links where you can download your very own copies. If Tom DMCAs these again they'll go on The Pirate Bay, Limewire, and whatever other torrent sites we can find.

I Don't Have A Penis

tomken8dy knows what chicks dig

Rumors spread on the interbutts like wildfire, and the rumor that Julie was a man seemed to keep recurring for her. In an effort to stop it, she agreed to show the video above to YouTube Favicon.png ClothingOptionalOnIy. He showed it to YouTube Favicon.png TheOiOink, who then showed it to everyone. It went viral, and soon everybody had seen it.

Julie am I still your bitch?



It's still unclear as to how Tom's very disturbing video got out, but the consensus is that that nigger should get some psychiatric help really soon.

Public Reactions

Keep your clothes're a fuckin' mutt



FUCK she has a big head



When I grow up, I want to be an ugly whore, just like you!



ough TOMKen8dy is a freak I just saw a very disturbing video of him on encyclopediadramatica


—Mike10dude, on Twitter

Nice job making your meatus bleed, bro. Shit was so cash, dude.



Reactions to Wikification

From Internet whore to wiki vandal. Tsk tsk.
Tom tries to insert fake dox into the links below. Don't sign your pastebins next time, dumbass. Lol.
Then he tried to vandalize the pastebin link in this article. What a hero.
...and featuring Spencer Brian Johnson as Captain Save-A-Ho
[11:09:42 AM] XXXXXXX:

[12:54:50 PM] LambieSinClair: omg
[12:54:56 PM] LambieSinClair: what is it
[12:55:07 PM] XXXXXXX: just found it this morning [12:55:07 PM] LambieSinClair: get rid of it !!!!!!! [12:55:33 PM] XXXXXXX: I don't know how to [12:55:46 PM] LambieSinClair: omg do something [12:55:51 PM] XXXXXXX: I know people have tried for years and it never happens
[12:55:56 PM] LambieSinClair: omg
[1:43:01 PM] XXXXXXX: are you okay?
[1:43:34 PM] LambieSinClair: NO!!!! they have all my dox there
[1:43:49 PM] LambieSinClair: that and I look fucking disgusting



—LambiSinClair, worried about how she looks

Tom Talks Tough.JPG
Do you want to get this woman killed, you assholes?


—tomken8dy, as he valiantly reposts duplicates of her dox

I made a call to the FBI earlier today about this issue for Julie. Spoke with the agent for about 30 minutes who told me, based on the docs of Julie and her family posted, and the video, and the threats made on both youtube and skped to Julie about this info being sent to her parents place of employment and the children's facebook, that several crimes had been already committed.


YouTube Favicon.png GuyfellowLimeJello, Wants Tom's sloppy seconds

UPDATE: Just informed by the investigator from the IC 3 complaint that the docs put on ED were placed there by ReptilianRuinerGirl and that they are tracing her information to pursue further action,


—GuyfellowLimeJello, doing it wrong

I don't give a shit about the videos.

Dropping docs is OUT_OF_LINE btw The vids for ED are down again I didn't do it.

If the guys at ED can produce docs on ALL FOUR OF MY GRANDPARENTS I'll make a SPECIAL vid for them. I WANT them to dig into my genealogy. That's REAL trouble.


—tomken8dy, trying to create ridiculous diversions

GuyfellowCherryJello big hero.jpg


Julie the Pedo

It had long been rumored that Julie preferred younger men. That wouldn't necessarily be a problem, except that some of those younger men turned out to be under the age of consent. In February of 2010, Julie pulled a Michelle Lyn Taylor, and made some illegal and unwanted sexual advances on a 15 year old boy, YouTube Favicon.png KlDCoCo. Julie's white knight's have claimed that she was "just trying to help him". In the comment above, Julie was referring to a private video that she planned on making for 15 year old Coco. Apparently she had tried to butter him up with a bunch of sob stories about her dog needing to go the vet, etc. When Coco made up some sob stories to reciprocate, she took that as her opening to step in and help him, with her ass. A couple months later, Coco tells her the cold hard truth.

White Knight OMG

Seems this 'girl' has a white knight currently. Notice this white knight fails at cybersex.




Julie's Links

Tom's Links

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