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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
you know I am trying to be me if they don't like it they need to get use to it, People like that who wants me to commit suicide and laugh at me are more retarded and needs to either go to jail, get mentally and physically tortured or death sentence. I don't want reaction links I DO NOT want ED links and I so don't want to die over something so stupid.


—Let this quote set the tone for the rest of this article.

The Hambeast and her lover, in both real-life and animu forms.
"Hoe my god this got +300 views all because of a boob animation thanks to all the pervy viewers (including me xD) viewing this"

Do you remember a game called Spyro? Like many, you may have grown up in the 90s playing this Playstation gem about a purple dragon and his whimsical adventures. Unlike many, however, you may have wanted to do more than just play the game. You may have become a hardcore fan: desiring to live in the world of Spyro, and lusting over not him but the enemies that he briefly encountered. That's right. Yes, I'm talking about having sexual fantasies about video game bosses that nobody remembers.

20 year-old self-proclaimed Aspie Amanda L. Turcol (or LadyALT69 as she is known on the Interwebs) is one such case. Now, if you are part of Spyro fandom, you may recall the drama that surfaced on deviantART in years past from Chantelle/Ripto's Fan Girl (RFG for short) and her insane sexual infatuation with Ripto (the main antagonist of Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage). Both ALT and RFG have much in common, including jealously guarding their sacred relationship with a polygon to the point of verbal rage and violence (in the form of hate art) to any who dare oppose them. While Ripto's Fan Girl is still around somewhere, she appears to no longer have an obsession with Ripto. When last seen, she was drawing herself and her (allegedly real-life) crush as lesbian raptors. Her art also seems to have significantly improved, whereas Amanda's has gotten WORSE, and she is no longer a lolcow. Unlike Chantelle though, this Aspie may never grow out of her own drama. The main difference between the two, however, is the character in question. With ALT, an enemy called Jacques (a fucking Jack-in-the-box with a green face and no lower body, no less) is the target of her affection, or should we say fandom rape.

It is rumored that LadyALT69 started getting the internet's attention when someone linked to her artwork on /b/. From there, people have submitted her work to the tumblr blog Socially Unacceptable Art on numerous occasions.

Ladies and gentleman, meet the new Chris-chan!

Behavior and Fetishes

Elliot Selfie (25).jpg

The subject of this article is a virgin with rage.

Her Havarian form, The Queen of Fools.
She seriously thinks someone will spend money on this garbage.
One of her typical bitchfits.
Anyone thinner and more attractive than ALT is an anorexic slut. View the lulzy reactions here.
It's not my fault! It's my EVUL TWIN!
If it's on little children it's awwright.
Giving a gentle belting is okay. A bit like how slaves got gentle whippings.

Upon close examination, it's quite clear that LadyALT69 - like all typical virgins retards (she's a huge slut) with internet access - has some serious mental disturbances involving sexual frustration that she attempts to relieve by creating art and stories of her and her "love". One can speculate from browsing her gallery and noting the frequency of her uploads that she puts a great deal of time into her work (read: she has no other hobbies besides recreating the same horrifying porn again and again). So it comes to no surprise that she also goes out of her way to obtain any attention that she can by regularly doing the following:

  • Frequently posting "sexy" drawings of herself, Jacques, or pairings of characters belonging to her peers. Extra points for Lesbianism (she's obviously one of those fake bisexuals that pretends to lez out for male attention).
  • Begging for money. Mimicking the methods of artists with actual talent, she set up a Paypal account for donations, auctions and commissions (that no one will ever buy).
  • Broadcasting herself on a streaming channel, where you can watch her create twisted cartoon erotica or listen to her orgasm while playing Spyro. If you're lucky, she'll take requests!
  • Begging for trades and requests of her and Jacques fucking and making green hellspawn.
  • Begging for money for a car, cosplay materials, or whatever the fuck else she doesn't deserve.
  • Flipping shit at Anons on her Tumblr BALETED

As you well know, the online art community has its share of popular artists. On the whole there seems to be a correlation between skill and ego, but there are also talentless amateurs (such as Chase the Hedgehog for example) who, despite never improving over the years, maintain the same attitude of unwarranted self-importance. Take into account the fact that the "artist" has Asperger's and you have the most egocentric breed of attention whore known to man. This is exactly the category that Amanda falls into.

LadyALT has a small following, mostly limited to her Furaffinity gallery. The most notable commenter, Furaffinity-favicon.png Falconwolf is a mentally retarded 35 year old woman whose art skills are on the same level as most kindergartners. The rest of them are either nearly equally retarded, just sympathetic toward her, (as proven by their constant asspats and advice to "ignore the haters"), or genuinely try to give her advice that she shakes off and ignores. She thinks getting pageviews actually means she's well received, but the fact is that the majority of attention she actually gets is from disgusted snickering onlookers who witness her freak show of a lifestyle.

With her mad skills, Amanda will undoubtedly go on to be the next internet superstar of the art community.


Amanda has always held the position that bullying is wrong and that we should all be tolerant and get along. However this moral tub of lard has hatred for one particular group of people: skinny girls. When pressed on the matter of her deteriorating health, she quickly goes into a fit of rage and claims that she is better than skinny people because they are all STD ridden whores and she's a REAL woman. While this is a typical response that you would expect from a fucking whale, it actually goes much deeper into the realms of hypocrisy as revealed in the quote below.

It's making me sick that people who are desperate like me and a few others I know here who sadly has no love because of assholes like the hot skinny guys/girls who onlt slut around and guys call themselves "Studs". That really makes me sick a true stud is actually ment for breeding!!! Get it through your heads.



So there you have it folks. If you are an attractive person who goes for other attractive people, you are a slut. If you lower your standards and go for this cock hungry slut, you are a good person who is looking for 'true love'.

She later posted a reply on tumblr, stating that women who show their breasts in public deserve to be physically assaulted, unless it's for breast feeding purposes, because no one wants to see SAGGY BREASTS!11 Meanwhile, she's posting pics of herself naked, full chest view, and sending porn photos to random people online. Good job, you piece of blubber.

Child Abuse Approved

"We need to beat kids so they won't call me names!"
The last thing her child sees before the whale clam chowders with pleasure.

Amanda has mixed feelings about having children. She proclaims that she would not have a child because she doesn't want them to have her genetic disposition and that her anger would make her punch the kid into a coma, yet she goes out of her way to make sure that people fill her funk tunnel with cock snot to satisfy her desire to have her greasy ovaries filled. But with all that aside, why else should she not have children? Perhaps because she is a great supporter of children being beaten with a belt?

We need to bring beating kids back so we can straighten their god damn attitude before it's too late. Beating with a regular belt is fine, and I don't give a damn if you think it's inhumane I think people need to stop having their kids being snotty and become future trolls and bullies.


IT'S GOOFY TIME![2]Deleted.

Or maybe because in the fictional world that she wishes she was a part of, kid fucking is okay?

While on our way, an odd couple came up laughing, one was a weather witch and a snow wizard. The witch looked like she was at the age of seven to ten years, the snow wizard… he looked more likely in his mid-thirties.

I seen the two kissed. I, of course, run up to them and ranting about people who are pedophiles and take advantage of kids who I think need a broom stick up their asses because it hurts both little boys and girls too.

"Whoa there child I hate to bring this up but the law happens to say people five years apart can go on relationships begins at the age of five and/or a choice of closing up the age", the old wizard told me. As I fell down being yelled at…

"Amanda, you're in the Havarian world now forget the past laws, I thought some of them laws are fucking ridiculous anyways myself", Jacques ends up showing over with a toothpick in his mouth and a flower at one hand.

"Well okay then… I leave them be…", I got up and walked off to Jacques.


Chapter Nine: A Dream and A Mistake

Pregnancy Scurr

She knows everything about pregnancy and parenting.

One day, after engorging herself on her healthy diet of fast food and soda, ALT felt a sensation of nausea occurring in her humongous gut. After running to Web MD and letting the crazy take over, she decided she was pregnant. Even after multiple pregnancy tests showing up negative, she got into arguments with people online, stating she KNOWS THE TESTS WERE LYING.

Despite stating before that she would beat her child into a coma, she vowed to become a better person once she had a babby and would be a better parent than everyone else in the universe. Her deadbeat pedo boyfriend also vowed to take care of his future demonspawn, while having had previous children and no money to his name.

ALT got checked out by a real doctor, and to her blissful happiness, found out she had a UTI and wasn't pregnant!

I'm not pregnant it was urinary tract infection all along Hallelujah! yay lets celebrate now!!!


—Yay for bad health!!!

Autistic, Crazy, or just Retarded?

special Ed. made me a more dumbass


—We can tell.

LadyALT often uses her mental illness card as an excuse for her pathetic behavior (whether you ask why or not). Anyone who has browsed her page has learned from early on about her explicit claims of having Asperger's. But many also wonder how the hell that explains her butchering of the English language, especially when she was born and raised in good ol' Murka and it's supposed to be her native tongue. Nearly everything that this woman-child writes is incoherent and oftentimes irrelevant and extremely hard to follow, making Chris Chan's words look like goddamn poetry.

She has also been reported to advertise how much and what type of medications she is on, in the effort to prove how fucked up and beyond control she is. But we all know that it's just about attracting more attention and sympathy, of course. Among these is Lithium, so one can assume that she has a mood disorder such as Bipolar.

So, autistic, crazy, or retarded? She could very well be all three for all anyone knows. But that doesn't change the fact that she's still an attention whore. All advice offering a means to improve her lifestyle is insulted or gets shot down with excuses, even though she's claimed before that she WANTS to improve herself. And that is why she deserves no sympathy.


By LadyALT69

I am 19 years old. Just graduated high school from 2011. I want to get somewhere with my art but to alot of people think it's a compitition out there.

I am in a sexual love relationship with a French Jack-in-the-box from Spyro the Dragon name Jacques. I'm guessing I'll add my porn on here Hmm... I guess I will lol XD Just a f***ed up fangirl on Da Loose!!!


—Amanda, introducing herself.

For the ones that obbsessed [sic] are the ones who are unique


—Amanda, believing that being psychotic makes her a speshul snowflaek.

Why Do I love Jacques???
  • He's unique as hell
  • He's got a look that
  • he really has a sexy feel of color
  • He's like the most bad ass Jack off the box he is
  • he brought me back into playing Spyro again all because of one picture on [dA]
  • I don't have a boyfriend yet but it depends since I'm actually blooming as a prettier flower
  • His enviorment is all colors and beauty though the graphics is messed up from back in the day but I still love it...

So far so good...


—Reasons why she loves Jacques

To Everyone all over the world, since you don't give a damn about one another I believe it's time for me to stop this and discontinue until people (like me) get shit straight. I'm so sick of myself being the weak one and I almost got my arm broke because I almost swung at my brother a few nights ago. I've gone mental I can't take no more stress and I'm so sick of being a living creature who has a mind of a child with a sexual fetish of a game character. Yes indeed I don't know shit on how to think b4 I type. I hope everyone will die this year on 2012 so we can restart one anothers life.


—Jesus H. Christ, what a pyscho.

(psst just to warn you I might do Beastality pics cuz I'm bored lol)


—She'll even cater to the furfags for attention.

I never gotten people to buy art from me hardly yet


—Couldn't imagine why.

Damn for those who complain Elora needs to be over the rated pg bullshit on Rule 34 (wtf that's not in the rule) Just do what I do add her a... V____ (I cannot say since people complain on graphic words too much) and big tits for god's sake!!!


—LadyALT, despite drawing nothing but porn, doesn't understand how Rule 34 works.

"why don't you focus on getting better with your shit more thank focusing on fame!"

the person really hurt me because I rather have people understand the likes of me and oddballs. Let me be myself and no complaints about it. Do it to where I do not see it do not show me the troll sites and negative shit no more I am done with the past trolls and moving on with a thing most don't have is a life. Thank you and please move the fuck on or I'm just gonna go nuts from something I don't want to handle... anger issues


—Amanda, living up to the title "Queen of Fools".

For those who want to troll me DO NOT GO TO SKYPE I WILL REPORT YOU FOR HARRASSMENT!!!


I tried to be nice and kind hearted but most trolls ruined my patience saying "Don't give me that shit", "Faggot", "the fat ass whale" (btw that there you don't think about is those animals are damn huge and Strong with lifting strength that means I'm a strong one too)


—ALT, confusing muscle mass with fat (which makes you weak)

I feel people who add me on watch just wants something to lol about I bet.


—I think she's finally starting to get it!

Anonymous: I am currently drunk, so please don't take offense, but I was just wondering exactly what mental illnesses you have. Like could you please list them? I find it very interesting. You yourself are pretty interesting. Have a really really nice day. :)

LadyALT69: lol a drunk question perfect lololol. (sorry I was playing around like an ass) I have the list here I believe I have and thank you for asking I’m not offended at all.

  • Autism (highly active {similar to aspergers}
  • Schizophrenia (hallucination and hearing voices)
  • Depression (everyone should know what this is)
  • Bi-Polar (moody bitch I can be I think what that is)
  • OCD (Obsession Compulsive Disorder {obsessing things into habit like i.e. try to get tag on shirts inside as it’s bothering me})

that’s it and it’s descriptions in my words


That's nice

LadyALT69: well tell me this would you rather have a fat ass fuck you or some skinny std carrying skank to fuck you (I think your answer is you rather have STDs that is very sad I can just sense that coming also if you pick that your more stupid since it could kill you)


—ALT, explaining why everyone thinner/more attractive than her has STDs

Anonymous: I'm sorry but you do blame all your problems on other people. I understand that you have mental problems and I appreciate it will be a lot harder for you to find a job than other people, however, you can't use that as an excuse for not even looking for a job which appears to be the case. There are so many other disadvantaged people like yourself who are successful and have jobs. You'd be suprised how many people there are who have mental problems but they don't use your excuse and do things.

LadyALT69: Is your legs missing??? Maybe I’ll tell you to get a job when you cannot afford new legs


—Because apparently, being a fat autistic fuck is worse than being paraplegic.

Anonymous: So you say it's bad that people wish death on you, then wish death on Chris. Nice hypocrisy.

LadyALT69: who fucking cares about him anyways his mommy oh wait you?!


Quit rushing me to everything. Quit calling me Chris Chan (I’m to the point now that, I wish he should die so everyone would be happy and stfu about him). Better shut the fuck up now or I’m disapearing for 2-3 weeks


—Spoiler alert: She returned after 12 hours

um sir I have the right to rage at people who made me act like this to me in the first place. go to the very beginning of my online life and you better show yourself if you really fucking care


—When in doubt, blame the haters!

people leave me be I’ll have to suffer the consequences BY MYSELF I don’t need your help AT ALL if you still hate me cuz I cannot get a job. Mother fucker you just want me to lose my disability and get fired alot to where I’ll never go anywhere after two or more firing records. I am paranoid, I am not gonna blow in front of what you call Normalville, and I can socialize without getting a job.

If you keep on sending me “GO GET A JOB RETARD” just quit I’m going to start ignoring (clicking X) you after this is posted. IF you keep doing it you guys never give a shit. well you are more likely (imho) go to jail for something you will care about later. PS3/Xbox/Wii being stolen by one of you as you say “I don’t care if the police catches me” well a few days later you go crybaby cuz your in jail.

But that’s an example of carelessness and unexpected moments.

anyways like I said I’m gonna ignore your shit (it may be fail but I feel it’s gonna get better than last time) and have the life I am dealing with



—Everyone wants her to improve her life and contribute to society just for the lulz

Reactions from Others

What every sane person has advised her time and again. Too bad she only accepts asspats.
When not even other Aspies understand your behavior, you know you're majorly fucked up.
wow i haven't seen someone this lonely since chris chan


I hate to break it to you but your boyfriend isn't real.


holy fucking shit, I have never seen an uglier gallery in my life I mean seriously I think my eyes are fucking bleeding.

Stop drawing I mean holy balls, this atrocious. Obviously people spoonfeeding your non-artistic talents is making you seem like you're something special. This needs to stop now.

and holy shit you're nineteen with a boner for a gross looking, lumpy shitstain of a fucking Spyro boss?

you give asspies a horrible name k



I was just /b/rowsing when I came across some post about you.. I god.. The horrors I have seen :/


Why is your English so horrible? Seriously, do you have some sort of learning disability, or what?


—A very good question, actually.

My god... I've seen your article, your everything... it's.. my god I think I'm going to puke.

You need to get psychiatric care. See a therapist. Along with that, grow the fuck up. You're 19 and you act like you're 7. Criticism is needed to point out the flaws. Knowing the flaws gives you the means to fix those flaws. Flaws will still be there, here and there, but endlessly improving is the best. There's a big difference between a troll comment and harsh criticism.



Also, you're dreaming if you think people are going to pay $425 per month to share a cockroach-ridden sty without even a bedroom or BED. Also asking them to fuck you into the bargain when you don't even wash and THEY have to buy the condoms?

I'm not being a bully or a troll, but you need to pull your head out of your ass if your life is going to start getting better. You've a pretty warped view of what reality IS which is making it more intimidating for you to go back to it.


I saw your nudes and my dick literally crawled inside of me and died, you're that sexually repulsive. Your body is disgusting, I don't know how your boyfriend fucks you without a blindfold on


—Well, he's probably going senile anyway.

I don't care if it's in the past or whatever the fuck. You still fucking said it. "IF YOU FUCK A SKINNY GIRL YOU'RE GOING TO GET AN STD"? Really? That's bullshit, just as many skinny people have STDs as fat people. And you don't even fucking apologise


Somebody as ugly as you should be happy that they HAVE a boyfriend.


Your "random humour" isn't any different from Chris Chan's "random access humor" or whatever the fuck he calls it. It's not funny.


ive lost all respect for you. i thought you were serious about improving yourself. guess not. :\ fine, live your life the way you want. end up like chris chan. die old, alone, fat and encrusted in your own urine and faeces. playing spyro.


Oh god yes please disappear forever.


Reactions to this Article

Once LadyALT discovered that she had an ED article, she played it surprisingly cool for a while (at least on deviantART, where the link was advertised by a troll). She immediately made a Furaffinity journal about the bad day she had, but was quickly comforted by her hugbox. Not long after, however, she posted to her gallery a screencap of private conversation she had with the troll in question, claiming that it was a lie that her artwork was "disgusting and self-fulfiling" and daring him to prove it. This didn't last very long though, because people began commenting about how death threats are not cool. Discouraged by her lack of support and chants of "KILL THE TROLL", ALT pulled the screenshot from her gallery (but not before it was saved).

People I'm gonna make a comic for "My Life In Comics" about me being compared to Chris Chan... It's hard for people to believe but I want to do this for fun and tell the truth about real me. Not as mad but I DO NOT want to be compared, Date matching, and such. You are sick you do not know me irl and how I dealt with the public.


—Obviously the best course of action when you don't want people to associate you with CWC.

Taking Down ED

In late July of 2012, ALT had put together a group called Deviantart-favicon.png trolls-of-paradice. But hold on, you might say, doesn't she hate trolls? What could this club possibly be about? In her own words:

Most of this stuff I am studying more about society both online and off. It is mostly stuff from Encyclopedia Dramatica. The people are changing each others lives and futures. I've been brought up to that sight alot and well got made fun of and things. I hate it but it's (what people who think it's cool to make fun of) Humane (Bullshit!) anyways this is the first issue to and I will "Try" to teach people what I've experienced.


At the moment the group has a grand total of two members, and the gallery seems to consist of nothing but 1) troll edits of her own art and 2) "evidence" (read: screenshots of lines copied from dictionaries and TOW) that she plans to use against this site. Also, the only blog so far is simply more copy-and-paste nonsense from a particular ED article along with her own personal footnotes.

They use more transitions and special effects than you. (Me: Huh? unless you're from the country your born with a native language you and anyone's an expert on the language they are raised with)


Taking the baffling non-sequitor from above into account, it's obvious that she has no fucking idea what she's even talking about. Shit, she can't even spell the word paradise correctly - how can she honestly expect people to listen to and learn something from her?

So basically this group really has nothing to do with trolls or lulz as much as it has to do with serving as a depository for her complaints against teh hat0rz.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Cunt on Display

Last Thursday, nude photos came to light of Amanda playing with the closest thing she'll ever get to a dong. In a fit of nerd rage she posted several blogs about how someone had 'leaked' them from private fap chats that she had had on Skype. She became even more irate when everyone called her a fucking retard for sending these pictures to anyone in the first place, and so proceeded to delete her archive of stupidity to save what little dignity she had left. What she forgot was that these photos were available for all to see via her Fuckbook (she quickly closed it down after someone pointed it out to her, but a cached version is still available) and Cam4 account, conveniently forgetting to mention this little fact when fellow furfags patted her cunt better in her time of need. In the wake of this drama she has now taken to whoring herself to anyone who wants to see nudes of a goblin on a cork screw by hosting live streams of her retardation for all to enjoy.


LadyALT69 tardrage.png


LadyALT69 meets the Padded Cell

The triumphant return of the retard.
brb, changing diaper.
She almost went a whole day without spazzing out.

After months of endless of milking the lol-cow for all she is worth, she finally snapped from the sheer levels of ruin heaped upon her and disappeared into the funny farm for a long spell in the hugbox. Before she left she had another live session where she wanted people to wish her well; however this quickly turned sour when she realized she could not ban the trolls from sessions.

She eventually returned with a blog entry claiming that she went in for her internet addiction, depression, and anger issues. You may have noticed that her list of medical problems has dramatically decreased since the last time she talked out of her ass. As part of her rehabilitation back into society she is going to limit her internet time to 6 hours a day (two session lasting 3 hours), and is going to find a job. She has mentioned nothing about changing her attempts at censoring others or her abhorrent obsession with a game character. So what do her promises amount to?

After being deemed sane enough to be released back into society, Amanda went back to her old habits of drawing MS Paint porn, spamming meme garbage, and throwing tantrums because no one would give her money for her childish drawings around the Christmas period of 2012. Her claims for job hunting or going to college quickly disappeared. She stated that she didn't NEED a job or to contribute positively to society, and that the haters only wanted her to get a job for THEM. Any attempts to ask why she believed that just led to her spouting more bullshit about why she couldn't possibly hold a job.

She also began to take an interest in Chris-chan and even tried to make contact with him for reasons that are probably best left unknown. Slowly slipping into a deeper psychosis, she realized that she would never get her sexy time with Chris and so went on a tirade about how she wishes he would die, and how Anonymous are making up filthy lies about her. As of 01/05/13, she has given her laptop to her father to look after as she needs a 2‐3 week vacation from the stresses of being a lazy, fuckwit slut, and is spending quality time with her chump of a boyfriendher time online with Larry's computer. Dumb bitch will never change.

Now she's back to tard raging, hurling death threats at everyone, and being a bully to others. What a hypocritical cunt. Too bad for her, all of her friends see what a piece of shit she is.

On Feb 14, 2014, she started a petition to make cyberbullying an offense. This will obviously be more effective than just turning her computer off.


Move over, Sonichu comics! You've got competition!

Her expressionless face is broken only momentarily by the Jacques-induced orgasm halfway through.

The most boring Let's Play ever.

Poorly synced animu fad shit.

Psycho Response

An internet critic known as BlackBusterCritic made a reaction video about Amanda's crappy endeavours with art and her nauseating nudes. Once she found it, shit got real.

Ladyalt69 nigger blog.png
Ladyalt69 cosplay.gif


I guess it wasn't TROO LUV afterall.
Kudos to this poor furfag for surviving webcam sessions with ALT.


Despite admitting that her one true love is, in fact, fictional, LadyALT has made room in her heart for real-life (albeit online) romantic partners as well. Of course, these rarely go well. But how can you expect an actual bond to last that's founded on nothing but fetishistic roleplaying?

To put it in a nutshell: Amanda is a narcisstic virgin with rage who knows nothing of actual relationships. She merely uses men to fulfill her psycho-sexual needs.

To date, ALT has had two e-relationships with fellow Furaffinity users. Furaffinity-favicon.png T-Ryo, being just one of two of her mindless sheep followers that leave the same one-worded comments on her art, was the first. The only thing known about him is that he is deaf (too bad he wasn't blind instead, so he'd never have to lay eyes on the landwhale and her hellish doodles). No one knows why they broke up, but there are many good guesses. (Update: according to her, she is now blocked by him for unknown reasons.)

Furaffinity-favicon.png Harter77 was the second "boyfriend" of ALT. Amanda seemed upset that he wasn't paying her enough attention.

She wasn't with Furaffinity-favicon.png Hintanoneko very long either before she dumped him for some alleged offline fuckbuddy that ended up not working either.


LadyALT69 with her newest fuckbuddy, Larry

In October 2012, ALT dropped the bombshell via Tumblr that she is fucking a 46 year old man named Larry Gresham. Larry is a long-time friend of ALT's father, who has no problem with the relationship (great parenting skills, amirite?). He first met ALT when she was an underage schoolgirl. After ALT spent many months begging to ride on his shrivelled old-man cock, Larry finally gave in and boned her sweaty fat rolls. Now he partially lives with her, not contributing any money (he doesn't have a job), but supposedly helping out with food, while also having to pay child support for his other multiple children.

Not that it matters anyway, she still gets wetter over her beloved green blob of pixels, spending more time drawing Jacques porn than talking to her "boyfriend". She also still does "18+ livestreams" for strangers on the internet.

As of December 24, 2012, Larry has stated he wants to marry ALT. She was all for it at first, but at the advice of others, decided to wait. [3] [4]

(PROTIP: Call Larry a sexual predator and accuse him of molesting his children. Observe the rage that ensues.)


Despite insisting Larry is not a sexual predator and her TRUE LOVE, ALT doesn't seem to care so much as to not go looking for sexy roleplay time online. She also admits that she loves Larry only as much as she loves her beloved minor video game villain, Jacques, but states that she "sometimes prefers Jacques". Ironically, Larry gets off to Jack from Mass Effect 2, and has even said her name during sex with ALT. Can't blame him, we guess. They're so unattracted to each other, that it's okay to get off to other people and be unfaithful.

The Break Up

On 01/17/13, Amanda broke up with Larry as she just couldn't decide who she wanted more, Larry or Jacques. She was so heart broken that it took her an hour to get over it and get back to streaming porn again, while babysitting her niece.


On 03/7/13, ALT posted a remake of a drawing she did for Larry. This was met with confused reactions as to why she'd remake a drawing she did for her ex. It was then that she decided to reveal she got back with Larry a week after they broke up! (Spoiler alert: ED already knew, but I digress.) She had been too nervous to make it public online, because of all the haters and trolls. So she decided to do it anyway. She also posted a list of rules that every good relationship should follow, including being unfaithful and fapping to other people. Sounds golden.

They recently celebrated their one year anniversary, as of September 2013. They have been engaged since May 2014 according to her Facebook. Jesus fucking Christ. Let's hope the happy couple can celebrate a couple more before Larry keels over from being an old fuck.


Once the discovery of ALT was brought to light, many people noticed similarities between her and Christian Weston Chandler, and would often bring them up to her. ALT started out with a hatred for Chris, stating she didn't want to be anything like him. As the months went on, she softened her stance quite a bit, even to the point where she sympathized with him and wanted to get in touch with him. However, after everyone started shipping her with the original manchild, she went back to haeting him and wanting to break him dead.

Regarding Chris

Similarities between them

  • Fat.
  • Autistic.
  • Shitty art skills.
  • Horrible personal hygiene.
  • Lazy, and refuses to exercise or get a job.
  • Anger problems, and frequently rages at people, even the ones who genuinely want to help.
  • Draws horrible porn, and has nude photos on the internet.
  • Has an imaginary daughter. (Crystal and Jaeka)
  • Has a fursona.
  • Lives in an imaginary world with their favorite fictional characters.
  • Constantly threatens to leave the Internet forever, but comes back shortly after.
  • Refuses to take help or advice from other people.
  • No empathy towards other people or problems they have.
  • Has "random access humor/random humor", which accounts for stupid shit that is said.
  • HAETS the trolls and believes they are all basement dwellers who have no lives and live with their parents.
  • Has their full name initials as their online handles.
  • Never wakes up before noon.
  • Has a shitty grasp on the English language, despite it being their native tongue.
  • Blames their stupidity on having to attend special education classes during their school years.
  • Have called someone they were angry at a "nigger".
  • Sucks at taking photos, which always turn out under-lit and blurry.
  • Abuses Social Security, despite being physically able to have a job.
  • Thinks dreams are a vision from God.
  • Thinks they're Internet SUPERSTARS!
  • Believes it's acceptable to give death threats to people who make them angry, because they "deserve it".
  • Takes constructive criticism about themselves/their art as "hate speech".
  • Thinks the government controls the world.
  • Thinks Autism and Aspergers are two different things.
  • Both did a 180 on things they HAETED!!!1 (Chris: Alcohol, ALT: Marijuana)
  • Owning animals and taking horrible care of them.
  • Think that men showing their bare chests should be illegal.


Gallery of Horrors

After hours of sifting through more than 250+ drawings (all of the same shit), I give you a delightful sample showcasing her talents. Notice how after getting SAI, she abuses the fuck out of the dodge tool, instead of learning how to shade.

Artistic Failures

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

IRL Pics

Her True Form About missing Pics
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Police.gif WARNING!: Massive amounts of eyebleach required to view and survive
I CAN'T FAP TO THIS About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Private RP Chat About missing Pics
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Troll Art

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

External Links

Expect a lot of this if you're not down like her syndrome.

Go say hello

  • MSN: ladyalt69
  • Yahoo: generationalt2
  • Skype: LadyALT69

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