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We can't stop here, this is bat country.


— Raoul Duke

The effects of LSD
You will see these creatures.

Erowid.gif LSD at Erowid, also known as acid, the red-blue-green pill, the Jewry vaccine, and LOLSD, is pure liquid ruin commonly soaked into blotter tabs and filled in vials for distribution on the open market. It was first synthesized and tested by Albert Hoffman. Since his first trip was on his bicycle on April 19th, the day is celebrated by hippies every year as "Bicycle Day" with shitloads (0.1 mg) of LSD.

When you consume LSD, you will be confronted with the fact that everyone else lives an inauthentic life and your mind will forever be ruined, seeing things that human eyes were never meant to see. You will tell yourself that it's just a drug and you are hallucinating. But deep down, you will know that as you break out of your social conditioning and unbrainwash yourself, the truths and conclusions you come to are self-evident and your worldview is forever changed. Taking acid will also make you an enemy of the Jews, doomed to bear the weight of dissatisfaction with society and hatred of its money-worshiping parasites. But hey, it's better than the alternative; being a pussy-ass faggot and going through life knowing that men in red Pendleton shirts are getting incredible kicks from things you'll never know.

Basics of LSD

LSD is good for you and should be taken frequently on a whim no matter what state of mind or setting you are in. Anyone who has taken LSD can assure you that it's like nothing you've ever done before in your life. Since there are more myths perpetuated about LSD in society than any other drug, it is not as popular as other recreational drugs such as weed or alcohol. Drug dealers are not as inclined to sell psychedelics in general due to their unpredictable nature but fuck them, you're cooler than everyone else because you think they and everyone else are shitbags and therefore do not conform to your hipster counter-cultural mindframe.

The Great Acid Shortage of 2000

Krystle Cole did it!

Because of the ability LSD has in giving ordinary people insight into how they exist in a perpetual state of bondage and are oppressed by their government, the compound has been deemed to be a threat to the establishment. The fact that there is more myths surrounding LSD than any other drug goes to show how much your so-called friends really know what they're talking about. It is these reasons why LSD is illegitimately a Schedule I compound, despite having immense health benefit potential that needs to be further researched. Studies show that since the early 2000's, the worldwide supply of LSD has vastly diminished due to the Pickard LSD bust.

Luckily, LSD supplies began to slowly rise again some time afterwards mostly due to the efforts of old-school Family chemists and European suppliers providing LSD through the free market. In recent years, LSD has once more become commonly available in yuppie cities such as San Francisco and Denver, and has began slowly spreading back into the rest of the United States as a result. That means there's less excuses now for you to not be taking LSD.

LSD is Fucking Incredible

Lsd dinnertime.jpg

LSD can be a wonderful drug if used properly. However, some people choose to use it for the wrong reasons and at the wrong times. This results in all that negative propaganda you hear about it. Most people agree that when you start to see shit moving, hear colors, and see sounds that somethings probably a bit off. The fear of "bad trips" is retarded. You can only have a bad trip on LSD if you're doing it wrong. Because of this, new LSD users should be somewhat careful because they might end up defecating in their own faces like tubgirl. This is common amongst most irresponsible recreational drug users who use LSD with the same lack of caution as they would with marijuana.

However, the compound is not addictive, leaves the bloodstream within a week, and is dosed in such small amounts that the amount of LSD it would take to overdose would cost you thousands of dollars. People who don't suck will tell you LSD is awesome.

Doing it wrong

LSD is ALWAYS a good idea

LSD can be taken in any situation, whether on lunch break, in the middle or the night, or an hour before your best man speech. You will always have time for nine solid hours of not understanding what the fuck reality is, so you should drop acid all the time. ALL the time. Do not be dismayed by propaganda or the failed mind control projects by CIA. Just go about your day like how you would any other day and you'll be fine.

Try having sex on acid, really.

The Truth

LSD - Mailbox Fight.jpg

If you're considering doing LSD for the first time, and this is the first site you have come to to research the topic, then you are already doing it wrong and you should give the acid to someone who knows what they're doing. However, if Erowid is lacking too much in the lulz department for you, here are some pointers:

  • The type of trip a user experiences typically depends on the mental state of the user when ingesting the doses and the environment. The time, the weather, and the setting (social or otherwise). However, common immediate reactions to LSD are as follows:
    • Jittery, nervous feeling
    • Sweating
    • Pupil dilation
    • Paranoia
    • Urge to kill
  • Before a person considers trying LSD they should do as much research as they can on the drug beforehand throw caution to the wind and fucking DO IT FAGGOT (that means You, fucktard). Improper use of this drug can lead to troll's remorse and possibly death from being unfit for survival from an evolutionary perspective. If you end up killing yourself, you are gay and you need to stop fucking it up for everyone else.
  • Make sure you're with someone you trust who won't put you in a bad mood or bring you down. This is a one way ticket to bad trip and the only way to recover is you will have to assault that person to bring yourself back to normal trippy fun pacifist mindset.
  • Thought loops, otherwise known as logic loops, paradoxical thought, or neurosis. These can typically be brought on by thinking about Catch-22 situations or having a friend who is secretly gay, listening to Marilyn Manson, and is trying to hit on/kill you. These loops have the potential to lock the tripper into their own minds, or into a permanent acid trip from which the person never really comes back from.
  • Have a trip sitter. A trip sitter is someone who's experienced enough with LSD to babysit you and to prepare you for one of the most important experiences of your life. This person will be able to keep an eye on you so you don't take off your clothes and run into the woods on a full moon night to kill wild animals.
  • LSD really is serious business and should be prepared for what's to come. You have to be ready for a drastically altered perception of reality because this shit will put your mind through the wringer and squirt it into a puddle on the other side. But in all honesty, you just need to stop acting like such a big fat fucking pussified little scared bitch and just eat the damn acid. It's good for you.


If you are a 13 year-old boy who can't get any decent acid connections, but have a strong urge to trip, then you might be tempted to try a derivative of LSD called Erowid.gif LSA at Erowid (aka AIDS LSD). Truth is, if you are expecting an LSD experience from LSA you will be disappointed. But, if you have to get high on some shitty Wal-Mart drugs by ingesting some flower seeds, throwing up, and have a bad trip from being sick, you can eat 500 seeds from the Morning Glory flower or 5 from Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. This will produce a mild LSA trip that is followed by nausea and puking your guts out if you eat the seed coatings by mistake instead of the happiness inducing center of the seeds. Some people even find it useful to grind the seeds up and let it sit in water or alcohol. This makes it so you need twice as many seeds for the same effect. LSA is not LSD, and people who call ground Morning Glory seeds sitting in water "acid" should be shot on sight or hanged from the gallows because they are completely incomparable and you are doing it wrong.


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