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l0de, thinking about sucking dick

The L0de Radio Hour, commonly known as the abbreviated LRH, is a weekly, IRC-themed call-in radio show (technically a podcast, but radio sounds a lot more cool) hosted by OG GNAA legend l0de. The show focuses on both discussion of IRC and the degenerate community involved in it, particularly efnet users, as well as l0de's infamous Craigslist calls. LRH is currently broadcasted on l0de's YouTube channel every Friday night (as well as on shortwave radio by sloth, or some shit like that) at 10:00 PM EST, and sporadic shows are known to occur on weekdays whenever l0de feels like it. The L0de Radio Hour has, for years now, successfully generated more rage than three Gamergates combined, so if you're looking to waste your time destroying society online for no good reason whatsoever, this may be the show for you.


The l0de radio hour has a long and rich history, spanning back to the 90's when l0de began experimenting with broadcasting pornographic audio clips off of an illegally operated transmitter in New Orleans. After getting caught and fucked in the ass by the FCC, as well as promptly grounded by his parents, l0de began devising how he could go about reshaping his broadcasting career. Alongside the formation of the original GNAA in the early 2000s, l0de started the original LRH, which at the time focused only on trolling and irc events.

Different incarnations of the L0de Radio Hour have appeared on and off over the years (typically dictated by whether or not l0de has a gf at any given time), each getting slightly more professionally done. As of roughly 2015 onward, LRH has become more polished and popular than ever, typically featuring a live IRC stream of irc.efnet.org #LRH as well as a feed of your boy L0de Ray Dio himself.

Craigslist Calls

File:Real truckers only.png
Typical LRH Craigslist bait (featuring an actual image of l0de himself!)

At some point in 2007, some shitheads thought it would be funny to fuck with l0de by pasting the number for LRH all over Craigslist in a weak attempt to disrupt the show. In an ironic turn of events, l0de's ability to hilariously banter with Craigslist callers made the act a regular gimmick, and LRH soon reached new heights by tricking unsuspecting Craigslist callers into driving out of their way to some location, often with a cam set up in the area, in hopes of receiving free goods and/or services (usually copper wire or gay sex). As would be expected, hilarious hijinks, as well as extreme rage and the occasional spread of HIV, are common byproducts of l0de's Craigslist ventures.

Popular and time-tested LRH Craigslist bait includes ads for free dishwashers, burritos, anime collections, Magic the Gathering cards, peyote, Elvis memorabilia, and a certain hearse named Morticia.

Everything else

While sending 30 some odd people from Craiglist to a San Francisco street corner, all expecting free shit/blowjobs, never really gets old, l0de has, for better or worse, added various segments and other elements to the show in an attempt to diversify its content — this includes but is not limited to:

Rap contests

Being a wigger, l0de loves rap music and is happy to totally commandeer the show for that hippity jive shit at any chance he gets. This eventually led to the first LRH rap contest, which most listeners found entertaining enough for l0de to begin hosting on a regular basis.

ASCII art contests

Same shit as above but with ascii art.

Story time with l0de

l0de, an aspiring author irl, will occasionally end LRH with an extended segment in which he reads some of his original material to the audience. His stories are surprisingly entertaining, especially considering that the closest thing the man has ever read to a book was the linear notes in Nas' Illmatic.


DEATHCON is a very special kind of LRH episode, and has only occurred once in the history of the show thus far. DEATHCON is held at or around the same time as the infamous DEFCON hacker convention, and is a game of sorts in which LRH listeners can call in to nominate anyone in the world for death. The catch is that by making a nomination, the caller also agrees to enter themselves in the DEATHCON list, from which two names are taken at the end, leaving fate to decide who should kill who. If the nominated killer does not murder their victim within a year, they will be in turn be killed by MTW. The first DEFCON ultimately ended with jenk (aka canada420) being left responsible for killing Anayeli. Anayeli actually disappeared from the internet not long after and has not been seen or heard from since. Don't fuck around with LRH.

Frequent contributors

Aside from the l0de filling in as the show's host, a number of regular contributors/callers have helped in making LRH what it is today (which is still not much).

slimer and anji

slimer and anji are a lovable redneck IRC couple from Orlando, Florida who regularly serve as the show's cohosts and have been responsible for hosting a multitude of hilarious Florida streams. slimer is also known for performing such stunts as throwing four XL slurpees across the front of a 7-11 and spilling a whole tray of mashed potatoes in a Golden Corral.

Update: slimer is currently under investigation for alleged voter fraud during the 2016 presidential election. slimer is currently serving time for voter fraud and narcotics possession. He apparently stole a number of ballots out of his neighbors' mailboxes while no doubt rummaging for money/drugs, filled in these ballots for Donald Trump, and mailed them out, having sealed them with his own saliva (aka DNA). Due to anji having abandoned him shortly before his arrest due to the abusive nature of his character, it is unlikely that slimer will ever resurface in the LRH community.


MTW was once the #1 enemy of LRH, frequently trying to forcibly end the show through DDoS attacks. Unfortunately, in the midst of his campaign against the L0de Radio Hour, MTW was imprisoned for manslaughter after stabbing a developer at a gaming conference who looked at him the wrong way. Upon his release, MTW somehow found himself in the middle of a world-shattering LSD experience that encouraged him to use his street smarts and willingness to kill any nigga for LRH rather than work against it.

As of February 2018, MTW has not been able to call into LRH due to his (timely) return to prison. It is unknown when MTW will be heard from again.


sloth is yet another GNAA OG who now lives off the grid somewhere in Wyoming or something. Regularly calls up to commentate on efnet drama as well as stream himself burning shit while drunk. sloth is also known for spending large amounts of money on purebred stallions, and is rumored to be the current caretaker of the horse that was responsible for pummeling Mr Hands' colon.


Meepsheep is by far the most underappreciated contributor/caller on LRH. As a long-term listener and inventor of such LRH classics as REAL NIGGAS ONLY, it is quite possible that the L0de Radio Hour would probably never come as far as it has without the help of Meepsheep.


Fresh out of prison and back on the net, weev is a historic listener and contributor to LRH, usually calling in to discuss white nationalism (much to l0de's leftist dismay). Despite the spike in weev's efame the past few years, he occasionally makes an attempt to participate in LRH activities every now and then, proving that even a celebrity such as Andrew Wbeelso still has time for us little people.


Basically known for driving everyone away from IRC and into Discord through his ceaseless spam. Alright guy when you get to know him though.


Legendary pp4l rapper/irc troll, also the only real talent on efnet.


Little Jordie

Jordan Christian Slade aka Storm aka Voodoo aka Lil' Jordie aka Le Petit Jordie aka Twitter-favicon.png efnetsent is was a notorious skid on EFnet who would send you terabytes of DDoS traffic until your home router catches fire and turns into a mass of molten plastic. Eventually he messed with the wrong people which led not only to his dox getting dropped but also to his home getting swatted by hostile chatters.

When LRH fixer MTW flew all the way down to Daytona Beach and tagged Jordan's home and van, his stepfather had enough and cancelled their internet subscription, basically ending Lil' Jordie's chatting career and prospects of becoming an international renowned computer hacker.


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