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l0de (aka Horace Dix, Powerword: Bryan Ostergaard) is creator and host of the L0de Radio Hour, an extremely popular (if 5 listeners was popular) podcast for trolls. l0de's circle down the drain of failure came when he began to spam his podcast on numerous IRC servers.

Upon making an "official" return to GNAA IRC in 2014 (as a byproduct of weev being released from prison), l0de attempted to, once more, throw himself into internet relevancy by relaunching l0de Radio Hour, which is streamed live every Friday night here. Around this same time, internet investigators discovered an unexpected connection l0de shared with former long-time GNAA president timecop: he spends upwards of 30 hours a week producing English subtitles for various animes, bringing joy to a multitude of manchildren that deserve to be trolled rather than enabled.

Additionally, l0de is known for making constant claims of being of gypsy descent; this is not true and is rather a ploy to cover his actual Jewish heritage, because even gypsys are more valued kikes and this objective truth is globally recognized.

l0de the Person

An actual, straight up, unaltered screen snap from one of his Justin.tv shows

After a short-lived tour of duty as a grunt in the Air Force, where he was kicked out for stealing a hot dog at a K-Mart, l0de lived in New Orleans and worked as a bellboy at a hotel called "Olivier House" in the French Quarter and as part of his employment got a free room (note the "free" part, furthering confirming l0de's Judaism). While in New Orleans, l0de befriended a number of homeless black men who would often take up residency at a nearby park. Said niggers would go on to teach l0de how to play chess, listen to southern rap* (l0de once claimed "trill" can be traced back to him), pick pockets, and eat out black women.

After leaving New Orleans, l0de returned to New York where he was most comfortable: among the company of his fellow Jews.

*l0de claims he spent time "rolling in the Orleans avant-hop scene", which probably best translates to "setting up stage equipment for niggers who never had any potential to land a record deal".

l0de the p0wnede

Because l0de decided to spend all of his money on radio equipment so he could call former GNAA member JiZZy a faggot in retaliation for numerous ruinings, l0de had no car. As a result of his own stupidity, l0de was forced to stay in New Orleans all the way through Hurricane Katrina. JiZZy called the hotel at 7 AM that morning and spoke to l0de asking for a reservation. L0de at first confirmed this happened, then tried to deny it.

Many people ask l0de about the weather in Katrina or ask about a survival story from the storm. Three quarters of the time, l0de parts the chat or quits the IRC server entirely, then goes about his work of spamming his "radio show".

Rumor is that l0de has since moved to Jew York where he is now a test anus for a new Japanese owned sex toy company. He sold all his LRH equipment to afford a studio apartment above a K-Ma

l0de the GNAA Radio Host

See: L0de Radio Hour

l0de in the state of the art, luxurious LRH studios. It's powered by a pirated copy of iBeam he got from timecop

The l0de Radio Hour was held friday night at midnight and would last at least an hour. L0de would wait for people to call in every once in a while, and he played various MP3's and responded vocally to things said in #GNAA. Problems arose when more and more weeks passed between episodes and the quality started going way down. Additionally, he would not share on his website the episodes and parts of his show which were the most lulz and hoarded them away like he was going to sell them or something.

Death to America


—l0de's way of politely saying goodbye

He would rant for hours about the mongrelization of society by black semen and ovening Jews with a solar-powered Jewburner, which is all well and good, but when it came to issues of how he kept hanging up on callers accidentally every fucking time he'd try to answer the phone, he would whine and bitch and get GNAA members G-lined for pointing out his gross technical ineptitude.

L0de is a tumbling, bumbling, stumbling, goblin kike failure who cannot figure out how to use his own radio show equipment and privately messages hecklers on irc to stop ruining his radio show with taunts.

Because l0de cannot handle a live audience of trolls and radio equipment with lots of knobs, buttons, and sliders, it has been suggested that l0de consider something a bit easier to use, like podcasting. That way, when he answers the phone and somebody calls him a cantankerous Jew, he can go back and edit that part out.

[23:41] <BucketteOfJudenAshe> l0de: i win, i called your hotel at 7 am before katrina hit asking for a reservation. untoppable.
[23:41] <l0de> I told you to shut the fuck up.
[23:41] <l0de> When you called.
[23:41] <l0de> Your troll failed utterly.
[23:41] <penisbird> i hope you called the corporate office and reported rude service
[23:42] <l0de> I am the corporate office.
[23:42] <BucketteOfJudenAshe> l0de: no you didn't you said, "no you're not, this is a joke. i've got to go, there's a lot of stuff blowing around out there."
[23:42] <BucketteOfJudenAshe> the only time i ever heard you sound scared
[23:42] <BucketteOfJudenAshe> it was hilarious
[23:42] <penisbird> lol
[23:42] <l0de> Recording.
[23:42] <l0de> Or it didn't happen.
[23:42] <Hando> SOMEONE IS LYING
[23:43] <l0de> Also: I slept through like the whole hurricane.

The Last Broadcast

After his girlfriend broke up with him, l0de had an all-time high audience when he announced he would be taking votes on whether or not he should commit suicide or become a homosexual. After many hours of drinking cheap wine and playing david bowie songs, the count finally came in, and gay had edged death by a mere few pity votes.. but not before being trolled thoroughly by random losers.

Update: l0de did a show on the infamous Partyvan FM Prank stream. It was full of lulz and attention whoring.

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