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Liek The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Man From L.U.L.Z. are srys bidness.
MADE2ORDER555 Is L.U.L.Z. shadowy leader who carved his name on her his fat arse with a boxcutter.
Typical fruit of the looze.

According to GayDiamond's January 1st, 2008 New Year's address, LULZ means Losers Under Latrines Zealously. GayDiamond uses this back-formation to explain away a term he doesn't understand and to insult his detractors who invoke it.

GayDiamond elaborates that the lulz is a term used by the dark side, which is led by YouTube user MADE2ORDER555 (suspended). His fellow Dark Side YouTubers are fruits of looz. GayDiamond concludes that everyone who uses the word lulz is a self-entitled emotional abuser.

L.U.L.Z. is often confused with "Looz". Looz is the transsexual reciprocity of term L.U.L.Z.


GayDiamond ultimately deleted all of his videos from YouTube (don't worry, he's back) and filed a copyright infringement claim to YouTube for every repost or response to his videos. Thus, there are currently no copies of the L.U.L.Z. video on YouTube. Mirrors are listed below:


Once again Happy New Year. Today is the first of January.

The first stands for power; It's a power a day, a beautiful day, usually you'll find that the weather is clear on the first. There's not a weather problem. And you'll usually hear about no (uh) horrible events like shootings or these kinds of things; you'll nev- you'll hardly ever hear about anything like that on the first.

It's a power day, it's a white light side day. Okay I—OOH!—I'm gonna shake my hair.


I feel a little— I look better today!


What it is, is, I want to explain to you all what looze is. There's been so many questions about 'Looz' and, and, what 'Looz' is, and (uh)... 'Looz' is something that the white light side invented, and (um) we termed it in the beginning.

[Turns away from camera to grab a sheet of paper on a counter behind her.]

We termed 'Looz'...

[Faces camera]

We termed it, as

[Holds up sign which reads: "LOSERS UNDER LETRENES ZEALOUS"]

Losers Under Latrines Zealous.

Now there are losers, alright, and they're under a latrine. And a latrine is a place where people defecate, or use the bathroom, out in the country and things, and they're zealous about what they do. So 'Looz' is losers under latrine zealous.

That's what they are and that's what we termed it when we first made up the term.

(Uhm!) So many of you are kinda caught. You see the loser, (Uhh) 'Looz',

[Mimicking a confused viewer]

"What is it!? What is it!?"

Well, the dark side doesn't want you to know what it is because the dark side's—one of their favorite agendas in order to drain you of your energy and cause you to feel chaos, is to keep you in limbo. So they want to keep you in limbo, and they want to be very shadowy about this. It's kind of a (ah) shadowy, dark kind of a thing. 'Looz', like there's a mystery, a mystery around it. They do this to drain your energy and that's why they've utilized the word.

But—no, it's Losers Under Latrines, and latrines is something that you defecate in. (Uh) That's what 'Looz' is that's what we (uh) originally made up the word for.

But anyhow. So. Uh. There are no shadows, where I stand.

[Glowers menacingly into the camera]

And I won't let there be shadows where I stand. So, I'll clearly tell you what it is. There are a lot of shadows, around the word looze. And, you shouldn't feel those shadows.

(Um) I- like I said, I believe in the Bible. (Um) all of Revelations and a lot of the Bible, except I, I believe that the book of Leviticus was (uh-haa, uh) rewritten by (uhh) man and hate was written into the Bible. And that's why the programs falled (uhh) felled, and that's why we're in a, cascade failure now. But (uhh) certain sections of the Bible, as I said, I do believe in. But I just took a pair of scissors, you can take a pair of scissors; I'll show you how to do it, and you can cut the loo- book of Leviticus out with a pair of scissors, or you can just tear it out or rip it out. And you need to be taught and showed how to do that because indj-, but it doesn't matter. Before 2012, everything will (uh) things will (uh) all be changed anyhow.

But anyhow! Lose.. (uh) 'Looz' is losers under latrines... (Uh) zealous..ly... Udder. Happy. Happy! To be under the latrine.

So (uh) there, the Bible says (uh), "If it is neither hot nor cold, spew it out." If it is neither hot nor cold, spew it out. In other words, don't let that word drain your energy. Don't let these shadowy figures that use the word 'Looz' drain your energy. They are neither hot nor cold, so spew them out. Y'see?

There's (uh) shadows there. Chaos there. There's chaos surrounding them. So, and it al-, the Bible also says you'll know them by their fruit.

The fruit of the people that hide under 'Looz' with MADE-2-ORDER, 5-5-5 being the leader. (Um)The people that hide behind under 'Looz', their fruit tells you who they are. Their few, their fruit is emotional abuse. They're emotional abusers. That's what they are. They possess cognitive skills, and they use intelligent cognitive skills, but it is in a negative way. They're on the dark side. And the fruit of 'Looz' individuals tells you what they are; they're emotional abusers. And they hurt other people, and attempt to degrade other people. And in MADE-2-ORDER, that's MADE-2-ORDER, let me show this right here.

[Holds up sign which reads: "MADE2ORDER555"]

Made two order, five five five. Made, two order, five five five.

This is their leader. And, he doesn't—he duh, he likes to project the image that he's into 'Looz' and laughter and this kind of thing but he's very serious. He's full of hatred in his heart.

This momma's boy, is full of hatred. He's been—by his mother, he's been given a sense of entitlement that he's better than other people or that he has to be manly, uh, er, than other people and that, he has to step on other people, attempt to degrade them, attempt to dehumanize them, in order to make himself to feel like a man.

That's really what the truth is.

So. (Uhh). He is their big (Uh) (Uh) 'Looz' (Uh) 'Looz' leader, okay?

[Holds up the sign which reads the deciphering of 'L.U.L.Z']

The 'Looz'! The 'Looz'!.. Leader.

And I hope I've explained to you today what 'Looz' is. You don't know what 'Looz' is by the word, but you know it, by their fruit. And it's emotional abuse. And it's negative. And it's dark side.



Get y, get your, pull yourself up by your brootstraps! And look it, and see, and learn what it is, because that's what it is! They want to dehumanize, and degrade, and emotionally abuse other people.

Word stands for: Losers Under Latrines, Zealously. They're happy to be, ope-, happy to be w- o- happy to be, under the latrine, where you take a poo-poo, and their mouths

[Mimicks an open-mouthed loser awaiting poo-poo]

(UHHH) wide open. You see? That's what 'Looz' is.

Alright. I wanted to clear that up today.

But, uh, they've been given a sense of entitlement. They're gay-bashers. They're (Uh) racist. They're negative, and they're on the dark side.

And if you asked many of them that are doing this, and if they would te- be honest with you, they would have a six or a five in their birthday.

Alright! I will talk to you later—or a nine. Or a nine. Because nine can be the reverse of six, and negative.

Okay! I'll talk to you later. God bless you all. Bye.

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