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Netspeak for "Ok, thanks. Goodbye!"

  • Best used in a snarky manner; as in "Zen444...go fuck yourself. Kthxbye."
  • Can also be written as "Kthxgtg", or "Kthxbai" if you're a weeaboo.
  • Other variations include "Kthxdie", "Stfukthxbye" and the combination of the two, "Stfukthxdie".
  • Usually used by scene girls repetitiously in their very unique way of trying to shut you up when you tell them Tokio Hotel sucks balls.
  • Is used by women over 9000% of the time, as women are mentally incapable of comebacks.
  • Despite what many faggots who use it will tell you, "kthxbye" is one of the gayest things anyone ever said in the history of forever, challenged only by the phrase "he/she/I/you won at the internet".
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