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I was deeply ashamed of myself for being sexually attracted to dragons. I saw probably over a dozen different counselors and therapists when I was younger, but none of them had answers for me. I suppose that this is why I have some amount of understanding for pedophiles, who probably find themselves in a similar position.


—(From Wayback Video Favicon.pngDespair )

Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Aaron Hamby (a.k.a. Kothorix, Kothism and Aaron Hambeast) is an ex-furry otherkin and an autist with a talking blue dragon fursona with 3 expressions. He is infamous for making stupid clickbait videos about the furry fandom's most notorious members.

Kothorix started out with the usual alt-right anti-SJW virtue signalling. When that didn't work, in a pathetic attempt to get e-famous, he turned to featuring furfags who all turned out to be zoophiles, pedophiles, or even both. Giving a platform to these sick fucks wasn't enough, however. Kothorix also feels a need to defend them for their thought crimes of fapping to children or animals.

Shit turned serious when he defended known animal abuser and puppyfucker Kero The Wolf, causing the retarded dragon to quit the furry fandom forever.

Major Cock Sucking

Kothorix thinks that because he was made fun of as a child that translates into everyone with weird fetishes are just innocent and need his help. He made videos about and "Kothcasts" with controversial furfags, most of whom have their own ED article. Most notable is his obsession with the alt-right, known/accused-to-be pedophiles, such as Zaush, and zoophiles.

Kothcast with some Furnazi

Kothcast with Sibe, a convicted pedophile

Kothcast with Benthelooney

Kothcast with 2 gryphon, another Nazi

A video about Zaush

Another Video about Zaush

In Defense of Nazi Furries

In a futile attempt to gain e-fame, Kothorix made some videos about Foxler and his Furry Raiders, particularly 2 gryphon, in which he defends the Nazi furry group. He would go back to this topic later and shit out more videos for some retarded reason.

To Kothorix, 2 gryphon is just a "stand-up comedian" and Foxler "an absolute believer in free speech;" their membership in a Nazi furry group does not make them Nazis.

"If you didn't know, Furry Raiders are just a group of furries, and their crime is essentially their logo, which looks similar to a Nazi armband. Though they themselves have stated that they are not Nazis and they don't do any sort of Nazi thing.

Basically, people hate them because of their logo, and if you also don't hate them, that automatically makes you a Nazi-sympathizer."


Basically every argument Kothorix makes to defend sick fucks.

"Foxler is an absolute believer in free speech and considers political correctness and censorship as an enemy. Along with that, he believes in freedom of expression. But despite what he's told others, his armband is from a furzi or furry Nazi group.

Despite that he uses it as a symbol of the Furry Raiders and wears it himself.

I don't believe that Foxler is a Nazi."


—Kothorix, failing to put two and two together

When outsiders see a furry in a Nazi uniform, they don't know the context. They don't know that's part of a fetish or trolling because it looks good. People are reactionary and just believe the fandom is full of Nazis now. So your harmless way of dressing hurts the reputation of every other furry.

We can see plenty of art with Nazis in it that is completely about a sexual fetish and not at all about killing Jews or whatever. So is that still bad?


In Defense of Pedophiles

Now, why am I defending pedophiles?


—The question everyone wants answered

Since anti-SJW virtue signalling and talking about the alt-right weren't enough to make his channel filled with clickbait tripe reach the popularity it deserved, Kothorix tried to go big in a different way. In a now baleeted video originally titled In Defense of Pedophiles, later renamed to Wayback Video Favicon.pngJudgingPedophiles , he tries to give an honest assessment of the "stigma" tied to having sick thoughts but not acting up on them. The entire video comes off as Kothorix defending pedos; however, because he's fucking retarded and can't help rambling on about how people who hate "pedophilic thoughs" disgust him more than pedophilia itself or trying to justify it by questioning age of consent, using shitty examples he pulled from his ass like that porn creators apparently prefer underage models.

"Now, why am I defending pedophiles? Well, the truth is, it's not really about pedophiles. The hatred and stigma attached to pedophilia is just one example of a problem in our society. And that problem is people taking the letter of the law as an absolute moral authority."


"I just want people to feel some amount of understanding and compassion for those whose thoughts and desires don't line up with their own sensibilities. And maybe have some faith in others. But even though they may have unsavory desires, it does not mean that they will act on them. Thoughts and desires alone don't make you an evil person."


"Pedophilia pisses me off, because it's one of those topics that you can't even talk about. If you make any kind of comment that sounds remotely like you don't absolutely despise pedophiles, then everyone's knee jerk reaction is to call you a pedophile-by-association."


"But for those who simply have the thought of being attracted to kids, I have sympathy. Because sexuality isn't a choice. It's something that is part of you and you can't get rid of it. And there are no real options for people who are attracted to kids. You have to keep it to yourself for fear of society branding you as a child molester, or fear of being on some kind of watchlist for a crime that you have never committed. And the way I see some people react to them sickens me more than the thought of pedophilia itself."


"In the case of pedophiles-by-technicality, that is someone like a 20 year old having sex with a 16 year old, I find the reactions of people even more disturbing.

Why is it considered such a moral crime and a sick thing to like a 16 year old? Attractiveness and beauty standards are almost always measured by you. Pornography distributors especially value youth. And the reason is because we have a natural drive and instinct to breed with those who are young and fertile."


In another video, he doubles down on defending pedophilia by bitching about discord banning loli and shota art.

Wayback Video Favicon.png(Archived:Art is Art!)

"I don't believe that looking at this kinda porn turns people into pedophiles. People have agency. They are in charge of their own actions. It's the same argument that people try to make that playing violent video games makes people violent.


—No, it's not

Don't you understand that there are people who consider furry porn to be bestiality and want it banned? Just like they want loli con or whatever banned. If we go down this path, then pretty soon we're smashing windows out of churches and burning maternity scenes because they show pedophilic images of Jesus' little dingle dangle.


In Defense of Zoophiles

Wayback Video Favicon.png(Archived:Furries and Bestiality)

With a similar fashion to the pedos video, Kothorix made one about furries and zoophilia, because why wouldn't a furfag want to defend his own kind? Setting out to prove once and for all that furry art is not linked to zoophilia at all, the retard dragon cut the topic short by arguing that it's baseless fabrication because he doesn't know many furfags that are into bestiality. Satisfied with that answer, he filled out the rest of the video with contemplating whether bestiality should be legal. These ideas are in no way extremely fucking creepy at all.

"Animals just breed as often as they can, because they can. And in a lot of case it's just essentially rape. That's normal for an animal. So should we really be all that concerned about if an animal can express consent when they have no knowledge of that concept?"


"Some animals present their genitals to each other when they're ready to breed, so if one did that for a person, is that consent?"


"If you aren't actually physically hurting the animal, and the animal did everything in its limited understanding of consent to express that it was ok with that, is that actually abuse?"


"We typically think of bestiality as a man dominating an animal, but what if it's a woman being dominated by an animal? Certainly, that's not hurting the animal, and the animal is definitely giving its consent by engaging in the activity."


"I'm not advocating bestiality. These are just things that I think about when I have to be intellectually honest about them."


In Defencse of an Actual Dogfucker

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Kero The Wolf.

Wayback Video Favicon.png(Archived:The Truth About Kerro The Wolf)

Kothorix wanted to be among the first to break the Kero The Wolf "[[Lulz<controversy]]." How? Well, of course, by defending the sick fuck. The degenerate dragon associated Kero's situation with his own again, registering Kero in his brain as just another misunderstood individual with taboo thoughts. So, he got together with Zaush and contacted the zoosadist Kero got exposed with, SnakeThing™. The two then started a group conversation with Kero himself to discuss how to downplay the evidence exposing him as a dogfucker. Even though they caught Kero in a lie numerous times, Koth still proceeded to make a "truth" video about the dogfucker, in the usual Kothorix style of "objectively" taking sides, for which Kero himself supplied the lines. Having no real evidence to prove whether Kero fucked his dog or not, Kothorix decided for himself that Kero's not guilty and mean people are just on a witch hunt.

"Yes, the logs are real. Now, before you pick up your torches and pitchforks, let's talk about what that actually means."


—It means Kero fucked his dog, you retard.

"I was also able to get a hold of SnakeThing™, the other person involved, through a mutual friend."


—Just in case being in contact with one zoosadist wasn't enough.

"Kero once again makes it very clear that he doesn't want to hurt or kill animals and he's only interested in animals that were already dead, specifically stating roadkill. Now, that doesn't make it any less gross, but at the very least, you could say that you can't really hurt an animal if it's already dead."


"People have been accusing Kero of things that we already know were the crimes of other people in that group. He's been the scapegoat of this whole thing, and in reality he's probably the least extreme person in this group."


—No evidence

"Kero is not a zoosadist, he didn't hurt any animals. He likely didn't even have sex with any animals."


—Again, you have no fucking evidence

Quitting Furry?

I've come to be known by some as the voice of reason within the furry community.


—Kothorix, proving the furry community is full of retards

As to be expected, the blow back for defending pedos and zoosadists was huge. Once Kero was finally confirmed to having fucked his dog, the impact prompted Kothorix to delete the original pedos video, change his name to Kothism (short for Kothorix' autism), and quit the furry fandom for good. (And Foxler turned out to be another pedo.)

He made a video, which is mainly about him trying to shame people into remorse with suicide threats because he did nothing wrong.

"I stupidly named the video In Defense of Pedophiles. The intention was to get clicks. And get clicks, [[|Unrealistic expectations|I did. I anticipated that people would see the title and click on it out of curiosity or offense and see the video and agree with what I was saying.]] Some did exactly that. Many did not. Many people saw the title and seemingly did not watch the video at all, but still judged me for it. Others saw the video, but seemed to be outrageously offended by the idea that someone would show any amount of compassion toward people with pedophilic thoughts."


"To be accused of being a pedophile was something that I was not prepared for.

I've seriously contemplated ending my own life. Part of it is the pain of knowing that thousands of people think this terrible thing about me, part of it is knowing that I cannot escape it. Everything is online and always will be. There are people who are dedicated to doxing me and already have. So that even if I were to quit YouTube, this would still follow me. There are people dedicated to looking through everything that I've ever posted online for jokes and other quotes to be taken out of context to build some kind of case against me.

The only way out is death. This is despair. And all of this not because I did anything that hurt anyone, but because I've said something that people didn't like."



Once a sperg always a sperg

His new persona wasn't getting him enough views, so Kothism went back to his venting dragon. He started doing weed like 4 times a week and is shitting out retarded videos upon retarded videos.

It's only a matter of time until he self-destructs.

Not a furry

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