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Ih.jpg THIS PAGE IS BEING WATCHED BY Ismael "Not even Marvel crossovers are more ambitious this" Hernandez.


— kongzillarex619, ALL THE FUCKING TIME

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Deviantart-favicon.png kongzillarex619 (Powerword: Ismael Hernandez) is the epitome of every god-forsaken trait of a psychotic teenage female shipper and has a gallery chock-filled with cheap SFM crossover porn that would debatably dethrone Waluigis-girl's position on the spectrum. Known for being a very devout shipper of his self-made 'Spider-ManXLucina' pairing, he can also be seen as a Chinese-bootlegged version of Deviantart-favicon.png Jamal2504, who coincidentally also makes (and commissions) a fuckton of Spider-Man crossover pairing art with a character from a separated universe. Staying true to any rabid female teenaged shipper's inflexible personality, kongzilla will absolutely go balls-off-the-walls-ballistic for any mention why a pairing of two unrelated characters shouldn't even exist, might as well grab his sockpuppets once in a while to join the fray. Seriously, check out the fanclub! He'll get pissy if you don't.

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Vs. the Fire Emblem fanbase

Shipping a popular female character that has an entire fanbase coveted, with a mutant spandex-menace can be a problematic idea indeed. kongzillarex619's main bread and butter is his crossover fetish, by whom has gotten the ire of many people. kongzilla uploads these pictures as fast as a Chinese man producing shirts in a sweat factory, so no shit his Spidercina pairing would become so viral at some point. His gallery isn't limited to SFM art, though. Every now and then, he'd upload a screenshot calling out some Fire Emblem pleb he debated with in a mature adult fashion. He will even go as far to create multiple obvious sockpuppet accounts to stalk and attack one specific user for simply not liking a crossover pairing. He'll even lie that people send him death threats. Given the ass he is, the accusations are usually false and when he does provide proof, there's absolutely no substantial evidence whatsoever. Don't even MENTION a link, he'll be there.

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Take note on how many times the alts put on 'kongzillarex619' and/or his fellow buttbuddy 'WOLFBLADE111' on their watchlists. Shit hits the fan when you and your sockpuppet accounts leave their activity feed for the public viewing.

Transgendered kongzillarex619

kongzillarex619 may be known to have an unhealthy amount of alternate accounts that would put Robert Stanek to shame, but the one who stands out the most in particular is Tumblricon.png loverlassysponk, who also has a similar gallery of SFM art. On this account, kongzilla does exactly the same thing as he does on DeviantArt, except that he poses as a girl. When asked about any relation, "she" will claim that he's the "wife" of kongzillarex619 (which is to be expected, because of the amount of sockpuppets kong has, he's probably his own best friend at this point.) The difference between loverlassysponk and kongzillarex619 is that all the more lewd SFM art is posted on loverlassy's tumblr, (kudos for actually utilizing SFM's main purpose). Other than that, they're pretty much the same person. However, one of kongzilla's alts on DeviantArt also claims she's the same exact person. Refer to the screenshot here. If your IQ is at least above average preferred room temperature, you'll quickly realize that those claims are bullshit, and it's just our friendly neighbor kongzilla in a drag.

Here comes a new challenger!
Forgetting the fact that Spider-Man's radioactive, by the way.


The amount of images alone that he produces for a relationship between two fictional characters is the prime reason why he's put on the spectrum. The pairing originated from kongzilla's 'Dimensional Warriors' comic (made out of fucking dolls by the way). Not even an entire chapter in and you can already tell that Lucina only lives & breathes to get inside Spider-Man's pants. This story isn't just Marvel vs. Nintendo, though. It includes: Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Metroid, Kid Icarus, Transformers, Star Wars, Gravity Falls, and Jurassic Park of all series. Wanna read? Click here!

Why he ships them

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There's more (and it's still going up).
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Some random twink with too much time on their hands that somehow managed to take a sizable proportion of the crossover community by storm from whatever the fuck they did to warrant three attack journals from the turbo sperg himself. With these three journals, especially with one of them accumulating above 1,600+ views, this encouraged kongzilla's brainless personal hugbox to lay waste to Kirbbone's page.


Well, not really. Most of his whiteknights either blocked them or left a comment or a reply, then blocked them. Even with the deed being done, Kongzillarex619's self-inflicted superstition deludes himself into thinking that every-or-any below-than-pleasing comment that he receives is a product of Kirbbone itself, despite already blocking them on DeviantArt... twice.

Anon speaks the truth.

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