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Klingon is a recognized minority ethnic group in the United States. People who are of the Klingon minority get scholarships to college, and all the white wimminz love em.

Shown here is the Klingon "Worf" as portrayed by Michael Dorn from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Those eyes - I think I'm in love.


There are two known 'races' of Klingons. First, there are the Puerto Rican Klingons, as seen in Star Trek The Original Series. They look like Human Puerto Ricans, but with better taste in clothes and more attitude.

The second, and more common race are the Black Klingons. These Klingons have more culture than the older Klingons. They have turtles for foreheads, and have really bad teeth. They put blood in their Purple Drank, and eat live worms instead of chickens, but still run in gangs and don't wash themselves.


Klingon is a fake language made up by some famous geek who probably has Asperger's Syndrome. It is spoken by alien humanoids known as Klingons in the fake universe of Star Trek. It is also sometimes spoken by a subset of Trekkies who may well look a bit like this, and who also probably have Asperger's Syndrome.

All the cool kids are speaking Klingon so why don't you?

Faux Klingons

Klingons? In My White House?

As you can see, Oregonian Representative George Takei explains that Klingons make up the majority of the Executive Branch.

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