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KissingTheWolf is a 16-year-old girl who is literally a closeted zoophile in that she makes out with her dog while hiding in her closet. Paradoxically, while she obviously doesn't want her parents to find out, she has no problem with putting her make-out sessions on YouTube for the whole world to see. On October 8th, Anon stumbled across KissingTheWolf's YouTube account and immediately posted the link on /b/, providing much lulz. This is an example of furfaggotry. Chicks like her have a future in the fursuit industry, which means she'll probably be wearing that dog in a matter of years. If only she were as cute as the girl to the right, we could actually be getting somewhere. Thanks to some moralfags, her account is now closed. She also possibly lives near "Hard Knocks Orlando", as she has claimed her brother had previously been to that location.[1] Rapidshare of her two videos: have been removed.

Holy Shit, there's MOAR of them?

It is also surprising that YouTube has kept these videos up despite the lulzy content. A quick search shows that making out with your dog is apparently not only in line with YouTube's terms of use, but also rather widespread and usually homosexual. KissingTheWolf does however hold the title of hottest dog-kisser.

Damn you, Freud, why is this so hawt?

Some want moar, while others think she is a sick fuck.

KissingTheWolf poses a dilemma for many viewers: While they are usually quite disgusted by what they see, they can't leave their nasty comments due to their sudden need to fap. Some research suggests that the primary reason for arousal is that that women who commit bestiality are perceived to be in such a slutty state by men that said man can't help but to fap. This places plain ordinary men (and some lesbians) in a quasi-furry state: they must fap to animal love as they watch some otherkin slut makes hot dike love to a dog.

Ergo, the only people who do leave nasty comments are therefore members of PETA (who have no sex life, not even alone), self-righteous, frigid bitches and faggots.

Guess who's back

That's right, her vids are YouTube Favicon.png back on youtube suspended. Seeing as she has 1. not produced new videos, 2. closed her old account voluntarily (instead of getting b&) and 3. got younger in the meantime, it's doubtful she is for real. But, hey at least her clips are back!HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS


Wow! Inter-species, underage, lesbian, frenching.

The internet never ceases to amaze me.



I came.



So wrong, yet so very right.


—addaminsain, summing it up nicely.

Wait a minute, didn't that dog just lick his balls??? :0


—wsteagall, failing to realize that, no, bitches do not have balls.



—KissingTheWolf, realizing that some people are assholes. Note the growling.

Why does this arouse me, and how can I fix it



what a stupid bitch i would like to club you like a seal 100% chance that if I cut your corpse your dog would eat it, you sick fuck yank piece of shit


—tehballzors, wishing he has a dog himself.

i am reporting u to the animal police


—ElSingario. Wait, animal police?

Thats a big fucking closet. Hmm how to not get caught? Hide this from everyone I know and continue to be a closet dog fucker, OR post it on youtube and show everyone that I am a closet dog fucker...choices


—dodad12, pointing out what she did wrong so very right

post videos of you and your dog having sex on bast tube or somthing, then link it.


—A0Refrigerator, showing his lack of subtlety.

The dogs are pro, she's pretty amateur



I came



Moar, MOAR!







See also

  • Dalavesta - Another girl that loves dogs and putting it online.
  • Poeticirony Where Nelly learned it all from.

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