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I can has scythe.

Kigichi is a "fanfiction" writer (you can find her here and here on FanFiction.Net) and GaiaOnline addict who thrives off living in a world that does not exist - on the interwebs. According to many sources, she seeks out attention for her quote "terrible" life on numerous threads on GaiaOnline. Her life revolves so much around things like fanfiction, roleplay and GaiaOnline that she does those things as often as she possibly can. She obsesses about pairings of characters from Final Fantasy VII (i.e. Cloud and Reno) and on occasion, Supernatural.

Her contact information for messengers has not been submitted. As of now, we would prefer not to include such inflammatory data. Even though, that is sort of the point of pages on this site - our not-so deepest apologies for denying you the access to manners of harassing her.

Real Life

Grumpy face.

Very little about her real life is actually known, and very little has been submitted for this page about who she really is. Sadly, we're going on things found from the sites she frequents and what-not. We do know she has cosplayed Reno at some cons (said cons are not entirely known other than Another Anime Con/AAC and Anime Boston) and there are people on GaiaOnline she know in real life or contacts in real life. Such as her fanfiction partner "Bekas", whom we believe to be on GaiaOnline as well. It is believed that she is at least in her 20's, as he joint Fanfiction account says she is still 19 and it is a few years old.

It has been rumored in terms of cons and costumes, and the like that she is quite the moocher.


(Account Name: Kigichi, now Berrysama)

Rumored to be an elitist on here.

She seems to be an attention seeker on this site as well, especially after one of her accounts got hacked - there was solid proof that it did indeed happen, so we are not calling her a liar there. It's simply that when she moved to one of her mule accounts she bitched and moaned about how much she lost, yet she got pretty much every expensive item she wanted from people as gifts and donations on her old account and on her new account (because of getting hacked and having "lost" all her stuff). But prior to the hack and even now she brags about what she gets and has, then bitches and moans about what she doesn't have. For example, she got most of what she'd had on her hacked account back from various users, but even when she did get her old account back (not moving back to it out of supposed "discomfort") and has said to some that she would ask if people wanted their things back? There were a few donators who were not asked and when they complained about that? She flamed them.

It is highly entertaining how she posted about 4-5 threads about wanting a Devil Tail in the Charity forums of the site in one day, where the first 5+ pages are her bumping and complaining about she doesn't have it yet. While she has nearly everything else she wanted/wants on the damn site - with multiples to spare that she can gloat about having. Though, I suppose we can commend her constant vigilance in pursuing an item on that site? Nevermind, commending the pursuit of pixels is somewhat sad.

Some of the anonymous sources that have sent us data and such have brought to light how often she seems to be on this site - which seems to be every ounce of free time she has in her life. It seems that this website has become somewhat of life's blood for her, which she thrives on and needs constantly. Some have said she'll be on there for hours, sometimes even pretty much a whole day if she can manage it. It's where her life and all her "friends"/people important to her can indeed be found - nothing against any of them... But yeah. We here cannot deny the sadness of such things, we must remind you that site is just pixels, thousands of tiny pixels that people make into avatars and act all elite when you can't even see their avatar's face because of how many pixelated items they've manage to fit on it.

It has also come to light that she takes her "marriage" to an unsuspecting male college co-ed (on the site, mind you) extremely seriously, treating it like it is a real relationship. While at the same time claiming to be a lesbian. Which is just another ticky box to check on the list of amusing factoids.


Through many reviews that we've read and simply looking at her profile on here, it is blatantly clear that she does not know how to spell. Humorously enough, this includes the names of characters she often pairs for fics or role-play. There is also something somewhat frightening about the fact that all she can think of with posting lyrics from The Bloodhound Gang is "her" beloved Cloud and Reno of Final Fantasy VII. She also seems to have a fascination with crossover pairings, and using common yaoi phraseology such as seme and uke - please look it up if you don't know what it means.

"Your smile makes me gay!" -Me (XD my freinds mom said that her smile could turn anyone straight...i beg to differ)


"STOP TRYING TO SHOVE CELL PHONES DOWN MY PANTS!!"- Me (God don't ask! XD It just popped into my mind one day)


"THEIR TRYING TO EAT MY PANTS!!" -Me (note to self: never spill hot chcoclate on self in front of freinds)




"I DID IT! I KILLED DEMYX!!..wait...I KILLED Demyx!! NOOOOOO!!- Me when the reality of what I had done set in


The above are quotes from her excerpted from her profile. I believe she finds them to be amusing or entertaining, but we're not remotely entertained. We also have no logical explanation for what any of it is truly about or why she put it in her profile. If anything? I am personally horrified.

On another note, it has been reported that she enjoys/loves getting flamed on here yet later she deletes said flaming. She's told numerous sources that she greatly enjoys being flames and like in the section below believe that death threats for your fic is a good thing and clearly means you have good work/"you know you've made it". If she enjoys getting flamed so much, why does she remove it all, ha ha? I guess that saying, "if you love something, let it go", was never truer than in such a situation as this.

Quotables/Personal Statements

Or at least close enough to what she actually said, ha ha. Or simply statements or beliefs she seems to have according to things she has said. Submitted from varying anonymous sources throughout the internet/sites she frequents.

  • Yaoi is apparently going to one day take over the world.
  • Also, if you get death threats on FanFiction.Net, you know you've made/written good stuff.
  • It is rumored that she is proud of being flamed on FanFiction.Net.