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Kevin Rose knows the douchebag way.
Kevin Rose (right) acting like a faggot gangsta.

Robert Keven Rose is a world class dumb fuck Jew. He is a wizard-like perpetrator of dumbfuckery on the internets, almost rivaling lowtax in unwarranted self-importance. He gained notability amongst 13 year old boys as the Tom Anderson of the retard-festhole digg like 4chan, but he's just another college dropout looking for attention. He's also almost certainly a fag.

Things to know

Drink up, faggot.

Things to yell to Kevin Rose if you see him

Hmm, Strategy.
  • Robert
  • YOUR 15 MINUTES OF FAME HAVE BEEN OVER Since like fuckin' 8th grade.
  • Did you hear about the new macbooks? I didn't.
  • JEWS DID WTC!!!!

Digg Nation

lol, fail. Diggerrorreport.jpg

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