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Special K in its purest form.

Ketamine (Special K is an oldfag term that only the fuzz still use. Good way to tell them and junkie newbz apart) is a dissociative drug. Contrary to popular belief, ketamine does not lower blood pressure; instead, it can have a wide range of effects ranging from hallucinations to actually enjoying techno music, much like a raver. It can come in a variety of names and packages ranging from ketamine animal tranquilizer (KAT) to "special edition with strawberries". Users of ketamine may actually become ravers after prolonged usage. Ravers may attempt to cook ketamine in your oven while you are not looking. Ketamine is also known to cause people to feel and act like they have Down Syndrome, often sitting in one spot for hours on end completely unaware they have the ability to move, or turn off the crappy music. On average, a "K-hole", the ketamine high, lasts between 15 minutes to 3 hours, give or take. When put up the Jew, ketamine can cause minor capillary failure, meaning you're going to bleed like a son of a bitch for a short while. The effects are often compared to being drunk, after drinking about 48 beers. As a result you will get a headache and probably end up raped and passed out on the street because you're taking fucking veterinary tranquilizers. Ketamine can be found at most dubstep shows, neo-hippie jam festivals, and where the asian kids hide awaiting the return of their lord and savior, tubgirl, in the dark corners of some shitty club. PROTIP: Inject it (IV, not IM, faggot) and inject it every day, unless you're a pussy. Don't worry about having to pee every 10 minutes or the sharp pain following your urination.

Fun fact: Since many EMTs are afraid of inducing respiratory depression on a belligerent patient by administering Ketamine, they will normally administer the drug cocktail known as B-52 (Benadryl 50mg, Haldol 5mg, Ativan 2mg) and if that does not drop you, they will then administer 5mg/kg Ketamine. You will trip balls, then you will pass out and they will probably intubate your ass. So if you really want some Ketamine, call 911, tell them you want to an hero, and then start trying to assault everyone and blabbering tongues, preferably at a crowded shopping center or school. Don't worry, you'll probably only be in the Psych Ward for at least two weeks.

Fun fact: Ketamine made House 'think' he could walk (This lasted for no more than 99 seconds, resulting in butthurt and anti-lulz) Ketamine was used by researcher John C. Lilly to communicate with dolphins, maybe because of their interesting sexual behavior; See PCP below.

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