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Kentucky is named for anal lubricant


"The only good thing to come from Kentucky" -- Niggers worldwide.
Rural life

Kentucky, abbreviated KY, is a largely boring state in Dumbfuckistan that was founded by Colonel Sanders and his army of chickens. The natives were pecked to death, and the land was settled by rednecks and fat people who founded its many trailer parks.

Kentucky is known for its fried chicken, hills, hillbillies, meth labs, and toothless residents. Everyone who lives in Kentucky wants to leave Kentucky. There are no internets in Kentucky. If you encounter someone on the internet who claims to be in Kentucky, beware, because that is a lie. To see examples of real Kentuckians, simply watch any episode of Maury.


Kentucky managed to produce Abraham Lincoln, who moved to Illinois at least 100 years ago and hasn't produced anything good since then. Their current governor, Steve Beshear, Democrat, is the biggest dumbfuck to walk the planet. Mr. Beshear wants to open a Creationism themed theme park using Kentucky tax dollars and also wants to open a creationism museum. He also wants to ban smoking from the state, not realising that tobacco is Kentucky's largest fucking industry. Luckily for them, they cannot get any poorer. Mr. Beshear also says that Kentucky is doing better than most states, trying to hide the fact that every state that Kentucky borders is doing much better than them. Also, Rand Paul.

In a nutshell

We had quitters in the Revolution, too. We called them Kentuckians.


George Washington

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