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The miserable little redneck in question.
Dusty the cat calls on Anon for græt justice.
Dusty, the official spokescat for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The internet does not only produce megabyte upon megabyte of chatter, but can also be a useful tool in administering justice. Dusty, a cat from Oklahoma U.S., is living proof of this.

Kenny Glenn, who also goes by his loving nickname of "The Animal Abuser", is a 13-year-old hooknose wannabe serial killer and soon-to-be anally raped juvenile prisoner. The little faggot is most well known as the idiot who posted a video on YouTube of himself abusing his cat, Dusty and getting his arse handed to him when news of the act came to the attention of the fearless crime-fighters of the Internet Vigilante Group. It took less than 24 hours to identify, locate and dispatch the Party Van over to pick up the sick little fuck and his equally useless-as-tits-on-a-warthog brother, Weston.

The videos can be seen here.

Moral faggotry? In MY 4chan?

On the 15th of February, 2009, some say that the residents of /b/'s cold, black hearts thawed a little and grew three sizes that day. Which makes sense, as the furries at /b/ value animals over humans. When it came to 4chan's attention that some basement-dweller was abusing his pet cat, the Internet Hate Machine sprang into action with more force than a thousand suns to unleash its unrestrained, steroidal RAGE upon these sociopathic spawns of Hell.

The Assault

On Sunday, February 15th, Anon found out about two videos Kenny had posted on YouTube in which he called himself The Animal Abuser and beat up a TOTALLY KAWAII cat named Dusty. In the footage, Kenny (under the pseudonym Timmy), clad in pajama bottoms and hiding behind a balaclava, drags the frightened kitty into his bathroom. From there, he slams it against a wall, knocks it around, and spurred on by his inbred accomplice with the camera, douses the cat with water. All the while, Kenny yells at the cat saying that he hates him, as he and his brother both laugh maniacally.

In the second video, he corners the cat in the room and sprays him with water, after which he slaps and throws Dusty around like a rag doll.

Posted under the account glennspam1, the videos had previously been flagged by other YouTube users but the account wasn't fully suspended until the wrath of the Internet Hate Machine came raining down upon them. To ensure that Dusty's torture would never be forgotten, and that the matter would not quietly be swept under the rug, mirrors were uploaded to various other outlets.

The Chase

Anon speaking for Admiral Cat.

Soon after hearing of this, 4chan became enRAGEd and the cogs of the Internet Hate Machine started to turn. An IRC channel -#catraid- was established in short order and the rAIDS signal lit up the sky as Anonymous called for their crack Internet Vigilante Group to mount up and ride. These 1337 h4x0rs quickly found a link to a bargain video website -haitiwow- and a link on haitiwow led to a Lawton, Oklahoma ZIP code. Using painstaking methods of e-Detection, it was not long before the suspect's Facebook was located. The IVG's forensic science team scoured it and the video for similarities. The smoking gun came in the form of a Confederate flag from Kenny's room that appeared in the videos and which pissed off Anon even more. A positive match was made and there was little doubt that they were right.

Various information was found. Some false, some true. Eventually, 4chan called the dipshit's local police. With the help of the police, 4chan found the legit address. However, another address from Sandi Glenn (mother) working as a web designer was passed on to the police, and some argue that this is the legit address. However, they are idiots because the police dox allowed 4chan to call the dipshit's mom, resulting in the confiscation of his dirt bike. Caturday enthusiasts phoned his family, the police and the animal cruelty people and told them all about the video.

It has been estimated that at least $500-600 USD worth of pizza, boxes, blind people sticks, Bibles and Korans have been ordered to Kenny Glenn's and his neighbors' homes. Standard protocol of Ruin Life Tactics have been followed in the masses, and approximately 50-60 posts on /b/ have claimed to have taken part in ordering several items from this site including buses, taxis and even a funeral hearse.

According to a loli on JewTube] who goes to the same school, Kenny returned to school but was so scared, someone had to escort him everywhere between classes. "BigDaddyPerkins" confirms this, and also makes mention of death threats. Some dolt from his school half-confirms this, but also claims it's "unfair" to him. Truly epic lulz and a ruined life seems to have come out of this.

Kenny came to school today... he didn't look really happy. He left just before lunch because no one would talk to him or anything... plus he's claiming that it wasn't him in the vid...


—Someone who may be telling the truth, or may just be trolling

No one's talking to him at school except his girlfriend and he got his name legally changed because of all the death threats he's been receiving.


—Same sauce

Græt Justice Is Served

I think it is wonderful that they found and saved this poor cat, why didn’t anyone do that for the person who was committing suicide?


—Blog reader, unaware that Abraham Biggs was black and not a cat person cat.

Quicker than you can say Chris Forcand, Anonymous was able to track down the perpetrators, alert the local authorities and get the fucktards in custody after the local police verified that Anon's crack detective team were indeed right on the money. Dusty the cat was liberated and turned over to a local vet for a check-up and some catnip and maybe even some pussy.

The horrifying day may be over for the cat, but it is just getting started for its abusers. Our job is to put the investigation together as a case and take it to the D.A. and that's what we'll do.


—Sheriff Stradley (redneck pig)

Kenny has been seen on Oklahoma News channel 9 and News Channel 8 on Monday February 16, 2009. They both covered the story, as well as noting that calls came from as far as Australia.

A video showing Dusty and Patches to be safe has finally been released by the news. The report can be found here.

Kenny Glenn is Charged

Legendary brofist of appreciation between anon and cats.
Initial warning issued by Anon.

After being epically thrown into the Party Van at the hands and frothing mouths of /b/tards everywhere, Kenny and his brother will both face charges by the IRL mods of Comanche County. Both bitches are now facing charges of animal abuse and will soon find out if they will be joining Bubba in the big house. They should have been charged on the 16th of February, but the courthouse was closed for Presidents Day. The lulz aren't over for Kenny. The Comanche County Sheriff, Kenny Stradley, said the local police are investigating if Kenny Glenn and his brother Weston have abused animals other than Dusty. But unless they are cats, no one cares.

It has now come to light that a third video containing the abuse of a different black person and White cat has been found by investigators. This cat, named Patches, was beaten and abused in the same way that Dusty was in the first video. The video appears to be shot in the same house as the first 2 videos and is obviously the work of Kenny and his retarded sibling. The cat has been rescued by police and remains in a local vet with Dusty.

The cats will not go back into the home, and they are expected to be adopted out into a good home in the next few days.


—Comanche County Sheriff

Once the vet treats Dusty and the other cat, 7News will be able to visit them. You can count on us to have much happier footage of Dusty and the other cat later this week.



However, this is probably not satisfying enough so we encourage you to prank call their house at all hours of the day, using this little link here: Bonus points for any calls between 2:00 and 5:00 AM.

Selected quotes

i bet u niggers stole that fuckin computer.


KKKenny, some time before The Event, unable to even deliver a simple bike joke correctly.

thats not wut she said.


—Kenny, in response to Youtube criticism a few days after The Event, slowly regaining his Internet Courage. The stupid fuck can't even No U!!


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Future of Kenny Glenn

How to get IRlife ruination: piss off Anon.
The rats desert the sinking ship. Is it any wonder?

After many calls to the local DA charges were pressed against Kenny Glenn on Feb. 17th. Oklahoma laws can punish animal cruelty of this magnitude with a felony offense:

Oklahoma Statutes, Title 21, Chapter 67 Section 1685: Acts of Cruelty to Animals

Any person who shall willfully or maliciously overdrive, overload, torture, destroy or kill, or cruelly beat or injure, maim or mutilate, any animal in subjugation or captivity, … shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary not exceeding five (5) years, or by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one (1) year, or by a fine not exceeding Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00).


—Judge Lolington

(UPDATE 03/01)


Jan Stratton is the Director of News at KSWO the local news channel which is updating all the others (except they haven't bothered). Funny that because in small town Lawton (home to the Glenns) Jan Stratton is married to Judge William (Bill) Stratton and they and their little circle of legal and business types just happen to be best friends with....yes you guessed it the Glenns!

I think this info needs to be out there. There isn't going to be justice for Kenny they are just waiting for it to quiet down and give the boys a slap on the wrist. By which time it will be too late to do anything. The Glenns have a lot of power in town.

Kenny was seen in his school by Anon's on-the-spot reporter and although she claims he is scared around his peers in general Kenny isn't going to be charged with much being a juvenile, only a slap on the wrist and some therapy. So it looks like Anon will have to keep reminding him and his brother about never forgiving and never forgetting etc.

As noted by academics at Harvard:

It is difficult to predict the outcome of the court in matters like this however the online community is easier to predict. The outrage of the community is inversely proportional to the punishment he receives by the State. That is to say, if he is only fined $500 and given a “slap on the wrist” the same mob that tracked him down will demand justice in other ways.

Should he register an account with any service they will be there to “out” his past actions. Kenny Glenn, and all those around him, will be haunted by his cruelty for a long time by any means the community can muster. Hate mail, prank phone calls, and possibly even visits in person are not out of the question.

One thing is for sure. Dusty will be avenged.

Conflicts on /b/

/b/ making sure everyone knows where its priorities lie.

Most Anons were rightly shocked and appalled at this crime against Caturday whilst a smattering of newfags puffed up their scrawny, pre-pubescent chests and postured like hard cases who thinks the Anonymous is serious business and being a 'badass' sickfuck makes you a "real Anonymous". After all, they reason, Anon is supposed to lol at rape, incest and torture, failing to comprehend that Josef Fritzl and 3guys1hammer are one thing, whereas beating all the happy out of Happycat is another thing entirely: un-fucking-acceptable.

[[Collapse]Delicious Copypasta (Click To Expand)]

It's time to act. It's time to stand up and say "you know what? That kid is a cunt, and by standing outside this fags house for an hour will be contributing to an act of greater importance than sitting at home fapping."

It will draw media, it will show his fucking parents that we know he likes to fuck up his little cat.

This isn't even about moralfaggotry, this should be about every single caturday passed. Every single cat picture that has been posted on /b/.



You motherfucker, for your own sake I hope you never show your face on the internet again because they hate you, you bastard. Why the fuck would you do that? Does your mommy not love you? Well fucker, I hope she dies too, and in a more painful way than what you did to your cat. I hope you have to watch too, you son of a bitch. And we'll all laugh and smash your fucking skull into a wall and see how you like it. That's for trying to be anonymous on the internet with your little faggot ski mask, yet you show your ugly fucking face on this shit pile you call Facebook. Also, did you know that your address is know on the internet? And your dad and mother's phone number? Because it is. But don't take my word for it, Google your little bitch-ass self.

Don't fuck with cats and the internet, asshole.


Internet Tough Guy

what is Anonymous? whoever they are, i hope they get the little bastard.

ily Dusty and im praying for you <3


—YouTube User

You fucking faggots crying about Dusty getting "abused" from Kenny Glen.

You sick fucks laugh at rape, murder, child porn, incest, goatse, retards, disabled, sick fuck gore and shit, and you fucking cry hysterically when a simple fucking cat gets pushed around.

Oh but /b/ loves cats, fuck you, /b/ loves nothing of the sort. It's you newfag cancer moralfag fucking bitches that are doing this, you are softening /b/. You fucking nigger pussies. You should all die.



We are /b/. You can post shit like gore, you can post your lies about emos, post your fappies, post your worst, post ANYTHING you want. But do NOT fuck with our cats.

Cats are the one and ONLY thing /b/ stands for. You fuck with cats, you are fucking with ALL of /b/.

Can you understand that? Now GTFO our /b/ and please stand by while we proceed to find where you live and fuck with YOU!



Jews vs. Cats

Detailed diagram from the original thread.

The following day, flush with the success of victory, the manhunt turned to debate over why /b/ would RAGE so hard over one lowly abused kitty when Anon derives so much pleasure from "horrific tragedies" such as the Holocaust. The answers were quite simple, if twisted:

Everbody hates jews.



i love cats, but jews smell like piss. there's your explanation



Six million is a statistic.


Did Dusty conspire to ruin Germany's economy during the 1930's? Did Dusty kill innocent Palestinians and take their land in the 1940's? Did Dusty attack the USS Liberty in 1967? Did Dusty kill American citizens on September 11, 2001? Did Dusty cripple the American economy in the 2000's? The answer to all of the above is: NO. Jews did. Every kike alive deserves abuse far beyond what Dusty endured. I stood up for Dusty. I will never stand up for jews.



Anonymous loves cats. Anonymous does not love jews. /thread



We can't do anything about the jews. that happened before almost all of us. What happed to Dusty was all of 2 weeks ago. Time frame is the key factor here.


—Anon, with a unfortunate/fortunate good point

Support for Kenny

A week after the shitstorm, a variety of fucktards from an employee of Kenny's dad and newfags claiming to represent the "true Anonymous" with a boner for Kenny Glenn put up YouTube videos in support of the future serial killer and his poor Jew father claiming that Kenny was not Hitler and that hate mail and trolling of the Glenn family would not be tolerated.

It should be noted that for a select few, Anonymous is serious business and mocking them should used with caution because of their fragile psyches. This breed of Anon mostly became cogs in the Internet Hate Machine after seeing the Fox News report on Hackers On Steroids and think the Rules of the Internet are SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Anonymous Ninjas and their Awesome Internet Skillz!


—0Skeeve0 - Hiding behind Dog Curtains

It should be noted that this guy has a criminal record as a sex offender and works for Kenny's Jew father, so he's probably just sucking up. Be sure to comment on these two facts, as well as imply that he has a distaste for justice because he's a goddamn pervert trying to act as if he's been wronged by the Man. Some observant individuals will notice that he deleted the Oklahoma cat abuse thread in his home website Also, notice that this cheeky fucker edited his comments and profile description to erase his hints concerning his past and his challenges to expose it. He's not so cocky about how "innocent" he is now.

Skeeve babysits young Kenny whenever possible. (See Orientation.)
YOU control your life, YOU are responsible for each and every action you do. YOU must look at yourself in the mirror each day and know what kind of person you are. There is no forgiveness from fictional myths. You must face the consequences of your decisions knowing you can't make it up...ever. Now is the time you should think about how you live your life and how you treat others.


—0Skeeve0 in his Youtube Profile - Not recognizing the meaning of irony

Also of note is a pathetic troll called The Flabby Toaster who attempts to support Skeeve. Shortly after posting his first messages of support for Kenny and stating: "I have done MUCH worse things to animals in my lifetime. (...) None of it was filmed though so you can't do shit.", his videos began getting downvoted, which caused him to whine and cheese much and accuse "vote bots" of trying to frame him.

Although Skeeve, the patron saint of children, has blocked all comments and ratings, his stickam seems to be running alright, so feel free to leave a message of support there.

On the left, his mother's pathetic excuses. On the right, several White Knights defending her.

One of the most known hypocritical retards attempting to defend the animal abuser is, of course, his own mother. She's been posting several tl;dr messages to various YouTube videos defending her obviously innocent son. Her messages consist of crap such as "the cat had no broken bones, so obviously it was okay" and "it was just a skit that got out of hand." She refers to the people talking about her son as cyber geeks because this is the 1980s and hardly anyone owns a computer except geeks. If that's not bad enough, the dumb bitch actually has a group of supporters coming in to fight along side her.

OK People...Honestly, why are you still bothering this poor woman? It appears to all of us in the Lawton/Ft.Sill area that the Glenn's are doing everything in their power to help their sons. As far as her failing as a parent.....please, writing the things you do isn't exactly showing good moral skills on yourself. Maybe you should consider keep your nasty, ignorant rants to yourselves. Remember, Carma....Hate comes back to you.


A White knight attention whore who can't even spell a basic five letter word. That'll stop the "cyber geeks." It should be noted that the account has since been proven to be a troll; however, actual quotes from Kenny's mother were being used.

"Feeling Better Yet, /b/?"

Many /b/tards have posted copypasta in Glenn's name. A notable one was Hawaiian Dicking:

Tito climbed into Kenny's room and immediately punched him in the face, knocking him out cold.

Upon awakening Kenny found himself bound and gagged to a chair. Tito was naked, standing in front of him with a big Hawaii boner staring him in the face. "As the ancient Hawaiians used to's time for a dicking!" And at that, Tito leaped forward and grabbed Kenny's undeveloped scrotum. He grabbed with all his might, and ripped the skin from his body. His muffled screams fell flat, and no one came to his help.

The blood aroused Tito more than he'd ever been aroused. It reminded him of the stories his mother used to tell him of the ancient Hawaiian sacrifices in which the subjects would receive wounds to which the sacrificers would rape. He couldn't wait, Tito grabbed a hammer and smashed at Kenny's ribcage, again his screams were not heard. After breaking an opening to his insides, Tito plunged in.

He thrust in and out in complete ecstasy. The pain was unbearable for Kenny and he lost consciousness. Tito came almost immediately, but he was by no means done. He pulled out of his chest, his PENIS dripping blood and semen. Tito cleaned his dick off with Kenny's tongue.

Tito tore out a few of the ribs he had broken and shoved them up his ass to stimulate his enormous prostate.

Tito then undid Kenny's restraints and began fucking his now lifeless corpse. After deploying his Hawaiian happy sauce, he decided he wanted a better look at Kenny.

Tito shoved his hand up Kenny's ass. He thrust it in as far as he could and grabbed on to the first organ he could, and then pulled out. He ripped out his entire small intestine and part of his large. Tito started to giggle and coiled up the small intestine like a rope.

He noticed the sun was coming up so he had to finish in a hurry. Tito went to his clothes and dressed himself. He pulled a large knife from his pocket and began to skin Kenny's body.

Just then Tito remembered, he was not man, but bear. He skinned himself to reveal his true identity, a Grizzly Bear. He sat in the center of the room for several hours until Kenny's father came in.

"Kenny it's time for schoo- HOLY FUCKING SHIT A BEAR OH MY GOD KENNY-" and Tito attacked and ate Kenny. Then Tito went outside and let out a bear noise and a ray came from the sky and swept him away to his home planet of Canada.

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Possible Ingredients for Glennco Lulz Soup...

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