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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

This Lolcow/Troll has been redeemed after learning from the bullshit they are infamous for.

     You can help by not being an dick/ween/ass to them, but do still watch this page anyways in case they revert back to their natural state.   (_Y_)

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Kenny The Drama Whore
Born August 29th, 2005 (16)
Nationality American  🇺🇲
Residence USA
Ethnicity White devil
Gender Male
Sexuality Bisexual (but is dating a girl)
Aliases Kenny UTTP THDTC TSPL, Simba, RealAndersonsYesFakeAndersonsNo, EnticingMidnight
Occupation Causing people pain, pushing people into self-hating thoughts, being a pussy

Kenny Animate (Powerword: Kenneth Johnson) (Discord: Kenny#0002) is a GoAnimate YouTuber who has 13k subscribers as of January 2022. He is a moderator of the ever-infamous "GoAnimate City" (abbreviated to GAC) Discord server, who is owned by none other than the internet celebrity himself, Blukas. Those who have interacted plenty with good ol' Kenny know how painfully two-faced he is. He will pretend to be all nice, friendly, and "understanding", as he calls himself, but the very second someone doesn't conform to his exact standards of a perfect drag-and-drop animation software-based community, his demeanor completely changes and he will jump at you like a wolf jumping at an unsuspecting deer. He doesn't take it well when someone gives him criticism, and has 3 primary responses to being criticized. A, he'll respond with a snarky comeback, such as "Ok GoKid". B, he'll screenshot your comment, post it on his community tab, and tell everyone how much of a criminal you are, and C, he'll: C.5, add you to a "trolling DM" with some of his sex slaves thrown in, and C, make a grounded video out of you. Quickly, act scared.

Trial A: Ynoss v. Kenny

One time, a local nobody named YnossZaperator went off on Kenny, and claimed how his fanbase made him suicidal, how Kenny sux, etc etc. If Kenny had used his brain, he would've simply taken the criticism to heart, or at the very least, ignore it. But, did he do any of the first two? Nope! Instead, like the big boy he is, he screenshots the comment with his Android phone, posts it to his community tab, and proceeds to wail about how mean Ynoss is, how Kenny did nothing wrong, etc etc. What follows is, Kenny's hoard of zombie slaves proceed to attack Ynoss, since Kenny's a perfect saint who has done no wrong whatsoever, his videos are perfect, he rightfully "calls out" people, etc etc. Ynoss proceeds to go emo and is pissed off at Kenny for fucking him over. Shockingly, people are also pissed at Kenny. He then makes a follow-up post, which when you open it, it actually looks legitimate, but when you scroll down, you'll see it's chock full of BS and Kenny trying to be an hero. Notice the "Believe me, I am no bad person." Sadly, you'll know that plenty of GoAnimate users have never said sorry. Kenny is no exception.

Trial B and B.5: Kenny v. Ray and Kenny v. RainBoy

Back in June 2021, he attempted to give a local nobody Raycynical a hatebase over an NSFW picture he regretted making when he was 13 at the time (now 16) and Kenny blew it out of proportion and made Ray out to be a bad person. Let the man do what he wants!

Back throughout July-August 2021, he doxxed a dudebro named RainBoy107 and forced him to say that he's a pedophile, and to cover it up, Kenny made a stupid excuse saying that it was supposed to be a meme. He also sicced his whorebase on some equally bad Arabic 7-11 employee formally known as Waleed Tariq in August 2021 because of a video he regretted making of a troublemaker putting a female user in her bikini and gets grounded for it. He also forces other people to like things they clearly dislike, and tells them they're "cwiminal suppowtews bawwwww" if they don't do his bidding. An example is he forced random people to like grounded videos out of real life people and tells them that it's not cyberbullying when it is. In short, Kenny will hold people for their past mistakes, even when they apologize and pay the price for them. He condemns them to repeat them, and pushes them to the equivelant of dirt.

Trial C: Kenny v. This Page

Kenny did not take being a subject on this wiki very well. Once he found it out, he proceeded to wail, bawl, cry, and went off on the creator of this page. He even went as far as to claim he was "traumatized" due to the sheer amount of truths on this page. If you want to soothe Kenny's so-called trauma, then feel free to drop by his discord and give him lots of love. Despite he himself saying that no one believed the contents of this page, Kenny claimed that others would see it properly. Classic Kenny!

How To Troll Kenny

  • Tell him you think Lily Anderson is a nice character.
  • Tell him his videos suck.
  • Tell him he's not bisexual.
  • Tell him GoAnimate City sucks.
  • Tell him Luke is a washed up internet celeb.
  • Tell him MsFizzy is a retarded edgelord tranny who should be arrested.

Kenny's Hate Boners

  • Lily Anderson: A fictional character made by local nobody James Parker. Kenny lost his shit like no other over this character, and she is his best troll target.
  • Coris Anderson: Another fictional character made by Indo CyanAnimate (Powerword: Mohd Affendy). Was made to be a "nice clone" character of Boris Anderson, the father of the famous shitnugget known as Caillou.
  • Being trolled: Kenny acts tough and edgy, but if you take the right approach and milk him carefully and responsibly, he will break down and cry. He'll vent to someone, and change his Pisscord status to something emo.

List of Kenny's victims

▪️RainBoy107 (Doxxed him)

▪️Raycynical (Used Cancel Culture on him)

▪️Waleedarix (Used Cancel Culture on him)

▪️YnossZaperator (Made him feel extremely suicidal)

▪️Thesodadrinkers (Made him go sicko mode)

▪️Aries/Champions (Falsely accused them of making NSFW pics out of other GoAnimators)

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