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Keegan Salisbury
Born September 15, 2004
Nationality Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Residence Illinois
Ethnicity White devil
Gender Genderfluid
Sexuality Pansexual Near-Manchild
Aliases MultiKeegster1, MultiKeegster2, KJS12, TheYtpmaker1000, YTPMaker1000, SourWashingMachine, Imageny, Empty Recycle Bin, xomdjl_, >nul, Keegs, Keegan The YTP Maker, Ksalisb04, godgeeK, Lord Keith, DontThinkAboutIt112, Keegdog, ksal_, ksal., Keegan J.S., Katelyn
Occupation Tard raging at people he hates and fapping to random girls and waifus

ksal. (Powerword: Keegan James Salisbury) is a severely autistic 17-year-old near-manchild with Special Snowflake Syndrome who usually does nothing but sit on his computer and make YTPMVs, whack off to his waifus (some of which are underage), threaten people he doesn't like to do dangerous internet acts, cyberstalk people, overreact to the slightest provocations and have autistic meltdowns.

Somehow, he managed to somewhat blend in with his half-assed vigilante campaigns and DDoSing (despite getting hacked in return as well). This train of spergery ended after it was revealed he sexually harassed Kylie, one of his exes, and Keegan's world came crashing down upon him. After getting caught in 4K over sexually abusing Kylie, Keegan started degrading at the speed of light. Keegan got butthurt over people rightfully calling out his perverted lard-ass and formed a new community out of his based ex-friends' cringe enemies to form an entire battalion of mental lolcows squirting lulzy milk 24/7. This retard was previously mentioned on another page that was originally removed because he reported it and claimed it was "bullying him and invading his privacy". To be fair, he was just a whiny 9-year-old back then, but now he became a fat 17-year-old autistic pansexual who hasn't learned from his mistakes.

The Beginning

I came here to fuck bitches.
Ironically, this image was used from his previous ED article from when he was a retarded 9-year-old.

On September 15, 2004, Karrie Flannigan/Salisbury shat Keegan out of her vagina and bought him into the world. At a young age, Keegan was diagnosed with Ass Burgers and would constantly cry over the dumbest shit imaginable, throw temper tantrums and trash the house whenever he got mad - but his parents always excused it because of MUH AUTISM. Keegan's fucktarded parents made the extra effort to spoil his severely autistic ass and shower him with love that wasn't deserved. They bought all the toys, games, and electronics for his sorry lard-ass yet Keegan always behaved poorly. As Keegan started growing up and started puberty, he slowly morphed into a faggot who looks like a typical registered sex offender combined with Chris-Chan and Darren Pipster along with getting severe acne and a pedostache. Keegan also got violent mood swings once turning into a teenager, replacing the simple tantrums he had as a kiddo. Keegan admitted to beating up his parents and calling them niggers. Sometime in about 2010, Keegan got his first social media account, named either MultiKeegster, MultiKeegster1 or 2.

Keegan reviews the American Eagle
Cute kid, right? It's sad he turned out to be the revulsion he is today.


Sometime in November 2012, Keegan did a gameplay video of Angry Birds on Google Chrome. At one part in the original video, he told his mom to be quiet and that he's currently making a gameplay video for it. After his mom walked out, Keegan started failing hard in the game and started to rage in his retarded midget kid voice. That moment was so funny that the original video he uploaded got memed to death in the comments section. Because Keegan can no longer access his old YT channel, it would stay there forever and Keegan can forever bask in the shame this video has bought upon him.

4:10 is when the real fun begins. Skip to it for the best experience.

Keegan's Family

An ordinary day in the Salisbury household.
Keegan's momma's half-assed attempt at defending her son.

Keegan's family also tends to be just as spergy and lulzy as the autistic son they have, which is likely a reason for how Keegan is this utterly fucktarded and autistic. They are Ian Salisbury (daddy) and Karrie Lynn Salisbury/Dactyl Flannigan (momma) and all they do is white knight their son online while making fools out of themselves online by associating with random Autism Pride groups and posting cringeworthy posts on social media, especially Shitter. Mental retardation and terminal autism sure runs in their family. Keegan also likes beating up his parents, especially his mommy when he gets butthurt, hurling his flabby fists at them, screeching like a madman and calling them niggers and faggots. Ironically, Keegan gets butthurt when people say nigger, which shows how much of a hypocrite he is.

People still remain shocked to this day that Keegan's parents still defend him, especially his bitch-cunt whore of a mother who still defends him to death even when getting ratio'd on Twitter and getting beaten up and unfollowed by her very own unappreciative, spastic abusive son. Keegan's violent spergouts are easily just as destructive as Joey The Autist's, thus giving Keegan the new nickname of "Keegan the Autist", which is very accurate due to just how bloodthirsty, sadistic, and spergy he truly is. If Karrie and Ian truly had brains, they would've simply sent Keegan for adoption or even better, booked him for life into a mental hospital or asylum due to his sheer spergery making him beyond any form of repair.

It should also be worth noting that according to a story that Keegan once told, Karrie tried to stab Ian with a knife in 2016 and was charged with domestic battery. Nobody knows what really happened, but knowing how batshit insane his family is, that sounds accurate enough to have happened.

The pictures below show some of Keegan's family's chimping out on social media, mainly Twitter...
Parental Abuse About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
How to exorcise a demon from a Furby
You have to feel bad for husband in this marriage, cause the wife is performing black magic on their son's toy because she's a schizo, how sad.

Keegan's Sex Slaves

Typical Keegan Stan
As we see the diaper loving faggot Connor in her natural habitat wearing that adult diaper publicly, we continue as this femboy would probably piss all over that rachet room of hers, making JustinRPG blush.
What the average Keegan simp does daily.

The following faggots listed below are Keegan's new squad of sex slaves best friends and fuckbuddies that are also fellow losers like he is. After he was ousted, most of his original friend group left him, so Keegan decided to rally their enemies together to form an entire army of fucktarded and mentally-impaired morons. When all of them are combined, they can easily walk into a museum and make themselves an exhibit, thus forming a Hall of Lolcows.

  • Twitter-favicon.png CLoggermore / Twitter-favicon.png poofysasha / Twitter-favicon.png bunnypadding - Also known as Mommadomma (Powerword: Domma Larramore, Deadname: Connor D. Larramore) is an absolutely pea-brained, diaper-obsessed, disgusting, sweaty, smelly, stinky, and mentally retarded tranny Happy Tree Friends fanfag from Jacksonville, FL which explains everything about he/she? who is very obsessed with Keegan to the point she decided to become a pedo just to own his haters. She makes some of the worst roleplays one can ever find, fills everything she says to the brim with her fucktarded diaper fetish shit obsession. Mommadomma loves wishing death on the people she hates, likes making fun of loved ones' deaths, and is in general one of the most disgusting and insufferable motherfuckers of the community. She and Keegan love to make shitty jokes about how someone died due to the terminal autism running through their veins. This tranny mentioned many times she wanted to hire a hitman to kill Keegan in real life when now she's just a ween and A-log to Keegan in general. She also likes to claim that she is "in a relationship" with this fat fuck, when really he's never gonna get any pussy. And to feed her disgusting fetish she runs a Just for Fans account, where she pisses in adult diapers and act like a baby while getting these adult diapers with her monthly tug boat. This cracked-out tranny babyfur even throw's manchild tantrums like the person this article is about, Keegan! Proving to us this person needs an article themselves.
  • Twitter-favicon.png Isaac71908660 (Powerword: Jeremy Isaac Scott Anthony) - A baby-faced crybaby that loves throwing tantrums on camera like a pussy while supporting RJ Kumar to no end. He's also known for constantly being aroused with a group full of mostly nothing but GoFags and logotards called the Powerhouse of Entertainment (POE) to the point of milking the group to death and always wanting to come back to it everytime people there would ban his ass. Ironically, the group was founded by SLN! Media Group (Powerword: Lamont Meeks), someone who's a 22-year old logofag pedophile nigger who was also mentioned on another ED page. HE WANTS FUCKING LOVE!!!!
  • Johnqpublic2990 - Some random faggot that vandalized the page over and over for their lord and savior Keegan when in reality Keegan won't fuck them with his microcock. Apparently, it may have been Keegan's school's IT Assistant, making this even funnier.
  • Twitter-favicon.png LewmioA (Powerword: Chance Tucker Sims) - This shit-stained, cum-greased lint roller treated Ky like fucking shit and would complain nonstop while ignoring everyone else. He also defamed Baby Lamb Creations all for attention and his daddy made him do push-ups as a result. Now that his former friends hated him, he had no choice but to crawl back to Xomdjl_ like a massive pussy along with the fact that Geoshea was completed obliterated off the web. Also, he hates Madness Combat as apparently, the fandom treated him like shit.
  • Twitter-favicon.png JustAFan2005 (Powerword: Seth Richard Cardona) - A chronically rude, backstabbing psychopath with severe buttsex addiction crippling him, especially when he does get to suck Isaac's weiner.
  • Twitter-favicon.png wheresthakidz (WTKS, also known simply as "Omar") - One of Kylie's exes IRL who lusted after her nonstop and was a complete simp. After being hit with the cold hard truth that he would be dying alone, he decided to become a virgin with rage and join forces with Keegan to get revenge on Kylie, Tighten from Megamind-style.
  • Twitter-favicon.png RjGunner111 (Powerword: Raj Kumar, Jr.) - A crazy curry nigger from Wisconsin with a massive boner for gaming. In the summer of 2020, he had beef with CodeLyokoFan2002 (Powerword: Roszina Head), a Bri'ish 19-year-old cartoon sperg and womanchild who runs a Discord server called "Tell Us About It", or "TUAI" for short, which is dedicated to massive amounts of spergery over various different topics, even hosting movie nights featuring heavily obscure animated movies, and also being subject to a shit ton of raids performed mostly by 13-year-old JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fans alongside the curry nigger himself, and in response to the beef he signed up for several mailing lists and pornography websites using her e-mail. Ironically, he did the same shit towards Keegan as well back in summer 2020 before Keegan got back to him. He enjoys having gay buttsex orgies together with Isaac and Seth.
  • Twitter-favicon.png Sonohara (Powerword: Sarah Lee Westervelt) - A greasy and disgusting MtF tranny who makes shitty music and still gets into drama despite being a self-proclaimed professional musician. She is a manipulative asshat who was a complete bitch to the people at Joey's Pub.

Salty Tears

Benjamin Mickle's Autism: PART ONE

Benjamin Mickle's Autism: PART TWO

Logan Swan's third triplet brother wants love.

As stated on this sex slaves section of this article, his furry friend Melsbacksfriend ranted about the page of his autistic friend and basically went on retard rant about this site mocking his in real life friend Keegan and ED mocking his obsession with Pokemon, which is the most manchild-ist game series typically loved by these severely autistic types, like...Chris-Chan. Being a DecomcRAT and liberal piece of shit, he decided to put Furry Lives Matter as fucking tag of this video. Speaking of furries, the retard ranted about the furries page as well. along with getting butthurt over the Ass Burgers and Pokémon pages, despite the fact that this website is obviously all satire. Now, you can tell this retard is as retarded as his friend Keegan when he rants about the site too. His microphone is also fucking terrible, or it's just his severe autism hindering his voice as it happens in many autists as well. And as for the fucktard on the right, that is Isaac and his infamous I WANT LOVE!!! video.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Keegan's Enemies

Some of Keegan's enemies regularly use this.
The resemblance is uncanny.

While Keegan has a roving band of fucktards that obey his every command due to being fellow outcasts like he is, Keegan has also made a shit ton of enemies due to his constant spergery and terrible attitude.

  • Twitter-favicon.png DancingNinja07/Nancer (Powerword: Issac Wykes) - An autistic, incredibly hypocritical and immature 14-year-old brat who does nothing but jack off together with his fellow SJWs Wildcat and LyricWest while watching shitty Channel Awesome videos and making terrible fanart. He likes randomly accusing others of pedophilia for the dumbest and smallest of reasons imaginable, while hypocritically defending pedos like Jax Hahn.
  • Engelbash (Powerword: Logan Michael Swan) - This fucktard is a bratty, butthurt, bloodlusting, terminally autistic, homophobic, racist, retarded, vicious and mental sped with pedophilic and zoophilic tendencies who is obsessed with blowing bubblegum and making huge bubbles. He also loves disgusting snot bubbles like Carl Wheezer from Jimmy Neutron's one, bunnies such as the Pink Berets from Despicable Me, Peter Rabbit, Cottontail, the Rabbids from the Rayman franchise, Invader Zim, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Jimmy Neutron, My Life as a Teenage Robot and many more shitty TV series, mainly from Nickelodeon. He spends all day in his shitty Discord server tard-raging about shit no one cares about, having idiotic roleplays where he rps as users he hates and uses his "Geo Guy" and "Evil Larry" tuppers to spam the word "nigger" and use @everyone pings to annoy the hell out of everyone. He also likes making fun of 9/11, fapping to child porn all day, and generally being a sick fuck that is completely mental and retarded. This freak also has an army of goons that love spamming the shit out of others on multiple platforms or inviting them to troll group chats. During Keegan's involvement with the Meming Crew, he made multiple attempts to get in contact with Logan's mom, with most attempts being successful. The first time, it led to Logan's laptop getting taken away by his mom. He has done it multiple times since the last time he did so being when Logan was last seen saying "nigger" on Discord. Too bad Keegan ended up turning into the fucktard he desperately avoided trying to turn into. Did we also forget to mention that Engel himself is fuckbuddies with Seunghwan Lee?
  • Garrett's Meming Crew - A group of online vigilantes and weens who have taken it upon themselves to help control the pedo infestations of any nearby communities. They are currently dealing with Keegan the fat autistic piece of shit. Originally started off as a revenge plan against the Closing Logos Wiki administration for banning them back in 2017, but is now being used to save other communities from any alleged lolcows.
  • Twitter-favicon.png Gemaconda (Powerword: Matthew Smith) - Some nigger who left this retard's circlejerk. Is a fan of The Owl House and some gay shit called Elinor Wonders Why, the latter he stole from Domma. At one point was also on his waifuist agenda. He was formerly listed during the Josh Markey wars as "TheVideoKid782".
  • Twitter-favicon.png JaxH_ (Powerword: Jax Hahn) - A fat, fucktarded pedophile from Detroit who enjoys jacking off to porn of Bluey and Puppycorn from Unikitty!, both of whom are underaged while being a hypocritical SJW that virtue-signals against dumb shit like NFTs and Vaccines on his embarrassing Twitter. He likes jacking off together with Wildcat, Nancer, and LyricWest, who all hate Keegan and told him to not answer Keegan's recruitment letter for his LOLCOW ARMY.
  • Twitter-favicon.png ky_starspiral/✨Ky✨ (Powerword: Kylie Monek) - An edgy mentally ill autistic 18-year-old weeb womanchild and white devil Canuck from New Jersey who reeks of GOTIS and was a victim of this retard's victim card games and annoying sexual roleplays. She is just as bad as Keegan in her own way and is about on the same level as Alex Mae Muholland, who is another mentally ill self-shipping faggot. Keegan's behavior around her made her family turn against her thanks to this pansexual fat fuck's BAWWWWTISM depression episodes. At one point he has made threats to murder her 13-year-old step-sister, and has also wanted her to do sexual things with him while her 4-year-old brother was still home on Discord VC. After dealing with one's bullshit for so long, they finally dumped each other. Kylie is also a self-shipper and waifuist, just like Keegan, with her husbandos being Mr. Bump, that blue bandaged thing from the Mr. Men Little Miss franchise, as well as Snap, the blue superhero chalk drawing thing from ChalkZone. She is also known for having infamously expressed her sexual desires towards both Snap and Mr. Bump, which has made other people uncomfortable. Just like Keegan, Kylie has also gone on a love quest earlier in 2021, following her failed relationship with some logofag known to most people as Tom Cat Productions/Tom's Video Stash (Powerword: Jack Winter). Despite Kylie being the main victim, some of Keegan's enemies from the logo community like Nancer, Wildcat, and Pantsmode seem to believe that she is also in the wrong. She also loves to do shitty Tupperbox roleplays involving characters calling other people niggers, which shows how desperate for attention Kylie is. She's also the owner of a Discord server known as "Ky's Hellhole", which is a Discord server limited to her close friends dedicated to drama, shitty RPs, blueberry inflation fuckery, depression episodes and autistic meltdowns that are arguably just as bad as Keegan's, if not worse. She has also confessed to hitting her stepsister so many times, which also shows how much of a hypocrite Ky is, having preached against Keegan hitting his parents. Her meltdowns are almost as destructive as Keegan's, earning her the nickname of "Kylie The Autist", just like how Keegan earned himself the nickname of "Keegan The Autist". Like how Keegan gets aroused by cats, Kylie also gets aroused by rabbits, however, despite how lulzy she is, this wouldn't necessarily paint her as a zoophile. Some of Ky's spergery can be found in the archives of Ky's Danger Zone, the same place where Keegan's spergery was found. She also has her own article on here.
  • Twitter-favicon.png gary_p21115/Gary Palidin/*WaRnEr* (Powerword: Benjamin Pardun) - An edgy 16-year-old wannabe spic that was best friends with Keegan during the 2013-2014 era and also a long-time friend of his, who later turned against him after finding out of all the horrible things he's done. Used to have a hormonal crazy for Bluey much like how Keegan once had a hormonal crazy for BFDI. Also regularly gets involved in community drama.
  • Twitter-favicon.png RegularSpark - An unfathomably based 13-year-old boy who rightfully called Keeganigger out for his BS, only for Keegan to make yet another Mommadomma-inspired joke that they died from a ketamine overdose, or yet another one of his cringe and repetitive Beluga-level jokes.
  • Wildcat - Another retarded SJW using xe/xyr pronouns (just like Keegan) that is fuckbuddies with Nancer and Jax Hahn.

Taking in Constructive Criticism



Accurate depiction of Keegan responding to criticism.
Long lost brother?

Typical to a person with Ass Burgers, Keegan is incapable of taking in any sort of criticism whatsoever, even pussy faggot constructive criticism. Anger him one slight bit or trigger his "PTSD" with any one of the thousands of triggers that will make him go berserk and trigger an autistic meltdown from him and BOOM!, he spergs out like a mad dog infected with rabies. If on the computer, he'll immediately block and permaban you like a control freak and Reddit moderator (only if he has dem sweet mod perms), and if IRL, he will hurl his flabby fists at you and try killing you in a fit of tard rage. Keegan often claims that he can take criticism but this has been not the case many times, probably for every time; but he will never face the truth due to being too much of a coward. All Keegan really wants is to live in a perpetual ass-kissing 24/7 hugbox where all his waifus like Kani Maki and Starfire will come to life and have BDSM gangbangs together in his filthy sex dungeon while braindead children who get their entertainment out of crappy grounded videos constantly shower his cow shit videos with a ton of likes.

How to piss off Keegan

  • Make video remixes of the infamous "permabanned" video - he will of course abuse the DMCA process in an attempt to get it taken down.
  • Compare him to either Chris-Chan, Harvey Weinstein or Oscar Ferguson, a lolcow who doesn't have an article here.
  • Make fun of him using any of his older videos, e.g. Angry Birds for Google Chrome
  • Tell him to become an hero - He's actually considered it before!
  • Bring up his past or current actions
  • Mention anyone from the friend group that "betrayed" him, like Kylie, Garrett, Connor/Domma, and Samuel.
  • Say you ate his waifu's family.
  • Flood his e-mail with spam - This has actually happened before, only except the curry nigger Rj who was mentioned earlier did it while Keegan was still sucking off of Roszina's massive lady dick. Rj has since become fuckbuddies with him.
  • Make prank calls to his cell phone

Getting Tipped by The Police

Sometime back in February 2018, some 25-year old retarded asian pedophile from Canada named HeyItsBowman/BronyMult (Powerword: John Aguilar) tipped that fat fuck to the police. The tip turned out to be successful as later that month, the police contacted Karrie and made her take Keegan down to the police station for questioning. Following this incident, he decided to leave Garrett's Meming Crew (when it was The Raiding Crew) like the pussy he is because of this. His school was even made aware of this by Keegan himself and his family and he said Garrett encouraged him to do all the lulzy shit he did.

He has not learned jackshit from it ever since.

Keegan's Love Quest

Quick everyone, act like you're scared!
It may be hard to see, but here, Keegan is using his permaban powers to keep his waifu forever.
Schizoposting or truth?

The following list down below is Keegan’s love quest, similar to Chris-Chan, Keegan has had a series where he falls in love with a girl but at one point he fucks up so badly he then goes “depressed mode” and then harasses them. So far, Keegan has failed miserably in all of them, with his latest being his most miserable failures next to Ky as he got rejected by not one, but two fucking girls and one of them is a fucking tranny.


Sometime in 2016 or 2017, Keegan started his le epic love quest by establishing a relationship with some autistic spic named Helen Cortes. Not much is known about her, but Helen later dumped him after a couple of weeks.


After Helen failed, Keegan began another relationship, this time with a severely autistic and mentally retarded white devil known as Jeffy-Chan (Powerword: Brianna Hansen). She's known to be aroused with Jeffy faggotory, hence the name. Despite their relationship going on for about 4 years, they barely did jackshit for it. At one time, the retarded snowflake himself went on a date with her to Chuck E. Cheese. The relationship all ended when Keegan found Kylie and started lusting after her, thinking that she would be more willing to fuck him.

Keegan and Ben also have an unfunny inside joke surrounding Jeffy-Chan's supposed "super strict" mother (Powerword: Dina Hansen), where everytime someone annoys them or is super strict towards them, one of them says "Shut up, Dina." to that guy. They also simply say "Dina!" whenever something got removed or blocked.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Kylie Monek.

Prior to them dating, Keegan dumped Garrett and started becoming aroused all around her to the point she became his biggest property more than Garrett...

But now, they recently broke up with each other, partially because of his sexually abusive attitude towards her, and partially due to how unstable Kylie was. Fearing that his waifu would leave him forever, Keegan tried to use his permaban powers to bring her back to the server they owned together as well, along with trying to manipulate her into having an erotic roleplay with him while she was babysitting her younger brother, along with buying her lewd clothes on Amazon so Keegan can jack his twizzler-esque micropenis to her. After the breakup, Keegan felt very suicidal and developed a pornography addiction due to no longer having a woman to sext and live out his deranged incel fantasies.

Since Keegan has developed an addiction to sex in general and trying to fuck every girl, someone caught Keegan in the acts of him becoming a lolicon. During sometime before the breakup, Keegan and his ex were arguing in the DMs, leading to Keegan to use his Angry Birds for Google Chrome and Permaban powers to keep her forever, which resulted in her trying to break up because of how much of a crazy dumbfuck Keegan is, unlike anything that has happened before. This also led to communities such as the YTP and YTPMV, GoAnimate and closing logo communities to exile him from their communities for Keegan's awful behavior, which also led to Keegan getting kicked off of the Wrapper: Offline development team. These messages also reveal Keegan would always talk to her shirtless so he can fap towards her too, which shows how sickening this guy is. It has also been shown that Keegan would mimic some of Kylie's behaviors online, even copying certain opinions for example.

Keegan has sperged out at Kylie quite a few times, to the point where he has actually left quite a few voicemails with threatening auras towards her.

Kylie has also sperged out about as hard as Keegan has. More info about her is covered in the "Keegan's Enemies" section of the article, and she also has her own article on this site, which can be viewed here.

Garrett Simmers

Formerly longtime best friends with him, up until recently. Keegan tried going polyamorous with him and Kylie together only to call it quits after like a few hours due to some of Nancer's fuckbuddies canceling him over it, as well as him finally starting to extremely fear the dick he so claims to crave, but actually fears due to being straight as a ruler and not the Leaning Tower of Piza. There's a very outdated article on this man with the only accurate info being shit people have known for half a decade. Garrett has since become a redeemed lolcow, much like SammyClassicSonicFan, but the same can't be said for the other fucktards listed here, and especially Keegan himself.

Chloe Maltaric

Atomic.gif Warning!
Do not attempt to establish any kind of contact with Chloe. She has clarified that she does not want any sort of involvement in this drama.

Just a typical GOTIS thot with a significant presence on Instagram and TikTok, other than that not much is known about her. There is a possibility that they may have had sex and Keegan bragged about getting kissed and having sex with her behind the back of the car with a condom on. However knowing Keegan, he most likely didn't actually fuck her and was simply saying this after a Mommadomma-induced schizophrenic episode or simply trying to spite some of his enemies. Any Chloe that dated him has already broken up with him so Keegan might as well call it quits.

Not too long ago, Keegan got into a heated argument with Chloe, even going as far as to rage in ALL CAPS at her. The gallery below shows the infamous battle of spergery between the 2.

Keegan vs. Chloe About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

However, they eventually got along again after what happened. Keegan does seem to be spending a lot of time with her IRL lately and has claimed that he was fine with just being friends with her. According to a third party who has been keeping an active eye on Keegan, they eventually split apart again following another argument that happened without any sort of reasoning.


There's no info about her other than the fact that she told Keegan to stop talking to her after Keegan constantly begged her for favors Quinton Reviews-style on his school Gmail.

Sammi and Zuzu

After repeated fail with many of his previous waifus he was planning to molest and fap too all day, Keegan thought going poly would be a good idea and later tried hooking up with random girls from other servers. He first found Sammi, a 19-year-old tranny from Canada whom he immediately fell in love with as s(he)? shared similar interests with him along with being an autist as well. Later, Keegan met a new girl named Zuzu who is a 16-year-old girl and apparently lived to hear him. Keegan says both have similar interests to him, though it was likely that Keegan was simply pulling shit out of his ass and trying to fake his interests as he was so desperate to get a girl and love.

Keegan started bragging about it on Twitter, but then Zuzu decided to """randomly""" break up with him, even though it was more likely she just realized how nasty Keegan is in general, or thought his IRL face is ugly (it is). Keegan said it wouldn't affect him, yet he was most likely seething hard in secret. Then Sammi the Tranny decided to break up with him as demonstrated in the picture on the right! Keegan again tried coping but instead seethed so hard he shed a thousand tears on that day. The next girls in his love quest are currently unknown since Keegan has decided to go on a life hiatus, but when that ends, any girl that ends up with his nasty, abusive ass is going to utterly regret her decision to date a Chris-chan type.

The Lovesick Autist About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Keegan's "Art" and Cartoon Spergery

I swear, his art looks like if Rick and Morty animators took acid and bath salt.

Like many other autistic speds trying out drawing to be like the cartoonists they revere as literal gods, Keegan has tried making art before in addition to his shitty YTPs and YTPMVs. Keegan so far has proven to be incapable of making any sort of quality work at all, with the best drawings he can muster being nothing more than sloppily-drawn shitstains on a huge pile of garbage. After being rightfully mocked for making various garbage or self-indulgent porn of his waifus, Keegan closed down his ImagenyDoesZeArt account like a pussy. After he was busted for abusing Kylie, Keegan got even more hate comments on his DA. For some odd reason, Keegan kept these comments up despite ghosting on this account sometimes.

Keegan also has an obsession with many cartoons, such as Teen Titans, Sushi Pack, Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! along with some animes and more. Most shows that Keegan likes either has him "kinning" a character or making one of the female characters in the cartoon/anime one of his many waifus; he often does both at the same time and will ship his self-insert or kin with one of his waifus. Keegan also requested many Rule 34 artists to draw porn of Kani Maki, the crab sushi thing from the shitty show Sushi Pack despite the fact that he was underage, which potentially got a fuckton of people in trouble. That not only shows how perverted this submoronic imbecile is, but also how much of an inconsiderate fucktard who doesn't give two midget shits about others he is.

Don't let that poor grammar fool you, this definitely sounds like something Keegan would say.
More of Keegan's shitty art About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Keegan's Waifuism

Sushi Pack is trash.
More self-shipping autism.
Breakingnews.gif Breaking news!
Apparently Keegan's no longer a waifuist, as evident by some of his TikToks. He even beat up the Kani doll.

Being the self-serving and egotistical prick he is, Keegan is a certified waifuist who thinks that he can talk to cartoon characters from a digital screen despite it being completely impossible. Keegan likes licking cartoon screens and going on random waifu subreddits where he proclaims his love for cartoon characters has taken a liking to, such as Starfire, and of course, Kani Maki that retarded TOMBOY pink crab he whacks his microcock off too the most.

Keegan proclaims himself to be a self-shipper, which really is a short form of an autistic or bipolar shut-in that has spent too much time watching cartoons and/or anime in their basement that gets obsessed with one character and spergs out when someone else finds the character attractive or thinks they're bad/annoying or simply dislikes them. Self-shippers are most often severely autistic and automatic lolcows online, and Keegan is no exception, especially when considering the other lolcow traits he has, such as Angry Birds for Google Chrome and PERMABANNING!!!1

Shit he likes

Proof that he wasted quite a bit of money on her like a simp would do. Notice how he foolishly left his MasterCard and Kylie's address uncensored.
  • Being a part of LGBT community - Yet, the motherfucker has never had a boyfriend, Keegan is just addicted to the clout like any typical Twitter addict so he fakes being LGBT for dem brownie points.
  • Beavis and Butt-head - Has its own page. Both the main characters are fucking retarded, which is what Keegan is.
  • Care Bears - Specifically, the 2000s cartoon no one cares about. A crowd-pleaser with manchildren, which are exactly his type.
  • Cats - Surprisingly, the retard isn't a fucking furry even though he likes cats, though the possibility of him being a zoophile isn't out of the question.
  • Clone High - A failed MTV cartoon from hasbeens Phil Lord and Chris Miller that managed to cause a hunger strike in India. Keegan enjoys fapping to the goth chick Joan of Arc.
  • Closing logos - Like any other autist, he specializes in collecting closing logos. He wants to catch his eyes on that fucking TAT Communications Company logo and have anal sex with it once, no wonder he actually fucking called Sony over finding the logo.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door - A 2000s cartoon about kids rebelling against adults. There's a lot of naked kids in it, which gives Keegan a lot of fap material. He especially loves Numbuh 3.
  • davemadson - A washed-up 57-year-old YouTuber that creates Speakonia videos involving logos. Keegan has an interest in his "work", and has managed to create similar work in the past.
  • Empire Today - See "Gracie Films". This is another company logo Keegan likes to cream his pants over. It's also his personal forced meme.
  • Vyond - The community is filled to the brim with autists who make grounded videos out of characters from baby shows. Keegan being both an unfunny and untalented Vyond Video Maker along with being an abuser makes him idolized by this garbage community.
  • Gracie Films - Just like Erik Mokracek and your stereotypical autist, Keegan has an unhealthy fetish for company logos. He also has a forced meme of it based around its YouTube uploaders.
  • Homestar Runner - Not much known about it other than the fact Keegan's been a fan of it since 2011 and often uses it as a source in his shitty YTPMVs.
  • Kani Maki - He treats this cartoon crab-like she's like his god and gets offended when someone says they ate her family.
  • Luna Carpet - His secondary forced meme, with the same exact premise. See "Empire Today".
  • Monster Allergy - Keegan has a massive boner for Elena Potato, and tried to justify his ship by noting the lack of playgrounds in their school.
  • Oban Star Racers - IGPX for cheese-eating surrender monkeys.
  • Sam and Max - Keegan likes this game and sees himself as Max, the hyperactive trigger-happy rabbit "thing". Accurate as Keegan would one day shoot up a school Adam Lanza-style.
  • Starfire from Teen Titans - Second fiddle to Kani Maki, but Keegan also lusts after her despite Starfire being 16.
  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! - A Wapanese cartoon pulled out of Disney's asshole that got cancelled after two seasons. Keegan likes fapping to Nova for tomboy sake.
  • Sushi Pack - Perhaps his biggest source of fap material yet. Think Steven Universe mixed with Fighting Foodons. His waifu has her own headline.
  • The Simpsons - Has its own page. He loves it with a capital L, mainly because it's where that logo he likes to fap to mainly shows up. He claims to have been a long-time fan of this show.
  • Tom Karlsson - A random Swede from YouTube that managed to catch his attention by...A Gracie Films video. Everyday, he worships him like fucking God. Knowing his autism, it's not that new, since it's also a forced meme.
  • Tomboys - He's basically a fucking incel who slides into butch lesbians' DMs only to be met with disappointment by realizing they're taken.
  • Totally Spies - Pronz, pronz, pronz! The show is basically nothing but glorified fetishes put on the air for some godforsaken reason which is why Keegan likes it a lot, due to being a massive pervert with a tomboy fetish.
  • Wayside - Another Canadian cartoon from the 2000's he spergs over. He likes fapping to the love-crazy dyke bitch Mauricia, and would even sexualize the girls from the show.
  • YTPMV - Stuff he specializes in making. They usually suck.

Keegan's Tard Rage

Send this in Keegan's DMs for maximum lulz
Keegan's average reaction to shit he hates.

While Keegan is known to have an intense lust for many things, he also fucking hates many others as well. Like Lewmio/Lenny the Lint Roller's extreme hateboner for Madness Combat all because he pissed off its fandom for being an insufferable asswipe, Keegan has a blazing hatred for many other things, most notably Battle For Dream Island and his lack of trust in the 2 rice nigger brothers who created the show. Keegan doesn't just type out massive TL;DR rants on how much he hates the show, but sometimes even draws cringeworthy hate art of them to vent his tard rage.

Hate Boners

  • Battle for Dream Island - Formerly one of his all-time favorites, this would eventually become Keegan's #1 most hated show of all time, to the point where this enby sex offender almost forced everyone, including Kylie, to hate BFDI. This made a fuck ton of people pissed off, however, they couldn't stand up to it at that time or else he would bring down his dreaded PERMABAN POWERS. He claims to have been good friends with Michael Huang, however being the autistic little faggot that he is, he silently cut him off and made the assumption that BFDI ruined Kylie, when in reality it was the death of a loved one which made her not feel right for a while. There is just one exception to this however; Kylie often thought that she was actually Bubble and planned to become an hero if Bubble ever got eliminated from any of the current seasons of the show.
  • Bluey - A random baby show that pedophiles and babyfurs concerningly obsess over, which of course had to give Keegan "PTSD". This was the start of when Keegan made a forbidden media list where he would show his hateboners to various shows. Hazbin Hotel on his DNI when?
  • Medical Needles/Syringes/Vaccines - Despite the fact that Karrie and Ian are Democrats, Keegan instead is very terrified of the vaccine due to them giving him a "Sensory Overload". Keegan once threw a tantrum all because his liberal momma wanted him to get vaxxed when he was too fucking terrified to get the needle.
  • Pretty Cure - Some girly anime for babies that plenty of Geoshea white knights such as pmpkunhunii, OisinFan62, and MikeP regularly whack off too while Kylie is a fan of it. Because of some pedo known as CureLovelyWarrior who groomed Ky, Keegan got so buttmad and began hating it to death. He only hated it more after breaking up with Kylie, showing how easily shit gets ruined for him.
  • Shaving His Face - Keegan hates cleaning his rancid facial hair and is too cowardly to use a fucking shaver so he has developed all sorts of disgusting beards and mustaches if they can even qualify as proper ones. Keegan has developed a pedo-stache thanks to his fear of razors and shavers. He claims that he "likes his mustache and beard", when in reality, you're not gonna get any pussy with that much facial hair. Learn to fucking shave!
  • Soft/Quiet Rooms - Whenever Keegan starts chimping out at his shitty school, he would be promptly tard wrangled by the strongest teachers or staff members in the faculty and then hauled into a soft room where he is free to cry like a little baby. This has led to him developing severe PTSD of these rooms and thus has become extremely paranoid to not sperg out in public so he won't get sent there again. So far, Keegan has failed miserably.
  • The Mr. Men Show - A childish Bri'ish-'Murican cartoon that some of Keegan's enemies such as WaRnEr and Kylie have taken a liking to. It was enough for Keegan to get PTSD from it, to the point where he actually ruined the Little Miss Sunshine plush Kylie gave him over a year ago.
  • The Owl House - Basically a generic-as-fuck gay Harry Potter that some of Keegan's enemies such as Gemaconda and Garrett have took a liking to, and apparently it was enough for Keegan to get PTSD from it, even though its most likely his terminal autism.

Keegan's Shitty Shows and Movies

Sometime in about 2014, Keegan started making his own shows and movies, much like Geoshea's own media and Chris-Chan's Sonichu and CWCVille comics. Prior to the ones listed below, Keegan planned shows that never happened which had nothing but intros, outros, and closing credits, many of which were Greeny Phatom-like.

iDog and Furby

When Keegan was just a bumbling young faggot in 2014, he wanted to create a TV show. What was it about? A Furby and an iDog living together in their house. He never made a single episode of it, because his Daddy believed the house was too dirty.

Instead, all there was is a shitty intro, credits, and gay-ass |closing logos, which ended up much like The Cowabunga Brothers' closing logos especially with a fuck ton of real-life companies that didn't even work on it.

Keegan's Film of Funny and Awesome

With IDog and Furby having never been made, what's a sperg like Keegan to do? In 2016, he created a Greeny Phatom ripoff where an INTERNET HATE MACHINE goes to steal a Danny Phantom action figure and his group of self-inserted morons have to stop him or some other retarded shit like that, and has managed to beat up a teacher just so his autism can be completed. It has been a subject of lulz between a group of people for a while. Currently, he claims it "jeopardized his mental health", the exact same claim Kylie used in one of her venting fits about how much she "regrets" making Bubble vs. Boohbah, another shitty Vyond series made around a similar time period as this movie of absolute pure faggotry.

Spinners Entertainment

Later in 2017 (or so to believe), he created an autistic entertainment company where he can show off his spergery to the world. It unfortunately has nothing to do with Meatspin, but however, he has a show involving fidget spinners in it. The shows he created for it include:

  • Quick Domino Obstacle - Exactly what it is. A series of retarded domino tricks with the help of a canned audience and his real-life friends. Legend says he also used it to exploit off the death of Kylie's mother, as seen on the "live" special.
  • The Amazing Marble Race - Just real-life Algodoo which rips off some aspects from Total Drama Island. Hosted by the spergin' faggot himself.
  • Welcome To Logo City - Just Keegan acting out with plushies in front of a TV like a manchild, with a videotape playing in the background. Keegan claims it was inspired by "Not A VHS Opening You'd Expect", which is a webseries by Taylor Enterprises, another logo sperg and manchild who also makes videos that have a similar aspect to the videos of davemadson.
  • WTTW Chicago Logo Bloopers - Basic logo bloopers spergery, with Keegan's massive raging hard-on for the Sushi Pack mixed in. Not much to write about other than the fact it's just another unimportant davemadson-style series.

Currently baleeted, but you can catch Quick Domino Obstacle and Spinners on his Internet Archive account.

Failed An Hero


On September 22, 2021, Keegan would decide to "out" himself where he revealed that he sexually abused Kylie Monek, his (now) ex-girlfriend. At this very moment, everything that Keeganigger has worked his whole life for, many of the sperg circles he was in and followers all turned on him on that very day. Keegan's old life and glory days were nothing but a distant memory as sexual abuse is considered unforgivable and Keegan having preached against that shit countless times, obviously would have that shit blow up in his greasy face. Keegan's only defender at that time was his retarded mother, who decided to defend him by calling the rage against him "cancel culture", when really it was just a liberal SJW using progressiveness as a shield for his sexual antics having the crowd he cultivated blow up in his face. Reap what you sow, fucking faggot or just become an hero.

Tons of new shit were later than revealed about Keegan, such as him thinking that it's fine for minors to be put in suggestive situations, being nude or wearing skimpy clothes, the fact that he likes hurling his fat fists at his parents and calling them niggers. Keegan claims that a lot of the things he's said in the past (such as the age chart) were copied off of things Kylie and friends have said but with slight alterations. However, that should not be used to cover up all the other lulzy things he's done. A crapton of screenshots were leaked and Keegan only began tumbling down in an downward spiral. Soon enough, plenty of videos were later made of this autistic buffoon featuring his untimely spergery in all its glory. It has also been revealed that he tried to pressure Ky into performing lewd acts while her 4-year-old brother was still home, yet said that his made-up daughter "Angela" shouldn't be in Kylie's custody or whatever the fuck due to seeing her masturbate. Afterwards he and Mommadomma decided to make fun of her mother's death by saying she fed her too many discos which of course would backfire hard on him. When called out, Keegan just shifted the blame on Domma and kept saying he "changed" and that he was "taking accountability".

Keegan decided to "retire" from YouTube only to come back two weeks later, which resulted in him doing the same shit 3 days later. This has been a recurring thing where Keegan wastes everyone’s fucking time. On the bright side, one can finally know why abortion exists in the first place. Keegan then later made shittily-made cow shit callouts on more of his enemies, calling them some kind of Garrett Cult while making a Cult of his own consisting of assorted fucktards. After several autistic slapfights, Keegan decided to finally retire. He later deleted all the accounts he still had access to and left the ones that are unable to be deleted as dormant, only to come back yet again on YouTube and Twitter after months. He appears to have turned to satirical comedy and has announced the start of a new project, with only 1 video so far. He is also still making YTPMVs that are half-assed, sometimes "mod replaced" and also have too many processing filters on them. Who knows what else this fag will do next?


For the last time, I am not an abuser. I only abused one person, and I'm not proud of that.



Contradicted himself in just one sentence.

One day I was off my meds and I acted up, but that was not an excuse. The remark I made about her deceased mother was totally my fault, and I'm sorry for that. To tell the truth I was kinda peer-pressured by someone into making that remark, but that's not an excuse. I still did the crime and I already paid the price for it.



—Keegan damage-controlling like a little bitch.

I'm too scared another horrifying identity crisis and meltdown might happen while I'm gone and I won't be able to handle it



—Keegan is too scared of needles and da "woke vax" despite being a self-proclaimed "Progressive Liberal Leftist SJW", but is also worried that Kylie might have another one of her meltdowns or identity crises while he is gone.




—Keegan's response to his momma shown here: "You'll get the shot or you won't be able to see Ky"

I've been compared to people like Lewmio and Chris-Chan and honestly it fucking hurts. I can't even do my own things in peace without being reminded of all the horrible things I've done.



—Keegan whining like a pussy.




—Keegan's tard rage.




—Keegan is infuriated that Kylie doesn't want to deal with his shit.

Kylie, this is your final fucking warning! If you don't get on Discord right now, and apologize for the shit you said to me, I'm calling dad! Got it?!



—More of Keegan's tard rage. Also sourced from another tard rage voice message.

He's made me into a fucked up person, and I don't want anybody else to suffer the same fate I did. He's a shitty influence.



—Keegan complaining about Mommadomma. See a pattern?

I know I'm mentally ill, but it doesn't excuse what I did.



—Keegan always wanting sympathy after he fucks up. How sad.




—Keegan's most (in)famous quote.


This gallery below is an artisal archive preserving the finest ragequits, permabannings, Angry Birds for Google Chrome, and waifu whacking off that Keegan Doggis here has decided to show the world too. Enjoy faggots!

Sheer, Unfiltered Autism About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Fan Art

People have also decided to create some art of Keegan, especially after he got exposed. Here are they in all their glory!

Art and Memes About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


As with the gallery, here are some parody videos of Keegan or the fat autist being the joke himself.

Keegan's half-assed Logan Paul-styled apology. He even admitted to grabbing Jack/Tom Cat's IP address, lmao.

More Keegan Quotes.

Autistic Screeching. Probably a soon-to-be Friday Night Funkin mod as well.

Another tribute.

Keegan is evolving to his final form! Watch out!

Keegan goes full Justin Bieber.

Ballad of Keegan The Autist.

A meme edit of one of Keegan's latest TikToks.

Other Videos

Keegan on TikTok brutally beating the shit out of the Little Miss Sunshine plush Kylie got him once. Honestly surprised he never did this to Kylie herself.

Keegan "ruining" the Little Miss Sunshine plush by drawing and spitting on it. That spit looks like it has the consistency of cum.

More TikTok spergery from Keegan, this time he's beating up the plush doll of his self-proclaimed "ex-waifu". Who would have guessed he'd do this to her too?

Keegan going butthurt over his own page being updated.

Keegan wanting to get people arrested over milking and trolling him. Seriously, that's fucking pathetic.

Keegan expressing his flaming hateboner for his ex, Kylie Monek, through this duet on TikTok. The footage on the left ended up getting memed to death by some of Keegan's enemies, replacing the audio with something else.

Keegan being a retarded shit as usual. This was meant to be a failed attempt at copying Verbalase's infamous Tetris Beatbox video.

Keegan and another SPED friend of his. Fun fact, that guy also has the name Ben, just like one of Keegan's sex slaves!


His final evolution. Fuck off and let him be plz.
  • Keegan looks like Chris-Chan.
  • Keegan likes fantasizing about his enemies dying brutal deaths, though it won't happen in a million years.
  • Like the manchild he is, he still enjoys watching GoAnimate videos and making shitty jokes.
  • Keegan enjoys making fun of people's deaths, but then backtracks exactly 5 minutes later afterward like the coward he is.
  • If Keegan doesn't have moderator roles, he'll be unable to PERMABAN and thus will have a mental breakdown.
  • Keegan says he's just exactly like a people of color when he's just a white cracker with a girl's hair.
  • Apparently Keegan pulled a Chris Chan and attempted to get this page taken down 4 times. He even got his Ass Burgers retard friends and school to try to take it down. Tell the IT guy at Keegan's school that we said hi!
  • He once was the main developer of a BAWWTISTIC version of Vyond called Wrapper: Offline, and basically had coding skills on the same level as YandereDev, meaning this retarded rip-off of Vyond would always crash because this retard would blame his meltdowns and mental issues.
  • The characters Keegan sees himself as consist of the retarded salmon from Sushi Pack, Ikura Maki; Max from Sam and Max as well as more, usually to ship himself with the tomboy girl of the show he finds sexy.
  • He once claimed to have bi-shitter disorder, but we all know he's faking it for brownie points like his emo Wicca loving Snorlax-lookin' mama.
  • A former ween and friend of DLE, named Devon Lawler, cracked a joke about Harvey Weinstein towards him on one of Devon's gay ass streams. Though Devon was a 16-year-old lolcow and troll, he foreshadowed Keegan's behavior later on.
  • Keegan and Ben got caught by bus security for reciting that Vaporeon copypasta and he said "THIS IS HIGH SCHOOL, KIDS TALK ABOUT INAPPROPRIATE STUFF ALL THE TIME".

See Also

Keegan's waifu getting crabforked.

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