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Kawaii Kitsune or KK-the-Fox is a sonicfag tartlet and a former member of The Tails Realm Retard Cult. Her main hobby is stealing Sega characters and recoloring their fur in MSPaint, then she builds war zones against art theft. When she's angry at her lack of boyfriend she floats her fat ass down to ED and pretends like this article is a fucking compliment. She's also completely addicted to pink (not the Victoria's Secret underwear brand, that kicks ass), the color pink, like a six year old who forgot to grow a fucking brain. If you troll her AIM she'll call you a stalker; apparently she's unaware that everything you need to stalk her is on her devianTART page.

Personal Life

Kawaii Kitsune before the sex change.

On July 12, 1992, KK-the-Fox was shat out of her mother's vagoo after a failed abortion; this explains why she claims to be "immortal." At least we can't blame her mother for not trying. Born with both a penis and a vagina, KK-the-Fox was raised until the age of fifty as a man named Kevin, but she got a sex change after she met a guy named Axl while at a Yu-Gay-hoe! Tournament. She plays Yu-Gay-Hoe! because her real life is boring, uneventful, and full of massive failure. Let's face it, she's never leaving the basement, this is the only way she'll ever be able to meet other losers like herself. She also lost her internet virginity while cybering with her favorite cartoon character Tails, because she knows nobody in real life will ever touch her floppy, frothing vagoo. When she's not having cyber-sex with fat-ass Sonic fans, she enjoys playing shitty games like "Sonic Riders" on the most fail-tastic video game console ever. She also took a sewing course to create a life-sized Axl darkix furry plushie to stick his felt dick up her ass. She also claims to love drawing on her "tablet pc," which explains why her art sucks. Tablet PCs make terrible drawing surfaces-- but honestly speaking, it looks like she draws with her foot. She is also quite fond of shiny things, like a retard.

It's still unknown if her boyfriend Axl is imaginary or just stupid. Either way it's pathetic

KK-the-Fox's Mom is also a big, fat, meanie-beanie-fo-feanie! Seemingly unaware that her Mom is actually trying to help her develop normal social skills, she bans everything KK-the-Fox likes "for no reason." According to KK-the-Fox, Pokemon was first banned, then Digimon, then Neopets, and as of February 6, 2006, Sonic too received the motherly ban-hammer. As lulzy as this is, KK-the-Fox is a rebel and isn't going to be put down by any authority figure.

She has absolutely nothing to do with her time. She fills out every stupid little profile thing she can get her chubby hands on; and she has at least one post in every single thread in that Tails Realm Retard Cult thing (8.2 posts per day so far). She recently left after a dumb argument with Galenar the retard. Now she's back with more lulz.

In response to this article KK said that her mother is actually more about child abuse than doing what is right for her children (though a good beating is probably all KK really needs), and regularly beats her and her brother and sister. It's also likely that KK's mother puts ants in her retard son's hugbox. What KK didn't explain is why such a hateful mother would buy her a tablet pc, or allow her to spend copious amounts of time on the interweb doing nothing.

Officially on September 29, 2007, KK broke up with her imaginary boyfriend, Axl. KK's psychologist indicated that Axl was an imaginary 19 year old pedophile that liked to commit statutory rape with 15 year olds. KK's parents did not approve the imaginary rape romance, so KK was forced to take some medication to make Axl disappear. As a side effect of the medication, KK's gaping monstrous vagoo sizzled up into a dry onion.

Her Mary Sue Fursona

All this shit was dug up here. Note that it's boring as shit, and you probably don't wanna read it, unless you're going on a trolling spree.

Katrina Kamore, in all her poorly drawn glory

Shit FanFiction

Like every true retard, KK-the-Fox writes fan fiction. Unlike most writers, she is completely incapable of writing a single paragraph of text, so it consists almost entirely of dialog, with maybe a brief sentence fragment detailing the setting. Also, nearly every bit of dialog contains a fucking emoticon. She may be fifteen years old, but she writes like someone half her age.

Excerpt from "American Idiot-I Mean Idol"
Sonic: ^__^ Let's try out for American Idol!!!!!!!!
Amy: O.o Why?
Sonic: ^__^ Cause it's cool.
Eggman: *pops out of nowhere* YEAH!
Sonic: O_O *hands everyone a gas mask* Caution, everyone! You never know when Eggbutt's farts will
Eggman: COME ON! They're not THAT bad! *farts* Oops...
All but Knuckles and Eggman: *do that*
Knuckles: But it's just a- *smells air* OH MY GOSH!!!!! *faints* X_x
Tails: My life has been spared.......... *puts a gas mask on Knuckles to wake him up*
Knuckles: O_O GET OUT OF HERE, EGGBUTT!!!!!!!!!
Sonic: YEAH! *kicks Eggman through the wall*

It.. it just goes on like that with no end in sight. What's that? You say you want some more of this absolutely shitty fan fiction? Well try this load of crap on for size!

Excerpt from "The Crazy Adventures of Sonic and Co."
*soon they are all on a hike*
Rouge: T_T I hate camping..................*kicks a rock, but it's really a beehive* O_________O

Seriously, that's how she typed it word for word.

Pain in the Ass

Kawaii Kitsune is very funny

It is KK-the-Fox's duty to rise against ED and eradicate the ED article on The Tails Realm. Due to her rabid fanboyism, and obsessively snorting Craft E-Z Mac cheese powder, she stays up all night refreshing The Tails Realm page making sure no new additions have been made; if a new addition has been made, you can be sure she'll do what she does best--bitch about it. Any editing to her quote causes her to continue her internet liberal raid and further displays her immense anti-social behavior. She'll try and debunk this by saying she has a bunch of friends on DeviantArt which actually translates to having no real friends at all.

Dumbass Animations

KK and her fans all believe that she is a prodigy when it comes to animation. Her animations usually consist of faces that blink and smile every twenty seconds. That's right. THEY. ALL. FUCKING. BLINK. Sometimes she mixes it up a bit and makes the animation wink rather than just blink, just to keep her fans on the edge of their seats for what her next exciting animation will be. Most reasonable people who realize that her animations are made up simply of compressed homosexual erotic novels theorize that her animations were made while she feasted upon her own cock. Another group theorizes that she bashes her head against a wall several times and then attempts to create animations while in a coma.


We have reason to believe this sums up everything that transpires in Kawaii Kitsune's mind.

I get hate mail every day because of what I believe in, and with every piece of hate mail I get, the more I laugh. Hate mail REALLY makes my day, because of its' idiocy


—Kawaii Kitsune




The Butthurt

Kawaii Kitsune's declaration of BAAAAAAWWW with more pink. =D

Finally on the 13th of September 2007. Kawaii Kitsune became painfully aware of how no one actually liked her. She felt unappreciated and left the internets 4EVAR. Out of the 6,602,224,175 people on the face of the Earth, approximately 3 people gave a fuck; sources also suggest that one of them was faking it for pageviews. The final straw appeared to be internal drama when another Deviant by the name of Galener made fun of her in a comic. So she cried, bitched, threatened to delete fucking everything (as if anyone gave a flying condensed piece of shit in the first place), and quite in a lulzy torrent of fail.

Kawaii Kitsune's final message to DA...drawn in pink =D
Yes, Kawaii Kitsune got butthurt over this dumb little comic.
MyLlamaGirl's response to Kawaii Kitsune's butthurt faggotry.
What happens when you tell a joke to Kawaii Kitsune.
Yes, Kawaii Kitsune is back. Time to troll her.

I've had enough, and I'm saying what I feel. I'm done crying. Still hurt, but no more crying.


—Kawaii Kitsune

Before she left, she took a moment to post a reply comic that did nothing besides enshrine her fail in pink and white for all eternity. Leaving one of her 3 remaining fans to go and whine and vigorously masturbate to the color pink for her in her stead.

And, like most who claim they're leaving, Kawaii Kitsune is back and acting like none of it ever happened.

Gallery of Kawaii Kitsune's Diverse Character Concepts

Note how they all lack foreheads.

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