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Pussies Fighting.gif Kathleen Todd is in an internet sissy fight with Realmrsoptimusprime.
Please dig up lulz on them both.
Should really hate that post on her Facebook account right about now. She deleted it soon after she found it to be here on her ED page!
Betcha she hates that bubble right now.
She really hates that bubble now!
We found her newest new handle!
We found her newest newest new handle!

She tries to look sick and pathetic so you'll pay attention to her.
My sunglasses and green hair, I look so sexy.
What would actually occur if Optimus had to look at her.
she got hoaxed by the Facebook privacy post.

Kathleen Todd (Simmons will her new last name once she marries her Kyle Simmons), otherwise known as Deviantart-favicon.png electroniaprime Deviantart-favicon.png ravette2004, Deviantart-favicon.png ryoko2013, Deviantart-favicon.png klanklang, Deviantart-favicon.png kagometas,Deviantart-favicon.png princesszelda2012, Deviantart-favicon.png Ja-kalsGirl, Deviantart-favicon.png Tassie-Miku, Deviantart-favicon.png RealElitaOne, Deviantart-favicon.png angelvakarian, Deviantart-favicon.png garrusarchangel, Deviantart-favicon.png theonlyrealmrsprime, Deviantart-favicon.png TransfomersPrime, Deviantart-favicon.png autobot-headquarters, Deviantart-favicon.png legaladvice, Dakota, Dats and various other names that she uses on deviantART or message boards is an obsessed, lying sack of Tasmanian crap, whose bullshit is spread like poop finger paint all over DeviantART. She claims to be a 32 year old Indian Princess and yet she lives with her parents in Tasmania, like an unemployed sick little whiny girl, who has a love/hate feud with another DeviantART user. Everyone knows that Kathleen Todd is really a transgendered male to female. Her ego has to be pumped up constantly because she has a self-esteem problem with herself as she transformed her male body into being a woman. She constantly goes on about how girly she looks and how pink my room is. Every week or so, she complains on her deviantART account that her room is a mess and she has to clean it again. Most girls her age keeps their bedroom clean every single day. Clearly, Kathleen is a man who is transforming himself into a female as no naturally born female would go on about how girly she is as they wouldn't have the self-esteem issues that some transgender females have.

She whores for attention by telling people that a family member is sick or has died, her horse just died a horrific accident, she's getting married to her current boy-toy, that she had to be rushed off to the hospital for some fake illness, or breaking up with her abusive boyfriend. Why does she do this? Just to get free stuff from people to cheer her up, which never lasts for long before another gets her spotlight on them.

First Appearance of her whininess

stupid idiot.

Kathleen, started to use the name of Ravette on the message board called Cool As Ice, for a dead cartoon show called Disney’s Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series, which last aired in 1998. She had joined the site in 2001 or 2002. At first, she was really nice and interesting, but when she started to create her Mary Sue Character by the name of Crystal Flashblade, Princess of Puckworld, and wielder of the Master Mask of DuCaine and married the leader of the strike force – Wildwing. Everyone laughed their heads off at the Mary Sue because Kathleen's lack of creativity was already evident. Kathleen role played with other members on the site and loved to god mod the roleplay to where Wildwing regardless of the fact that he was claimed by another user to where he was with her stupid Princess of Puckworld Crystal. She would flat out abandon any roleplay if she didn't get her way or like how the roleplay is going and she would get her way to spread her tuna scent as far as she could across the forum like she owned it when she bloody fucking didn't. She never seriously cared for the other roleplayers or even the person who created that roleplay as long as she was able to put her Mary Sue Character with Wildwing.

I conned Naon of dA to draw my Mary Sue, with black hair instead of blond!

Everyone started to notice a very strange behavior coming from this stupid Mary Sue creator, whenever a member of the forum would post about their health issues or that they got writers' block on their fanfiction stories, she, then would post about her own health problems, which was usually ten times worse than theirs. How did she ever pay for ALL those hospital bills? Oh that’s right, she’s an Indian Princess, her people will pay her bills. A few days later, she would claim to have some big ticket item, which she, now claims to have budgeted her funds to buy, which is basically more lies since the spotlight no longer was on her, but why wouldn't she put those funds to pay off her so called hospital bills then since they are more recent, most likely because there wasn't any to pay! She lied to everyone about the visits to the hospital! She, then, got it into her sick head that she should create a website devoted to the cartoon series a few month later and spent several years on free websites till 2004 when she got some web space from a friend and conned months of free hosting out of that friend claiming to pay that friend in a fortnight and didn’t for months before she was kicked from the space, where she found her current web host, which hosts all of her craptastic websites and she's supposedly able to pay them promptly unlike how she avoided to pay her friend for the hosting of her awful websites, which she bought a lot of high dollar ticket items.

She decided that she would create other websites of her favorite shows as she, in her sick bloody mind, was the best slut suited for creating said sites, even though she would steal images and everything else from other people without permission and when she gets called out by the owner of those images and soundbytes, she cries they are doing the same thing, borrowing from others, when they clearly have credited the people to whom the images belong to. She never did till her ex-friend told her it would be in her best interest to credit people. Her main obsession is with the Transformers and is totally obsessed with them until recently when Mass Effect and Cosplaying got into her way to where all she wants to do is talk about her Cosplay and Mass Effect.

What is she really?

A look at one of these pictures, clearly shows a man looking at us with a woman's boobs, is she really a man transforming himself into a female? Since she has no photo of her brothers with her and she talks about one brother Derek Todd, this is possible that Kathleen Todd could be possibly Derek Todd. For Kathleen Todd is so obsessed with outshining Bonita Prime, she'll do anything to get the upper hand on her. But everyone knows that Kathleen Todd is an attention whore, take a look at these pictures, they clearly show someone who is whoring for attention that they don't get from mommy or the many daddies that Kathleen claims to have. Maybe they hate her because she transformed from their beloved son to a cunt of a woman?

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

When she talks on her Youtube videos, her voice is unnaturally high pitched not like a female's voice should sound. So there is fact that she's is both! As only a man would carelessly hurt a woman with their words and yet as a woman, be sweet as silk when they need to be. She will con anyone into believing her lies is the truth as she spoke so many lies, that she believes that they are fact!

Poor me, pity me, send me gifts

Where's the colt, Kathleen?
About fucking time, someone gave her a peice of their minds!
Another account of Kathleen's which she uses her Mary Sue OFC as the name of the account - Starlar Prime.
Another slap to her face.

While she was still able to go on the Cool As Ice message board, she would claim she had mysterious illnesses that put her in the hospital. Se once claimed that she was in the hospital because she went blind. Then a miracle happened and she was able to see again. Once her hospital lies ran out, she started crying about getting a divorce from an abusive husband, which she claimed happened two or three different times. She had several boyfriends and rarely if ever gave proof of their existence, when asked.

On several occasions, she would claim that she’s getting a foal from the Crabbet Arabian line to be her newest horse by the way of a mysterious friend, but when time came for the foal to be in her care, the foal would always end up being killed in some cruel ways. She whined that someone killed her imaginary foal, either for the blanket or just for the fun of it.

With each cry of "oh poor me" on the message board, the fellow Duck fans would send her free artwork or fanfiction to satiate her throbbing attention clit. Yet another ruse, she would pull is to claim that she got herself a new job and about four months later, claim to have lost it, to which her friends on the board would bend over backwards to send her fan art or role play with her to cheer her up. She always had some type of fake health issues because having none meant everyone knew what a boring piece of shit she is. She also uses her bipolar disorder as an excuse for her attention whore behavior. She just says she's cycling and people fall over to appease her yeasty butthole each time she presents it to their tongues.

Basically, Kathleen uses her fake disorders to get what she wants.

"I am a model"

Before she started her new hobby of stalking one Bonita Prime, Kathleen Todd claimed to be a model. But as one can tell by these photos, clearly she is lying about her being a model as there's no photo evidence emerging from her fat mouth to prove that her claim is fact. For she claims that she did those Glamour Shots that is in the mall as her modeling career, but that's not really a modeling job at all, those are photos you buy yourself, she never stepped in front of a real modeling professional and learned how to pose correctly.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Kathleen claimed to be a model, but clearly as everyone can see, Kathleen is not a model or has any real modeling experiences as she would make sure that her pose in every photo was done correctly as if it was a photo shoot for a magazine cover or an article in a magazine. Clearly, this is just another one of thousands of her lies that she has claimed to people, as Kathleen is not a model, never has been, nor will be a model as she's too fat and far too ugly to be one or considered to be one now.

Stalking habits

Proof 01.
Kathleen is all three and still not permabanned.
going to stalk your ex-best friend now?

Kathleen being the helpful person she is, helped a fellow dA user by the name of Bonita Prime repair her reputation in June of 2010. Bonita Prime paraphrased three lines from one of Kathleen’s badly written fanfics, which started a war to which Bonita ended two years later with a public apology for paraphrasing three lines from Kathleen Todd's godawful stories.

During the course of the war, Kathleen conned her friends and watchers with lies about Bonita, whom she wanted out of the Transformers fandom as she was now getting more popular with everyone. Out of spite towards Bonita, she proceeded to tell one lie after another claiming that Bonita tried to get her website’s domain name transferred over to her, which proved to be nothing more than a lie later on. For when she was confronted over a year later, her watchers demanded to see the screen caps of the e-mail that said that Bonita tried to get her domain name transferred over to her, so her ED page would be more complete and factual, Kathleen would change the subject or state that they called her to ask her if this transfer was legit, which if her claims were valid, she would have proof.

Kathleen started to stalk Bonita from one message board to another or from what is now known, she posed as Bonita at those message boards making sure that Bonita was seen in a very bad light as Kathleen harassed her and telling people lies about her. Which got Bonita banned from and lost a lot of new friends because of the lies that Kathleen spread about the web and to other dA groups who refused to believe the truth that Kathleen A. Todd was the real liar.

After realizing that Bonita’s reputation was growing for the better and plus with the help of one of her new found friends, her skill at writing improved way better than that of Kathleen's crappy writing. Furious about how Bonita’s rep was going up, Kathleen decided to do her greatest and cruelest stunt of all – she would steal Bonita’s favorite photos from her dA page to create, using Bonita’s newest OFC Causeway and create a website called AutobotCauseway on webs.com, a website that Kathleen had once used before to smear Bonita, only to really fail in doing so.

She created that page and then sent her friend fanfictionaxis an IM stating: Look what I found. and subsequently, allowed her friend to be blamed for creating it from Bonita Prime and her friends, when it was truthfully not fanfictionaxis who had created that website but Kathleen Todd, which she never got blamed for. Now, that fanfictionaxis has dumped Kathleen as a friend on dA, Kathleen joined the model horse message board that fanfictionaxis is a member of, most likely hoping to stalk and harass her former best friend there.

Facts about Kathleen Todd seen here.

Oh woe is me

When people start to pay attention to someone else other than herself. She pulls out the oh poor me, I've been in the hospital or the sick trick on them. Her main cries are usually concerning trips to the hospital to combat some sort of infection caused by the previous stay at said hospital or something else. She usually will claim that her eyesight is gone in one eye, which magically returns or that she had fainting spells which happens nearly every other 'oh poor me' event. She claimed to be bipolar, weak heart and have had too many colon bags to count and if that really did happen, she would not have any intestines to speak of period as her visits to the hospital would basically remove all of her intestines from her person. She claimed early on in her time on the Cool As Ice Message Board that she had a weak heart. During her stalking and harassment of Bonita Prime, she claimed that the stress that Bonita was putting onto her was going to kill her if she didn't stop. Well, it was not Bonita who was causing it but Kathleen herself!

She now claims that all of the fainting spells that she had in the past was now confirmed to be epilepsy but that is wrong as she and her alternate accounts claimed that she passed out, not having some fit for the doctors would have ran all types of tests to figure out what is wrong with you, clearly she didn't go through these tests as she claims to know what is her health issues without giving proof of her medical issues. When you have a seizure, you basically loose control over your entire body and guess what also is lost when you are having one - bodily functions as in your bowels and bladder are not controlled by your muscles anymore and you let loose your crap and urine. Which requires a constant change of clothes and showering and if it happens in bed, changing of the bedsheets and covers. So basically, if she starts claiming a new health issue, it normally happens because everyone no longer believes her current health issues at all anymore.

"How I vandalized MrsBonitaPrime's ED page"

It is now known that the vandal(s) who had vandalized MrsBonitaPrime's ED page was none other than Kathleen Todd in hopes to stir the shit bucket with the ED users who were watching that page for the lulz

Here are a few choice quotes quotes that she did posing as her archenemy:

i ask that you stoop writeing lieing abot me.


— Using all the creativity with usernames that she is renowned for, mrsprime joined ED and blanked her own article.



—Oh no, here comes the capslock!



— Not to be deterred, Bonita again joined ED, this time as Imprime, pretending to be Optimus Prime. Another hilarious deletion attempt was made, with just as much success as the first two. ED is inaceptible! Whatever that means.

you ar all Lying i was Given that lug nut covoring . YOU are all stupid butteholes Telling lees about Me liek this.in the Name of my husband Optimus i comand you to STOP!!!!!!!


—This being in reference to the recent possible theft that occurred at the Transformers 3 screening she recently attended, also confirming she is regularly checking this page, good work guys!

i, DO not stel that lugnot . Take thise lie Down NOW!!!!!!!!!


— Bonita, on a roll and still butthurt about the lugnut.



— Bonita, yelling at Al about layyers and Lise! oh noes

I DID NOT STEL THE LUGNOT covor i Swear that drever Gave me that lugnut cover . You popel are so Mean to me how dare You kip riting lies abot me hear!!!!


OMG we're so mean 2 her :(

i Hate you all you tralls are just BIG HOLEY JARKS!


— fuckin' LOL, raeg seems to destroy her spelling.



—Still butthurt.

'RAVETE IS A LAYING HORE SHE STEELS FROM ME !!! ALL THE TIM!!! SHE COPPY ME!! i tell the troth she is trying to fream me !!!


Trying to make it look like she's the victim here. lol no.

She thought it would be fun to piss everyone off and to stir people to her side of the war. Clearly, Kathleen Todd didn't think that one of her allies would get a clue and start investigating Kathleen's claims and by asking her victim for the truth.

I served in the military. NOT!

Kathleen claimed to be in the military but sadly, these were just more lies coming from her mouth. Proof is seen within the Australian Cadets very own website. Why would they want a bipolar disfunctioning woman in their ranks? Everyone asked her about her time in the military and what rank she got there.

My Girl guides certificate.
"I am such an army brat."
"I am a soldier."

She claims that she’s a Cadet in the Australian Army Cadets and she never stated what rank she was or shown any proof of military service, when asked, she would divert the discussion to something else. And everyone knows the ranks in the military and the lowest level of rank in the military is private, not cadet, so it's obvios to even the normal pleb on the street that it is a lie.

"I swear, I'm a military womyn!"

A look at the Wikipedia page clearly states that the Australian Army Cadets is a youth organization involved in the progressive training of the Australian youths in military and outdoor adventurous activities. The program has about twenty thousand Army Cadets between the ages of 12½ to 19 and they’re based in 237 units all around Australia. Their motto is "Courage, Initiative and Teamwork". A cadet in the AAC is not considered to be a member of the Australian Defense Force, nor are cadets allowed to be a member of the Defense Force or, other than in approved exceptional circumstances, any other cadet service during their time as a cadet.

This is a fake certificate.

Still claiming she's military.

She claims in that journal post to be in Unit 65. A look at the list of Australian Army Cadet units, clearly shows no Unit 65 either in the past or present. Which clearly shows that Kathleen Todd is lying!

Godmod and abandon others roleplayer

Kathleen is known to roleplay within her fandoms that she's in. She will demand that at the start of the roleplay that her character whoever it may be in what fandom she's roleplaying in is the mate of the leading male character. If she does not, she'll be unhappy and whine about it but in some roleplay forums, she will use other characters in her collection of characters to play. But the moment, you give her the plot and it is a serious roleplay, she'll claim that she cannot do romantic or serious roleplays and she'll whine about it till you either give into her whines and drop said roleplay or she'll do a few posts and then drop out of communications with you for several days in hopes that you the founder of that roleplay gives up on it and do one that she wants. She will basically abandon any roleplay that she does not like and if she likes the roleplay she's in but she's not in any starring role as she wants, she'll Godmod the roleplay to suit what she wants. For an example from what was seen on some of the open forums of the fandoms she's in, she basically had her female character sitting on the lap of the leader of the team and basically kissing him in the midst of a meeting with other members of the team and there was no scene stating that there was any seats or chairs that they were sitting in. When confronted with the information, she will whine like the loser she is, claiming that there was seats in the meeting room and she'll edit her post to prove her statement so her female character could still be sitting in the lap of the leader kissing his face while he's talking to the team like mumbling through a woman's mouth would be understandable to the rest of the team. If the message board has a rule to where you must be written in first after your character bio has been approved and that it has been a week to two since approval by the admin of the entire message board, she will go right ahead and write herself into the roleplay. She had gotten into trouble over that issue and her posts were removed when the admin returned from a forced hiatus and told to wait to be written in. That roleplay that she was in, where she had to be written in, a few days after she was written in finally, she abandoned that roleplay completely to do a free one on the roleplay board.

Kathleen's Mary Sues and Gary Stu characters

Here are her original characters who are completely Sueish both male and female characters that she has. She hasn't done a thing to them all. She thinks they're great as is and yet, they're Sueish. One of her previous fandoms was the cartoon series Dinosaucers and here is the leading male of the Good Dinosaucers Allo with another one of Kathleen Todd's Original Female characters Elizadina, who happens to look too human in the face to be from the Dinosaucers' home world and most likely she really ain't even if she claims she's not but his academy love interest.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

She thinks her characters were lifted by Bonita when they weren't, she latches onto anything that seems to be the same on her characters to another character and accuses them of stealing sections of her character's bio or all of it since she can't write worth spit.

Kathleen’s gallery of lies

The photos you see within this part are screen caps of Kathleen’s lies that she has told to others and to make herself look good. When will she ever grow the hell up? Like never, she never will grow up the little whore. She claimed that she uses her laptop when she's with her new boyfriend but as you know, that's a lie as she uses her newly purchased Desktop Computer 2.2Ghz dual core intel 1Gb ddr2 320Gb hdd as her computer as she's clearly not with her boyfriend.

Kathleen had revealed that she could no longer make her cosplay costumes anymore as she has nerve damage done by her epilepsy. As if, that is even true as she doesn't have that, she never spoke about what she had beyond strokes in any of her dA journals. But recently on her facebook account she revealed that she can now sow some but she found her perfect wedding dress and has put a deposit down on it and that she and her Michael Boyd are serious about getting married, but yet, there is still no proof of him and her standing together in a photo.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

She claimed not wanting to have anything to do with Bonita and yet, in these capped posts, clearly informs us that Kathleen Todd is clearly lying to everyone as she cannot stand not being the center of everyone's attention. On the topic of her laptop, why would she take it up to her boyfriend's place and use his computer? Something smells fishy with that little fact. If you look at her Cadet certificate, it looks like someone crumpled it up and thrown it away and pulled it out of the trash to flatten it and then someone tried to rip it in half too. That is very strange like she threw it in the trash out of anger or that her supposed ex-husband Jaime did it to spite her, but she probably did it herself.

PrincessZelda2012 finally shows her face

Everyone knows that Kathleen Todd created another alt account called PrincessZelda2012 on dA soon after she lost her bestest best friend FanfictionAxis and she told everyone she would note them and we found her new account. When she found out that her main account of Ryoko2013 is suspended, she logs into PrincessZelda2012 and promptly makes comments that only Kathleen Todd would know about, along with heading to the forums to whine about her ex-friend now bullying and harassing her.

You can see it in these screencaps that we've capped for your viewing pleasures, shows beyond a reasonable doubt that the account known as PrincessZelda2012 is none other than - Kathleen Todd AKA Ryoko2013, a known liar and Transformers art thief.

In two of the caps, maybe Kathleen Todd should think about the pain she put Bonita and her other friends through, including her ex-friend fanfictionaxis with her bullying tactics.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

On November 20, 2012, PrincessZelda2012 AKA Kathleen Todd, went to the forums of dA to whine about how dA admins basically let cyberbullies be so free on the site. Every single replier basically told PrincessZelda2012 to grow a fucking thicker skin and not stalk her so called cyberbullies' accounts, just leave them be. Since that time, she basically has been dead silent there. But for your amusement, here is the link to her forum post Da needs to crack down on cyber bullies, which if you look at how Kathleen Todd writes to PrincessZelda2012, you'll see who is really writing the words on the PrincessZelda2012 account, don't take her the current journal there as it is copied from another site, not done in her own hands.

How I stole Bonita's favorites

Kathleen did the meanest thing to Bonita and as a side effect to her now ex-bestest friend Fanfictionaxis, Kathleen stole Bonita's favorites from her dA page, using Bonita's new original female character Causeway to create a website filled with stolen favorites with claims stating that Bonita drew them herself, which is nothing but lies coming from Kathleen Todd.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Kathleen sent the link to her now ex-bestest friend Fanfictionaxis, at around 6am in the morning, who in turn sent it to all of the artists in the galleries. Kathleen knew this would be blamed on her friend Fanfictionaxis for creating said websites. But she didn't care as long as her hands were clean of the mess but able to spur people to believe her since here is proof that Bonita Prime was still a thief, when she was totally innocent of it as was Fanfictionaxis. Kathleen Todd was the one who created that site and stole those images and the text that is on the front page of that website before it was deleted from the net by the hosts after mrsbonitaprime informed them of it. They also informed her when it was created and after speaking with Fanfictionaxis, mrsbonitaprime and Fanfictionaxis agreed that the only person who could do that at that time of 4am to 5am in the morning here in America was none other than Kathleen Todd. That proof since Fanfictionaxis was in bed at that hour proved that it was none other than Kathleen Todd who created that site as she was the one who sent her the link to send to all the artists in question.

When the proof came to light to everyone, miss Kathleen Todd did not step forth and admit that yes, she did that to get people angry at Bonita, instead she kept quiet about her role in creating that website, she claimed that she knew Bonita would reveal her true self to everyone and she was right, even when people confronted her about the facts that mrsbonitaprime did not create that site, she kept up the claim that she did, but it was Kathleen who created that website, no one else but her in the attempt to create more drama to keep people bullying and harassing mrsbonitaprime for being a thief when the thief was Kathleen Todd herself.

Proof of Ravette’s own sticky fingers

All of the images are from folders on her DevianTart. All are stolen from their original owners on the web. There are more in her page, this is just a small sample of them.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Fled to Facebook like a coward!

When Kathleen lost her main supporter in her bully war against Mrs. Bonita Prime, she fled to her Facebook account like the coward she is as she was scared out of her wits because of the possible backlash from her main supporter's friends when they learned that Kathleen had bold-face lied to them and everyone else about her claims against Mrs. Bonita Prime. Kathleen has been hiding out on Facebook, like a fucking coward since April of 2012 till the first of October when she returned to DeviantART, where she proceeds to act like there was no problems with her losing her main supporter in her bully war. Sadly she, now claims, that she got in touch with a police officer in her home country of Tasmania, which is nothing more than more lies falling from her hands as she can't do anything from her area as she has to live in the same country that her bully victims live in, who would get both her bully victims into legal troubles.

Her Facebook friends do not know how much of a liar she is as she tells them what they want to hear and she'll make sure that everyone sees what she wants them to see. She claims in her latest journal posting on dA, she claims her IP addy doesn't show up on any of the girls' pages, which in her eyes that puts her in the clear. When it really doesn't prove shit as it only proved that she does visit her victims' pages, as Kathleen's privacy settings on her dA account's activities are hidden, which means she's invisiable to everyone on dA, so she's able to go to any page or any group without being seen. She lies to everyone claiming that she's not visiting her victims' pages as she's hidden and no one will see her on their pages or their group as she cannot help not to go to their pages to see what they're up to, so she can copy them or bitch at them knowing that they can't say a thing in reply.

She will on occasion leave something public to where it can be seen like the little tart would to see if it gets the masses pissed off at her. Like how she claims that one of her bullies lost their home and land. One has to wonder who she's complaining about - probably herself!

Firmly a hypocrite

Kathleen is claiming that her ex-friend fanfictionaxis is a hypocrite since she's speaks about those who own bootlegs are stealing from the original copyright holders and that fanfictionaxis owns bootleg copies of the cartoon show Disney's The Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series and that she lifts videos and images from Youtube. Well, you can see that proof has been found that Kathleen Todd is the one who owns some of the bootleg copies of the show seen in this cap from Cool As Ice message board and that she's the one who lifts videos and images from Youtube, not the other way around.

Clearly, Kathleen forgot about this little post on Cool As Ice.

That cap and that of her own journal clearly shows Kathleen is a full blown hypocrite as she lied about who really has bootleg DVDs. This is most likely the number one reason why she has to send her laptop off to the repair shop so often, is because her laptop is infected by viruses found on her bootleg DVDs. Clearly, this young idiot, is calling out the wrong person this time around as we found proof that Kathleen is lying about fanfictionaxis owning a bootleg copy of MDTAS, on the young woman's journal and on the message board. Since Kathleen forgot that she didn't delete this vital little revelation on Cool As Ice.

Here is the comeback from fanfictionaxis concerning Kathleen's little comment after being informed about Kathleen's lying journal.

Still no proof!

Kathleen had spent about a month living with her boytoy and not once did a photo of her and this Michael Boyd ever turned up on her facebook page nor her deviantART account. Which means by her previous relationship claims, this Michael Boyd is not her fiancee at all. For one would assume that once you are with your fiancee, that you would get photos of you and him together to show off to your friends and family who do not live close by, that you are together with a nice looking man and prove to those people who might think you are nothing more than lying about it proof that this is a real relationship and not some lie to make people think that you are happy when you aren't?

I am a liar

When those people, who previously supported her bullshit campaign against Bonita Prime, demanded screen caps of her claims to back up her claims to make the ED page on Bonita Prime more real as people started to become aware that something was not coming up roses with Kathleen's claims as before she would show proof, but when it came to these claims, she had no proof whatsoever to show for it. Her response was to avoid the topic by changing the subject or stating that they called her to confirm the transfer when any transfers is double confirmed by phone and by e-mail. Kathleen truthfully, claimed it was all lies to keep people angry at Bonita for trying to steal her website from her. As the caps below proves, that she has lied about everything that she has previously stated as facts.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

She had claimed that she miscarried due to the stress of what Bonita was putting her through and yet in a cap from her very own Facebook page reveals that she never had been pregnant at all. Who's the liar now, Kathleen? You or oh, you?

But as everyone now knows that Kathleen Todd is nothing more than a bloody two faced liar who is known for her lies and for her thieving fingers.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

When it was later proved to be nothing more than lies, by the lack of screencaps and seeing a journal on dA made by the owner of Cool As Ice website revealed that Kathleen Todd was a liar and was still lying to everyone about everything. For if Kathleen's claim was real, wouldn't you think that capping the proof and showing it would prove to everyone that Bonita Prime did try to steal her Transformers website, but clearly beating around the bush seemed to be the better choice for Kathleen instead of showing proof of her claim.

Sadly, she lost her supporters because of her constant lying to everyone.

She recently proved to us all, that she and she alone is the liar when she valiantly tried with all her strength to vandelize her own ED page, with claims that her former friends were lying about the truth and her archenemy Bonita were the liars and not her, but she failed in that attempt. YES!

She is such a liar and clearly, she doesn't realize that she gave us proof of her own lies with her own words.

Psychotic behavior

Within this gallery are the psychotic behavior of Kathleen, towards other people to make herself look and feel good.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Is that the sane behavior of a sane woman? I don't think so. More like someone who is a 13 year old spoiled child, instead of a 31 year old woman.

I really am a 31 year old but I act like a 13 year old spoiled, brat of a child when I can't get my own way.

I am a Psychopath and proud of it

Kathleen Todd is actually a psychopath, going off the traits people have observed of Kathleen's behaviors over the past four years. She exhibits the following traits of a psychopath.

I have a gun and will kill you with it.
  • superficial charm
  • exaggeratedly high estimation of self worth
  • need for stimulation
  • pathological lying
  • cunning and manipulative habits
  • lack of remorse or guilt
  • superficial emotional responsiveness
  • callousness and lack of empathy
  • parasitic lifestyle
  • poor behavioral controls
  • lack of realistic long-term goals
  • impulsiveness
  • irresponsibility
  • failure to accept responsibility for her own actions
Have gun, will kill you bitches!

She is a compulisive liar, who will lie about everything concerning her health, her toys she got, to other people, so the spotlight would be on her and her only. She totally hates when one of her friends gets the spotlight on them and people praising them and they get the attention. If you ask her for proof of her claims and she doesn't give it to you immediately, it is nothing more than lies as she doesn't want to admit the truth that she lied as it would chase people away from her.

Websites that are owned by her

her craptastic post about Autobotheadquarters getting an upgraded look.

These lousy created websites all have the same common attributes about them, the information on them all is from wikipedia or from other websites concerning the topic of each website. Nothing in them was created by Kathleen's own words, she stole them all. But most of her sites are all gone but for her pride and joy Autobot Headquarters, which is up and slowly being rebuilt when she lost her precious servers, which some tech deleted her websites from her host's servers.

Puckworld Dreams Everything there is either stolen from Cool As Ice website or from other people who have any MDTAS stuff on their website or Wikipedia.
Autobot Headquarters. She’s Optimus Prime here and on the message board. It too, has stolen quotes or information from Wikipedia. She can’t even write out her own information, without stealing from someone else!
Dinosaucers’s Lavadome This is her Dinosaucers fan site. Like the rest of her websites, it too contains stolen quotes or information from Wikipedia or other websites.
Jakal’s Tomb. Her Mummies Alive fan site. Filled with stolen information from Wikipedia.
NEW WEBSITE! Voltron Defender of The Universe. Her new Voltron Defender of The Universe fan site. Most likely, it will be filled with stolen information from Wikipedia and from other fan created sites.
NEW BLOG WEBSITE! Kawaii Dreams. Her new cosplay website and blog.

Won't take it live till it is fully complete! Sorry, bitch, we found it!

Here are proof of how crappy all of her websites are, with her so called pride and joy Autobot Headquarters, her main website which is worked on whenever her webtech gets around to it and she just sits on her ass doing nothing as she likes to do other things than concentrate on rewriting her plagiarized websites with her words and nothing but her words. You can tell how bad she writes as she writes with run-on sentences and horrible spelling. She never puts down a single sentence and she tends to repeat what she had put down before.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Kathleen has stated over and over, over the course of two bloody damn years, that she'll be writing the facts of each website in her own words soon but over the course of those years, she has done absolutely nothing to those websites! And when her webtech Summoner_Yuna cannot be reached, she would whine like the fucktart she is to her now ex-bestest friend to beg and plead her webtech to help her, but her ex-bestest friend refuses since everyone knows she would not pay for the work upfront or basically lie about paying. Can we say you are nothing more than a liar, Kathleen? I think we can clearly state that.

A current look at all of her websites that she has, shows that the hosting company Hosting24.com has suspended her four websites for inactivity. Wonder why they're inactive if Kathleen is claiming to be working on her sites? Clearly, she hasn't touched them since her last time being declared inactive. She claims that the upgrade on her forums had caused it to go into inactivity. Yeah, right, Kathleen, that's bullshit! You are lying about it! The thing that causes your website it go into inactivity is you not really updating your website at all. It happens when someone has not logged into their account and actively worked on their website for more than 60 days, so clearly Kathleen's claims about updating her website is shit as it wouldn't go to inactivity now if she had her webtech actively working on her sites.

ED is on my side

Kathleen has bragged that there will be no page about her on ED, as she’s friendly with the sysops. Kathleen knows that no one will remove the lies that she told her friends about the object of her obsession - Bonita Prime as everyone believes that the lies she told to everyone will stand as it is the only drama that is keeping Mrs. Bonita Prime's ED page up with the lies that Kathleen Todd spread about, instead of being removed from this site because the only things that is real on that page is that Bonita Prime had only claimed other people's pictures and drew some porn of her character and Optimus Prime, everything else is lies told to others by Kathleen Todd to create more drama on her page so people would side with Kathleen on her war to get Bonita Prime off of dA and Kathleen lied about everything that is on that page as almost everything that deals with the war is undocumented information which is 100% all lies.

As everyone believes that they're fact when it is just lies that came from her fingers, intent on ruining Bonita's rep. But all it was, just another lie to make people think twice about creating her page on ED as all she has to do is go to her sysops friend and get them to delete it. As if that will happen, as Kathleen has given everyone more lulz than she knows.

Kathleen calls Bonita out in hopes to stir the fire of her one sided war.

We see you sitting there on your computer, Kathleen, fuming mad about this page coming up! You didn't think we would create one on you? You are just plain stupid ass girl! ED is not your personal attack force!, and we do not appreciate you using us for that reason!

Anonymous have proof postive of how much of a butthurt Kathleen felt when she saw that she finally got an ED page. She did the sole thing that only ended up proving that everyone, who wrote anything on this page about Kathleen Todd is very much true. Here is her first buttdevastated edit.

We seriously believe that this one attempt might not be the last or maybe she realized that she accidentally revealed the truth that she is a liar, but she'll claim that everyone who posted anything that filled with facts of her lying behavior is nothing but lies about her as she's the innocent party in this whole affair but as you know she lies so much pig shit falls out of her mouth with every lie she says.

Bad spanish translation, Kathleen.

More about me

She used stamps to show what she is about, notice the I Hate Liars stamp.

How I appear to those who I hate.

Regardless of the fact that she is a real bonifide liar and this page proves it.

learn more about me.

Guess she hates herself, since she has been proven to be a liar, by everything that is posted on this page. She has now renounced her Wiccan status to be a Christan woman to be with her Athiest fiancee who she is having sex with before marriage! As seen here in her updated About Me page on her Facebook account and that Religious Views of her Michael Boyd.

I'm Christan woman with an Atheist male.

Clearly, she does not know what an Atheist male really is. How dumb can she be, as she studied Religions before, she should know what an Atheist really is?

She is so stupid, she does something like this on her Facebook page.

TMI, Kathleen, how gross.

And her supposed fiancee Micheal Boyd comes in and says something like what he said, this match is really made in Hell as he's not even saying anything supportive or telling her to ignore them who are trying to get her down. Nadda! She claims that he's a romantic and he pulls this shit, yeah, right, Kathleen, you lied about what he is - a romantic, so what else have you lied about him? Like say, he's your fiancee?

Recently, the founder of the dA group Transformersforever posted a journal to which Kathleen responded to with lies about how she grown and matured, when she didn't as seen here in this cap.

Which is just more lies as she cannot stand that she got revealed to the Transformersforever group as a liar and by what her now ex-friend stated, she's an Art Thief.

And one will hope that the founder LightPriestess78 aka Soulpsion will block and ban Ryoko2013 for being a Transformers art thief and a liar. Sadly, LightPriestess78 AKA Soulpsion firmly has her nose up Kathleen's ass and believes her lies over the truth and has recently given Klanklang a 12 month membership on dA as a sign of being one of her new asskissers.

Just recently, Derek Todd, Kathleen's brother posted an updated photo of himself. And this is what he looks like.

Here's Derek Todd!

Clearly, there is more than one brother. Another brother is known but mysteriously, never seen or made mention of since 2011. Wonder why HE is not spoken about anymore? Maybe it is because Kathleen is really this mysterious never seen, never mentioned brother and when you ask her about this brother, she claims she only has one and its Derek.

Kathleen proved herself over and over again to be reading up on her ED page. Hi Kathleen! We see you spying on your page! Here is her latest cap that she claims proves that she's not her brother Derek.

Still doesn't prove that you are female, Kathleen.

She thinks that photo is enough to prove to people like us, that she's not a guy posing as female. Nope, not in a slightest as there are some trannies who look very much like a woman and you won't know the difference till you drop their pants and see their maleness.

Her latest journal that she did, is basically a repeat of her other about me crap.

Here's my new about me journal posting.

Obviously, she's full of it. If her epilepsy was true, her driver's license would be revoked as epileptics cannot drive and she has drove her dad around on his jobs. Clearly, she's lying about her epilepsy.

My job or lack thereof

Kathleen claims to get a paycheck every two weeks but she has never made mention of what she does to get said paycheck. One has to wonder what type of job she has considering that this lying peice of Tasmanian shit has bi-polarism, a weak heart or so she claims, strokes, blindness and epilepsy. Maybe the type of job that requires her to be lying on her back on a bed while men screw her over?, since she never really talks about what she does for a job? Which would be reason to why she's up at all hours of the night, Kathleen Todd is a street walker - a woman of the night waiting for her next john to come to give her money and she perform sex acts with them.

It is possible that her mom and her many pops gives her allowance every two weeks and claims that is a paycheck, since she doesn't have a real job to speak of.

Kathleen claims her job keeps her busy but the thing is this is her job!

This is my job as I play my video games all the bloody time!

This is her real job!

Married to a fictional character

As the thumb shows, she recently said her I do’s to a fictional character, a game character by the name of Garrus, who would probably shoot her dead than marry her.

I married a fictional character with my alter ego.

I am so damn original. It has been months since she claimed to get photos of her new boyfriend in his cosplay outfit and her together. Clearly, this is just more lies coming from the infamous liar - Kathleen Todd. For if this was not a lie, Kathleen, where is your photo of you and your boyfriend in your cosplay outfits? We know you look here, so where are the photos? Prove to us that you are not a liar about your fat belly boyfriend Michael Boyd playing Garrus, I doubt he even cosplay with his kids living with him.

Here is Kathleen's Mary Sue character Liz with her Mass Effect boyfriend Garrus. You think by how dull she looks that he has drugged her to where he can do what he wants with her.

Liz is drugged out of her mind as Garrus comes behind her and rapes her ass.

Interesting fact

her dog or is it her boyfriend?

Kathleen Todd has over 161 photos of her dog on her Facebook page and yet does not and has never had a single photo of her with a guy, either on her numerous Facebook accounts or her numerous dA accounts.

If she really truly was in love with this Micheal Boyd person, don't you think she would have taken tons of photos of her and him together, to show everyone that she's seriously with a man, but sadly all you see on her facebook page is her dog and her cosplay outfits along with her badly done tattoos done by her older brother Derek Todd?

What do any of you want to bet that said dog is Kathleen's real boyfriend she keeps talking about? Ew, bestiality much?

So Kathleen, since we know you are visiting this page, where is your engagement photos of you and Michael Boyd? You would have announced your engagement in the papers and had your photo publicized already, so where is the newspaper announcement of your engagement or is this engagement just another lie of yours and you conned your friend to go with you on your lie about being engaged to him?

Why haven't anyone seen photos of you with him and his three kids if you visited his home and spent time with him there? Or was that just more fucking lies to get people to think you have a boyfriend when you don't? Everyone knows that Michael Boyd is being deceived by Kathleen A. Todd, but for Kathleen's facebook friends, don't even know that she is really a HE and HE's lying to them all!

She's a Drag Queen

She tries so hard to look female but very often her true self shows through.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Clearly, as those photos show a man looking out from under her wig. She's a Man, transgendered into a Female. He won't admit it as it means revealing that she's lying about being engaged to Michael Boyd.

My colt Sam

Here are photos of what was supposed to be Kathleen's pride and joy Crabbet bred Arabian colt Sam, with photos of him with his dam. Sadly, he was supposedly killed by a pack of drug crazed girls who chased him and his dam into some barb wire, to get his rug for more drug money, severely injuring the colt Sam to where they had to put him down.

For if this was true, that the pack of drug crazed girls chased him and his dam into barb wire fence, the only thing that would be damaged was HIS RUG!, not him. Which means that, Kathleen Todd lied about having her colt put to sleep because he was severely injured. So where is he really, Kathleen? Where is this colt that you supposedly own or did you tell his owner to sell him to another since you don't have a barn set up to house him?

Kathleen claimed on the message board Cool As Ice, that there was a police report filed and that the girls were caught, but as everyone now knows, there were no such thing done as this was just another infamous lie done by Kathleen as there was no reports in any newspapers around the time she claimed that the attack happened at. This little story of hers ended up being found out to be nothing more than a lie, when the board's owner Calista did her own fact checking and found out that Kathleen was lying as there was no report and no death of a colt anywhere in the area where Kathleen claimed to have the horse at. The liar quickly shut up fast about her colt and any new horses that she may have been given by fake friends who has a lot of horses to give to her.

So care to admit what really happened to him, Kathleen?

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Everyone knows the classic horse movie called My Friend Flicka, that was done in the 1950's, had a scene where Flicka raced away from the ranch and tried to leap over a barb wire fence, only to get tangled up in it and the dad wanted to kill her because of the injuries caused by the barb wire, but the plea of his son stops him from doing so and goes about healing her of her wounds. Kathleen used that scene to con people from the message board called Cool As Ice out of free stuff. Thus, this is her M.O. of how she will manipulate you into doing what she wants.

Cosplay time!

Kathleen loves to cosplay various female characters and the occasional rare men from series she happens to like but the photos shows her as she truly is - an ugly cosplayer, the only one that even looked good as is Vincent, that's the only cosplay that she actually looked good in. She currently did an cosplay committment ceremony with her newest fiancee as Kagome and InuYasha.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

It is clear to state that Kathleen has no clue on how to keep her fat belly hidden in her Kagome 'school' cosplay outfit, while she stood by her then fiancee Spike. Her other cosplay outfits are ten times worse than her Kagome cosplay and she claims to have gotten awards for them, which never really turns up on her dA pages or that she even states that she won so and so award. Who wants to bet that she lies about everything that she does in the conventions as she claims to know people in the adminstrations of each convention that she deals with? Maybe she never really did win anything since she doesn't make any comments about her cosplay outfits after her conventions are over or posts photos of her awards that she won.

I will Note those who are my real friends

Well, needless to state when she lost her bestest best friend Fanfictionaxis, that she posted a journal on her then named dA account Ravette2004, that only her real friends will get the Note of her new dA account. What she didn't know was that her friend gave us her new dA page. Thank you, baby!

We see you!

Needless to state, we are giggling like crazed school girls on drugs as we found her new account to which she announces that she's getting married AGAIN! Who wants to wager, this one will end like the rest, no walking down the aisle and her fiancee ends up being a cheater? Turns out that we were sort of right - she dumped him and is now engaged to another.

Claimed to have moved on!

How long will that really last as everyone knows that Kathleen will be back in a few weeks or months or years before she's bawwing about how someone is stalking her or harassing her. This is typical bullshit from her. Everyone had told her from day one on her war against Bonita Prime to move on and forget about her, but typical Kathleen style, she refused till this past February when she posted a journal claiming to be the bigger person at the same time slamming her bully victim and her ex-friend all at the same time. How is that to be the bigger person, Kathleen? It doesn't and all it tells everyone that you hate that your ex-friend is no longer your friend and that she now sides with your bully victim and both ladies are doing more things than you are right now. Have you even really gone to see what they are doing on dA, even once out of curosity? Anon believes that you have and that's why you are crying out in the journal bashing them both.

Got smacked in the face by Kirk-hates-Kahn

So how long will everyone wait before we see you bawwing again about someone stalking, stealing or harassing you, Kathleen? In almost every fandom you enter, you find someone to bully, claiming that they're stalking or stealing from you or harassing you? You never do really move on but to another fandom once everyone realizes that you are nothing more than a big fat liar, when they get word from another person from one of the fandoms that you left and you cry that they are but jealous of your websites that you created?

UPDATE about one year and nine months later, we have an update to her journal! Kathleen lied to Kirk-hates-Kahn as in her latest journal, she has brought up the subject of her bullies again.

Clearly she lied to Kirk-hates-Kahn, as she brought up her bullies again.

Why would she go and break her promise not to talk about them? Oh, maybe because they're doing things now that is getting people's attention and she hates when other people get the spotlight on them and not having it shine on her ugly ass mug.


She's now engaged to another man by the name of Kyle Simmons. She dumped Michael Boyd because he was paying too much attention to his ex, the mother of his two kids and she didn't like that she was not the center of his attention. This new idiot sprung the question on me at Aicon 2014. They are supposedly getting married in may next year. She even have proof of her getting engaged on her dA page.

Mystery Date purposal

Who thinks that Kathleen's new boy-toy didn't really purpose to her for he fled up the stairs and never seen after dropping to one knee and presenting her with a ring with no microphone in his face to hear if he made a proposal speech of how much he loves you and would you be his wife or the like? All the loser did was knelt and present the ring to you like an asshole loser. He didn't even look like he even returned, took only one picture for the Con and then, fled like a bat out of hell up the stairs? You would assume that he would be remaining by her side right after that and that no one asked her where is her fiancee in the brief few seconds after she is ditched?

The truth about her supposed "purposal" (As she so elegantly puts it.) Was that this was, in fact, staged. Kyle Simmons, for whatever reason; had actually proposed to her many months prior, and despite having publicly stated it on Facebook multiple times, when the 'fake purposal' went though, acted as though the whole thing had been a surprise. She had actually attempted to get the convention to let them stage the proposal during AICon 2014's Cosplay competition, which they rejected, but begrudgingly allowed at AICon's Cosplay mystery date.

She also tried to get them to agree to let her hold the wedding at AICon 2015, Which again, they rejected. For obvious reasons.

Kathleen often makes sickening posts about her and Kyle, they always refer to each other as "My Fiancee" in public, or other gag-inducing pet names, seems like they never like using their real shit ass names when speaking about each other.

All of her e-mail addresses

These are all of Kathleen Todd's known e-mail addresses.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] - might be inactive.

[email protected]

When more are found, they'll be located here.

All of her so called home addresses

All of these addresses are the addresses that she uses. One of them belongs to a neighbor, who she uses as an address when stuff is sent to her that her folks don't know that has coming to her. Maybe someone should write to them and maybe to her parents and let them know how nuts Kathleen really is and send them the link to this page? Maybe they'll get the mental help people sent on her or at least, have Mr. and Mrs. Lockley go over to her home to confront her about it at the same time her parents are doing the same thing? Now that would be a sight to be seen, as she whines about how cruel we are and that it is nothing but lies, when it is not as she did tell these lies to everyone hoping to come out the winner but she came out as a loser instead.

Kathleen Todd’s rich parents’ house
K. Todd
49 Cavell St
West Hobart, TAS 7000
Mobile 1:  0423 139 166
IP Address: Telstra Internet
Address Kathleen Todd uses to register domain names and web sites to
A. Todd
34 Cammeray Rd
Claremont, TAS 7011
Phone 1:  (03) 6275 0464
IP Address: Cynet
Address Kathleen Todd gives out as a mailing address to everyone
Mick & Diane Lockley
23 Cammeray Rd
Claremont, TAS 7011
Phone 1:  (03) 6249 4421

Instant Messengers

These are all of her Instant Mesengers that is currently known by members of ED. When we find another one of her Instant Messengers, they will be added here.

Yahoo - khentkaus

AOL - puckworlddreams, shows up as Zelda Liz, but underneath that is puckworlddreams.

Skype - optimusprime-autohq, shows up as Optimus Prime, but if you are to look at her info it still states optimusprime-autohq.

MSN - [email protected]

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

She must think we're stupid, not to check on her messengers and see which ones she changed if she did, like the stupid git she is.

eBay account

Ebay Member Name


Check out her purchases, suspicious military purchases and she's not military or a collector of those items. She's using it to pretend that she's a real soldier.

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  • Mechanophilia
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External Links

Zeldas relm Kathleen's new blogspot. Zeldas Gaming Blog Kathleen's newest blogspot.

  • Deviantart-favicon.png ravette2004 - main dA account - recently renamed to Deviantart-favicon.png ryoko2013. As of 01/18/13, she changed her username to Deviantart-favicon.png klanklang. As of 07/12/2014, she changed her username to Deviantart-favicon.png kagometas. As of 10/09/15, she changed her username to Deviantart-favicon.png electroniaprime.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png princesszelda2012 - Ravette's NEWEST ACCOUNT, thank you to Deviantart-favicon.png JohnStripedfur for giving us her new account, THANK YOU! We love you!
  • Ryoko2013's dA friends. Go Note them with the link to this page, make them see what a liar klanklang aka Ryoko2013 aka Ravette2004 is.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png angelvakarian - Ravette’s photography account.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png autobot-headquarters - Kathleen's other account using her website's name of Autobot Headquarters. It is her because one of the photos has a pink handled kitana in it, which she used to cosplay a Bleach character with.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Ja-kalsGirl - another account she uses to pretend she's someone else
  • Deviantart-favicon.png legaladvice - this is her too and it is illegal since she’s not a licensed and bonded lawyer.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png RealElitaOne - another account she uses to pretend she's someone else. No matter what she says this is fact.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Tassie-Miku - Kathleen’s cosplay account and claims that cosplay is role playing.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png theonlyrealmrsprime - Kathleen’s account she uses to pretend she's someone else.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png TransfomersPrime - TransformersPrime, is another one of Kathleen’s accounts that she uses to pretend that she’s someone else. (This is not to be confused with either of the DA groups by a similar name.)
  • Deviantart-favicon.png wifeofoptimusPrime - This is Kathleen’s Mary Sue Transformers character Starlar Prime's account.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png ZRealMrsOptimusPrime - another of Kathleen’s accounts that she uses to pose as another person.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png garrusarchangel - another of Kathleen's accounts that she uses to pose as another person.
  • Fb-favicon.png Kathleen Todd’s Facebook page or as it states by her name Angel ShepardVakarian. Now she's calling herself KathleenSimmonsTodd. She's not even married to him yet and she claimed his last name.
  • Fb-favicon.png Jez Todd, Kathleen Todd’s dog.
  • Fb-favicon.png Crystal Flashblade, Kathleen’s MDTAS Mary Sue character.
  • Fb-favicon.png Jake Todd, another dog that Kathleen owns.
  • link=https://www.facebook.com/jd.todd.16 Jd Jd Todd, another dog that Kathleen owns.
  • Fb-favicon.png Angel Vakarian, her Mass Effect’s Mary Sue character.
  • Fb-favicon.png Elizabeth Prime, Kathleen’s Mary Sue Transformers character.
  • Fb-favicon.png Michael Boyd, Kathleen’s new boyfriend in her life.
  • Fb-favicon.png Rick Hunter, a character from Robotech, doesn’t even belong to Kathleen.
  • YouTube Favicon.png primestar2008 Her youtube channel.
  • NEW! Fb-favicon.png Allo Dinosaucers, character from Dinosaucers, doesn't even belong to Kathleen.
  • Kathleen Todd's Photobucket album, you can see it on her Ja-KalsGirl's dA account.
  • Starlar Prime Kathleen's membership with TFW2005.
  • Optimuslady Kathleen's page on Check Out My Ink profile page.
  • Twisted Metal Alliance forum This is the page where Kathleen AKA Dats verbally attacks Bonita Prime, who clearly wants to end her war with her, which you can see that Dats didn't want to.
  • Side7 account, born May 18, 1981.
  • Totally Transformers Proboard Goes by Optimus Prime there. Hasn't been seen there since April of 2011.

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Kathleen Todd is part of a series on Dying Alone

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