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Why do trolls make fun of furries? Because they think anime and cosplay are cool!

Kathera Lockharte (aka Fur Gryphon aka Kathera Larkham aka Salla Darktalon) is a 20-something furry who lives in the vast wasteland of Peterborough, Ontario. Her character is "a shapeshifting gryphoness who can shift between male, female and herm, as well as shift between different species, such as foxes, wolves, pretty much anything."

Kathera was one of many who were cannon fodder in the YouTube Furry War. Her patriotism and undying belief in her cause led her to set up various "anti troll" mechanisms such as a secret furry spy network and a vast conspiracy to infect all of Anonymous with viruses.

The War

Under the name FurGryphon, Kathera fought on the losing end of the YouTube Furry War. Constantly trolled by the FCTC, she resorted to attempting to both spam troll pages and sending them viruses, among other stupid things. Her various anti anonymous forums were spammed to death by trolls, and her dox were dropped by the Patriotic Nigras.

In late 2007, Kathera started an "anti trolling" site under the name C.O.F.A.T. Its purpose was to "end the furry war on youtube" and later offer services to other communities being attacked by Anonymous. After infiltrating Anonymous's secret website, her "hacker friends" were going to bring it down from the inside... however, it seems as though even other furries realised what a stupid idea this was and the project never took off.


At the beginning of March 2008, Furtopia was hacked and brought down by a lone member of LOLfurries. Because furries can't think before they accuse, the full blame was put on all members of LOLfurries but within a week the blame was officially put upon supercutefurri. Kathera couldn't understand it, so she went straight to the source of the trouble asking for answers. She still couldn't understand that supercutefurri was banned from the site (because his actions of killing Furtopia also killed LOLfurries as well) and kept trying too hard to troll the members of LOLfurries which consist mostly of potheads who don't give a fuck.

Ok I get your point, seriously people stop with the disgusting comments, the rude behavior, and the requests to have me show you my tits, cause its not going to happen, I am seeing someone, so forget about it, and just move on, I got your point 10 posts ago so please stop rubbing it in with these extremly rude comments I am getting from a few members, you don't need to carry on like a rutting pig with no manners whatsoever and treat me with respect, not like some sex object that is here for you guys to put on display like some ornament, or say repulsive things towards me, because the last time I checked your humans, not animals, yes you are furs, you have fursona's, but that does not mean you get to act like the wild animals your fursona portrays you as, because surely the ones acting like barbarians have some social skills left, if not, then I pity you for not being properly brought up. So honestly, let this go, I fucked up, I didn't know when this happened, therefore I set myself up for this, and I admit my stupid move so let it be, now go back to what ever it is you do here and forget this ever happened, because I for one do not like being treated like filth, all I have left to say is sorry I ever brought this up, now lets move on and never mention this again.


—Kathera on LOLfurries.org

For someone who likes to dish out the hate she certainly can't take any. Also, for you grammar nazis, that response had 29 commas and only 2 periods! That's right, it's just 2 really long sentences fused together into one solid block of fail and confusion.

The FurryOps Ordeal

After "Fursona264" was hacked by YOULIKELOLICON, he uncovered a lulzy message from FurGryphon.


Following her disastrous C.O.F.A.T. attempt, in the summer of 2008 Kathera joined forces with fellow YouTube furfag celebrity Wolfeedarkfang to try the exact same thing. The two of them concluded the best thing for all parties involved would be a secret spy society ran for furries by furries for the purpose of trolling trolls. By recruiting more than 3 individuals that weren't actually trolls, this experiment was by far the most successful of Katheras anti-troll attempts. Let that sink in for a bit.

Secret Private Messages Exposed

One of Kathera's best YouTube anti-troll friends, AB1987, was caught in the massive FCTC/PN phishing spree which exposed all the private messages between the two, including their plans to haxxor and send viruses in the name of the furry fandom.

All of AB1987's messages can be seen here. Dead link.

Kathera is pretty pro at coding.

Pretending to Quit

I am a furry, I am strong, proud, and has come out of this furry war with a better understanding of how to end this, we must simply not react to the trolls when they say yiff in hell, and that includes not deleting and blocking the trolls if a troll comes on to your channel, then simply ignore them, they will eventually get the hint that they no longer bother us and will eventually get bored and find some other poor bastard to harass, given that we all pitch in and not feed the trolls, and I am starting to see that perhaps we are gaining a foothold on this because the furry war is cooling down, there are fewer trolls coming to my channel, or any other channels belonging to furries for that matter, we are starting to see less aggression from the trolls, indicating that they realize that they are losing and have either given up, or are making still attemping to make a few futile attempts to break us, even though they are doomed to fail in doing so, face it, we have won this, we have won, because we are starting to ignore you trolls, so don't hold your breath, we are not going to change who we are because a few trolls are disgusted by us, and you have the right to not like something, but you don't have the right to push your beliefs on to someone else.



After her embarrassing stint in FurryOps, Kathera pretended to be enlightened by the entire experience and offered up this humbling piece of advice for her followers on YouTube. In all actuality she just continued to do the same shit under different names, assuming nobody would be able to tell it was her.

Kathera Lockharte the Ranting Gryponess

Giftart for 2 The Ranting Gryphon. Epic.

Welcome, for those who know who 2 the ranting gryphon is, you would know that he does alot of rants and has lots of fans, I however am not trying to imitate him just because my fursona happens to be a Gryphon, or rather a Gryphoness , I am going to be coming up with my own material so don't come and make posts like "ZOMG TOTAL 2 THE RANTING GRYPHON RIPOFF" because for one thing, my name doesn't involve a number


—Kathera has a keen understanding of how NOT to copy another blogger

"The Ranting Gryphoness" was Kathera's attempt at riding on the back of 2_gryphon's fame. Most of her posts deal with fellow furry dalhusky, a known dogfucker. Showing amazing hypocrisy, she revels in the news of his apparent suicide straight after a rant about how terrible trolls are for calling furries "subhuman".

Her Hot Steamy Internet Sex Life

Furgryphon's n00dz

During one notable incident of trolling, Kathera fooled herself into believing somebody would see an unemployed yiff artist that lives in a retirement community yet is somehow still controlled by her parents and be attracted to it. This eventually got to a point where she willingly offered her nudes to said troll, another example of her famous forethought.


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