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Info non-talk.png Event closed due to trolls. Although this event has been formally cancelled last year, we encourage you all to attend the block party/jailbreak!

Address: North St., Adelaide, Australia 5000           Date and time: 1st May 2011 20:00 (local time)

Info non-talk.png The Apartment is far too small to contain you, but if we all chip in, say, $2, we can buy a whole new one! WHOLE PARTY IS EPIC FAIL
Kate herself! Tits or GTFO.
Kate's pal gives the Internets the heads up

Kate's Party is a PRIVATE PARTY the quickest growing party on the planet, with an RSVP number of well over 9000. It will take a large amount of food to feed all of the attendees, so it is encouraged that you bring a bag of chips along with you to the party. It is said that this shall be the largest house-party of all time because austria is for dick mongers.

It will be held at Kate's Apartment, located on North Street in Adelaide, Australia. Should Kate be caught up in serious business, she has left instructions to start a block party without her.

Transportation is being arranged by God himself, as, this party shall be of biblical proportions, so make sure you're attending by April 30th for travel arrangements.


You kinda missed it. But, can totally RSVP on the 2011 page. Wait a year. Facebook Event!

Contact Mobile Phone Number: 0419317446

Start Time: Saturday, 01 May 2010 at 20:00

End Time: Sunday, 02 May 2010 at 02:00

Location: Our Apartment (North St., Adelaide, Australia 5000)

Website: Kates Party

Fake Facebook: Kate Miller

Drinks will be provided and we have a cake and chips and stuff. If you want to bring a friend thats cool but let me know how many are coming because the apartment is not very big.





—Kate's Birthday Party

I think Kate is a pretty cool guy. eh has a private party in our apartment and

doesnt afraid of anything


—some attending retard

kate should be in the kitchen, not hosting parties


—Observant Observer

Kate's going to need a pretty big bowl of chips.


— sum random

I wonder what Kate's bread budget is cuz she's gonna hafts make a SHITload of sandwiches!


— Australian newspaper that prints profanity

Guest List

It has now been confirmed that Justin Bieber, Ringo Starr, Xzibit and Lady GaGa will all be making an appearance! Justin and GaGa will be singing a duet and making sandwiches! $5 cover, BYOB! This party has been becoming exponentially more awesome.

Corey Worthington has also just confirmed his attendance, bringing all his friends with him.

Even Moot is going and Fritzl is coming dressed in the Australian flag as usual.
Kate might need a bigger apartment.


How about Keep, but if a person is found to have invited him or herself to the party and edited the WP article he or she should be banned from WP for ever for WP:COI?



Kate's birthday party is already so legendary that a page for this historic celebration has been created on TOW, however, the wikipedos are such party poopers that they have tried to kill the buzz by baleeting said page. You can help by recreating it.

Kate Responds

In an exclusive ED interview, Kate dropped science on the forthcoming historic Guinness Book of Records sized EPIC PARTY.

Saturday night it was funny. It had a few hundred people and no one was really being nasty. Then by Sunday they had found out my street address and people had started stealing my photo. That is when it became scary. The 100s of creepy msgs mainly from teenage boys was revolting and the 1000+ friend requests bothersome.



Furthermoar...potential partygoers may want to BYOGasmask. Or buy a dog.

We are now at the stage were any teenage boy who walks down my street and looks at me more than twice is going to get pepper sprayed.




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Hoax Claims

Despite Ausfalian attention whore/troll David Thorne's claims in Ausfalian meeja that the whole Kate's Party phenomena is a not very elaborate hoax, ED's crack Lulz News team of 1337 investigative journalists has established that Kate is 100% real, that it is her birthday and that she is still having a party on Saturday May 1st in Adelaide. Mr. Thorne is nothing but a triflin party pooper and hater due to the fact that he tried to get in Kate's knickers and was rebuffed.

So, in short, you should disregard David Thorne since he sucks cocks (after Kate spurned him he turned him gay) and PARTY HARD on North Street in Adelaide on Saturday. Bring all your friends, your own beer and party favours for Kate.

The Party

70,000 friends snub Facebook's Kate's Birthday Party

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