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Kamunou is yet another emo hyena nigger furry lol-cow. His pasty cracker exterior fills him with self-loathing, and as a result, he self-injures while listening to Disturbed and System of a Down. Negative attention whores like this are easy prey because they never stop replying.

Yiffing furfags

A match made in heaven.
A few of his many lol camwhore shots.

The drama with his ex- is the result of an addiction to Kamunou's "tiny, rough" cock, and the clingy drama that resulted when their e-relationship became about nothing more than sex. Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. He constantly bitches about being trolled because of the resulting drama, while cross-posting it to any forum that hasn't yet banned him(Deleted post)

For example!

"You are still a sexually driven fucker, you seem to forget about the posts that you made where you were bragging about getting buttsecks from that faggoty ass dragon."

Pedofur bait

Their yiffiness approached such epic levels that cock pix can be found all over the various chan boards and YouTube. The ex-, a notorious babyfur, was banned from LJ when LJ Abuse found his underage cock pictures.

"Furries ACCEPT people."

Anthrocon '06 apparently opened Kamunou's eyes to the ONE TRUE FURRY WAY, so he proceeded to rant about how half of the fandom -- namely, the half he isn't a part of -- isn't "real," and consists of what he calls "psudofurries," only interested in porn and FChan. He also described "real furries" as completely accepting of people and their disgusting kinks and fetishes.

About half of Lj-favicon.png anthrocon fursecuted him on the spot to show how accepting they were of his intolerance. After the trolls had their way with him, he committed thread suicide, though a copy of the post can be found here. IT NEVER REALLY HAPPENED GUYS


Another way Kamunou follows 'the furry tao' is by creating YTMNDs. They are generally mocked because 1) he is a furry; 2) every time someone has an opinion contrary to his own, he goes Blackwingdragon-nuts with emo-rage and e-threats.

The internet is serious fucking business. His reaction stems from cutter angst.

I'm an emo kid

Kamunou is apparently very fond of virtual yiffing.

"You can f*cking suck my ass, you f*ggot. Last thing I am is a f*cking emo."

He really hates being called "emo." It sends him flying into an emo rage that can only be quelled by listening to emo music while taking MySpace angle pictures, posting them on his el-jay, and smoking cock.

Internet tough guy threats

"And for the record, I USED to slit my wrists, every f*cking day back when I was fourteen. But I realized something. Life is worth living, despite the *ssholeS who constantly come in and try to f*ck it up. If you think you're getting me emo over this sh*t, you're doing just the opposite. I'm filled with f*cking RAGE, and I want nothing more than to slit your f*cking throat in five different places, rip your f*cking cock off, and mutilate your body until it's nothing but bloody ribbons."

"And if you ever... EVER associate me with that mother f*cking whiney Emo Anthem again, I'll get you back. OH YES, I WELL f*ckING GET YOUR *ss BACK FOR THAT sh*t."

Lj-favicon.png drama_awesome

What the cock is this shit?

After the trolls ran with the lulz, he tried to anti-troll the very community he actively posts and comments in. Some of his amusing and typical responses included:

Kamunou is such an upstanding furry that even Mix Hyenataur disassociates with him.

As an attention whore, he'll no doubt love this ED entry.

His furry tao



He fell for it, lol.


Like most aspiring drama-llamas, Kamunou tried to delete the evidence of his douchebaggery, failing to realize that revert wars only increase the lulz.

"You don't get how easy it is to select all and delete all that hard work of yours. And by the way, I'm currently making one for YOU :D Awww, I got banned from that place. I'm gonna go cry now."

Somebody is apparently unclear on the concept of wikis.


Available on request. Both Jakerz and Kamunou couldn't get enough of the internet attention, so they posted fugly nudes all over the various chan image boards and Lj-favicon.png drama_awesome, and MySpace angle emo videos. When Kamunou could no longer pretend to care about the drama, he finally committed LJ furicide, declaring everyone involved to be "really immature."


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