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Kameko suffering from severe Beaten With Boards With Nails In Them-itis, which she contracted during childhood according to her history.
Kameko IRL.

Kameko Is a rather annoying Mary Sue writer based in Texas. Her particular poison is that of the ninja turtles. That is, her Mary Sue would be known as mutanthag!kameko. When her "online character" was run through the Mary Sue litmus Test, it scored 204, the minimum required to be a Mary Sue is 71. Kameko is her wapanese name, and no one seems to know what her birth name is. It is suspected she is actually named 'Bob' and lives in a Hugbox. Kameko was almost raped, and assumes every word said toward her fantasy self is an attack on the her race, gender, background, or thinspiration.

Kameko the Writer

A twenty two year old computer science major from Texas, rather than completing her college courses, Kameko the writer instead prefers to spend her days writing fanfiction and roleplaying online. She was turned down for a job at Walmart, despite her "high credentials", due to the fact that she failed the personality portion of the evaluation. She was denied on the grounds that she is actually too weird to work with the Walmartians.

Kameko the Character

Contrary to popular belief, Kameko is not the unholy love child of Satan and a dirty condom. Rather, she is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' mysterious younger sister. Why she is human as opposed to half turtle is a mystery.

Somehow Kameko knows that she is of Japanese descent, as her name (which translates into "Turtle Child") makes known. However, it could have to do with the fact that Kameko is a highly trained ninja.

As a young child, Kameko was beaten with "boards with nails in them" (see above pictures). This form of abuse was delivered by the hand of beloved TMNT character Splinter for the purposes of both ninja training and making sure that Kameko's past was angsty enough.

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