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"Take me, Kaa!"

Kaa VFX, also known as KaaExperienced and Smileyguy10000, is a US "artist" with a penchant for making fetish porn out of Disney cartoons and innocently packaging it as fan art. His sole talent involves editing the same hypnosis scene from The Jungle Book over and over again by splicing a range of female characters in place of Mowgli on YouTube, and Photoshopping Kaa the snake into screen grabs of Disney princesses and other female characters on DeviantArt.

Believe it or not, this snake hypnosis is actually a fetish all over the internet that also crosses over into furfaggotry, bronyism, bondage, hentai, and countless other sins against nature.

WTF fetish

"You are getting very sleepy horny..."

In yet another classic case of how Disney turns people into furries and permanently dooms their brains with sexual perversions, some people actually get off on seeing a cartoon snake with Winnie The Pooh's voice hypnotizing anyone and everyone in sight, whether they're cartoons or real people.

A simple image search of "Kaa hypnosis" will reveal an extensive and limitless collection of Disney animals, anime and hentai cartoons, human celebrities, and video game characters, all with mesmerized eyes and Kaa the cartoon python Photoshopped to be coiled tightly around their bodies.

In a continuously proven case of ponyfags ruin everything, this bizarre fetish has of course found a home in the brony fandom as well.


This single scene from a kid's movie touches up on so many weird fetishes that it isn't even funny. Since the character is a snake, it appeals to both furries and fans of seeing people being swallowed whole. Tentacle freaks and bondage fans also enjoy the fact that the snake tightly coils around the other character's body and puts them in its control. Since the original character Mowgli happens to be a practically naked boy, it also gives pedos something to salivate about.

Anyone who has ever dreamed of kidnapping their favorite cartoon character or celebrity can also have their fantasy come true in the form of animated python fan art.

The scene that started it all

Hypnophile gallery

Hypno-snake art porn from all around the web About missing Pics
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Entrancing videos

Hypnotize and sexually arouse yourself!
A fellow fat enthusiast wants some hypno lovin'
Expert editing skillz
Even better editing skillz

Mesmerizing fan fic

As if his photos and videos weren't enough, this hypnophile of course had to take it to the next level by writing his own fan fic.

Atomic.gif Warning!
This story is tl;dr and the girl doesn't even end up getting raped in the end!
"The Kindness Of Stangers" (A Kaa story)

Authors Note:  Hey guys! I normally just do manipulations and videos but I thought I’d give writing a go!  Let me know what you think and if I should do more. Thanks!

Part 1: The Kindness of Strangers

A sudden jolt shattered Emma’s peaceful dream.  She looked around with a start. Everyone was calm and in their seats.  “We’re experiencing minor turbulence,” came the pilot’s voice from the speaker above her, “nothing to worry about.”  Emma shut her eyes again.  The pilot knew what he was talking about, there was nothing to worry about.  She smiled, trying to return to her lost dream world.  The jolt came again.  Emma squeezed her eyes tighter, determined to remain uninterrupted.  But the jolts wouldn’t have it.  They kept coming, relentless and increasing in size.  Then came a deafening roar and countless screaming passengers.  Emma was torn from her attempts at sleep, her mind forced into an alert state.  She waited for reassurance from the speaker, anything to alleviate the panic.  No voice came.  Instead, yellow oxygen masks fell from above and red lights began to flash.  Emma had just managed to get the mask over her face before a bulky suitcase collided with her forehead, allowing her to return to the peace she had so desired.  
Once the material world began to return from the shadows of unconsciousness, Emma’s eyes fluttered open.  The first of her senses start working was unfortunately that of pain.  Her body ached all over, but it nothing too serious.  In fact, she was rather fortunate for surviving a plane crash.  Emma managed to sit up and open her eyes all the way.  She was sitting in the middle of a jungle clearing with no one in site.  No plane, no wreckage, no people, nothing.  What she did see, however, answered her questions regarding the absence of all those other things.  She was strapped to a parachute that lay torn and strewn about on the ground behind her.  One of the other passengers must have managed to get it on her while she was unconscious!  The kindness of strangers never ceased to amaze her.  Once she had gotten a hold of herself, Emma staggered awkwardly to her feet, removing the ruined parachute from her body.  Now that she had lived through the crash, a new problem arose: she was lost in the middle of a jungle.  Tall and strange trees surrounded her, casting long dark shadows from the setting sun.  The setting sun!  It would be night soon!  Panic began to slowly return to Emma.  What was she going to do?

Of course, the arrival of this strange outsider from the heavens had not gone unnoticed by the jungle inhabitance.  One inhabitant in particular took great notice in this exotic creature.  He didn’t really have a name.  The locals had all given him names.  Names of terror and of wonder.  Names that carried with them promise of death and promise of magic.  Of all these titles, he had selected one in particular to be known by.  Kaa the python had a terrible and magnificent ring to it, for this is what he felt he was.  Fear had allowed him to transcend the physical world to a the stories and legends that gave him his power.  Kaa now found himself isolated and alone, his gift of intellect both a blessing and a curse.  No one to rival his power, no one to challenge him.  This power had, of course, corrupted the python, driving away his friends and fellow creatures.  The only thrill he could find in this world now was the joy of testing the will of the dominant species of planet Earth: mankind.  

Emma now walked in the darkness of the jungle, sight had become nearly impossible.  Injured and cold, Emma couldn't imagine how her situation could get any worse!  Her mind failed to take into account the python that awaited her down the path.  Her blind stumbling had led her straight to the snake’s waiting clutches.  Kaa, who was not so blind, was carefully studying the girl as she approached.  He could taste her fear, and how delightful it tasted!  His cold eyes shone with glee and evil intent.  A sinister, yet chilling clever, plan began to form in his serpentine mind.  There would be no escape for this young woman.  Emma was starting to accept a fate of demise, lost in an eternally dark jungle.  In despair she fell to her knees and threw her head to the heavens.  “Can anyone hear me?!?” She cried.  In reality, she didn’t really expect a response, but one came anyway.  “I can hear you girl-cub.” Came a soft voice from behind her.  Emma jumped before turning around with a start.  “Who’s there?  Where are you!”  She asked, seeing only darkness.  “Jussst a friend, here to help you.”  Kaa hissed reassuringly.  Emma smiled, “Oh thank God!  I thought I was going to die out here, prey to some wild animal.”  Kaa couldn’t help but chuckle at her last statement.  “What’sss sssso bad about wild animalssss?”  Kaa inquired, looping an invisible coil around her shoulders.  Emma’s relief transformed to terror in an instant.  Whatever was touching her, it wasn’t human.  “There’s no need to be afraid of me, my dear.  As I ssssaid before, my only dessssire is to help you.”   Emma continued to peer into the impenetrable blackness that surrounded her, “What are you?” She asked weakly.  Kaa’s smile grew ever wider, “Allow me to show you my dear.”  With that, his coils wrapped themselves firmly around Emma’s waist and drew her up into the treetops.  Emma grabbed hold of Kaa’s tail in confusion, awaiting the reveal of her captor.  Once Emma was brought above the treetops, moonlight banished the darkness and illuminated the monstrosity before her.  Emma’s fear was beyond that of screaming, she was trapped by her mind, frozen in terror.  A massive snake had her in its clutches.  

Kaa had decided that he would have little luck with continuing conversation with this girl.  So be it.  Suddenly the jungle moon was no longer the only source of light, Kaa’s eyes now shone with the brilliance of 10 moons, and the splendor of the entire night sky!  One could spend an eternity attempting to understand what lay inside those wondrous eyes.  One could get lost studying them, falling endlessly into an abyss of wonder.  Emma felt all these things and more as she stared into Kaa’s eyes.  The bad emotions of fear and doubt were removed and feelings of joy, peace, and submission took their place.  Kaa’s melodious and wonderful voice floated from the realm of reality, “That’sss it girl-cub, let yourssself go.  Look into my eyessssss.”  Emma heard each command as truth and continued staring and wondering why she would ever want to look away.  After all, she could look away if she really wanted to couldn’t she?  Emma found, with concern, that she could not look away.  Her eyes were no longer her own, they were Kaa’s.  “Don’t fight it my dear,” Kaa crooned softly, “Just relax, resssst little girl-cub.  Ssssleep!  Sssssssleep!”  Emma was losing this battle, her body would no longer obey her, but wait!  Her hand twitched when she called for it.   Slowly, and with all of her might, she lifted her hand to her face, to sever the enchanting bond.  Her hope fell away however, when Kaa’s gentle tail softly looped around her wrist and guided her hand back to where it was supposed to be.  With that final act of resistance, Emma fell into Kaa’s power.  Her eyes gently closed, and a delicate smile appeared on her now calm face.  Kaa’s hisses continued to reassure her and lull her into a blissful sleep. The fight was over and Kaa’s warm coils came to seal her fate.  Smooth coils muscle settled all around Emma as she slept.  Each time Kaa wrapped around her she was carried ever deeper into an inescapable trance.  The devious python laughed as he tucked the end of his tail under her neck.  “Foolisssh girl,” He hissed, “If only you had known.”  Kaa then lay back on the trunk of the tree, watching his prize slumber in his power, helpless and subject to his will.  He would deal with her further in the morning.  For now, it was his turn to fall asleep.

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