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Not to be confused with: KKK.

KK is a pedo of the worst kind. He worked as a teacher at a pseudo-prestigious secondary school called St Francis Xavier's College which is in the England. And what's worse, he worked as the school choirmaster, meaning he got to see little kiddies dressed in frilly outfits. While it was known for a long time that Keith was a faggy pedo among students, it took a little longer for the school administration to realize it.

Rise to fagdom

Keith made his initial successes with his choir of frilly schoolboys who doubled as a dangerous gold-record wielding football squad. However, his gold records were cut short in the fateful December of '05 when his girlfriend found pictures of naked boys and saw he'd been going on a kiddy pr0n site, and The Bill broke into Keith's house and confiscated his computer, and then arrested him a little later when they found kiddy pr0n on his computer.

The early days.

In court

In court, he kept saying and saying and saying that he was innocent, despite the fact that cops had found pictures of kiddies on his computer.

Keith then said that he was just trying the gay and that he thought the kiddies were over 18. Right...

Eventually, when he was found guilty of being a pedo, he still said he was innocent and tried to appeal it, because he didn't want his name on the sex offenders register. His defending lawyer added that he wouldn't go on kiddy pr0n sites because he had too much to lose

The Aftermath

He's all chubby now. Cute!

After Keith was found guilty of being a dirty pedo and got fired for it (he'd been suspended from the post until now 'cause the Boss thought he was innocent, or something), he was put on community service and given a supervision order. Boy, this country sure knows justice by letting kiddy fiddlers wander the streets don't it...

But Keithy insisted in appealing the sentence, because he doesn't want everyone to know he's a kiddy fiddler wherever he goes. Oh, and he's put on a bit of weight, too.

He has now apparently been cleared. I saw him in the pub a while ago with an old student. Clear and free, but for how long?


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