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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Don't ever put any of my pictures into a "cringe/cancer/etc. collection", because that would offend me. (And you will be instantly BLOCKED for that.)


—Justin trying to protect his special snowflake ass.

(No negative comments please...)


—The Rayman knock off trying to protect himself from the oh-so-horrors of criticism.

I'm not sure if Ootsie would want a "boyfriend". Wouldn't that make him *cough* *cough* homosexual?


—Justin the Homophobe

No Bubsy haters allowed! I really like Bubsy, and if you can't handle that, then don't complain about it here please.


—Him protecting his precious bobcat from harm like it's his own fucking child

Justin's current ID

JustinandDennis (previously known as JustinandDennnis, also known as Justin Puppy (his fursona), or just simply Justin) is an 18 year old autism ridden manchild who never grew out of his decade of the early 2000's, and has the brain of a 6 year old. Much like a certain blue cat that this guy supports, he draws nearly everything in MS Paint.

While he doesn't do inflation fetish art like him, Justin does have his own variety of fetishes. He is another example of how greater artists are getting unrecognized, as the dude has over 700 watchers and counting. He also has over 680,000 pageviews as well! At this rate, many artists with mediocre or shit art skills will get as much as a thousand watchers because, let's face it: DeviantArt is fucked up.

The Beginning

Justin's history dates back to when he started his FurAffinity account. Feeling uneased by the amount of furry porn and other sick shit on the site, he quit in favor of DeviantArt even though DeviantArt isn't much better Justin began on DeviantArt when he was just 13, on October 2nd, 2013. Some of his earliest posts include bases of Rayman, Danny Phantom, and My Little Pony, and crappily made MS Paint scribbles. Although he seemed to have a "thing" for undressing characters from kids shows, there was really nothing interesting about his "art". Though a month prior to his time on dA, he had a Scratch account. He seems to have abandoned it, since he hasn't made a post since 2016.

Getting Hacked

On June 19, 2016 Justin announced over on his Scratch in a video he made whining over his DeviantArt account being hacked by someone by the name of NegativeInfinity. He also said he couldn't get back into it as the hacker sabotaged his account. This was the result of Justin being a fucking idiot and allowing the hacker into his account. While it seemed as if Justin was gone from DeviantArt for good, it unfortunately didn't last as he somehow regained access to it less than 2 months afterwards. Of course, it's obvious the hacker was doing it for the lulz.

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What he does nowadays

The S.A.F.T. Squad

S.A.F.T is short for "Super Awesome Furry Team"


—Justin boyo talkin about the meaning of his series

it's practically a crossover of some of my interests(ex. favorite Movies, Cartoons and video games) with some of my own OCs.



So here's a question: How do you take Pooh's Adventures (that shitty crossover that mixes every single fucking cartoon in existance), and make it like 10 times worse? How about make the entire, yes ENTIRE cast a bunch of furry characters from TV shows or movies, and add not yourself, but your OCs in with the mix. You get (and yes this is real), The SAFT Squad: the most "epic" crossover since Avengers: Infinity War. Basically the idea was "inspired" by another persons squad series that our little Rayman boy here decided it would be best if he could make his own squad team. Now we're not gonna go deep into the characters, because Jesus FUCK that would take forever. So, we're just gonna talk about the main characters.

  • Dennis - The founder and leader of his gang of furfags. Is a Rayman bootleg and can transform into a coyote. Can have different forms when going into other worlds.
  • Luna - A Spyro the Dragon bootleg, and is the flying dragon of the team. Can also morph and shapeshift into anything. So if you want her as a vibrator then... yeah XD
  • Lenny Kangaroo - EEEERECTIN A DISPENSER. That's all you pretty much need to know because he's basically a builder.
  • Molly Kangaroo - Generic bootleg of Roo from Winnie the Pooh, and is Lenny's sister.
  • Augie Dingo - Pretty much a badass in every sense of the word. Has a shit ton of guns and knives and shit like that.
  • Maralyn Koopa - The rejected Koopaling that got tossed by Nintendo and picked up by Justin. Can turn into a ghost just like Justin's favorite TV show.

The series is currently ongoing, though he seems to have slowed down on using copyrighted characters, so at least that's a plus.

Legends of Maladesia

Did You Know: Justin actually originally made these characters as characters from Power-Link-64's series Hyteria, then originally called "Power Adventures". Sometime before of after the series turned into Hyteria, Justin took his fancharacters and decided to make his own series with them, thus forming this. Later Power-Link took some of these designs and pasted it over creating his own characters "based" on the Maladesia characters.

If you thought The SAFT Squad was the grand series Justin is working on, you'd be wrong, as we bring you to Legends of Maladesia. This series, although again, is based on another friends series, is surprisingly original.... except for the fact that it has a ton of fantasy cliche jokes. It's kinda like a rip off of Stranger Things with Final Fantasy mixed in... with a bit of Zelda sprinkled in there. Oh, and with furries, high school furries to be exact. There are a ton of main characters for this series so we'll describe them.

  • Ethan, the leader dalmatian
  • Brianna, the Mary-Sue raccoon
  • Andrew, the silent bear
  • Henry, the "KEEEEWL" chinchilla
  • Kevin, the Deadmau5 obsessed hamster
  • Abigail the badass girl kangaroo
  • Frida the Basketball playing fox
  • Logan the technician otter
  • Chloe the Nerd mouse
  • Zoey the Gamer bunny

So... yeah, it's pretty much a shitty furry show with some fantasy and high school drama mixed in with it.

His obsession with PB&J Otter

Justin is perhaps best known for being possibly the biggest fan of a show called PB&J Otter. Most of his gallery on DeviantArt consists great amounts of cringe-worthy fanart and fan made OCs dedicated to the show which was obviously meant for preschoolers. He also has made fetish art out of the characters from the show (mainly transformation) which mind you consists mainly of children, indicting that Justin is a possible pedophile.

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What gives Justin a big ol' stiffy

Some dumb stamps Justin made on shit nobody cares about

Like many on DeviantArt, Justin obsesses over anything that is meant for kids as well as shit nobody cares about. He also loves Bubsy as well. Yep, our friendo here has a fetish for that Garfield and Sonic inspired bootleg, Bubsy the Bobcat. As well as Rayman (which his OC is "based" off of), Max Goof, and Parappa the Rapper. He also likes shows like ALF: The Animated Series. Because REMEMBER ALF? HE'S BACK. IN ANIMATED FORM.

Here is just a list of what Justin "likes":

What makes Justin butthurt

His great list of dislikes.

As with any typical average manchild on DeviantArt, Justin acts immature and stupid towards those who don't like him or his art. He also has a list of pointless and unnecessary rules not only on his DA but his wiki as well. But whatever you do, don't, and we repeat, DON'T even attempt helping him improve his art style. No seriously, don't even bother. He doesn't respond well to criticism, as he displays proudly on his page that he doesn't want anybody critiquing him, like the normal aspie he is. But critiques aren't the only thing he hates, oh no. He hates excessive swearing, people putting his shitty art in a cringe compilation, people complaining that he uses Comic Sans as his main font, and oh yeah, Bubsy haters. Of course, if he ever discovers this page it'll only be a matter of time before he adds Encyclopedia Dramatica to that list as well.

And here is a list of the things he hates:

His reaction to ED

While Justin didn't make a lulzy journal or status update calling out Encyclopedia Dramatica, several of his friends mentioned the article to him in the comments of Justin's DA. As with most autists when finding out about this site, he got butthurt over it. He also stated that he would simply ignore this article, showing that he can't take criticism or jokes all that well.

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Justin's Fuckboys and Whiteknights

  • Deviantart-favicon.png cherryfungi – Someone who tries to be the exact same as Makatoons, except with even worse art.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png DuskTheRaccoon – (formerly known as Deviantart-favicon.png Jiggly97) A baby fur and closet pedophile. Has interests in age regression and diapers.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png fat-labrador – Some furfag known for causing drama and is a request whore.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png kbafourthtime – Now this guy is interesting. He mainly posts pictures of dead-eyed furries, and he pastes them over decently made paintings. So, this guy is a well done painter, yet he fails to improve on drawing furries.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png kraneimation – (formerly known as Deviantart-favicon.png jeremy-the-blockhead) Some fatass douche who's apparently a supporter of this fag. Has more appealing art than Justin's.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png leafsfan79 – Some Canadian who actually has a worse style than Justin has. Has these 2 OCs named Blacky and Cracky. Often does collabs with Justin based on these two characters. Cracky is some sort of bad guy while Cracky is classified as DUH HEROW
  • Deviantart-favicon.png makatoons – Some douche who always posts stuff in the same pose over and over and over again. Has his own characters like Fane the Fox, Casper the Elyllie, Blossom the Fox, and I'm already past the point of giving a fuck.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Nixwerld – A wannabe Don Bluth artist. Nostlagictard for the 90's.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png power-link-64 – Some nerd that has his own series called Hyteria. Actually steals some characters and copy-pastes them into his own project. Oh, and he's also really clingy and will constantly ask you for art trades, so watch out!


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External Links

His Accounts

  • Deviantart-favicon.png JustinandDennis – Pretty much where he's most active at.
  • Furaffinity-favicon.png justinanddennis – His FurAffinity Account which he abandoned in favor of DeviantArt. Now disabled.
  • JustinandDennis – His Scratch account, although it has pretty much been abandoned. Latest post as of now dates back to 2016.
  • JustinandDennis – His profile on his Wiki. Can also be contacted there as well.

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