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The REAL Article

The girl Jude's Army pretended to be. Looks liek a whore.
The REAL Jude's Army. Emo, huh?
Jude's Army is anti-lulz.

Aside from being a butthurt emo/indie Jewish Wop grammar nazi with OCD and Asperger's (all of the above are true, btw), Jude's Army is perhaps one of the biggest failures to come out of MySpace. Jude's Army was an internet humanitarian who worked with faggots liek Mission: MySpace to harm innocent MySpace users and kill their profiles. She had a fetish for reporting trolls because she haets the lulz. After having been in an internet love quadrangle which almost caused one dude to become an hero, it was brought to light that Jude's Army was not in fact the hot bitch in her photos. Unfortunately, she has refused to leave MySpace, and continues lurking on it like the basement-dweller she is.


Jude's Army admitting she was a fake.

Before having been found out as a fake, Jude's Army went by the name Alyssa. She used the name "Jude's Army" for some of her top sekrit groups and forums. She stole pictures from a 16-year-old girl named Albany who lives in England and claimed to be 21. Strangely enough, the jailbait Jude's Army stole the pictures from actually looked 21. All the guys she worked with on her pedo-busting activities who fapped to her pictures are guilty of being pedos themselves, since they fapped to pictures of that jailbait. Jude's Army, however, tried not to laugh at them and continued with her troll-reporting bullshit.

MySpace Vigilantes

MySpace Vigilantes, after the trolls found it. Even Danielspengies got in on the action.
H8 to "filtered" aka Jude's Army from a sick fuck.
Jude's Army telling a colleague about how she infiltrated the ranks of the MySpace trolls.

Jude's Army moderated a group called MySpace Vigilantes, or MSV. Once trolls found out about this group, they tried to raep it for great justice, but ended up getting killed because Jude's Army sucked Tom Anderson's cock, and MySpace deleted all the righteous lulzbringers. The group used to be private, but is now public. Needless to say, it has been dominated by trolls. Jude's Army has recently logged in, though she has not done anything, and the group sits there, abandoned.


Jude's Army's greatest accomplishment is a pedo-busting operation she carried out with other members of MySpace Vigilantes. They made two profiles of teen girls and were able to ensnare an unsuspecting pedo named Chip.

Chip made a lulzcow of himself and ended up losing his job, but because Jude's Army was a phony, the evidence could not be taken to court without her true identity being revealed.

This operation was only one of many that MSV carried out; another known one was known as "Operation YellowCake", where one of the other team members failed to successfully bust the pedo, though evidence was gathered.

The Love Quadrangle

Can you say IRL soap opera? Jude's Army fell in love with three nerds OL simultaneously, and ended up at the point of meeting all three IRL. However, since she was pretending to be someone else, she couldn't really meet any of them. One had even planned to propose to her when they met. When the truth about the situation came to light (only weeks before Jude's Army was outed as a fake), the guy almost became an hero to us all over some shit nobody cares about like a relationship. Jude's Army confessed in her blog about the love quadrangle.

That's just the beginning. One of Jude's Army's boyfriends, LoLo, arranged a flight to New York to meet Jude's Army IRL. However, Jude's Army had given him a fake address, resulting in a five-day wild goose chase for LoLo, nights of BAWWWing and LoLo's heartfelt confessions of love for Miss Alghero, and in the end, HE NEVER SAW JUDE'S ARMY. Jude's Army was exposed shortly thereafter by LoLo as an imposter.

Here is a transcript of an online conversation Jude's Army had with one of her e-boyfriends after he found out what was really going on.

The transcript (WARNING: Drama, Bawww, and TL;DR)

What is Known About the Real Jude's Army

All that is currently known about the real Jude's Army is that she is an 18-year-old Italian-American female basement-dweller named Alyssa Alghero. She does live in New York, though her address is unknown. She is a Jew and was in NYC on 9/11, making her a prime suspect in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It is also highly suspected that she is a furry.

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