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Blame MTV.
And there we have the fat belly of a cannibal troll thanks to newfags feeding it every damn day.
Im calling the police.png

Rydall Cooper (AKA: YouTube Favicon.png JoshU2uber or Jacksfilms1) is a filthy adolescent boy from Westbro in the US. He was born in June 13, 1996. Eric Douglace's Secret Butt-fuck-buddy. He originally caught Anon's attention White Knighting for Angry Homo Kid and his Faggotry has surfaced yet again recently when he made numerous lulzy threats to call the partyvan on his Trolls, saying IM PRESSIN CHARGES. Much like the Ginger kid, he constantly gets thrown out of the house.. allegedly for being caught forcing his dog to lick peanut butter off his cock. Forced to scream into his camera like a little bitch, despite AHK having disappeared from the tubes long ago, Josh seemed to fall right in-step as YouTube's new spokesperson for young closeted faggots. JoshU2uber is eagerly awaiting a concerted effort from the FBI, CIA and every law enforcement agency on the planet to stop internet trolls. It's a certainty that his WASP parents have and will, attempt to beat any trace of homo from his fragile and soon-to-be shattered psyche. It's also a certainty that he will be chowing down on some fag cock before he hits 15.

UPDATE! He's getting older, his voice changed, his videos still sucks of trolling, and he finally did chow down on some large chocolate flavor fag cock at age 15.

Josh Hæts Anonymous

Don't worry, Anonymous could never be stopped.

Dox were found almost immediately after Josh posted two videos actually daring people to get them on the YouTube Favicon.png JoshU2uberReborn channel - one of several accounts he's returned under. Following the initial trollage, Josh had already been brutally raped by the banhammer several times. In the process he felt painted into a corner and came up with the brilliant idea that he should attempt to backpedal to try and appear less of a completely oblivious retard, but to no avail. It seems every retard OTI has been debating whether or not this kid is or isn't a troll for months now, yet completely miss the obvious point that it doesn't fucking matter anymore, troll or not this kid needs the dicking he so craves. Rydall states he'll call the man on anyone who trolls him and has pledged to "take down" every 4chan "NAZZZY" [sic], as well as to give m00t a swift kick in the balls (his only good idea so far). His parents changed their phone number after the shitstorm around July 20th and his new account got banned shortly thereafter. However he continues his stupidity against Anonymous.

Josh The Hacker

File:Benstech hacker.png
Benstech's last words to Ray William Johnson before the ban.
Oh lawdy, here we go again.

Aside from managing to get Lukeywes1234 suspended because he was getting more attention on YouTube, he has also been accused of hacking a user going by the name of MurphNight. When confronted he claimed that he didn't hack him and everyone is just trolling and he wants them to leave him alone. Next was a Fred unsubscribe raid and he is part of it. He's being a newfag to Ray William Johnson, telling him about the raid and threaten him that he's next. And those were his final words when his account benstech got suspended.

In ericDouglace's second video, he also claimed to be a hacker.


Josh tried to trick Anon into believing that he was just a character to troll 4chan. The reason for this being that he hoped 4chan and Anon would leave him alone... we don't know what he was thinking to have come up with such a dumb idea, but it surely did fail. As proof he is not an Irish troll from Dublin Ireland, in a more recent video you can see in the annotations, he admits that he isn't Irish and it was all to try and get the haters off of him. After his trolling he tells people in Irish accent he's full northern Irish and he's from Northern Ireland. Then later he tells people he's not from Ireland and he's not Dutch and Irish. What lies can he come up next? Recently he has come up with a new character by the name of YouTube Favicon.png rafaelrevaldo

Jacksfilms1 Video Collection

Jacksfilms1 took down all of his videos because the butthurt that ericDouglace was too much after his assfuck rampage. Luckily some furfag that was not to much of a fucktard re uploaded all of his videos along with ericDouglace's videos and the lost videos.

Signs of Future Fagdom

Josh is actually a girl.
How many fails can you spot in this picture?

In addition to all the tell-tale signs of future cockslurping, Josh recently put on his profile that his some of his favorite music is "Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH)" and one of his favorite books is "Twilight". Since no man on earth could ever like this shit, it makes one ask: "Is Josh a prepubescent girl?". No man could be that gay, not even Chris Crocker, Goatse and a mantrain. However, it seems by now what had initially been a 14 year olds attempt at trolling the big scary Anonymous has backfired rather unsuprisingly, and many lulz were had.

File:Benstech gayforblacks.jpg
He's gay and he cannot lie about it. The snapshot is worth a thousand words.

YouTube Favicon.png Randy*, Josh's New Boyfriend/Bitch

  • Randy's real name is Aaron Cochrane just like Josh's real name is Rydall and Dustin's real name is Ben.

Confessing His Gayness: About Damn Time

On June 19 2010, while he was logged on as his real account YouTube Favicon.png bwmz he confess his sexual gayness that he would want to suck dick to YouTube Favicon.png another gay person. Even if he doesn't care he cannot escape from the butthurt truth.

File:Bwmz supergay.png
About time he confess his gayness.

Sleeping With Himself

On August 15 2010, he confessed that he likes to sleep with furries. Moar liek sleeping with himself, see the above section for moar info.

File:Benstech furry.png
So far he's furry for Sonic characters, and himself.

Josh on Know Your Meme: YouTube Troll Bait

JoshU2uber and Angry Homo Kid have been published on Know Your Meme as examples and he's bragging about it like the attention whore he is. "OMG IM IN KNOW YOUR MEME MY DREAMS COME TRUE!!1" he proudly said. However it accomplishes nothing but humiliation and a waste of life. The video is also fuel for newfags to give him more hate, and he loves receiving all that hate in the butt while provoking more newfags, calling them butthurt fags. Let this be A PRIME EXAMPLE ON HOW TO RAISE YOUR KIDS RIGHT SO YOUR KIDS DON'T END UP LIKE SHITHEAD JOSHU2UBER.

Josh's Sister

The flag of the U2uber nation (a.k.a. The Rainbow flag)
Rydall's sister loves the bukkake

Josh refers to the fact that his slut of a sister was somehow involved in the Victoria Lindsey Beating. Recently, however, he has insisted that this was in fact a lie and stated that she was at a friends house having unsafe oral sex with multiple partners

Josh's comments on YouTube Favicon.png his sister's page and still manages to make himself look fucktarded.

Unforgivable Quotes

"4chan...I'm gonna take you down. And m00t, the guy who made it, I'm reporting you to the police too. I don't care if you were one of the most 100 influential people in Time Magazine...YOU created a racist site."



"What gives you the right to call them homo's?"


—Josh, obviously not knowing the first amendment.

"They are a very nice, talented.. uhh, nice looking band."


—Josh, being a fucking gaylord.

"So, I just want you to tell me, why you hate them, because they didn't do anything to you!" ./Throws some shit


—Josh, obviously copying AHK's videos.



—Josh as Bwmz, still sucking dick on Modern Warfare 2.

"I hate metal but i have to say this song is decent.. ok fine.. its awesome... "


—Josh, being a hypocrite.

"Haters make me stronger!"


—JoshChristian99, running out of what to say against haters.

"Destroy religion!!!"


—Josh as Bwmz, trolling people with religion.

"I lived in Saudi Arabia for 2 years... if your not a Muslim then your dead."


—Josh as Bwmz, still trolling people with religion.

"im not half dutch im full northern irish, i just said that to sound like an idiot."


—Josh as Bwmz, being a lying idiot and a failure troll.

"Anonymous have been useless since project chanology."


—Josh as Bwmz, still saying stupid crap.

"I'm an attention whore, well I was, I don't care now."


—Josh as Bwmz, still a attention whore while he doesn't care if he gets raped in the ass.

"I give up, you faggots just cant seem to get the message that I don't care about these videos or your threats. You dont know shit about me in real life. Dumb Americunts."


—Josh being butthurt and a hypocrite after being pwned by lots of his haters.

"I'm not going to kill myself, butthurt idiot."


—Josh being a hypocrite yet again when commenting on the channel of one of his haters.

"Fuck you dirty zionist babyfucker kikeloving Jewish pig, when my Dad dies I inherit almost a million pounds, and girls at my school said they think the videos were funny"


— Josh having go at one of his haters after becoming butthurt.

"I dont care if you fags don't believe, I have more money and will get more women than you can hope for."


—Josh, bullshitting and trolling as usual...

"yeh i do have a dad but i don't live with him so one i cant suck his dick and two i don't want to because im not a sick fuck like u"


—Josh being a hypocrite, and a bullshitter once again while replying to one of his haters.

"I dont fucking care about haters, you dumb Italian spaghetti fucker. ChristianU2uber was a real christian, but the police made him stop making videos. Dustin is a troll but he doesn't give a shit about this anymore, he left like 6 months ago. And please stop using homo as an insult, its so old, and it hasn't been funny since last April."


— Josh being a racist piece of shit when hating on one of his haters. As a result, the person he hated on reported Josh for this comment.

"Fuck ireland potato fuckers XD"


—Bwmz being racist towards his own nationality.

"I do acting at school and I've been in a few drama groups, but trolling people on youtube is a good way to practice."


—Bwmz, being stupid.



—Josh as Bwmz, starting to crack and hate being called that.

"Basketball is for niggas and fags."


—Josh as Bwmz, trolling Basketball fans because he gets raped at Basketball all the time.

"Do you have the vid of me fapping? I want it."


—JoshChristian99, looking for his homemade gay porn.

"North Korea is best Korea!"


—Josh as Bwmz trolling his haters after they hated on him by saying SEND TO NORTH KOREA.

"Russia is gay."


—JoshChristian99, trolling against the Russians.

"1) I hardly wasted 2 years on these videos. You really think I dedicated those 2 years to this. Probably no more than 10 minutes a day. 2)I reviewed a European copy of FIFA 3) Drugs are Filthy video, that is most definately housing from UK, you can tell from the style 4) He talks the same way as my friend from Ireland. 5) The way he prounces "care" is awesome. 6)Some peoples accents are stronger than others 7) Just admit you got trolled."


—Josh bullshitting again as usual copying acdcrock93's comment word for word.

"You guys ARE butthurt, but i'm happy I got so famous. In real life everyone likes me, thanks faggots, all your stupid little comments won't make a difference. I'm away out now, byeeee."


—Josh trolling and failing to make people jealous.

"The videos are a joke... calm down for fucks sake."


—Josh can't take the hate.

"Find someone else to spam already, and jesus christ just accept that I'm a troll already."


—Josh as Bwmz trying to get one of his haters off him.

"Nope, i have a life thanks, and I'm not a dumbass, I am smarter than these idiots threatening me."


—Josh as Bwmz.

"Umm?? Why do I deserve all the hate then? Explain."


—Josh as Bwmz, proving how retarded he is.

"I made them laugh at my little homo twat CHARACTER."


—Josh again as Bwmz, pretending that he isn't the same person as JoshChristian99.

"Only steers and queers come from Texas!"


—Josh's faggotry surfacing again.

"Fuck Texas, just a bunch of dumbass Butt Cowboys"


—The hypocrisy and irony is high in Josh it seems...

"nigga kick ya ass highschool imma shoot yo ass nigga nigga sex nigga kfc nigga wats wrong with you nigga nigga nigga SPEAK ENGLISH YOU GHETTO IDIOT!"


—Josh as Bwmz being a dumbass piece of shit.

"I know, I'm hilarious, I need my own tv show."


—Josh as Bwmz, proof that he has a big fucking ego.



Moar proof of his big ego.

"You did not mention this account!"


—Josh as JoshChristian300 bawwwwwing because his Jc300 account wasn't mentioned.

"this channel is shut down for 2 weeks because i reported trying to suspend this account. "


—Josh as Bwmz.

"I troll all the trolls to make YouTube a better place."


—JoshU2uber as benbighitter, making it more shitty.

"im going to troll insult spam LucasJwf's page for creating a ed page abuot me!!"


—Josh as benbighitter and benstech, raging and butthurt for having his ED page updated with new info by LucasJWF.



—JoshU2uber's description of his latest video.

"im not trying to troll, im sick of know it alls like you trying to say that. go die."


—Josh as JacksFilms1 going back to his old self.

"quit the mean comments

nearly 3,000 now :("


—Josh as Jacksfilms1 becoming butthurt from all the hæt.

"i trolled tons of people. i am a very experienced troll. it took people forever to figure it out too. that just proves that americans are all dumbshits."


—Josh as RydallHitler.

"please stop using gay as an insult. its really old."


—Josh as RydallHitler, becoming butthurt after repeatedly being called gay even though he calls people and things gay himself.

"fucking pussy come and fight."


—Josh as RydallHitler picking fights with people.

"Youtube is not a spelling bee. who the fuck cares about pronounciation fucking loser."


—Josh as Bwmz being a fucking grammar nazi.

"Your a fucking idiot, the organizers of the bullfight deserved to get injured, the people were just there watching it because its a spanish.."


—Jacksfilms1 trolling the Spanish and people who enjoy bullfighting.

"The spectators didnt deserve it all they did was watch, only the bullfighters themselves or the organisers deserved it, the rest done nothing wrong"


—Again trolling the Spanish and people who enjoy bullfighting.

"Nope, I dont have any strikes on any account at the minute

youtube just dont care about your silly reports"


—Bwmz trolling someone who reported him.

"and if this goes on Ray William Johnson ill be mega pissed so ray dont even try it and if yall wanna trash talk to me do it here losers"


—Jacksfilms1 being an internet tough guy.

"stop being a know it all! joshu2uber was my old account and i was joking on some of those videos, but now there real, so stfu and die"


—Jacksfilms1 being a faggot.

"LOL Aussie fags show this kids life on their news because nothing happens there."


—Josh as Bwmz trolling his australian haters.

"lol this little platform in the sea wants to be independant"


—Josh as Jacksfilms1 being racist towards another country. He's bashing Sealand this time...

"Rydallhitler isn't me its some troll from Sweden, just ignore the wanker."


—Jacksfilms1 failing to cover up for himself by saying that the RydallHitler account isn't him.

"dont hate

just appreciate :)"


—Josh as Jacksfilms1 telling everyone to do something that obviously nobody will do.


Cell Phone Number: (916) 233 1617 The cell phone number has a Sacramento area code.
Home Address: 8 Oleander Cir, Lakeland, FL, 33801
Home Phone Number: (847) 347 8213
IP address: 
ISP: Road Runner
*Skype:		joshchristian100 / joshthechristian100 / RedDeadBen / jacksfilms1real
*Xbox Live:	benjurduck / JoshuaM2010 (Hacked) / NutsCube / Keroja
*Steam:          Keroja
*Randy's Xbox Live: trueshark67
*Steam: Keroja
*PSN:	Darkhart7s / benjurduck
*Email: [email protected]
If you search up his IP address you get these results
*ISP Provider & Organization: Road Runner
*IP Country: USA
*Where He Lives: Redford, Michigan (Could this be his true location?)
Some delicious local confectionaries :
*Hungry Howie's Pizza‎ 1101 S Florida Ave, Lakeland, FL, United States‎ - (863) 682-2124
*Pizza Hut‎1919 George Jenkins Blvd, Lakeland, FL, United States‎ - (863) 688-7311‎ - 1.1 mi NW
Intimate Encounters‎
Lakeland, FL, United States‎ - (863) 683-6676‎ - 4.6 mi E (try to time it just after dinner, so his parents can meet his girlfriend,boyfriend blow up doll)

JoshU2Uber Trivias

Trivias, hard facts, trolling, stupid shit he shouldn't said, and others by cannibal troll JoshU2uber.

[-+]JoshU2Uber, The Essential

  • JoshU2uber says he's actually a pretty nice guy. BALEETED
  • Likes Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers and masturbates to Harry Potter and Narnia.
  • On his old account "JoshU2uberReborn", he favorited gay porn. He said he needed them for educational purposes.
  • Hates anyone and anybody who is Jew.
  • He finds Justin Bieber's underwear hot.
  • Likes to block people that make him butthurt with nothing but the truth on his comments page.
  • His boyfriend Randy doesn't know how to work a computer.
  • Keeps changing his profile on where he lives like United Kingdom and Texas when his real location is Florida.
  • Is a devout Christian yet states he believes scientology is a "good religion".
  • Him and his boyfriend/bitch Randy find drugs nasty and thank their priest for it and the rape too.
  • Dances like a girl to pop music like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga and says he's a great dancer.
  • He has ADHD.
  • Masturbates to the cup from 2girls1cup.
  • Is a huge fan of women's sunglasses and the color pink. Possible gangsta hippie wannabe nerd due to the retarded way he wears his hat.
  • Says that he can be more funnier than Ray William Johnson when he doesn't know jack shit about comedy.
  • Subscribed to gay porn as joshthegaypornlover99.
    • His favorite porn star is Justin Bieber.
  • He thinks God hates all music that isn't about him.
  • Very pissed off at Derrick Bird for killing 3 people and thinks he can send him to hell.
  • He believes only God let christians go to heaven and everyone who is not christian goes to hell.
    • Also says that people who are non christian deserves to die and goes to hell. This explains why he's a nazi christian troll.
  • Claims to be a Christian, yet swears an awful lot like the troll he is.
  • Also claims to be a 'cool Christian'
  • Josh is a massive failure at keeping promises. VIDEO BALLETED
  • FYI, he fucking trolled Anon.
  • He claims to have gotten Lukeywes1234 banned from YouTube, causing "The /b/tards Who Cried 'BAWWW!'".
    • On his real account bwmz he said he didn't get him banned and he was acting when he still has the video up.
    • Says he wasn't greedy and he reported him because he was underage.
  • There is plenty of evidence that he has/is/always will be trolling (and failing horribly.) Obviously this kid has never heard of a little thing called subtlety and lunges at any attempt at blatantly obvious shock value, such as...
    • Showing Support for Westboro Baptist Church(these guys) Something no sane Christfag with half a heart would do (Hell, even btards don't support those people!)
    • Copying the AHK's videos (Rather, Reinacting them almost word for word, with slight alterations.)
    • Use of Ear-Rape in his videos (See Josh's message to tnpan as one example)
    • Use of Racial Slurs in the comments (that his mother would pimp slap him for, if she was, indeed, monitoring his every action on the internet.)
  • Had to be removed from school because of not only people bullying him but for converting and raping other small boys weaker than him like Randy.
  • He delibrately tried to get his JoshChristian99 account suspended for some reason, and succeeded.
  • Bwmz apparently stands for "Buttsex Wanking My Zapper."

[-+]Trolling trivia

  • He's very afraid of user LucasJWF because he thinks he's a stalker and responsible for making this page on ED.
    • Even though LucasJWF closed his account, JoshU2uber still fears him and shits his underwear for being updated all the time.
  • After releasing his "suicide" video he's proud to keep telling people he troll over 100,000 people as a comeback when he only trolled only several newfags.
  • He says metal music is satanic and anyone likes it goes to hell when he listens to it anyways.
    • Dances like a faggot to music like Black Eyed Peas.
  • Secretly subscribed to Chris Chan.
  • Used to live in Saudi Arabia for 2 years.
  • Calls himself a fag.
  • Wants to destroy religion.
  • He finds the British people annoying idiots.
  • Insults dead celebrities he doesn't know that everybody loves like Chris Farley, Ronnie James Dio, etc.
  • He has ADHD.
  • Spams inflation artists death threats and insults like "inflatefag" for example.
  • He bullies little kids younger and weaker than him.
  • Says he will make more interviews on JoshChristian99 when there are questions. Unfortunately all questions are about his faggotry.
  • Randy's real name is Aaron.
  • Says that all Europeans are weirdos and should speak English.
  • Declares war on 4chan just to piss people off.
  • He salutes to the Russian national anthem.
  • If you ask him about his real dox and IP address, he'll be scared and will lie it's a "innocent stupid American.
  • He hacks accounts like MurphNight and lies about it.
  • As bwmz, he says that he's average, straight, pretty smart, and hates Americans because they're all fat and a bunch of fucking yanks.
  • JoshChristian99 doesn't find Ray William Johnson funny when he subscribed to him as bwmz.
  • Talks shit to all females who reply to his shitty videos. What he said for examples:
    • Says that (girl's name) is a whore.
    • Says that (girl's name) is the biggest slut this world has ever known.
    • Says that (girl's name) couldn't pay him to pleasure him. He said (girl's name) couldn't handle him (his tiny penis). He also said (girl's name) is a "ratfacedSLUTbag".
    • Wants to know how much (girl's name) charge and said (girl's name) is probally a $2 "slutbag".
    • Also said he's scared shit (and talks shit) of women (except for his mom who got fired) and asked anyone a male to be the mediator.

[-+]Gaming Trivia

  • He thinks all PC gamers are 40 year old pedophiles.
    • He has no room to talk about PC gamers when he plays Maple Story on his PC. Account name is joshchristian99.
  • When it comes to console wars he says the PS3 will win the console wars.
    • Also says PS3 is miles better than XBOX 360 like a troll.
  • As JoshChristian99 he trolls, saying that violent video games (Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Modern Warfare 2) sucks and will be banned when he plays it anyway.
  • Says that XBOX Live achievements are for losers because of his major sucking.
  • Talks in many accents.
  • Says he's not a "tech loser" when it comes to Modern Warfare 2.
  • He doesn't go to public school with real friends except home school with XBOX Live friends and boyfriends due to major butthurt.
  • He has ADHD.
  • Hates Nintendo.
  • As joshuacoopersmilk he swears a lot at snipers because snipers rape his ass while he's sucking at shooting game. He said they should use real weapons and stop trying to look cool with their scopes.
  • May create fake or real XBOX Live accounts like EpiC XX OwNaGe, Barzden, etc.
  • Thinks American gamers are stupid cunts because they can't understand the concept of tension.
  • Likes to play Soccer because he thinks it's the biggest sport by far.
    • He says that Baseball is boring and Football is for steroid addicting apes because he knows he's a giant pussy and scared to play real sports.

And, in conclusion...

External Links

His accounts

Family & Friends accounts

  • YouTube Favicon.png AprilLuvsJames - His sister's youtube (April from The Mulberry Eight). Still getting insults which is very lulzy.
  • YouTube Favicon.png Benjurduck - Josh as Ben's other account with videos of his fat ex-boyfriend DustinU2uber (his real name is Ben).
  • YouTube Favicon.png RandyChristian99 - His ex-boyfriend's account.
  • YouTube Favicon.png TheGodEmprah - His dad's account?
  • YouTube Favicon.png BlazeLikesIceCream - Josh's gay furry lover, pretends to be a Sonic character by the name Blaze and have hot furry cybersex. More accounts are made starts with "BlazeLikes" to defend him like he defends other furries. Many of her accounts have been either hacked or closed, but not all of them.
    • YouTube Favicon.png BlazeLikesHorseShit - In this account they role play of furry scat sex. DustinU2uber can't join in on the gay fun because he'll eat up all the shit like it's a Baby Ruth.
    • BlazeLikesDickSlaps - A favorite account since it involves furry and futa and a lot of buttsex. CLOSED

Troll Accounts

  • YouTube Favicon.png KingU2uber - The king of homos, and surprisingly... NOT JOSH (Rydall was butthurt when he got kicked out of his group. He wasn't homo enough.)!
  • YouTube Favicon.png JoshSucksCocks - Josh's REAL brother, who actually says he hates Josh as much as haters, and is on their side. And also hopes that Josh will get arrested. In the video of Josh getting beat up, he was the guy in the black shirt.
  • YouTube Favicon.png AnonymousHatesRydall - A troll account specifically created for providing dox, and lulz.
  • YouTube Favicon.png MrWeenus - A troll account with re-uploaded Joshu2uber videos.
  • YouTube Favicon.png JosshU2uber - A possible sock account. Pretending to be Angelwith pink backgrounds and girly themes. No pulse in this faggot account.
  • YouTube Favicon.png TheTundrak - Formerly Warskar, before the faggot Josh/Rydall himself reported him due to butthurt.
  • YouTube Favicon.png CynthiaThymesIV - The current Cynthia archive of Josh's (and the other 2 U2ubers) videos.
  • YouTube Favicon.png JoshU2ubur - A troll account with edited JoshU2uber videos.
  • YouTube Favicon.png JoshandRandy4eva - A lulzy troll account dedicated to Josh and Randy's gay relationship.
  • YouTube Favicon.png JoshChristian101 - Possibly one of his fake accounts.
  • YouTube Favicon.png JoshChristianUtuber - Possible sock account, has gay porn in his favourites.
  • YouTube Favicon.png JoshJewTuber - Josh's secret account where he promotes and talks about Jew
  • YouTube Favicon.png MurderJoshToday - An account created purely for trolling Josh (and now other people.) Makes commentaries on people who are asking for it. When commenting on people's channels he often uses the words "Clickity clickity."
  • YouTube Favicon.png JoshChristan99Douche - Lulzy troll account dedicated to Josh's gayness.
  • YouTube Favicon.png BenHulseEpic - Another possible sock account. Not surprisingly, has plenty of Hentai uploaded on it.
  • YouTube Favicon.png KillJoshU2uberToday - MurderJoshToday's original YouTube channel. It was closed, but it's now been re-opened.
  • YouTube Favicon.png JoshAndRandy - Specifically created for Josh and Randy's gay relationship. Often uses HTML code when commenting.
  • YouTube Favicon.png JoshChristianTV - Just created this account to pretend he's a innocent christian.
  • YouTube Favicon.png JoshChristian300 - Not JoshU2uber. An archive of Josh's videos, similar to CynthiaThymesIV, but with less videos.
  • YouTube Favicon.png JacksFilms15 - An impersonator.
  • YouTube Favicon.png HomoKido - An troll account with edited videos of JoshU2uber and other people.

Banned/Closed/Hacked accounts

  • Benstech - B& for helping with the Fred Subscriber Hack.
  • JoshChristian99 SUSPENDED! - FUCK YEAH!!
  • imherbertthepervert
  • Christiankid15
  • TheU2uberGang
  • JoshChristian10
  • JoshU2uberReturns
  • JoshU2uberReborn
  • JoshU2uber - His first account.
  • haloismymiddlename
  • rydallcooper
  • RydallandDustin
  • RydallTutorials
  • Rydalls
  • jonasfanalex
  • MrRydall
  • JoshChristian100
  • RydallCooperEpic
  • JoshChristian96
  • RydallsWorld - Another one of Josh's accounts hacked accounts. God bless that person who hacked the little fucker.
  • RydallU2uberCooper - Formerly hacked and closed, but re-opened about a week and hacked again.

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