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OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Franklin???

Kool-Aid was invented by the Reverend Jim Jones in the late 1970s, in all five food groups (red, urnge, green, blue, and turkwise) as a way to experience spiritual enlightenment, as well as quench thirst and lure in hordes of niggers into his cult. OH YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although hugely popular, sales of Kool-Aid suffered a setback after it was found that a batch was laced with cyanide, killing 913 residents of Jonestown, Guyana. Nowadays, due to being poisonous to humans, Kool-Aid is only consumed and drank by niggers and Mexicans, as their equivalent to alcohol.

Sometime in the 1980s, some douche made this comic.

These days only black people and suicidal zealots drink Kool-Aid, preferably grape. OHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH NIGGA!!!!!!!

Kool-Aid also is a metaphor that means drinking a mind-altering drug that makes you get into liberalism.

Family Guy recently realized that the Kool-Aid Man was the subject of the only funny joke they've ever made, and decided to pointlessly re-use it verbatim. Seth MacFarlane has confirmed that all future episodes of Family Guy will consist solely of flashbacks to the aforementioned joke, interspersed with Stewie making sexual innuendos for fan service. OH YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

If that wasn't bad enough, Dane Cook stole this bit and rehashed it for one of his shitty stand-up routines. That's right, he must have watched that shitty cartoon for inspiration many times before. Eventually, MacFarlane retaliated by ripping him to pieces in an episode.

(Flavor Aid is the thirst-quencher of choice for Jim Jones.)

Jonestown massacre

srsly, wtf.

There are many theories of CIA complicity. A bunch of assholes running Wikipedia don't want references about CIA complicity The Black Hole of Guyana appearing on this article "seductive poison" and many others. They condemn it as fringe and unreliable every fucking chance they get to the point where an alert encyclopedia dramatica contributor decided to allude to this information here because he has faith there are those here who actually lulz for the truth and post it here.

Deborah Layton was a high-level member of the Peoples Temple for seven years. She was married to George Phillip Blakey who placed the down payment on the property in Guyana, which was purchased by Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple "The Black Hole of Guyana". She is the daughter of the late Laurence Laird Layton. When she returned to the United States, little Debbie submitted an affidavit about the compound in Guyana, which helped convince United States Congressman Leo Ryan to make his doomed journey there.

little Debbie is also the sister of Lawrence John (Larry) Layton, who was the only one ever prosecuted for the murders of the congressional team by Temple members. Read about it here: [members|Indiana Jones's Temple of Doom.

Larry Layton was released on parole in 2002, largely due to the testimony of Vernon Gosney, one of the few survivors of the massacre. Read about it here.

In the words of Stephan Jones, the lucky son of a bitch basketball jock and only living biological spawn of the late Jim Jones, from an interview in that flick or something "Paradise lost":

There are a lot of reasons I think that people ended up taking the poison. I don't know who took it or who was injected. I think more than anything it was to out of loyalty to everyone else there. In my case if I had been there, I know I had strong will to live, but I think it was so important to me about how I was perceived to the people of my community. About how I was perceived was so important to me that it might have taken me to my death.

Ask yourself what would someone have to tell you or "what would someone have to do to you to get you to do something you couldn't possibly believe you were capable of"? and examine that. Learn from it. Don't judge it. Don't stand seperate from it. Be willing to stand in the shoes of people you are judging. My hope is that 900+ people, that they died, and the way they died might offer us something so that their lives won't be in vain.

"Drink the Kool-Aid"

"Drinking the Kool-Aid" is when someone blindly follows someone else's bullshit when it's obvious to anyone else that it will only end badly.

It is a reference to the Jonestown massacre on November 19, 1978, where a looney sick fuck by the name Jim Jones convinced his followers to willingly murder their children and commit suicide by drinking cyanide-laced Flavor Aid. Jones had an inner-circle of loyal vicious henchmen to commit murder by lethal injection with the same Kool-Aid poison shit to anyone who resisted. OH YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

It was actually Flavor Aid, fuck wits

Popular with psycopathic cult leaders

Flavor Aid is the cheaper, welfare version, black population prefered brand of flavored drink powders and was what was actually used in Jonestown along with the flavor enhancer of cyanide.
Since very few white people except ghetto, trailer trash Juggalo types know what it is, Kool-Aid is the go to product as Hollywood and TV have popularized it as what was used.

Other Kool-Aid and Jonestown info Wikipedia assholes don't give a fuck about

"But let me give you a little information about Jonestown. In French Guyana, the money for Jonestown came through a Mexico City bank and it was traced directly to the Central Intelligence Agency. Jonestown was not a mind control project. Mind control had LONG since been perfected. Jonestown was a biological weapons project. And the worst part about this whole thing is there are two other projects twice the size that had been going on in 1977 and they are still going on today."

A little incite and a little insight will let any dipshit figure out Jonestown was a project financed by the American CIA. Why else were certain members of Jim Jones's inner circle allowed to get away? It's questionable whether or not Jim Jones himself was wittingly a CIA agent or cooperative because he just seemed way too much of a looney tune megalomaniac asshole getting off to power to give a fuck either way. He wanted people to flock to him and die for him and it stood to reason the CIA was all too willing to observe and facilitate his project like a bunch of juvenile delinquents putting firecrackers in a hornet's nests and ant hills. OH YEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Little Debbie's testimony is all about Jim Jones being the perpetrator. Is there anything worth a shit of her interviews and works that tell about who her husband was while she was still involved in the Peoples Temple? Or anything worth a shit about the big chunks of money her father and boyfriend used to finance this remote little death camp? It's little coincidence the book gets an Emmy from Fox News.

Anyways, the asshole who does most the censoring has a name that sounds like Mossad shit. He probably was Larry Layton's butt lover while doing hard time in prison together.

Just what kind of sick fuck was Jim Jones?

Here's the link to the death tape:

"WARNING: A SICK FUCK tells his followers to drink the Kool-Aid"


You always need mo Kool-Aid, nigga.


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