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A scene from Torpedo Joe, a game in which use must use your torpedo penis to fuck gay mermen in the ass. Whoo-fucking-hoo. is an unfunny flash animation site where a perverted faggot-hillbilly creates 10 FPS flash animations of gerbils being shoved up people's asses. Joe's childish sense of humor combined with his slurring voice are conclusive evidence that he is, in fact, a retard.

How does a Down Syndrome-waterhead-retard use Flash? Well, with the cartoons you see on Newgrounds these days, it must not be very difficult.

Joe's Income

It's a well known fact that Joe lives in a trailer and has no job, money, or anything close to what could be considered a social life. He scrapes out a living by shoving his t-shirts down your throat at every opportunity. He then spends all of this money to fund his team of researchers who have dedicated their lives to find new and interesting ways to get a gerbil up an ass.

Remember When It Was Funny?

Joecartoon is basically the equivalent of Stickdeath because only 13 year old boys watch Joecartoon.

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