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Emancipated Jessica Valenti not giving a fuck IRL
Jessica as she appears to Guardian readers
Jessica wields her sword of truth against cishet male violence

Jessica Valenti is a self-confessed "dirty whore", and founder and executive editor of, one of those blogs that are all about how you can't be a feminist without involving yourself in fisting. Sometimes includes content on using breasts for extra attention and how they're intended for lefty men who crave some sexual content (but feel they must limit themselves to things that aren't sexist).

Ms Valenti is employed by soft-left Britfag newspaper The Guardian for her sensible and well-reasoned critiques of modern life as seen from a feminist perspective. As can be seen from photographs, Ms Valenti has no truck with forms of female subjugation to the Male Gaze such as. e.g., wearing make-up, having your hair carefully styled, smiling all the time, or allowing your photo to be retouched.

Since she is in no way a massive hypocrite, Ms Valenti would never protest furiously about being wolf-whistled in public and then turn around a few years later and complain that she was no longer being wolf-whistled because she was too old. Except she did exactly that, and blamed society for making her feel sad.

In a nutshell

On January 20, 2016, Hillary Clinton campaign staffer Lauren Peterson emailed her cronies (Subject line: "Re: "establishment"") to tell them: "Here's our quick rundown of what is in the works in digital and digital comms land right now, keeping in mind that we are trying to do a few bigger campaign things (such as amplifying any remarks the candidate makes) and possibly sending an email, while also working with HRC, Planned Parenthood, and people who can help push this behind the scenes without our fingerprints."

The email went on to list the following activity:

Working with bloggers and columnists to write about this from a racial justice and reproductive rights perspective, including a few people who joined us on a call to talk about the "Bernie Backlash" that was unfolding even before his remarks last night—current list is Elianne Ramos, Jessica Valenti (who is writing a column on this as we speak)


Lauren Peterson, January 20, 2016

Forty-eight hours later...

Jessica valenti the guardian's anti-sanders propaganda shill.png

When Peterson's email was released by Wikileaks in October 2016, Valenti had this to say for herself.

Jessica valenti tweets denial of anti-sanders shill piece.png

Draw your own conclusions.

Sample opinion columns

Jessica on YouTube

Jessica is a typical dyke and holds a natural grudge against men, because they have the dicks and therefore make the rules. Of course, she would never admit that and her throbbing lust for cock so she talks fake shit about men online. Since there are no logical arguments against male superiority, Jessica and her wannabe feminazi cunts can only whine about their shitty lives, experiences with the superior sex and how the world treats them badly on Jewtube.

As the typical fuck face she is, approaching Jessica with logic, facts, scientifical evidence or eloquent arguments is senseless, because she deletes all negative comments on her videos anyway. It is also stated, that comments telling her 'to suck one's cock' or to 'stfu' are futile too, while they still might bring slight lulz.



Jessica valenti guardian column doublethink stupidity.jpg

And now...

... the punchline:

We're not making enough money because we print any old crap, so give us your hard-earned cash as if we're a worthy charity, and we'll spend it on... Jessica Valenti

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